Margo’s Loving Protectors (MFM)

Men of Montana 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,734
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Menage a Trois, Small Town, Contemporary, MFM, HEA]

Cousins, Caleb Trenton and Tracy Alton fell in love with Margo nearly six months ago. Working long hours at the bakery, Margo Tennison was clueless to their advances since her hours were long and the store busy every day. Many men hit on her, and the other women who worked there, so why would Margo acknowledge them?

When danger comes to visit Margo, Tracy and Caleb come to her rescue. They believe it is up to them to protect her, and when the danger looks as if it’s following her, they need to figure out who is behind it all before she is hurt even further.

While they do their best to shield her from the criminals, can the two men convince her their love for her is real, and can she fall in love with them? Will the three of them find a happily-ever-after, or will the criminals win?

Margo’s Loving Protectors (MFM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Margo’s Loving Protectors (MFM)

Men of Montana 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,734
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


It was hard to believe that a simple cast could cause such doubt to seep into her brain. Tracy’s behavior was something that would need to be addressed, but Margo was tired. Trying

 to sleep between two handsome men was difficult. Even though she had drifted off pretty much as soon as they got into bed the previous night, she couldn’t stay asleep. Part of it was the knowledge their bodies were so close, and yes, she had felt Tracy’s hard-on hitting her side, and the other part was she usually slept on her side, and once the men were asleep, she didn’t want to wake them to shift. Now, she was facing lunch, but she really wanted to go home and take a nap.

Silence filled Tracy’s SUV on the way to the pizza parlor they were to meet Caleb at. Margo was afraid to say anything for she might regret it later, so she looked at the buildings as they passed them. Occasionally, Tracy would sigh, and she could feel his glances, but he was keeping his tongue also. Once they pulled into a parking spot, Margo was out of the car before Tracy could come around to help her out. He gave a quick grunt but walked beside her into the restaurant.

Caleb was already at a table, looking masculine and delicious in his uniform. Tracy was wearing blue jeans and a dark blue and green flannel shirt. He was good looking in that also. Caleb stood up as Margo and Tracy approached the table and then kissed Margo on the cheek before he held a chair out for her. Once she was seated, Caleb and Tracy sat on either side of her.

“Have you been here before, sweetness?” Caleb asked as he gently picked up her casted arm. “I like the color on you.”

Smiling as she lowered her gaze, she replied, “Thank you. And, no. I haven’t been here before. It’s only been here for a couple of years, and I’ve been so busy at the bakery that I don’t get out very much.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Tracy commented. “I hope we can change your mind about working so much.”

Margo gritted her teeth to keep her opinion to herself, but she also knew that if there was to be a relationship, she couldn’t hide from her concerns. Plus, she was never one to shun them.

Taking a deep breath, she turned towards Tracy. “Why didn’t you want to sign my cast until Caleb was with us?”

Shock registered on Tracy’s face as his head tipped back a moment and his eyes grew large. “What do you mean?”

“Augusta and Siobhan say that they have dates with the guys separately and that helps with their overall relationship. But you didn’t want to sign my cast without Caleb. Can you have a ménage relationship without doing everything with your cousin?”

Pink tinged Tracy’s cheeks as his eyes lowered. When he looked back up at her, chagrin was written on his face.

“I’m sorry, precious. We don’t have to do everything together. I…we…” He motioned his hands between himself and Caleb, and then back again. “We’ve slept with women together, but you are our first ménage relationship. We’re still getting the basics down. I thought it would be a good thing to do with my cousin, but I handled it all wrong. Forgive me?”

With the look of shame on his face, Tracy looked like a little boy in trouble. How could Margo stay mad at him? She slid her hand over his. “I’m sorry I thought so badly of you. As you said, this is new, for all of us.”

Tracy took the pen from Margo when she pulled it from her pocket. He turned her arm so that the inner part of her wrist was facing upward. He drew a rather large heart and wrote within it, I love all of you, broken or not. Tracy.

Caleb took the pen from his cousin and drew another heart above Tracy’s. You are the reason my heart beats. Caleb.

Tears sprang to Margo’s eyes at the sentiment the men wrote for the people in Margo’s life to see. She would have to find a way to preserve that part of the cast once she had it cut off.

“Thank you,” she said quietly. “It means the world to me.”

Surprise struck her when Tracy leaned over and placed a kiss on her cheek, and then Caleb followed suit on the other. Since they were in public, she didn’t think both men would do it.

Caleb cleared his throat as he sat up. “I hope you like pepperoni, olive, mushrooms, and extra cheese,” he said. “Since I have to get back to the office, I already ordered for us.”

“That’s fine. Anything is fine on a pizza except pineapple or sardines.” She didn’t get the allure some people had with putting pineapple on a tomato-based sauce.

“What?” declared Tracy as he slapped his hand over his heart. “You’re one of those people?”

