[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HFN]
He was created to seduce you…and control you.
Adonis 011 knows nothing about his past or who he was before he became the gene-mutated sex god slash super soldier. After he escapes the lab he was "enhanced" in, he seeks out Jack Styles, the husband of one of the scientists who changed him. He has an important message to tell Jack. But after he sees Craig Styles, Jack’s brother, his mission suddenly gets complicated. He’s sexually attracted to Craig and can’t seem to get him out of his head. When the virus in him begins to take effect and his sexual desires and deep love for Craig escalate, he realizes he needs to mate with him to stop from turning into a rabid, killing machine.
Craig Styles thought he could get away from heartache when he paid his brother a visit. But when he meets sexy Adonis, who knows almost everything about him, he gets flustered. There’s something about this gorgeous, mysterious man that gets under his skin and has Craig wanting to kiss him.
Will they succumb to their growing feelings and sexual desires, or will Adonis turn into the monster he was genetically redesigned to become?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Genesis (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




October 2025


The thick air encompassing Amanda Styles slowly choked her. It formed a thick noose wrapped around her neck, tightening her airway. Nothing could lessen its effect, much to her dismay. She had no choice but to face whatever lay ahead and fix as much of it as possible before it was too late.

Combing her trembling fingers through her hair, she wondered how things had gone so wrong. When this all started, she thought it was an opportunity of a lifetime, a prospective Nobel-Prize-winning achievement in physiology or science, but now that everything had been exposed, it was far from that. As far from it as Mr. Hyde was from Dr. Jekyll.

She checked her watch. How much time did she have? Hours? Minutes? She needed to act quickly.

Taking her magnetic access card, she proceeded to the high security room in Section Z. Only a handful of scientists had access to that room, only the scientists who worked on the Adonis Project. Amanda Styles was one of them.

Panting as she sucked in the heavy air, she kept turning to see if anyone followed her. Whatever she had to do in that room in the next few minutes, no one could uncover. If they caught her, they’d shoot her first and never ask questions later.

She arrived ten minutes later at the code-locked door. “Alpha 213,” she stated in a hushed voice as she slid her magnetic card through the lock’s board and a retina scanner beamed over her iris.

The female computer-generated voice replied, “Good evening, Dr. Styles,” as the air-pressured sliding doors swished open. A cool breeze swept over her skin when she entered the chilled room. A shudder of dread spread down her spine. She had to move quickly.

She hurried to the metal chamber door and typed in the code. “Adonis Prototype 011.” The internal locking mechanism unlatched, beaming lights in the wall pulsated, and a cool vapor formed as the door pushed toward her. Wheezing, she pulled out the metal shelf and stared at the white cotton sheet that draped over him. Her chest hurt, and her limbs had started to become numb.

Saying a silent prayer she’d finish before it was too late, she pulled back the sheet. Her eyes widened and she blinked. Her heart skipped a few beats, not because of her condition, but because he was so beautiful.

She fought back the urge to touch his glistening skin, or smell his manly scent. It was the same temptation she had had other times when she had visited him. Yet then she had always succumbed to the provocation. This time, as much as her body willed her, she fought her desires. She needed to act fast.

She stuck her hand into her long-sleeved lab coat pocket and slipped out the Exo-Dixom device, a small channeling computer she had used on previous projects. Today it served a different purpose, thanks to the alternate program she uploaded into it. She hadn’t yet tested it and prayed that it would work on her first attempt, because she knew she had no further chances.

She hooked the electronic wires to his skull and took out a second set of wires she had custom-made and attached them to her temples and the back of her neck. She braced herself on the side wall and pushed the button. It hummed and bars of light flickered in red and green. Heat and electrical currents resonated from the wires connecting her to the device, and the device to him. A tingling sensation manifested itself in her brain and she found focusing difficult until the image of her husband, Jack, and her son, Jonathan, floated in her mind. She closed her eyes and thought, Remember.

She purposely scrolled through her memories of her past with her family first, of her love of her husband and child. Then she specifically focused on her recent past, especially of when she made the discovery. Then she whispered, “Remember everything.”

She removed the wires from her head and neck and did the same to him. She opened the back of the device and retracted its chip she had programmed, and reclosed it. Then she slipped a pin into the deeply embedded reset button of the Exo-Dixom and waited for its original operating system and program to reboot. She threw the chip into the wastebasket and dumped crumpled paper and tissue paper over it, shaking it vigorously, making the chip sink to the bottom, undetectable. All her tampering had now disappeared visibly. No one would know what she did.

She put the device on the table next to other similar devices so they wouldn’t guess she had brought it in. Just as she turned to leave, a stabbing pain targeted her abdomen and she screamed out as she crunched down. She heard the computer’s voice state, “Welcome, Dr. Pelletier and Dr. Traveski.”

She quickly grasped the knife in her hand and poised it over him, waiting. When the door swished open, she looked at the other scientists and the armed guards following them and screamed, “You’re not going to turn him into a monster! I’m going to kill him before then.” And she made a jabbing movement to stab at his heart.

The sound of a gunshot rang in the room, ricocheting around her ears. The agonizing pain came next as the bullet tore through her flesh and embedded itself into her heart. She fell to the ground. Blood began to rise in her throat and pooled in her mouth. She parted her lips, allowing the thick, salty and metallic-tasting liquid to escape. A bright light formed before her as she took her last breath.

