[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Fantasy Fairy Tales Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
After discovering an odd little canine while exploring a cave, Caresse stumbles into a world where fae magic and shape shifters are commonplace. She even has her very own distractingly handsome faery bodyguard.
On notice that the queen will pick a bride for him if he won't cooperate with her plans to become a grandmother, Prince Sebastien wants nothing to do with any of the debutantes his mother keeps pushing at him.
Sebastien's fae cousin Leandre has a bombshell of a secret. Her name is Caresse, he's her faery bodyguard, and he loves her even though she's meant for Sebastien.
Caresse is unaware that she hasn't just stumbled into the mystical Southern Kingdom of Tangere, she's actually returned home.
A powerful bond develops between the three of them as she comes into her own unique powers, jeopardizing the plans of an old, malevolent enemy.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.


Midnight of the Fae (MFM)
18 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This was a wonderful twist on Cinderella and I loved it. Heather Rainier retold this fairy tale perfectly and the whole story kept me engaged the from start to finish. The second book in her trio of fairy tales was great and I am eagerly waiting for the third book. I HIGHLY recommend this book and this little series!

Midnight of the Fae did not let me down! As if Heather Rainier ever could. I loved every moment in this faery tale. Sébastien and Leandre are prince among men, sexy to boot. Caress is fiery and sweet. The evil stepmother made me dislike her from the beginning. I enjoyed the pop culture references as part of the story, never did it seem silly over the top. Heather's version of a classic fairy tale makes me anxious for the third book to see them come together. If you have never read a Heather Rainier story this is a great place to start then when you're done here just jump on over to Divine and you will see what we who love her already know. Don't wait! Sieze the day! I promise this faery tale will leave you wishing for your own sexy Faery!
Davina Jordan




“Why do I need camouflage? Is it a masked ball?”

“All in good time, princess. Now model for me.”

Caresse twirled slowly for Leandre—thankfully without toppling or rolling her ankle. A breeze that went up her skirt seized her attention, and she came to a sudden stop. “Um, I think you forgot something.”

“Nuh-uh,” he said, shaking his head, his eyes sparkling with mischief.

“Uh-huh. Where are my panties? I got a garter belt and stockings, but no panties.”

“Yep. Like I said, perfect.”

“But I’m…I’ll…” Her cheeks grew hot as she stopped herself from admitting she was wet.

“I know.” He was teasing her, the mind reader, but she didn’t sense a bit of meanness in his good humor. He seemed intent on making her happy. “And it’s very sexy.”

He led her to the center of the room, and with the circular motion of his fingers, he created another mini tornado. This one didn’t muss her hair or her dress as it encircled them in a cloud of rose petals.

“Ready?” he asked as he encircled her waist with one arm and then wrapped the other under her derriere, latching onto one butt cheek like it was his favorite.

“Dude, that’s my ass you’re holding on to.”

Grr,” was his reply as he held her to him securely. Through the silken layers of the skirt, she felt his hand shift until he was practically groping her crotch—not that her horny body minded. “Wouldn’t want you to slip.”

Nooo, unless, of course, it was down on your dick.

He suddenly snorted and covered it with a cough, like something was caught in his throat.

“You have a boner.” She clapped her hand over her mouth.

“You noticed, huh? Now that I’m in this form I can’t seem to control the needy bastard.”

His erection seemed to grow even harder and thicker…and she got wetter. Something in the twinkle of his eyes distracted her, and she thought back to earlier in the night when she’d caught little Doop-Doop staring at her ass. That thought led to another. “Oh no!”

“What’s the matter, princess?” he asked. His body heat seeped through all the layers of fabric and stoked the tingling awareness growing in her pussy.

“I just remembered I checked under your tail! I looked at your balls!”

He burst into laughter. “Yes! And you were mighty impressed by my furry cajones!”

“I wanna die!”

“This calls for a distraction.” He squeezed her gently around the waist as he lowered his lips to hers, and a wave of heat sizzled through her from her fingertips and her toes, straight to her center. A deep rumble vibrated in his chest, and she moaned like a hussy when he squeezed her ass. The touch was so close to her pussy that she squirmed to feel him more and wound up flexing her hips against his enormous cock.

He groaned as he tightened his arm around her waist. The next thing she knew her arms were wrapped around his neck and she was tongue wrestling the French kissing champion. Before, she’d been a little aroused, but now her nether regions felt as though they were about to go up in flames. The fact that she wore no panties intensified the effect.

She heard a slight sound, but as thoroughly wrapped up in his huge, powerful arms as she was, with his clean masculine scent inebriating her senses, she didn’t pay any attention.

A chuckle rumbled through Leandre’s chest as he tilted his head and nibbled at her lower lip, plucking at it before licking it with the tip of his tongue.

The distracting sound repeated, but when she opened her eyes, all she could see was Leandre, his playful smile, his dimples, and the twinkle in his eyes as he groaned in a pleasant sort of way.

“Oh my…you’re a good kisser.”

“Why thank you, princess. I would say the same about you.”

“We could skip the ball. We could stay in my lonely little attic room and you could take off my shoes and kiss me some more.” And I could lick you all over.

Leandre’s shoulders tightened, and she bounced against his pecs as soft laughter wheezed from his chest. His smile as he stroked her cheek made her heart flutter. “That could be arranged…all of it.” Out of thin air, an intricate circlet of gold formed on his head, giving him an undeniably regal, elven air.

“Hey, did you know you have a crown on your head?” Could you sound more idiotic? Of course he knows he has a crown on his head.

He gave her a dazzling dimpled smile. “I’m a fae prince in my land, and I’m expected to wear it at formal functions like this. It’s not every day that a crown prince picks a bride.”

“Wait, you?”

