Renewed Life (MFMM)

Alpha Province 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,054
7 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Menage, Paranormal/Shifters, Interracial, Reverse Harem, Small Town, Romantic Suspense, MFMM, HEA]

Teagan Stacey thought witnessing a murder was the worst thing that could happen to her, but when the killer sees, chases and stabs her too, she’s sure she’s about to die.

Weeks later she wakes to find an intruder in her apartment and calls the police. Thankfully, the sound of sirens scares the killer off, but Teagan knows she’s no longer safe. She packs a bag, jumps on bus and leaves her life behind.

Tarquin, Rhodri and Baxter Crosby, recently retired Marines, have spent the last few months keeping to themselves, renovating and expanding their home in Ambrose, North Dakota.

As soon as they see and scent the beautiful blonde, they know she’s their mate, but since they all have PTSD, Tarquin doesn’t want to pursue her, but there’s no denying fate.

They offer Teagan a job and a place to stay and she accepts, but the Crosby brothers want to know why she’s terrified of men.

When they hear what she’s been through, they vow to protect her with their lives, but sometimes situations are beyond their control.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Renewed Life (MFMM)
7 Ratings (4.6)

Renewed Life (MFMM)

Alpha Province 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,054
7 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
So good


The front door to the pub opened and when the small blonde haired, blue eyed woman stepped inside, he felt as if he’d been punched in the gut. She was the sexiest fucking woman he’d ever seen. His panther yowled just before it charged forward, trying to escape his control. Just as he had his beast back on a tight rein, the tantalizingly light scent of frangipani and fresh snow assailed his nostrils.

His first instinct was leap to his feet, charge toward her, lift her into his arms, and carry her back to their place, but he remained frozen in his seat, his fists clenched so tightly his knuckles ached.

Though he was aware of his brothers sucking in deep breaths and groaning softly, he couldn’t and didn’t want to take his eyes from his mate. Nevertheless, when he remembered his earlier thoughts about hurting his woman if they were ever lucky enough to ever find her, he wrenched his gaze from her to glance at his brothers.

Rhodri tensed as if he was about to surge to his feet, but Tarquin grasped his brother’s arm, waited until Rhod looked at him then he shook his head. “Don’t.”

“What the fuck do you mean, don’t?” Rhod asked in a low snarl. “She’s our fucking mate.”

“What is wrong with you, Tarq?” Baxter asked.

“Are you sure you’re not going to hurt her if we can actually talk her into coming back home with us?” Tarq asked.

“Fuck!” Rhod snapped. “He’s right.”

“We can at least try and get to know her,” Bax stated. “She’s the one woman in the entire world meant to be ours. Would you rather die than try and talk her into being with us?”

It was Tarquin’s turn to cuss. “Fucking hell.”

“I see you’ve finally caught on,” Rhodri whispered. “We’ve spent years dodging bullets, IEDs and other shit to stay alive. If we don’t try and court her, we’ll all end up dying eventually. I haven’t busted my ass over the years fighting to go out without a bang. There is no fucking way I want to end up pining away for something that could’ve been because I didn’t try.”

“If you don’t want in, that’s okay, but don’t ask us to hold back,” Bax stated. “If you’re not going to make an effort to woo that sexy woman into your arms, then you may as well go outside and put a bullet through your brains right now.”

“Baxter is right, Tarquin.” Rhod crossed his arms over his chest. “I don’t want to have to hunt your crazy panther ass down and take you out when you go feral.”

Tarquin scrubbed a hand over his face and sighed. His brothers were right. Even though they hadn’t literally met their mate, just seeing her had started the ball rolling. If he and his siblings didn’t make an effort to get to know her, they’d all end up going crazy. They’d lose their humanity as their beasts took over and if that happened they’d end up killing indiscriminately. Thinking about ripping apart Emmy’s unborn cub tore at his guts. Plus, his brothers were right. He hadn’t spent the last fifteen years fighting and surviving just to end up all alone.

Fate was a fickle bitch and popped up at the most inopportune times since he’d been hoping to have his PTSD in hand by the time he met the other half to his heart and soul. Nevertheless, now that the opportunity to connect with his mate was here, he wasn’t going to throw such a chance away.

He and his brothers would die if their mate rejected them, but they’d die if they just sat back and let her slip from between their fingers too. Now that he was thinking a little more clearly instead of letting his concerns rule, he knew there was only one thing he and his brothers could and would do.

They needed to find a way to connect with and talk their mate into agreeing to be theirs.

Now that he’d reached a decision to accept what fate had just tossed in to his lap, his heart and soul filled with determined resolve.

His beautiful mate wasn’t going to get away until he had what they all wanted. Her living in his house, sharing their bed and mated to him, Rhodri and Baxter for all time.

* * * *

Teagan had hoped to be as inconspicuous as she could, but that all flew out the window the moment she stepped over the threshold into the Ambrose Pub. All eyes turned in her direction, making her feel as if she was a bug under a microscope. Though she tried to ignore all those watchful eyes, the hairs on the back of her neck and arms were standing on end.

Trying to ignore the attention as best she could, she walked toward the bar then sat on a stool. “Welcome. What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“Do you have hot chocolate?” she asked.

