The Men of Space Station One Collection (MFM), Volume 1

The Men of Space Station One

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 126,000
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Menage Everlasting: Futuristic Menage a Trois Science Fiction Romance, M/F/M, spanking, HEA] 

THE RANCHERS TAKE A WIFE: Lacy chooses Cam and Phillip as her husbands on Space Station One. Will they be able to make a go of it as perfect strangers? Cam and Phillip have been working at building their home for a year. Now they have their new wife and the courting will begin.

THE RANCHERS' BRIDE: Andrew and Danny decide to take matters into their own hands and kidnap their bride instead of waiting around for her to choose them, as was the original plan. Now they have Rachel and need to convince her to stay. Will Rachel fall for them and agree to be their bride?

THE HIRED HANDS' DILEMMA: Ashley’s little secret might cause Boyd and Keeton to have second thoughts about their bride once they land on planet Alpha. They expect an experienced bride. When they learn that Ashley is anything but experienced, they are thrown for a loop. What will they do?


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Men of Space Station One Collection (MFM), Volume 1
2 Ratings (5.0)

The Men of Space Station One Collection (MFM), Volume 1

The Men of Space Station One

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 126,000
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Story Excerpt


Lacy finished packing all her things except for the dress she planned to wear for the ceremony. She also left out her bathroom kit. She’d checked and double-checked the closets and drawers to be sure she wasn’t leaving anything. Between the nervous energy and the frogs jumping around inside her tummy, she wasn’t sure she would be able to remember her vows.

She’d been given a little booklet explaining the ceremony and what her part was in it. She had read it so many times it was already worn and frayed at the edges.

The men promised to care for her and see to her every need. She promised to take care of them and provide for their home. They as a family promised to attempt to add to the population by conceiving a child as soon as possible. As far as marriage ceremonies went, it didn’t get even close. Still, for the reasons they were there, it covered the bases.

The entire reason for the space station on Alpha was to see if humans could prosper and breed in the planet’s strange atmosphere. So far the animals were doing fine. If they proved to be able to have healthy children, they would begin colonizing other areas of the planet with more space stations.

They had two other planets they were doing the same thing on, Delta and Omega. She’d signed up for Alpha on a whim. Life on Earth was difficult. All young women who hadn’t been positive for the disease had been confined in the underground bunkers to keep them safe. Never seeing the sunlight or the moon and stars again had been a pretty pathetic way to live as far as she was concerned. So she took the chance and signed up.

Did she regret her decision? No. Was she nervous? Hell yes. This would be an entirely new way of living. She’d read up on frontier days while on the shuttle, knowing they would be roughing it to some extent. She had prepared herself, she thought, for most anything, except for Phillip and Cam.

Lacy really thought she would end up with someone she wasn’t attracted to and would have to make the best of it. Finding out they had the privilege of choosing had surprised her, and now she was worried she’d made a mistake choosing them. They’d kissed Rachel and asked her about living with them.

Was she the second choice, and were they disappointed to have been chosen by her and not Rachel? She didn’t know if she could live with that knowledge if they seemed disappointed in her. But she had made her choice, and there was nothing for it but to honor her promise and move on with life. Surely they would also wish to make the best of it and put Rachel behind them.

Several of the women knocked at her door to help her dress and escort her to the community center where the ceremony would take place. She was secretly relieved that Rachel wasn’t among them. It would have been hard to be nice to her while she got ready.

The women talked and laughed and made generally naughty suggestions for her first night with her men.

“Remember, they will both want to take you. I don’t think they will take you at the same time, but they might. You did read all the material they gave us, right?” one of the women asked.

“Yes, I did. I know what to expect. I’m not a virgin,” she reminded them.

In fact, none of the women were. It had been one of the requirements that they not be for the first set of women sent to the planet. They didn’t want them even more stressed by the prospect of taking two men to bed and still being innocent in the ways of sex.

All the women tittered and winked. She endured their chatter and continued suggestions with good humor. They were all anticipating their time for their ceremony. She could tell several were nervous. She was nervous.