“No, my cousin Sebastien. His mother and father, Regine and Reginald Beaumanoir, rule this land, but he is a half-blood grandson through his father’s side of the fae king, also my grandfather.”

“You’re a prince?”

With a slight nod, he replied, “One of many. I’m nothing special.”

With a scoff, she said, “You are to me. Very special. You’re the only thing that feels okay in this…crazy world.”

He caught his lower lip between his teeth, and she giggled and said, “You’re blushing.”

“Fae don’t blush.”

“Well, you are, Blushy McBlusherson.”

“More nicknames?”

“Wait a minute! If you were Doop-Doop, then you’ve slept with me in my little bed, all…all curled up to me and snuggled to my chest.”

He smacked his lips with a faraway look in his eyes. “Nuzzling to my heart’s content. You smell very good right there.” He stroked the deep valley of her cleavage, sending a streak of unrelenting lust straight to her pussy. “And I was never so happy as the night you started sleeping in the—”

“You’ve seen me naked!”

That same deep rumble sounded—from nearby, as a man cleared his throat.

Caresse clapped a hand over her big mouth. Thankfully Leandre didn’t let go because she likely would’ve landed on her ass in the pale ivory marble hallway. Leandre had somehow transported them from the mansion to the palace on the mountaintop.

“Am I disturbing you?” The amused tone sent velvety shivers down her spine.

Looking up, she caught the glint of humor in Leandre’s eyes as he grinned at the stranger standing directly behind her and said, “No, in fact, your timing is excellent.”




Sebastien bent down and kissed her mouth and whispered, “I want to see you come, princess. Come for Leandre and me.” He cupped her breasts in gentle hands and strummed her already sensitized nipples, and she froze, reveling in the frenzied sensations. She was at their mercy, and she couldn’t imagine what else they’d do to drive her wild.

Sebastien suddenly stopped, and his heat all around her diminished slightly. She opened her eyes to discover he’d kneeled down in front of her. The intent in his eyes told her exactly what he planned to do next, and she stifled a moan as Leandre gently parted her lips with his fingers and Sebastien took her slick, aroused flesh with his mouth.

Their arms around her tightened, but she didn’t feel trapped. No, she felt safe in their grasp. Protected even.

He sucked gently on her clit, and she couldn’t help the exclamation that flew from her lips as she came harder than she ever had before.

She imagined she must look incredibly wanton, slumped between the two of them while they played with her, dragging the orgasmic pulses out. The desire to return the favor inspired mental images, and she giggled when she heard twin groans.

Somehow they seemed to know what she was thinking, but in her sexed-but-still damned-horny state, she was quite willing to wait until saner moments to question it. She knew she was safe, and that was what counted.

She also knew exactly what she wanted as she stepped from between them onto the platform and crawled onto the bed. Purposefully, she arched her back, flashing her pussy at them to make sure they could see how much she wanted them, and beckoned to them with her curled index finger just in case they couldn’t figure it out.

“Sassy,” Leandre growled as he took two big steps up and kneeled in front of her at the head of the bed. With challenge, and need, glowing in his eyes, he held his cock for her, and she knew exactly what he wanted.

Crawling closer, she opened her mouth and licked the head of his cock, wrapped her lips around the ridged head, and sucked him as if he was a huge Tootsie Pop. He growled as his head popped from her lips, and she giggled before licking again, teasing him.

Distraction came a moment later when Sebastien’s heat enclosed the backs of her thighs and a very big, hot head rubbed against her still pulsing clit. A throbbing filled her body, and she moaned as slick heat flooded her pussy, as if he needed more proof exactly where she wanted him to go.

“Your wish is our pleasure, princess,” Sebastien murmured in a strained, raspy voice. Leandre took that moment to thrust the head of his cock between her lips, muffling her loud moan as Sebastien’s huge, hard shaft plundered her opening.

“What a sweet, tight cunt you have. I can barely fit.” Sebastien growled as he pulled back a tiny bit, exciting every nerve ending she had.

She wanted him so badly all she could do was give in to him, to both of them.

Leandre gripped her chin gently, and she sucked at his cock as he filled her mouth, not resisting either of them as Sebastien filled her cunt with his sizable manhood. She felt so hot and wet, her body a plaything between them. They could’ve done anything they wanted to her, one fucking her mouth while the other filled her pussy with his cock.

Sebastien pulled back and thrust again, shocking her when she realized there was even more of him, and was she ever happy about it. He set up a rhythm, teasing her, filling just her entrance over and over, and then plunging deeper, stroking her G-spot with such finesse, and then finally filling her to the very depth over and over.

Leandre kept to a slow rhythm that must’ve cost him a lot of control because she could feel the tremor in his hands.

She reached up and cupped his balls, stroking him as he continued pumping into her mouth, while Sebastien fucked her from behind, reaching forward to toy with her clit, sending her arousal into the stratosphere.

But just when she was about to come, they both ceased movement.

“Not yet, princess,” Leandre growled.

Chuckling at her whining response as he pulled from her already clenching pussy, Sebastien murmured, “Not yet. He’s right. But very soon. With both of us.” His voice still had that raspy growl to it.

She knew he meant really soon when Sebastien switched places with Leandre and repositioned so that he was lying down on the bed and urged her to straddle his hips. She did as he wanted without hesitation, without having to be told with words. She knew this was it.

His cock was hot, so hard, and even bigger as he rubbed it against her swollen cunt when she sat down on him.

Leandre came up behind her, also straddling Sebastien’s legs, and his cock was also hard and insistent at her backside. “Say yes to us, princess. Yes to both of us.”

“Yes, I want—”

“Not just for tonight. For always,” Sebastien said, gently grasping her chin to settle her trembling so she could look into his steady gaze. “Be ours. Mine. His.”

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