“Actually, we do. Not everyone likes to drink alcohol. We also have tea and coffee on the dinner menu.” The man peered at her intently. He was so big and handsome, it was a wonder she wasn’t panting but he didn’t affect her at all. Well, that wasn’t quite the truth. He was huge with muscles and had to be close to six and a half feet tall and he intimidated the hell out of her. But then again, most men did after what she’d seen and experienced at the hands of the opposite sex. “Would you like to order food as well?”

Teagan tried to remember how much cash she had left and winced when she realized the last time she’d looked into her wallet, she’d seen a twenty dollar bill. She had no money and nowhere to stay and now she was stuck in town until the bus came back in another week.




Instead of begging for what she wanted, or commanding Rhod to fuck her, she turned on his lap until she was astride him, facing him, gripped his cock with her hand, aligned the head with her pussy and dropped down onto him.

She moaned and he groaned.

Rhod combed his fingers into her hair at the side of her head, lowered his face toward her then slanted his mouth over hers.

“That is so fucking sexy,” Baxter rasped out.

At the sound of his voice the craving to have him inside of her was so powerful it wouldn’t be ignored. Not that she wanted to.

She broke the kiss with Rhod then turned to gaze at Baxter over her shoulder. “I want you to fuck my ass.”

When he shook his head, pain pierced her heart and the anger which she’d thought had gone boiled to life. Before she could snarl at him he said, “You’re not ready for that yet, sweetheart. Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?”

“No, but I don’t ca—”

“I care.” He smoothed a hand down her back toward her ass and squeezed one of her butt cheeks. “We care, Teagan. One of us needs to prepare your ass, to stretch you out before you can take a dick inside you. While I’m very tempted, I’m not giving in on this. You mean too much to me for me to hurt you.”

“Okay.” She nodded and tried to hide her disappointment.

“Play with her ass while she fucks Rhodri,” Tarquin ordered as he stood and hurried to the nightstand, opened a drawer, grabbed something then sat down beside her and Rhod on the bed. It was only as he reached toward Baxter that she realized he was giving his brother a tube of lube.

Teagan moaned, closed her eyes, lifted up until just the tip of Rhod’s cock was in her pussy before she slammed back down, impaling herself on his dick. He caressed his hands over her ribs toward her ass, grasped her cheeks in his hand and pulled them apart while helping her to move up and down over his cock.

He devoured her mouth, scraped his teeth down her neck, licked over her flesh down toward her breasts then sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

“Oh,” she moaned, arching her back and pressing her boob further into his mouth. She jolted when a cool lubed finger caressed over her asshole, but quickly relaxed again. Baxter would never hurt her. She knew for a certainty that none of the Crosby brothers would do anything to harm her.

Teagan continued to bounce up and down on Rhod’s dick, moving faster and harder, while fucking herself with his cock. The heated friction of his erection sliding against her sensitive inner walls was so amazingly good, she couldn’t get enough.

“Yes,” she cried out when Baxter breached her ass with his finger before slowly pumping it in and out. She’d never felt fuller in her life and couldn’t wait for her mates to deem her ready for a dick in her asshole. Just thinking about how it would feel caused the flames leaping inside of her to flare higher. Tension made her limbs quiver as the pressure began to grow and though she tried to move faster, Rhod, holding her butt cheeks, prevented it.

She opened her eyes and growled at him, but he just smiled and continued to move her at his own pace. The anger surged again, but she pushed it back down at much as she could. It seemed she had a better handle with her control over the wrath now that she knew what was causing it. Or maybe it was because she was finally getting fucked by one of her mates. The painful desire had eased even though she was still highly aroused but the nearer to climax she got the pleasure seemed to morph the pain into hungry need.

The walls of her pussy gathered closer and closer together until she was a step away from the summit of ecstasy. She whimpered when Baxter removed his finger from her ass but before she could react, he was back with two digits. There was a slight stinging pain when he penetrated her with them but it also felt really good. She tried to shove her hips back at him, but with his hand pressing into her lower back and Rhod’s on her ass cheeks, she didn’t have a hope in hell.

“Do you like that, baby?” Tarq asked, combing his finger into her hair, holding some of the strands and turning her face toward him. “Do you like having Baxter’s fingers moving in and out of that pretty little ass?”

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes.” She moaned as the two men increased their pace. Tarq cut off her litany by opening his lips over her, kissing her voraciously and she kissed him back just as hungrily.

Rhod began moving her up and down on his cock faster and harder. Baxter pumped his fingers in deeper and faster. When she had their beat down she moved with them, happy that this time neither of her men stopped her. She rose and dropped and undulated her hips in a way that had her clit rubbing against Rhod’s pubis. Tarquin lifted his lips from hers, palmed then kneaded and molded a breast before strumming his thumb over a nipple.

The tension wound tighter still and she knew she was only seconds away from orgasm. Rhod rolled and plucked at her other nipple, then shoved a hand down between their bodies and caressed her clit.

That was all it took to send her careening into climax.

She screamed, “Rhod!” as she came. Her pussy clenched and released, convulsing in a never-ending wave of joy so intense she saw stars.

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