Passion, Victoria 6: Hailey's Secret (MFMM)

Passion, Victoria 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,919
6 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, paranormal elements, HEA]
Hailey Wood arrives in the town of Passion, Victoria, Australia, after two years on the run. She's running from the monster that has destroyed her life. She inadvertently meets the three sexy, handsome Bartram brothers when she awakens them with her screams through the thin walls of her motel room. They burst through her door ready to do battle for her.
Dillon, Chance, and Roman want Hailey as soon as they see her, but every time they get near her she flinches away from them. They know Hailey has been hurt by someone in her past but won't give up until they have her in their arms.
Hailey's monster kidnaps her, and the men of Passion come together to try and get to her before her monster can hurt her again. Will her men get to her time? Will they be able to hold her in their arms again? Or will she be too damaged mentally as well as physically and push them away once more?
NOTE: This book was previously published at 31,000 words under the name Becky Wilde with another publisher. This version has been extensively revised and expanded to 42,919 words.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.
Passion, Victoria 6: Hailey's Secret (MFMM)
6 Ratings (4.5)

Passion, Victoria 6: Hailey's Secret (MFMM)

Passion, Victoria 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,919
6 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A good book
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Hailey sobbed as she relived that horrible night two years ago. Tears coursed down her cheeks as she curled herself into a ball, trying to get warm. She was so cold, tired and hungry. She wanted to give up, but didn’t want to give that monster the satisfaction. She would fight for every day of freedom she had, moving from one place to the next, until she had to move again.

She had no idea how he always found her but he always seemed to manage to track her down. At first she’d thought he was somehow tracking her through the GPS on her mobile phone and had pulled it apart and dumped it. Hailey hadn’t even bothered to get another one.

She’d wanted to change her name but that took money and that was something she didn’t have. The only other explanation she could come up with was her car registration. He had to know or was paying someone cash to give out her information. Even though she hadn’t changed her address since she’d left over two years ago, she still paid the fee every year. It wouldn’t be hard for someone to look up and see where the payment had originated from. And for all she knew, that person could be tracking her movements through CCTV cameras. A lot of towns had them in their city centers as deterrents to youths getting up to no good. Hailey pushed her thoughts aside. She was just too damn weary to think logically anymore. She knew it was dangerous to stay curled up on the bed but she had no energy to move. If she fell asleep and ended up dreaming again, there was nothing she could do about it.

By the time she had to get ready for work, Hailey felt as if her whole body was aching. She was beyond exhausted but she needed to work to get money. After a quick shower and changing into clean clothes, Hailey headed out to her car.

She arrived and started work at her usual time of 8:00 p.m. She was the only one behind the bar at the moment as Connor had taken the night off and the other attendant was on a break. She began to feel a little frazzled as exhaustion and lack of food weighed her down. She turned quickly and clutched the edge of the bar as she was swamped with dizziness. It passed quickly, so she kept going as she filled drink orders. The other attendant arrived back behind the bar and began to help, so Hailey made her way back to her end of the bar. She served quickly and efficiently, not stopping until everyone had their orders. She looked up as three more people approached the bar, and looked into the eyes of Dillon as he spoke to her, his brothers on either side of him.

She could see his mouth moving but frowned because she couldn’t understand a word he said over the loud buzzing in her ears. She felt what little blood she had in her head and face drain away, then she slowly sank down into the dark depths of the darkness coming up to swallow her whole.

Hailey had no idea how long she had been out of it, but when she woke it was to see Connor, Dillon, Chance, and Roman standing and kneeling around her supine figure, as she lay reclined on the sofa in Connor’s office. She felt her cheeks flush and made to sit up.

“No. Don’t you dare move, sweet thing. Connor’s called for a doctor to come and check you over. I don’t want you passing out again,” Chance said.

“I’m fine. I’m just a bit tired,” Hailey replied.

“I don’t care, Hailey. You’re not to move until the doctor gives you the okay,” Connor stated in a steely voice.

“Connor, Doc’s here,” a voice yelled through the door, just before the door opened.

Hailey tried to sit up again, but a firm hand on her shoulder prevented it. An elderly man walked in, took in the scene, then asked the men to leave the room.

She sighed with relief and sat up. Thank God, none of them had insisted they stay while the doctor examined her.

“All right now, young lady, I’m Doctor Cliff Wright, I hear you’re not feeling very well, so I’ll give you the once over.” Dr. Wright got some equipment out of his medical bag.

“I know what’s wrong with me Dr. Wright. I’m not really sick,” Hailey said as she looked up into the elderly doctor’s kind eyes.

“Now, you just lie back and relax, young lady. Let me do my job,” Dr. Wright ordered. “And call me Doc, everybody does.”

“Okay, thanks, Doc.”

Doc checked Hailey over, asked her a few questions and looked at her over the top his eyeglasses with the sternness of a father. “You are to take a week off work. I want you eating three regular meals a day and sleeping in between. If you don’t start looking after yourself, young lady, you’re going to end up in hospital.”

