The Ghost Riders Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

The Ghost Riders

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,891
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Menage a Trois Romance, Contemporary, Spanking, Sex Toys, MFM, HEA]

Ginger's Two Goals

Ginger has her life planned, and it doesn’t include two sexy bikers, but Ajax and Murdock plan to make themselves her ultimate goals. She wants a home, a career, and a family to call her own. She can’t have that living with a bunch of bikers, can she? But how can she get them out of her heart now that they’ve found a way in?

Ajax and Murdock want more than a biker babe to ride with them. They want a woman to love and build a home with. Can they prove to her that happiness isn’t always based on material things? Will she learn to follow her heart instead of a plan?

Someone else sets their sights on Ginger. Keeping her safe could cost them their dream with the woman they love because she thinks they are trying to take away her freedom when all they want to do is give her everything.

River's Biker Heroes

River knows who she is but can’t remember the last few months of her life. She must know something that someone wants to keep a secret. Can Merrick and Cassius help her piece together her past before it finds her again to finish what was started?

When they find River close to death on the side of the road, Merrick and Cassius know she is special to them and claim her as theirs, therefore, under the protection of The Ghost Riders. The club rallies around them and helps the two men keep her safe as well as find out who is after her.

When the threat is removed and the dust settles, will River curb her wanderlust and settle down with Merrick and Cassius, or will the two men take to the road to keep her between them?

Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Ghost Riders Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Ghost Riders Collection, Volume 2 (MFM)

The Ghost Riders

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,891
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Ginger's Two Goals


Ajax followed the object of his desire as she crossed the diner, heading to the snacks in the convenience part of the truck stop. Just as she reached the chip section, she seemed to realize that she was being followed and turned around. There went those hands on her hips.

“What are you doing?”

“Following you.”

“I have eyes. I can see that. Why are you following me?”

“To be sure nobody bothers you.” He grinned at her low growl in his direction.

Man, she was hot. He couldn’t wait to taste all that fire. If everything worked out, he wouldn’t have long to wait. All that delicious fire would be his and Murdock’s for the taking.

“I don’t need you to tag along with me while I pick out snacks, Ajax. Go hang out with Murdock while I look. You’re making me nervous,” she said.

“Nah, it’s more fun to watch you.”

She glared at him before turning her back to him in an obvious dismissal. If it had been anyone else, he wouldn’t have taken it, but Ginger, being who she was to him, could get away with it. He even found it funny, eliciting a chuckle from him.

I can’t believe how sexy she is when she’s all defiant and crap. I’m going to go insane with need before she lets us make love to her.

Ajax watched her choose several bags of chips along with a few different kinds of candy bars. She added some sweet rolls of some kind to the stack in her arms before changing directions and walking straight up to him. He grinned at her right before she dumped her haul in his arms with a “cat ate the canary” smug smile on her face. She almost danced on her way to the back where the coolers full of drinks were located. He followed behind her, carrying her bounty with a shake of his head. She thought he would balk at carrying her junk food around behind her. Instead it made him smile that she thought she would upset him. Baby girl had a lot to learn about him.

When she turned around with several bottles of Diet Coke in her hands, Ajax couldn’t resist teasing her.

“Something is wrong with this picture.”

She cocked her head and frowned. “What do you mean?”

“There’s enough junk food here to kill a horse, but you’re going to eat it drinking a Diet Coke. Isn’t eating all of this stuff sort of defeating the purpose of drinking Diet Coke?” he asked with a straight face.

“One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. I happen to like the taste of Diet Coke more than I like the taste of regular Coke.” She strode toward the checkout counter.

Ajax followed her and added his burden to her drinks on the counter. The clerk rang everything up and before Ginger could pull out the correct amount of money, Ajax had already handed the woman the money for Ginger’s haul, leaving her stuttering out a protest.

“I was paying for that. I don’t want you two paying for everything. I don’t like being in debt to someone like that.” She glared at him.

“Baby girl, relax. It’s just some snacks, not a diamond necklace.” Ajax couldn’t help teasing her.

He’d never much cared for all of the back and forth teasing and such that women liked and even expected. Then he’d never met anyone that affected him like this golden-haired wildcat did. She made him want to see her smile at any cost. Teasing her was mild compared to what he wanted to do to her.

Without giving her a chance to react, Ajax took her elbow in one hand and her bag of treats in the other and guided her toward the door where Murdock was waiting on them.

“Hell, what did you do to piss her off this time?” he asked as he opened the door.

“Bought her PMS stash for her.”

