The Protective Wolf (MM)

New Luna Werewolves 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,265
13 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Ash is in a bad mood. His alpha husband is a little too protective, and it's getting in the way of their sex life.
Dakota lost his first mate in childbirth, and though Ash seems healthy and willing enough, Dakota doesn't want to take the risk, no matter how much his alpha side wants it.
When hunters try to kidnap Ash, Dakota goes into alpha mode to make them pay. He cannot hold himself back anymore. He needs to touch his mate, to hold Ash and confirm that he is alive and well, but the hunters are not done. They're coming for what they want, and they have another alpha luna werewolf to help them take it. It looks like they'll do anything to study a pregnant werewolf, including sending an all-out attack on the house where they live, sending Ash into premature labor while Dakota is battling for their lives and cannot help his mate give birth.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Protective Wolf (MM)
13 Ratings (4.2)

The Protective Wolf (MM)

New Luna Werewolves 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,265
13 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I adored seeing Ash and Dakota again, along with the additional storyline involving Eddie and Brian. The damn hunters just won't leave these Luna werewolves alone and I'm frankly getting as pissed off as they are. Thank goodness that Dakota was in time to help Ash for the birth of their son, James.

Now Marcy threw a whole new loop into the storyline at the end and that'll be interesting to see develop.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

5 FLAMES: "This series is getting better and more exciting by the book! I thought the previous volume was great with new pack members Jesse and Frank joining Dakota’s pack, but ‘The Protective Wolf’ topped it in more than one way. First, there is Ash who is kidnapped by hunters, barely returned before the next attack, and ends up in premature labor. Second, there is the continuation of what-I-think is a forming mate bond between Eddie and Brian, but the revelations about Brian turn the situation extremely problematic. And third, as if that weren’t enough, there is a twist in the final chapter that had me reeling. It links this series to the original ‘Lune Werewolf’ series in a highly creative and unexpected way and I can’t wait to see where Marcy Jacks takes this!"—Serena, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Someone pointed a gun at him and fired.

Ash fell back, feeling like he’d been punched in the chest. He swung again when the hunter on the bathroom floor tried to get up, cracking him in the skull, and this time, instead of firing at him, one of the hunters rushed him.

They grabbed his weapon first, two men taking him by the arms and pushing him down.

The pain was amazing in his shoulder where the bullet seemed to have hit him, but Ash continued to fight and squirm, keeping them from putting him totally on his belly.

“No, no, no!” He cried out, imagining his baby getting squished under his weight.

The hunters yelled something amongst each other, but they didn’t exactly try to get him down hard on his belly.

“Look you idiots! This one has a baby in him!”

“That’s fucking gross. How does that even work?”

“Who cares? Kill it,” sneered the one Ash had hit multiple times. He rubbed his red jaw, and when he pulled his hand away from his head, there was blood spotting his palm.

He glared down at Ash, and Ash wasn’t prepared for when he got kicked in the face.

The hunters started fighting again amongst themselves. The one man pushed the other back, and though Ash had bitten his cheek and was seeing stars, he could still make out some of what they were saying about him.

They wanted to keep him? Holy shit. Now that they knew he was pregnant, they wanted to take him.

Ash struggled and squirmed, trying to get the hands of the man pinning him down off, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t move right in this position without risking hurting his baby.

They wanted to cut it out of him. They were going to cut it out of him!

“He’s worth more alive. You have any idea how much a baby werewolf goes for? Christ, we’ll all be set for life.”

The man Ash hit looked a little more thoughtful, but no less furious about what Ash had done to him as he stared down at him. “Fine,” he spat, pointing his finger in the other man’s face. “But you’re not telling this to anyone. You understand? This is between us.”

“All right. That sounds good to me,” said the calm one, the blond haired man who had saved Ash’s life. Yeah, Ash didn’t know if he was supposed to be grateful for that right about now. “We’ll get him to the truck. We’re supposed to get out of here after searching the house anyway.”

“What about the others?” asked the man that had Ash pinned.