“Okay, thanks, Doc. Um, is it all right if I pa...”

“By the way, don’t worry about me sending you a bill, Connor already took care of it since you were on his property,” Doc stated over his shoulder as he made for the door. He opened it and left without a backward glance, closing the door quietly behind him. Hailey slumped down on the sofa, closed her eyes and hoped like hell she could keep going. There was no way she was taking any time off. Not when she’d just started working and had to have money to buy some food. She didn’t have any other choice.




“We’re going to touch and kiss you, Hailey. We want to touch and kiss your breast and nipples, your legs, stomach, arms, and your vagina. If we do something that makes you uncomfortable or you just plain don’t like, tell us and we will stop. All right, sweetheart?” Dillon asked.

“You want to kiss....”

“Oh yeah, honey. It makes a woman feel really good. Are you okay with that?” Chance asked.

“As long as it feels good.” Hailey raised an eyebrow skeptically. She’d never heard of such a thing and wondered if they would like how she tasted. Her pussy clenched again and more wetness leaked out.

“It will, sugar,” Roman reiterated.

Hailey kept her eyes open as she watched first Dillon then Roman wrap a large hand around each breast and begin to massage her flesh gently. She arched her chest up, trying to get more contact. She needed their touch, knew it could feel better, but didn’t know how to get what she wanted. She gave a deep, guttural moan as they each flicked a thumb over her nipples and the nubs hardened and stabbed up into the air.

“That’s it, sugar. Just lie back and enjoy the pleasure we can give you,” Roman whispered into her ear.

Chance began to run his hands up and down the inside of her thighs. She could feel her vagina getting wetter and wetter the closer he came to touching her there. She opened her legs, giving him access and permission, wanting and needing him to touch her as his brothers were touching her breasts.

“Please, Chance.” Hailey finally begged for his touch.

Chance didn’t hesitate. He ran his fingers through the hair covering her pubic mound, eliciting another moan from her. He slid his fingers down, gliding them over her outer lips and she bit her lip to hold in another moan as he caressed her dewy, wet lips. He slid a gentle finger in between her folds, gathering some of her cream, and ran the tip of his finger over the sensitive bundle of nerves hidden within her folds at the top of her pussy.

Hailey bucked her hips up into his touch and watched him as he watched her face and while his brothers pinched her needy nipples between their thumbs and index fingers. He rubbed with a little more pressure until she was writhing under their ministrations.

“What are you doing to me? It feels so good. More, please? I want more,” Hailey pleaded.

Chance began to rub her clit faster as Roman and Dillon bent their heads down and sucked her nipples into their mouths. The pleasure she experienced up till then was awesome but the more they touched and kissed her, the more the fire inside her grew. The pressure built and built until she couldn’t keep quiet or stay still. Warmth permeated her to her heart and soul. And then she was on the cusp of something really big, but it didn’t scare or alarm her, not with these men by her side keeping her safe. All of a sudden the tension snapped and she screamed as they gave her her first-ever orgasm.

Hailey moaned, twitched, and panted as her body exploded and spasmed with pleasure. She hadn’t known such ecstasy was possible and now that she’d had a taste, she wanted more. She wanted so much more. She wanted it all. Oh God, she was falling for them.

Chance, Dillon, and Roman moved away from her and she whimpered with disappointment but then she sighed and smiled as they ran their hands over her belly, arms, and legs, helping to soothe her as she came back to herself.

“How do you feel, sweetheart?” Dillon looked at her, a gentle smile on his face.

“Wonderful. When can we do that again? I want you naked. All of you. Right now,” Hailey demanded.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, honey. You have no idea what we want to do to you. I don’t think you’re ready for what we need from you yet,” Chance said in a low husky voice.

“So tell me.”

“One of us would want to fuck your pussy, another would want to take you in your arse, and one of us would want to fuck your mouth,” Roman told her. At first she was speechless at what they wanted to do to her, but was glad that he’d told her. And the more she thought about what he’d said, the hotter she got.

Hailey couldn’t believe she was already getting turned on again, especially after just having her first mind-blowing orgasm. She felt her face turn red at the crudity of Roman’s explanation, but she was also aroused by it. She grabbed hold of Dillon’s arm as he began to get off the bed.

“I want you to do that with me. I want you to feel as much pleasure as you gave me. I trust all of you not to hurt me.” Hailey covered her mouth with her hand when she realized what she’d just blurted out. It was the first time she actually believed what she was saying, although she had known deep down that she trusted them. She wouldn’t have spent time in their company if she hadn’t, but she had still been a little skeptical about her own feelings. Everything was happening so fast, but she would trust Roman, Dillon, and Chance with her life.

“You don’t have to do anything if you’re not ready though, okay. We will never pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do or you’re not ready for.” Dillon leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. His tongue tangled with hers. His lips slid back and forth and over hers until she had to pull back to breathe.

Roman turned her head to his and took her mouth. His kisses were so much more demanding than Dillon’s, but she loved the way he took command. He didn’t frighten her in any way.

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