The Guilty Pleasures Collection, Volume 2 (MF)

Guilty Pleasures

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 76,958
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Romance, Cowboy, Contemporary, Consensual BDSM, Spanking, Sex Toys, MF, HEA]

Tamed by the Dom

When Katrina Masters returns to Fairfax, Texas, after seventeen years away, she finds things have changed. The guy she had a crush on at high school is now running a sex club and is a Dom to boot! Common sense tells her to steer well clear, but she’s sorely tempted by his job offer.

Self-made man Colt Donahue is a strict Dom. His business, Club Fusion, is a great success, and he’s not about to let the local Sheriff or the narrow-minded people of Fairfax close him down. He’s here to stay.

From the moment he sees Kat, he wants her. Just one look in her sultry hazel eyes, and Colt knows the sassy, outspoken woman is for him. Nothing would excite him more than making her submit to his will.

Colt shows Katrina what a Dom is really capable of, but can he tame the firebrand into complete submission?

Love Slave to the Sicilian Billionaire

When her husband dies suddenly, twenty-nine-year-old Ella Williams turns to the only man who can help—Maximiliano D’Alesandro. Unfortunately, Max thinks she is responsible for his best friend’s death. Without his help and guidance, her life spirals out of control.

The thirty-four-year-old Sicilian billionaire and alpha male Dom needs just one thing to make his life complete—a submissive woman who enjoys the BDSM lifestyle as much as he does.

When Max discovers Ella’s wild and reckless ways, he literally takes charge of her life, both in and out of the bedroom! However, as their D/s relationship blossoms, some important information comes to light that shocks Ella to her very core.

Will Max save Ella from self-destruction? Or will the truth finally drive them apart?

The Guilty Pleasures Collection, Volume 2 (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Guilty Pleasures Collection, Volume 2 (MF)

Guilty Pleasures

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 76,958
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing

Tamed by the Dom


"My guests won’t be wearing much. I hope that won’t bother you?"

Kat laughed. "I’m not a shrinking violet, Colt. I can handle myself." She raised a brow as her gaze swept over him. "I had thought you would be wearing a lot less yourself." Her flippant remark almost made her blush.

"Thought or hoped?" He smiled when she didn’t answer. "I just monitor what’s going on, see that everything is legal and aboveboard. I don’t get involved with the customers."


"No, as I said, I like to get to know someone first." Colt glanced at his watch. "The first of our guests should be arriving soon. If you need me during the evening, I’ll be around making sure everything is running smoothly."

Two hours into her shift, Kat realized she was enjoying herself. The guests were friendly, and the time slipped by quickly as she took their coats and answered any questions they had. When a prospective new club member telephoned with a query she couldn’t answer, she went in search of Colt.

The heady beat of the music drifted through the club as she went first to the bar and then the nightclub. Everyone looked happy, the occasional laughter bursting through. Colt had been right. The bar was the most popular area, where groups of people congregated, apparently deep in conversation. Surely they couldn’t all be talking about sex? He wasn’t in either place, so she took a deep breath and pushed open the door to level three.

All sorts of moans and groans came from every direction. She peered in the pleasure pit, guessing he wouldn’t be there, but looking all the same. It was very dark. All she could see was group of naked writhing bodies joined together. Her attention was drawn to a door opening behind her and as a man wearing just a pair of leather shorts stepped out, she could see into the dimly lit punishment room. A woman lay over a soft bench, having her bare butt spanked. By the sound of the moans coming from her, she was enjoying it, too. She knew she shouldn’t stare, but she couldn’t help herself.

"Kat, I didn’t take you for a voyeur." Colt’s sudden appearance at her side made her spin around to face him. Startled, she held a hand to her mouth.

"I was looking for you."

"I was behind the bar."

"Sorry, I didn’t see you. There’s a telephone call for you."

The woman being spanked became more vocal, and Kat motioned with her thumb over her shoulder. "I can’t believe she’s enjoying it."

Colt smiled. "You’d be surprised, Kat. I’ve spanked women to orgasm before now."

Kat just stared at him. For a woman who’d always had unsatisfactory sex, the idea that she could be spanked to climax seemed far-fetched. "Colt, your ego must be huge. It’s impossible to spank a woman to orgasm."

He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Believe me, honey, I could have you begging for sexual release without any problem whatsoever."

The idea of Colt administering a spanking on her bare butt made her pussy go wet. Then reality struck home. Colt was just teasing her. With her hands on his chest, she playfully pushed him away. "Well, thankfully you’ll never get the opportunity to try it, Mr. Overblown Ego."

As she walked away, she could hear him laughing. "Maybe not, but I know the idea turns you on."




Her fingers tensed as his hand moved to cup her breasts. The contact of his skin on her sensitive flesh sent a shock wave flooding through her body and made her moan her appreciation. He broke the kiss and trailed tiny caresses down her neck. "Tell me to stop, and I will," he said against her exposed cleavage. His tongue snaked out to taste her, and she arched her body in response, pulling hard on the steel manacles securing her wrists to the wall. They only heightened her sense of losing control, making unknown pleasure pulse through her veins. God help her, she didn’t want him to stop. "Colt," she whispered.