His expression gave away his teasing demeanor, causing Margo to laugh. People around them looked over at them, but she ignored them, knowing she had to ignore mainstream judgment and just relax and be happy with her men.

Tracy laughed. “But seriously, I do like ham and pineapple sometimes. But I’ll make sure I keep my toppings away from yours.”

“This is the stuff we need to discover about each other,” Margo offered. “There’s a lot of important information we need to learn about, but then there’s the fun info that we can joke about.”

“I agree. It’ll take a while for us to get used to each other, but I think we’ve made a good start of things.” Caleb slipped his fingers over Margo’s that stuck out from the cast. It was going to be a while before the both of them could hold her hands.




Splinters of delight sizzled down an invisible thread that led straight to her clit which began to throb in anticipation of what was to come. With Tracy’s gaze staring at her cunt, Margo felt hot all over. Would she be able to survive the physical part of this relationship with two men when it had been so long since she had even had sex?

Wrapping a hand around the back of Caleb’s head as he laved her nipple, Margo felt the spikey ends of his light brown hair. He kept it short in a military style despite him being a civilian, and she found it sexy on the handsome man. She liked to run her fingers through Tracy’s hair also. The dark brown tresses were a bit longer and softer than the very short cut of Caleb’s.

The bed dipped between her legs, announcing Tracy’s arrival on the bed. He laid his hands on her calves and squeezed gently before he began to glide his hands up her legs. He skimmed over her knees and then moved until he was grazing the inside of her thighs as he pushed them further apart.

She would have been exposed if it hadn’t been for her panties, and she wished he would remove them, but he stalled at the edges. Opening her eyes, she looked down at him, finding him staring at her covered pussy. It caused her to be self-conscious and she found herself trying to close her legs, yet she couldn’t because his shoulders were what was keeping her open to him.

Caleb bit at her nipple teasingly. Her body arched at the slight pain, but it made her remember he was there. Having them both paying attention to her body was something she was going to have to get used to. Caleb was also kneading at her other breast, making her feel good there.

Tracy pushed himself up, drawing Margo’s attention back to him. He grasped the top of her panties, and when she thought he was going to pull them off her, he ripped the offending garment down to the leg of one side. He copied the action on the other side and then pulled material from under her butt, leaving her totally open and exposed.

Margo had never had her pussy stared at the way Tracy was doing right then. Did he like what he saw or was he disappointed? It had been over a month since she had been able to get to the salon to be waxed, so was he put off by the short hair that grew there?

His eyes closed as he breathed in deeply. His hands were on the crease of where her thighs met her pussy, and she prayed he would touch her.

“Do you smell that, cuz?” Tracy asked as he opened his eyes and looked up at Margo’s face. “She’s so hot and wet and I can smell her. She smells like vanilla and spice.”

Moist heat intensified when Caleb released her nipple and looked over at his cousin. “I can smell her.”

She was surprised when Caleb reached down and slid a couple of fingers through her cunt. He didn’t try to heighten her arousal by playing with her clit—he went straight for her opening. Several fingers entered her, sparking a small fire within her before he pulled them out. She groaned when he left her empty, but she watched when he lifted his hand to his face and then drew his wet fingers into his mouth.

His hazel eyes closed as he moaned, savoring her taste. When he removed his fingers, he smiled as he opened his eyes and looked at her. “You taste delicious, sweetness. I can’t wait to eat you out, but Tracy and I agreed he would be the first since he’s the oldest.”

Nodding her understanding, Margo reached up and pulled Caleb down to her with her good hand. She plastered her lips to his and ran her tongue across the thin crevice. He opened to her, and she tasted herself on his lips before their tongues tangled together. She reveled in the kiss and found she wasn’t repulsed at her flavor as she’d thought she might be.

Hot breath tickled her cunt seconds before Margo felt Tracy’s mouth cover her most intimate parts. Her hips raised towards him. She felt his arms wrap around her thighs and then his hands land on her hips, holding her down.

Both men made her feel cherished with the way they treated her out in public, and now, they held her as they made love to her body. She belonged to them, and it made her heart soar.

Tracy licked her pussy from her opening to her clit, kindling that fire that had already been started. He sucked her labia, which she had always thought were too plump, one after the other before he speared her opening with his tongue. His nose pressing against her clit had currents of electricity sparking outward.

Her body was on fire as Tracy paid homage to her pussy and Caleb swept a hand up and down her torso, brushing across her nipples. She’d never imagined it could feel so good, but she knew there was more to come.

Fighting against Tracy’s hold, Margo’s hips undulated as if they had a mind of their own. She wanted more, needed more of his mouth, and she wanted to feel his cock inside her.

Caleb returned his attention to her breasts, sucking one nipple into his mouth, and used a finger and thumb to squeeze her other nipple. Pain ran through her body, winding up in her cunt.


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