[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M, shape-shifter, HEA]
After having his heart broken by an unrequited love, dire wolf shifter Baron Sykes needs to get away from work. He doesn’t want to deal with shifters, matings, or the fact that the man he loves is mated to someone else. When he gets to his family cabin, he finds the locks broken and a squatter inside making himself at home. Except the cute little cat shifter isn’t just a squatter—he’s a runaway omega from an illegal pack.
The lust that hits him is immediate and powerful, and Baron can’t turn away from Philip. And he doesn’t want to. His true mate is here calling to him, as are all of Baron’s protective instincts as he and his mate spend a perfect night together.
Alphas who try to force a mating are known for not giving up, and Baron might not be strong enough to defend Philip from the three shifters coming after him…and the secret Philip carries.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Safe with the Alpha (MM)
14 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




When his car made it out of the trees and back into the clearing leading to his cabin, the sun was dipping behind the pine trees in the distance, creating long shadows. The mosquitos were starting to come out in clusters, but the lights were on in his windows.

The curtains were shut, so it wasn’t immediately obvious, but he could still tell. It was in the way the yellow light spread around the curtains, as though trying to escape the cabin.

Baron growled. His inner wolf came out as he quickly parked his car and jumped out.

He’d shut up the cabin before leaving the last time, but it wasn’t uncommon for him to come back every other year and find a squatter had tried to take up residence. Sometimes thieves got in and Baron would find a broken window, but there was nothing inside of value to sell, so most everything was left behind.

He just hated the idea of there being any sort of damage inside, of a couple of druggies using his home away from home to get stoned and use the property as their own person toilet.

He was angry and he wanted to get a little blood. He wasn’t going to lie.

“Mother fuckers. Wrong goddamned day you stupid little—” Baron’s foot touched the first wooden step of the deck, and he abruptly stopped.

Something punched him in the gut and the nose at the same time. Wait, no, that wasn’t what happened. Nothing touched him at all, it just felt as if someone had put their hands on him, and it freaked him the fuck out. He stumbled back a step, away from his cabin, staring at it as if there was a demon inside.

It was definitely something that grabbed him by the balls.

Holy shit. What in the hell was that supposed to be? Was that normal? To walk up to his own property and feel as if a forcefield had just pushed him back?

More like a scent had just pushed him back.

A scent? What could smell like that? It wasn’t a bad scent. It was actually pretty good.

What was that?

The scent was now pulling Baron towards it, rather than pushing him away from it. Instead of being pushed back, he felt more like a puppet getting its strings pulled. He simply had to get up those three stairs and get to the door. He had to look inside, and he had to see who, or what, was within.

The lock had been broken. He could see something had pried the door open, possibly a crow bar or an axe, that had happened a couple of times, but the door remained shut.

As if someone had put something on the other side of it to keep the outdoor elements out.

Baron pushed on the door. He met a bit of resistance, so he pushed harder, making the entire door crack as he dislodged whatever it was that had been put in his way. A chair most likely, from the snapping sound, and the door to his cabin yawned open. Warmth hit him from the fire in the stove that had been started up, but then more of that tempting smell, that smell that pulled him in and made him want to fall to his knees.

Someone was on the floor, huddled up on a blanket in front of the stove. At first Baron thought it was a woman because of the slender frame, but no, it was a man. His hair was shaggy, and he looked as if he’d seen better days.

Chocolate brown eyes widened as he pushed himself away from the door, struggling to rise to his feet.

The smell was coming from him. Baron could tell as he entered the cabin, his heavy boots clomping hard on the wooden floor.

That delicious, wonderful, tempting smell was coming from the beautiful creature in front of him.

An omega. That was mad obvious by the cat ears on top of his head. At first Baron didn’t think he had a tail, but it was there. It was wrapped around the small man’s waist like a belt.

Cats and dogs didn’t always get along well, but Baron actually liked cats. In fact, now that he could see those ears, the one thing he wanted to do more than anything else was to touch them. He wanted to know if they were soft.

He wanted to ask so many things. Baron wanted to know who this young man was, where he’d come from, and more importantly, if he could stick around, but instead, the first thing that came to him was the first thing he happened to blurt out. “Why are you in my cabin?”

The young man blinked. He couldn’t have been older than early twenties, his cheeks were a little gaunt, and he definitely looked as if he hadn’t had a proper meal in a while.

He also didn’t answer.

Baron looked down at the floor. There was a rug where the blanket had been kept. It looked more like this guy had created a small nest for himself. There were a few open soup cans around, the sort of thing Baron tended to leave behind for emergency food storage, but also threw away and restocked every time he came back because they were usually expired.

He’d gotten into the food then, but aside from the cans, everything was fairly clean.

No signs of lighters or needles.

Baron went to the one can he could see that had a spoon inside of it. He pulled it out and checked the bottom to make sure there was no burn mark beneath it.