Immediately his lips sought hers, controlling her, dominating her, making her yield to his will. He roughly hitched her dress to her thighs and slipped a finger inside her panties. When he spread her legs wide with his own and touched her aching clitoris, she bucked with the contact.

"Oh, honey, that’s so rewarding. Your pussy is really wet."

Fighting for breath, she stared into his eyes. "I’m not your type, Colt. I won’t buckle under."

"Kat, honey, you might not know who you really are, but I do, I can see it in your eyes. You want me to take control of your life. You want to yield to me. You want to feel safe and protected."

"You’ve the wrong woman. It’ll never happen." Sadness enveloped her. Kat had never felt safe and protected in her life. Why would Colt be any different? He was a man just like all the rest.

"You just need to trust." He stroked her face with his hand, brushing the hair from her eyes. His strong physique towered over her, yet he was so gentle with her. His other hand clasped the burgeoning nub of her clit, squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger. Kat bit onto her bottom lip, trying to quell the whimpers of pleasure that wanted to erupt from her lips. He kissed her mouth, caressing her slowly as he stared into her eyes. "You’ve never trusted any man, have you, Kat?"

"No, they always let you down." Her whole body arched as a finger slipped inside her soaking wet channel. "Oh, Colt." She closed her eyes, savoring everything about him. His touch, his smell, his unique presence.

"Look at me." She opened her eyes and looked directly at him. "I can give you what you really want. What you need."

"You can’t, no man can. I’m a lost cause."

He caressed her clit again, pleasuring it between his fingers. "You need this. You need me."

She gasped. "I’ve never needed any man. I’m fine on my own."

His lips covered hers as his fingers invaded her sex. He slid them deep inside her cunt, over and over until moans of pleasure tore from her lips.

"I can make you come like never before," he assured her.

"I don’t come. I can’t come. I’m frigid." The words felt like grit in her mouth as she spat each one out. It had always saddened her that she’d never been able to achieve orgasm. When she’d had sex before, only on the rare occasion had it been pleasurable, but she’d never been able to climax with a man. Perhaps orgasms were the ultimate myth. She looked up into Colt’s eyes. "I told you I was a lost cause."

"Kat, you’ve been mixing with the wrong men. Just trust me."


"Then tell me to stop. Tell me you’re not turned on."


Their eyes connected, and she saw the knowing smile that briefly touched his lips. He was right. Her heart beat to a rhythm she’d never known before. Colt intoxicated her. He overwhelmed her with his presence.

He roughly pulled at her blouse. The buttons pinged and popped as the lacy material ripped noisily apart. When her breasts bounced free, he massaged them with his fingers, enjoying their weight in his hands. He took a nipple into his mouth, licking the tender peak with his tongue. "Some women are made to be fucked really slowly, Kat, and you’re one of them. Trust me, I know exactly what you need."

"I don’t trust any man," she whispered.

Slowly, Colt sunk to his knees in front of her. He unzipped her skirt, slipping it down her legs, and then tore the panties from her trembling body. Virtually naked in front of him, she whimpered. "Colt." She could see her breasts heaving with excitement in the subdued lighting of the dungeon. All around her the instruments of restraint hung from the walls. Her wrists pulled against the manacles as he lifted her legs.

Using his weight, he pressed her back against the wall, spreading her legs wider with his broad shoulders until they rested on his forearms. Open to his darkest desires, he stared at her neatly trimmed pussy.

"Beautiful, just beautiful. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t stop coming."


Love Slave to the Sicilian Billionaire


Ella’s blue eyes looked huge and frightened as she stared up at him from a kneeling position. Her obvious vulnerability made him feel all-powerful. “Come.” Max stretched out a hand, and pulled her to her feet. He felt tiny tremors of anticipation pulsing through her fingertips. It felt good having her complete attention. When she stood in front of him, he cupped her chin, angling her face to his. He wanted to test her reaction, so he kept his voice low. “I should give you a good spanking for coming in here without my permission. I’m minded to lay you across my knee and redden your bare ass right now.”

“Please, Max. I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be in here.” Her eyes flared wide, and she snapped her head back defensively. “Please don’t spank me. I promise not to do it again. But it’s partly your fault, too. If you don’t want anyone to come in, then you should keep it locked.”

“It’s never locked.” He raised his brow, wondering how much she really knew about a D/s relationship. He guessed she had a lot to learn. It seemed to him that Ella wanted to blame everyone except herself for her bad behavior. “So, are you saying it’s my fault that you entered without permission?”

Her lips pouted. Gaining in confidence, she replied, “In a way, yes.” She looked around. “Besides, I don’t see anything special about this place. It’s just an empty room with an old chest in the corner. I don’t see why you’re so bothered that I’m in here.”

To keep calm, he spoke very slowly. “I see.” Max scanned the playroom intently, as though seeing it for the first time. Behind the large panes of mirrored glass lay his favorite toys. Large pieces of bondage furniture could be maneuvered into position at a moment’s notice. Each time he played in here he set the scene to his own personal desires. With the aid of mood lighting and the right buildup, he could create an atmosphere of dominance and surprise for his sub. At the moment it looked very barren and clinical. “Hmm, do I detect disappointment, Ella?”