Blondy grabbed some of the towels and began cutting them with a knife, tearing them into long shreds.

“They’ll be fine. It’s one luna werewolf, and it’s outnumbered. If it’s not dead, it will be dead soon. Here, tie him up.”

“Don’t do this. You don’t have to do this,” Ash begged, then squirmed and yelped as his hands were pulled back tighter, and the strips of his towel were wrapped around his wrists. More came around his face and were stuffed into his mouth.

“Be careful what you say around him, too. No names. Nothing. He already saw our faces. Don’t give him anything else.”

“Right,” said the man behind him, tightening the gag.

He couldn’t talk after that. He could hardly breathe after that, and these guys proved how strong they were when they yanked him to his feet despite his struggles.

After turning into a werewolf, Ash was supposed to be a little stronger than the average human, despite being an omega. These guys weren’t average humans, and there were three of them. They pulled him out of the bathroom with little trouble, even as he dug his heels into the carpet beneath him.

One of them must have gone back to get another towel, because Ash screamed and thrashed harder when it was pulled over his face, blinding him. They tied it in place, leaving him like that so he couldn’t have his senses to use.

He still knew when they got outside. It was night, and it was cold. Wearing only his boxers and a t-shirt to bed seemed like a bad idea now that the cold bit at his skin, and his bare feet hardly touched the grass of the lawn.

If he was outside then that meant Dakota might see him. He screamed through his gag, but with the gag and the towel over his face, both muffling the desperate noises he made, Ash couldn’t tell how far they carried, of if Dakota was aware of what was happening.

Rocks bit into the bottom of his feet, and then sticks and uneven ground as he was brought into the trees. Those twigs snapped under the heavy boots of the men carrying him, confirming he was where he thought he was.

Where were they taking him? They couldn’t have a car or truck all the way in the woods, could they?

Ash kept on screaming and struggling until suddenly they stopped.

“What are you doing?”

“This,” growled one of the men, and Ash felt something hard and thin being pressed against his belly. He shivered and tried to pull back, but it followed, and it stung.

“You keep making a fuss for us, and I’ll cut that little monster out of you right now. Understand?”

Ash nodded quickly, still trying to pull away, and grateful when he felt the knife leave his skin.

“All right. That’s all I wanted. Let’s go now,” he said, his tone deceptively pleasant.

Ash had no choice but to follow them.

The animal roar that split the sky wide open brought Ash some comfort, even as the men who had him ran faster with him.

His mate knew he was gone. Dakota was coming to get him. He just hoped the man got here in time.




The only sounds in the truck were of their breathless kissing, the heat of their bodies, and Eddie still couldn’t get enough. A desperation the likes of which he’d never known before in his entire life hit him, and hit him hard.

He pulled at Brian’s button down plaid shirt, desperate to get at his skin. He was stupidly pleased to see the man had some chest hair on him. Chest hair was amazing, and Eddie leaned in to kiss and touch him there. He put his mouth on Brian’s nipples, listening to the guttural moans that made Eddie’s blood run hotter, make his cock throb and swell, and encouraged him to do more.

He barely noticed the way Brian was getting him out of his jeans until he felt his pants being pulled down and his apron being shoved aside.

“Lift your hips.”


Eddie almost missed that part. Right. He couldn’t exactly get his jeans down when his knees were on either side of Brian’s hips.

He couldn’t have lifted himself up and pushed his jeans down fast enough. He needed to get naked. He needed to have the both of them skin to skin.

In the end, even with Brian’s help, Eddie was only able to push he jeans all the way off one leg. Brian reached to the side, to the glove compartment, and he pulled out a small bottle of lube.

It shouldn’t had pierced him the way it did to see it. He barely knew this man, and all he did know about Brian was that he was kind of a growly man, definitely an emotional risk, but somehow, it bothered Eddie to see how he kept a small bottle of lube in his truck. Yeah, this was definitely a one off, but how many guys did he do this with?