Nothing, and he couldn’t smell any other drugs in the cabin either. The man’s dark eyes were wonderful to look into, but Baron could still see his pupils, and he could tell the man was sober.

“You just looking for shelter?”

The young man kept holding the blanket over himself, as if it was a shield of some sort. “I’m…really sorry. I didn’t mean to trespass.”

“The broken door suggests you did mean to trespass.” Baron wasn’t too angry about that anymore. Not when that smell was tickling the nerves at the back of his nose, making his body warm.

Fuck, he needed to get a grip, but he couldn’t. His breathing had picked up, and he honestly wanted to charge at the guy.

Not to grab him by the throat and kick him out. No, he wanted to rush at him for an entirely different reason, and it was something he couldn’t totally wrap his mind around.

“I…please, can I just stay the night? I’ll leave tomorrow, but it’s getting dark out now and I don’t…I don’t know where to go.”




Baron grabbed Philip by his shirt, and with a strength Philip had once feared, he ripped the thin material clean off his chest.

Philip gasped when the air of the room touched his skin. It felt chilled for a half second before the heat returned, and was once again nearly too much for him to handle.

Then, his heart stopped. What if he noticed. What if he saw it?

Baron didn’t see it. He ripped away Philips's torn jeans in much the same way he’d done to his shirt, which sucked because now Philip had literally nothing to wear, and somehow, it still didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that he was in bed with a man he didn’t know and was having the last of his possessions destroyed, it didn’t matter that Philip could distinctly smell a dog on him and that Philip was a cat, all that mattered was having him inside.

“Hurry, please hurry up,” Philip begged, and then gasped when he felt had fingers gripping him by the hips, hard enough that the tips of his fingers, nails and all, dug into his skin in a way that was definitely going to leave him bruised.

He didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was when he was flipped around, and that amazing tongue that had been doing so much to his mouth, was suddenly on his asshole, making Philip see stars.

He cried out, moaning from the shock of pleasure, and then sighing and giving into the sweet sensation. Philip thrust his hips back against that tongue. He loved that tongue. He wanted to marry that tongue, and he didn’t ever want to be separated from it.

It pushed deep inside him, making his cock throb, pre-cum weeping from the tip, and fuck, he needed to stop reading trashy romance novels, but as he looked down...yeah, that’s basically what was happening down there

“Please, please, please,” Philip said. He begged and swore, humped back against that tongue and tried to reach down to fist his cock, but he couldn’t keep his balance properly.

What was happening to him? Was this normal? It had to be. This was something important. Philip knew what it was. It was on the tip of his tongue and at the edge of his mind, but he couldn’t seem to think straight, not through this pleasure, and not through this heat.

The animal side of Baron, the side of him that was a dog, must had taken part control, because the next thing Philip knew, there were two fingers pushing inside him.

It hurt, a lot, but not enough that he wanted to stop. The pleasure he’d felt, and the orgasm he’d already had, was so great that something within him was...almost canceling out the pain.

Instead of freaking out and begging the other man to stop, he found himself pushing back against those fingers, and begging for more instead. Through the burn, the desire to be one with Baron refused to be ignored.

Baron pulled his finers back, then pushed them forward again, thrusting, scissoring, pulling back, a hesitation, and then pushing forward.

Philip looked over his shoulder, though he already knew what the other man was doing.

He was using his own precum as a lubricant. In no way should that have been enough to make Philip feel relieved about what they were going to do, but it did. It felt like enough for now, as if his mind was under some sort of spell that was accomodating him, allowing him to just lie back and enjoy what was about to happen to him.

And he wanted to enjoy it.

The scissoring stopped, and not because Baron wanted to pull back and use more of his saliva or cum, though Philip did see him spit into his hand, right before he felt the thick pressure of the man’s heavy cock pressing against his asshole.

This was it. Philip’s heart seized up in eager anticipation. He couldn’t wait. He’d been waiting for this his entire life, and he had to have it now.

He got it. The burn that hit him when the thick, mushroom shaped head of Baron’s dick pushed through his pucker hit him hard, but it was immediately washed away by the pleasure that came next.

Philip moaned. He threw his head back, something within his body releasing, but it wasn’t an orgasm, it was something that reached out to Baron, latched on, held tight, and didn’t let go.

Baron growled behind him. “You’re mine. Mine,” he said, his hips already punching back and forth, as if he really was an animal in heat.

Philip felt a little of the same way himself in that moment.

Animals in heat.

Heat. Mating.

Philip snapped his eyes open. The realization hit him hard, and the rush of happiness that came with it was a welcome one. He smiled as his mate fucked into him, giving him that pleasure, claiming him, owning him, marking Philip with the scent of the man he loved so damned much that it hurt.

That was why he felt under this spell. This was...this was his mate. The man he was meant to love for the rest of his life. He’d found him. Philip never thought that would happen, and it didn’t matter if this felt more like a fuck than love making. He didn’t care. First time mating heats always felt that way.

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