“Max, I was curious, that’s all. I wanted to know what to expect.”

“Then I take it that you want to continue with our relationship?”

Ella nodded. “Yes, Max. I feel safe here. I haven’t felt this calm for a long time. And you make me feel…”

She shrugged her shoulders and he encouraged. “Go on. We shouldn’t have any secrets from each other.”

A pretty pink color stained her cheeks. “You make me feel incredibly sexy.”

He smiled, pleased by her frankness. “You do know I should punish you for coming in here?”

“Will you?”




Max tenderly kissed her butt, nipping and licking at her curvy, womanly rump with his teeth. “Mmm, such a beautiful ass. At a later date, I may well put this across my knee and discipline it. A good spanking never did a naughty girl any harm.” Then, without his tongue leaving her flesh, he drifted it up to the base of her spine, enjoying the soft moans that escaped her lips. His tongue traced the entire length of her flawless back. “Mmm, so beautiful.” He then kissed each shoulder blade in turn, caressing them with his lips. “Just relax, and go with the flow,” he whispered softly in her ear. “Now look at the painting on the wall.”

“The large abstract?”


He pressed a button on the remote. The large painting immediately began rising, revealing a giant mirror beneath that captured the image of them both kneeling on the bed. He could see Ella’s body, pale and petite in contrast to his larger and darker masculine frame. Just looking at their naked reflections, pressed together, made his cock harden further.

Ella giggled. “Max, you’re so kinky.”

He smiled into the mirror, connecting with her eyes, and raised his brows. “Hardly, Ella. The real kink is in the playroom, but you’re not ready for that yet.”

Max felt a quiver of anticipation jolt through her body. He knew Ella was interested in the lifestyle, but he had to take it slow. Someone as emotionally fragile as her needed time and space to make the right decisions. A D/s relationship wasn’t suitable for everyone.

“What I really like, what really turns me on, will be to see the expression on your beautiful face. That’s why I installed the mirror. I need to know what you’re thinking and feeling on an emotional level. You’ll find it heightens everything we do.”

He wasn’t sure if Ella understood, but she nodded anyway. Max held her possessively around the hips and then positioned his aching cock at the entrance to her moist pussy. He saw her reflection in the mirror. Her mouth parted and a whimper left her lips as he penetrated her cunt just an inch. My God. She felt deliciously tight, but he knew he’d hurt her if he continued. “Oh, baby, your little clit needs some extra attention. What you need is a clit ring. The added stimulation would make Ella one horny baby.” 

She looked shocked that he’d mentioned it, and she spoke out, “Oh, no, Max.” She shook her head. “It would hurt too much.”

He smiled. “Only for a second or two, and it heals very quickly, just a couple of weeks. You’d find the sensation during sex unbelievable.” He saw her mulling over the suggestion. That was good. If she was open to his ideas, he figured Ella would make a willing submissive. One he could mold into the perfect slave.

“My fingers will relax you for now. Remember, keep looking at my reflection.” He caressed a finger against her swelling bundle of clitoral nerves. Using the mirror, she stared into his eyes. The mirror enhanced his sexual arousal. Observing their reflection felt voyeuristic as though they were watching another couple fucking close by. He watched Ella bite down on her lower lip as his finger repeatedly circled her clit. Now she was lovely and wet and ready to be fucked properly. Her pussy throbbed around the tip of his cock, and he began sliding further inside, filling her slowly, inch by inch. Halfway in she began crying out, her back arching, begging him to fill her completely. Max had never been in a hurry regarding sex. To him it had always been an act to be savored and enjoyed. He had the control, and he’d learned over the years how to use it for best effect.

When he was almost seated to the hilt, he wrapped his arm more firmly around her waist. He then scooped her back against his chest until they were virtually upright. Her tight, wet pussy slid down the remainder of his shaft, burying him to the hilt in her body. Ella cried out, “Max, you feel so good inside me.”

“You too, baby.” Her eyes were hooded, and he reminded her, “Keep looking at our reflection.”

Her chest heaved with excitement, her lips parted, gasping, breathing in more air. Max squeezed her clit tightly between his finger and thumb, stimulating the nerve endings. “Come for me, Ella,” he whispered, licking her earlobe as he stared intently at her beautiful reflection. He kissed her cheek, and nuzzled her soft flesh, feeling her whole body spasm and throb around his cock. He wrapped an arm tightly around her, caressing her breasts, stretching and teasing her sexy, dark brown nipples as her cries reached fever pitch. She followed his instructions to the letter, never once taking her gaze from his.


“Nearly there, baby. Come for me, come for me.” He hissed breathily in her ear.

“Max, please. Dear God, what are you doing to me?”

He felt her cunt tighten around his cock, milking it for all she was worth. Her orgasm, when it finally crashed through, was explosive. He knew then, as she climaxed, that Ella would make the perfect slave.

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