Okay, he was getting too invested in this already, and Eddie watched as Brian poured the clear fluid into his palm and slicked his fingers. Eddie knew where they were going to go, and he shivered, suddenly thinking about nothing else other than how much he wanted Brian inside him, how much he needed to be filled up by the man’s cock.

“Come here,” Brian said.

Ash did as he was told, straddling the man again, but staying up on his knees this time.

He bit his lower lip when he felt those fingers touching his hole, making him slick. “You ever do this before.”

Eddie bit his lower lip and nodded. “Couple of times.”


He opened his eyes, and saw the angry glare on Brian’s face.

“I…what’s wrong with that?”

Brian pressed his mouth together in a firm line, then shook his head. “Nothing. Sorry. It’s nothing.”

It clearly wasn’t nothing, but Eddie wasn’t in the mood to get defensive about the hypocrisy of Brian being offended Eddie wasn’t a virgin when Brian kept lube in his truck for just this sort of situation.

He wanted to get off, and he wanted Brian to be the one to help him with that. Maybe then he could stop worrying about having to stay up at all hours of the night jerking off, wasting all the hot water stroking his dick in the shower.

Things might be able to get back to normal for him if he could just get this show on the road.

When Eddie felt the thick head of Brian’s cock pressing between his cheeks, he sighed and shivered, sinking down onto it.

“Easy. Easy,” Brian said, his voice strained, as if he really didn’t want Eddie to take it easy at all.

Eddie couldn’t slow it down even if he wanted to. He was going to make this hurt with how fast he was taking it, but he didn’t care. The second he felt that swollen cockhead pop through his pucker, he knew he was done. Eddie moaned.

He felt the pain both from the sudden intrusion, and the way Brian kept a hard grip on his waist. God, he was so strong. It felt almost like he was trying to keep Eddie from just sinking down onto his cock. Well, too bad for him, Eddie wasn’t going to be taking his time. Not with this. Not when he needed this so damned bad.

“Let go,” Eddie said through his teeth.

“Idiot. You’re going to hurt yourself.”

Eddie knew that, but something had taken over. Something wild and primal that he’d never had inside himself before. If he didn’t get Brian’s cock buried all the way inside him, he was going to lose his mind. He needed this. He needed it so damned badly.

Unfortunately, no amount of glaring at the bigger, stronger man seemed to do it for Brian, and he seemed determined to hold on for as long as possible, until he was sure Eddie was ready.

He must have done this an awful lot, because he seemed to know more about Eddie’s body that Eddie did.

Brian’s steel-bike grip slackened on Eddie’s hips the instant he felt his inner walls relaxing, when he knew he could take the man the rest of the way inside him.

Only then was Eddie able to sink down onto Brian’s lap.

“God, I needed this,” he sighed.

Brian didn’t answer him. He touched Eddie’s hair again, his hips already canting beneath Eddie’s, making him bounce up and down.

The pleasure was instant, and Eddie threw his head back and moaned.

That seemed to awaken something animalistic within Brian, because he released a growling noise as his mouth latched itself to Eddie’s throat.

There was something about that, the sensation of warm and wet lips right on the spot where his pulse raced the fastest, that made Eddie jump.

“Oh God! Y-yeah.” Eddie grabbed onto the back of Brian’s head, and he’s been right before, the man kept his hair too short for Eddie to properly grab onto it in his fingers.

“Sorry, sorry.”

Wait, what? Eddie was pretty sure his brain wasn’t making that up, that he was hearing that right. What the hell did Brian have to feel sorry about? This was feeling pretty damned good so far.

Eddie nearly opened his mouth to ask Brian what the problem was, but when the man’s cock continued to slide against his prostate in all the right ways, it was hard for him to focus on something other than how good this felt, and the question melted right out of his mind.

Eddie leaned back as he rode Brian’s lap, making the truck horn beep loudly, and he had to pull forward again, laughing at his clumsiness.

That too didn’t last for long before he was caught up in the back and forth, up and down slide, the pleasurable burn, and the ache of wanting more.

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