“You asshole! I’m not having PMS!” Ginger stomped over to her car and unlocked the door.

Before she could slam it shut again, Murdock grabbed the door and held it open. Ajax leaned in, dangling the bag in front of her.

“Don’t forget this.” He and Murdock both chuckled when she yanked it out of his hand with a growl.

“Let’s go. I’m ready to get there so I can get away from you two bozos.” She slammed the door almost taking Murdock’s fingers off in the process.

“Whew, Ajax. She’s really strung tight. You thinking what I’m thinking?”

Ajax gave his friend a slow smile. 




The dream was different than it had been every night before. Where before the two men had her tied up and naked for their pleasure and at their mercy, this time she wasn’t restrained. Ginger curled her hands against the mattress as they lowered their heads and licked a blazing hot trail of wet fire around her nipples. Wide, callused hands caressed her breasts as their lips surrounded her stiff nipples and drew on them.

She couldn’t stop the breath hissing from her mouth at the feel of hot, wet heat surrounding the turgid peaks. They suckled at her breasts, sending shards of electrical impulses straight to her clit. Each lick of their tongue over her tight nipples tightened the muscles of her cunt in expectation. Maybe this time she wouldn’t wake up before she came. This time she would enjoy the two bikers who were out of her league.

One of them nipped at her breast before licking over the tiny sting. The other one pulled on her nipple with his teeth until she wasn’t sure if it hurt or if it felt too damn good to complain. They teased and tortured her breasts with their mouths even as their hands caressed and stroked her arms and shoulders. The feel of their work-roughened fingers playing over her skin sent chills down her spine and had her already-sensitive nipples fairly throbbing with need.

Murdock pulled back from her breast with a soft pop and spread kisses across one shoulder then up her neck. Ginger gasped when he nibbled at her jaw before easing back down her body, leaving a white-hot trail of pleasure down her torso to her waist, stopping just shy of her hips. There he lingered, licking and nipping at the sensitive spot he’d found.

She tried to curl up to escape his teasing mouth, but with Ajax holding her down to maul her breast, Ginger was trapped in a whirlwind of sensation. One second pleasure that shot through her body and the next, a bite of pain that left her craving more. Her dreams had never been this pleasurable or realistic before. She never wanted to wake up again.

Murdock slowly moved his mouth downward once again to lick at the juncture of her thighs. Her pussy heated at the close proximity of his tongue to it. She could feel her juices pooling, and she desperately wanted him to spread her wide and lick her clit. In her dream, she didn’t have to tell him, he just did it, only this time, he seemed to be taking his sweet time.

Ginger lifted her hips in a silent invitation to explore her hot cunt. A soft chuckle seemed out of place in her dream, there was no sound in her dreams. Before she dwelled on that thought too long, though, Ajax claimed her mouth with serious intent as he tweaked both nipples between his fingers. He didn’t tease or tempt her with his kiss. The man dominated using teeth and tongue in a way that left no doubt as to his intentions. He fucked her mouth with his, giving her his full attention in the process.

Small noises seeped into her dream that she’d never noticed there before. At first she didn’t recognize them, but soon it became obvious she was making them. Little moans and groans as Ajax consumed her mouth and twisted her nipples escaped from her. When Murdock surprised her by licking her pussy while she’d been distracted by Ajax, Ginger actually cried out into the other man’s mouth.

Her eyes jerked open and Ginger realized she wasn’t dreaming after all. She reached up to push Ajax away from her but Murdock’s tongue circled her clit and her hands clutched Ajax’s head instead. What was she doing? This was insane. They were bikers, and she was definitely not a biker groupie. It didn’t seem to matter though, because she wasn’t pulling away. If anything, she held on tighter as Ajax licked the inside of her mouth then sucked at her tongue in a brutal rhythm.

Murdock shouldered her legs apart and spread her pussy before blowing hot breath against the wet folds. She could have sworn he growled, but at the touch of his mouth at her clit, all reason and thought fled. All she could do in that moment was feel. Each stroke of his tongue around her clit, each nibble of his teeth on her tender flesh flashed need along her nerve endings as she grew ever closer to her orgasm.

Suddenly she could breathe again as Ajax pulled back and ate along her jaw to gnaw like a playful puppy at her shoulder. When he pulled back and stared into her eyes, Ginger fought to figure out what she was seeing in his. Something elusive that she was sure would be important flitted from her grasp, leaving her puzzled and a little bit worried. If this man was hiding something from her, she would do well to pay attention.