Finally, it was time to head to the community center. They all crowded around her to keep her hidden until they entered and walked her to the front, where her grooms would be waiting. When they parted and let her walk the rest of the way alone, she was pleasantly surprised to see that the men wore suits. She’d expected new jeans and shirts, but not suits. She was glad she had chosen her prettiest dress.

The ceremony was over in a matter of minutes, and each of them kissed her. They all three wore plain gold bands and joined hands to walk out to their transport. She realized they’d cleaned it up and had a blanket over the seat so she wouldn’t get anything on her dress. She was touched that they’d thought of something so trivial.

Phillip helped her up, and each of them got in on either side of her. The well-wishers waved them off as they drove out of town and out into the wilderness in the buggy. This was the beginning of her new life. She prayed it would be a good one.


Adult Excerpt


“Let’s move to the bedroom where there’s more room,” he suggested to them.

Phillip was all for it and crawled off of her before leaning over and picking her up to carry her himself.

“Um, you might want to let me walk. I’m really too heavy for you to carry me upstairs,” she told him.

“Naw, you’re not heavy.” Phillip climbed the stairs with Cam behind them just in case. His friend was thinking with his dick instead of his brain. He smiled because he liked seeing him happy.

Cam followed them into the master bedroom, where Phillip tossed her on the bed, where she gasped then laughed.

Phillip began unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off without taking his eyes off of her. She leaned back on her hands and watched him, her eyes bright with curiosity.

Cam began pulling his own clothes off but stayed back, enjoying watching them. He noticed that Phillip had forgotten to take his boots off first and was muttering, trying to get them off around his jeans that were pooled at his ankles. He had to turn away so as not to laugh.

As soon as he was totally naked, he stood up straight and stalked toward the bed. It was then that they both noticed Lacy’s expression. It had changed from curiosity to worry. She was eyeing their cocks with some concern.

“It’s okay, Lacy. We won’t hurt you,” Phillip told her.

“Um, you’re a bit bigger than what I was expecting.” She licked her lips, and that caused both of their cocks to jump.

“Just relax and let us take care of you. I promise to make you feel real good.” Phillip crawled up the bed to lie next to her. He began licking her breasts from nipple to nipple.

Cam got down to the business of undressing her the rest of the way. He started with her shoes and continued to her jeans. Once he had those off, he slipped his fingers beneath her underwear and tugged it down her long legs to drop to the floor.

He lifted one of her legs and began kissing his way up to her inner thigh. He heard her gasp as he reached just below her pussy lips. He smiled and blew a warm breath over her wet cunt before focusing on her other leg to kiss his way up that one. When he reached her pussy, he drew in a deep breath and smiled. She smelled like honeysuckle on a hot summer’s day.

He pulled her pussy lips back using his thumbs and licked, scooping up her sweet juices as he did. He felt her jump, then moan and relax as he continued to lick. She wouldn’t be relaxed for long. He couldn’t get enough of her juices. They were like spicy honey. He could easily become addicted to it.

Phillip climbed over her abdomen with his back to Cam. He would be mounding her breasts and pushing his cock between them. Cam knew how much Phillip loved doing that. He wondered if Lacy would mouth his cock for him or if she would be uncomfortable at first.

He let go of her pussy lips and entered her hot cunt with one finger, pumping it a few times before adding a second finger. He fucked her with them as he licked around her slit and all around her clit. He avoided it for now. He wanted her hot and wild before he let her come. He wanted Cam to enjoy himself before she came unglued.

He fucked her at a slow, leisurely pace for several seconds, then curled his fingers to find her hot spot. He knew when he located it by the way she jerked beneath Cam.

“Whatever the fuck you just did, do it again,” Cam said in a husky voice.

Yep, she was mouthing him.

Cam curled his fingers and gently massaged her sweet spot until she was obviously on the verge of coming.

“Phillip, careful up there. I’m about to make her come.”

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