“I want that perfect mouth of yours around my dick. I’ve dreamed about seeing your lips wrapped around it almost every night, baby girl.”

His dirty words should have pissed her off, but they turned her on instead. Ginger had never cared for sex talk during the act, but coming from Ajax, it worked.

He dropped one last kiss on the corner of her mouth then changed positions so that she had a full view of his very hard and very large cock. The ruddy, swollen head seeped pre-cum, bobbing with his pulse as he slowly stroked it from base to tip and back down again. He slowly brushed the pearl of liquid across her lips with a strained smile.

Ginger’s tongue swept the dewy drop into her mouth before she even thought about it. His essence tasted lightly of salt and spice. She found herself double-checking her lips to be sure she hadn’t missed any.


River's Biker Heroes


Cassius hated riding into the sun. Especially when it was as low in the sky as it was now. It blinded him even with the tinted visor on his helmet. Most days he didn’t bother with a full helmet, but when he was out on the open road, he preferred the full face deal. He’d take red meat over bug meat any day.

“Fuck this shit. I’d just about rather pull over and wait for the fucking sun to set then ride like this,” Merrick, his brother, said over the mic in his helmet.

“I’m all for that. Want to pull over at that copse of scrub ahead?” he asked.

“Hell, yeah. Could use a drink anyway.”

Cassius slowed the big bike down and started pulling off the road as soon as he reached the scrub then cursed and jerked the bike back up on the road, nearly turning the thing over.

“What the fuck?” Merrick yelled in his ear over the mic. “You trying to kill me?”

“There’s someone on the side of the road, man. I nearly ran over their legs.” He walked the bike up a short ways before shutting off the engine and setting stand.

He could hear Merrick cursing even after he’d pulled off his helmet. Cassius threw one leg over the bike and groaned as his legs and ass stretched in a new direction. He walked toward the figure on the ground, making it there at the same time as his brother.

“Fucking hell, is she dead?” Merrick asked before crouching down.

Cassius grunted before kneeling next to woman’s upper torso to get a better look. Her skin had a tight look to it with enough pink showing through the dirt, dust and bruising to attest that she’d been out in the sun a good bit before she’d collapsed. Her dry, cracked lips were caked with blood and peeling skin.

“Damn, if she’s alive, it won’t be for much longer,” Merrick said.

Cassius pulled off his leather gloves and checked for a pulse, noting that her skin was hot and very dry. The rapid, faint beat against his fingertips said she was still with the living, but he was with his brother on the not much longer part.

“She’s alive. Rapid pulse, dry skin. She’s dehydrated and probably suffering from heatstroke. Let’s try and get a little water down her,” he said.

Merrick stood up and walked back to his bike. He returned a moment later with a bottle of water, unscrewed the cap and handed it to him.

Cassius slipped his arm behind the woman’s neck and gently held her head up enough that maybe she wouldn’t choke and poured a small amount on her slightly parted lips. At first the water just ran off, making a wet, muddy track down her chin and neck. Then her lips moved a little and her cracked tongue peeked out.

He poured a little more into her mouth this time and was rewarded with a high wheeze cough and soft moan. As he continued to slowly add more water to her mouth, she managed to swallow more of it each time. When her eyes opened, he pulled the bottle back and looked down into dull, doe-brown eyes that still didn’t seem to see much.

“Hey there. Can you hear me?” he asked.

She winced, and her throat muscles worked but nothing came out. She finally nodded.

“I’m going to give you a little more water but not much. If you drink too much right away you’ll only end up getting sick and throwing it back up. Understand?”

She nodded again, so he gave her a few more swallows then handed the bottle back to his brother. Her eyes appeared a little less glassy now. He took that to be a good sign. With the sun nearly gone, his view of her began to dim.

“Need a flashlight, Merrick. Then we’ve got to figure out about getting her to a hospital,” he said.

Merrick returned with two flashlights. He handed one to Cassius and aimed the one he held at the woman’s midsection.

“Can you talk yet?” Merrick asked her.

She swallowed with a wince but managed a weak, “Some.”

“Think you can hold on to one of us on the back of the bike if we go slow enough?” he asked.

She looked down at her hands and seemed to be thinking about it. Finally she sighed and shook her head. Cassius noticed then that she was flexing her fingers but they weren’t moving much.

Fuck. She was a lot weaker than he had hoped. Now what were they going to do?

“Merrick. See if you can get a signal on your cell. We need help,” he said.

His brother pulled his phone out of its holder and walked off a ways. Cassius pulled off his jacket and covered the woman. It was getting cool now that the sun was gone. In her condition, the cold would affect her much faster than normal.

“Hey! Got a small signal over here. Want me to call for an ambulance?” Merrick yelled.

“Call the club and get them to bring a truck. Something tells me that an ambulance might not get here as fast,” Cassius yelled back.

He could hear his brother talking to someone then the crunch of gravel as he walked back toward them. When he looked up, Merrick nodded. Good, help was on the way. They just had to keep her comfortable until they arrived.

“Did someone throw you out here?” he asked.

Her eyelids fluttered open again. “No. Walked.”

“From where?” Merrick asked, crouching down.

She coughed. “Don’t remember.”




“Don’t jump, or you’ll end up hurting yourself,” he said in an amused voice.

“C–can’t help it when he tickles me like that,” she gasped.

Merrick chuckled then softly rubbed her belly as his brother worked his shoulders between her thighs until they were spread almost wider than she could stand. River had never been able to do the splits and damn if their shoulders weren’t almost wide enough to require it. But then everything about the two men screamed awesome.

To distract herself from Cassius being up close and personal with her girly parts, River studied what she could see of Merrick’s tattooed body. She wanted to ask him to turn on the lights so she could really look at the artwork on him. Ink traveled from an inch above his elbow up his arm to curl over his shoulder and continue down either side. The one on the arm she could see now looked like part of a dragon that covered his upper arm to rest on his shoulder with the wings flapping down on either side, but she couldn’t be sure. The design work on it was breathtaking. River started to reach and touch it, but Cassius’s tongue struck in that moment and everything fell away to sensation.

A flick of his devious tongue across her clit sent her soaring for the sun. She knew if she reached it, she’d disintegrate, but at the moment, she didn’t care. Every rasp of it across her throbbing nub had her cunt tightening and her pussy juices flowing. He pulled back and circled it several times before slipping down to her slit and stabbing it inside of her.

River’s moans and groans soon turned to whimpers and soft shouts as Cassius drove her higher and higher toward release. He slid his hands beneath her ass cheeks and lifted her closer to his mouth as she groaned with his mouth over her clit. A thick finger pressed inside of her sopping wet slit letting her know that Merrick hadn’t left when his mouth had disappeared from where he’d been torturing her breasts and nipples. Now he was closer to her cunt and helping his brother torture her by stretching her hot pussy with his thick fingers. When he seemed sure she was relaxed enough, he pumped his fingers in and out of her.

Now she knew she was done for. With both of them working her cunt over, she’d come soon for sure. Every nerve ending in her body was alive with sensation, keeping her on edge and aware of every touch to her body.

Cassius sucked her clit into his mouth, nipping the tiny bud before drawing on it as a baby would a teat. Fire danced across her body, causing her to jerk on the bed as she came apart between the two men. Her body jerked, but once again Merrick held her still with his hand so she didn’t jar her ribs too much. Cassius slowly softened his licks on her clit before lapping at the cum leaking from her slit.

“Move over, Cassius. It’s my turn. She tastes like pure candy,” the big man said.

River’s eyes flew open to see him licking his fingers clean of her cream from when they’d been inside of her earlier. The sight of him obviously enjoying her taste had her body heating up all over again.

Cassius moved out from between her legs to crawl up the bed. She felt Merrick slip between her legs and push them even farther apart before his tongue began licking her slit. Pleasure poured over her as he tasted her, licking her pussy back into full-blown arousal once again.

Then all she could see was Cassius crouched above her. His eyes seemed dark to her now as he slowly lowered his head and kissed her. River tasted herself on his tongue as he thrust it in and out of her mouth before using it to explore and map every crevice. He tangled it with hers before pulling back to nip at her lower lip and trail kisses all along her jaw to her neck where he once again nipped at her.

“I can’t get enough of how you smell and taste, sweetness,” he said in a gruff voice.

Before she could respond, he dipped his head and sucked at one nipple, pressing it flat to the roof of his mouth with the tip of his tongue. He drew on it in long slow pulls, sending tiny sparks of electricity directly to her clit. The fingers of one hand toyed with the other nipple, pulling and pinching it until she couldn’t remain still beneath him. River squirmed, needing more.

“Easy, River. You’ll hurt your ribs,” he murmured.

“You’re both driving me crazy. Don’t tease me like this. God! I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she rasped out.

“What? Having multiple climaxes until you can’t think?” Merrick’s deep voice came from between her legs. “’Cause that’s what we’re doing, kitten. Giving you so many that you won’t be able to remember your own name

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