Her time had come. Her job was done. Now, it was all up to him. He was her only hope.




Adonis smiled and placed his hand over Craig’s, and they continued to stare deeply into each other’s eyes. Craig said, “Your eyes are so beautiful. I could get lost in them.”

“They have that effect even without my effort, I’m afraid.”

Craig’s brow lifted. “Yes, I know. To seduce me and control me.”

“Doesn’t that scare you?”

Craig shook his head and he leaned forward, focusing on his lips. “Not if I want to be.”

“Do you?” Adonis whispered as his heart skipped a beat in anticipation. Craig gently touched his lips with his own and moaned, “Yes, I do.” He wrapped his arms around him, deepening the kiss. He parted his lips and slipped his tongue in to caress and tantalize Adonis.

Adonis moaned, bringing his arms around Craig, rubbing his back and shoulders with urgency. Craig’s hand probed Adonis’s body, too, roaming to his chest, feeling and massaging his pecs over his shirt, and then unbuttoning the top of it to slip his fingers in and comb through his chest hair. His warm touch had Adonis’s cock perking, poking up in attention and demand.

Pain and sexual, primitive impulses shot through him. He bit his lip for some control and pulled away. “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

Panting, Craig touched his own swollen lips. “Why?”

His voice became deep, almost a growl as the blood pumped in his body at such speed that his whole body throbbed. His cock stiffened. “Because if we continue, I won’t be able to stop, Craig. I may hurt you.”

“But you’re in pain. And you said making love will stop the change.” He peered at him with wide, vulnerable eyes.

Holding back the energy that wanted to be unleashed in him, Adonis counted down to ten and calmed down. “I don’t know if it will stop the change. It did in the rats, but that doesn’t mean anything.” He gazed deep into Craig’s eyes. “In this state, I don’t know if what’s inside me is pushing you to react the way you’re doing right now.”

Craig shook his head. “No, I know you’re not. This is me”—he took his hand and placed it against his chest—“who is feeling this. I want to make love to you.”

Adonis turned away. “Why? You’ve only just met me yesterday. How could you possibly want this?”

“But I do.”

Adonis pulled away as anger began to possess him. “Then you’re doing this out of pity. No. Tie me up and leave me here before I hurt you.”

Craig grabbed him forcefully behind his head and pulled him closer, forcing him to look at him. “Fuck, you’re dense. Look at Amanda’s memories. When did I ever do something I didn’t want to or say something I didn’t mean?” He touched his face. “You are beautiful, sexy, the most perfect man I have ever seen! And I want to fuck you!”

Adonis groaned. He could feel his nostrils flaring. “It could still be the bio-nanites doing—”

Craig didn’t let him continue. He kissed him hard on the lips and wrapped his arms around him, hugging him close to his body. He pushed his pelvis against him, his hard, bulging cock showing him how excited Adonis made him.

Adonis grunted. Craig’s anger and dominant ego were driving him crazy, sexually crazy. Unable to control the animal inside him, he forgot about taking this slow and easy. He wanted hard and fast. Yes, to fuck Craig hard and fast.

While his tongue danced with Craig’s, his hands took dominance over Craig’s body. He ripped his shirt open, hearing a button or two fly into the air and hit the floor several feet away.

Craig moaned approval when Adonis’s hand rubbed his muscled chest and ripped abs. Then he licked him all over. Damn, he was so…edible!

Adonis’s cock went to overdrive. He unzipped Craig’s jeans and pulled them down in one swift movement. Craig wore no underwear. Adonis grinned at him devilishly as he licked his lips and bent to his knees. Staring him in his eyes, he licked the tip of his cock and winked at him.

Craig grinned back, like the naughty boy that he was. He grabbed Adonis’s hair and groaned in almost as deep a voice as Adonis’s, “I want you to give me a blow job.”

Adonis laughed, throwing his head back. He grabbed Craig’s thick, hard shaft in his right hand and began to pump it back and forth a few times, until he wrapped his lips around it and devoured him.

He continued to look at Craig with lust and hunger while Craig pushed his cock to the back of his throat, then pulled out. He moved back and forth and pumped his cock with his right hand, while his left caressed his balls. Craig’s eyes were closed, but the way he moaned and moved his pelvis back and forth in pleasure excited Adonis to the point where he thought he’d come.

Craig grabbed his hair again and pulled his head closer to him, sending his cock deep down Adonis’s throat. His cock jerked and cum exploded in Adonis’s throat. He swallowed it, closing his eyes. His own cock burned with his desires and passion. He stood and, looking Craig in the eyes, turned him around.

Craig smiled his approval as he bent down, his ass posed in the perfect position. Undoing his own pants and letting them fall to the ground along with the underwear, Adonis rubbed his excited cock around his asshole, his pre-cum lubricating the entry.

Craig puckered it and Adonis slipped his finger in to entice him and stretch him to accept his cock’s wide size.

He slipped into him soon after that. Craig moaned, “Mmm, you feel so good inside me.”

Slapping his ass, Adonis began to ride him, unable to control the sexual desires that burned in his blood and on his flesh. His mind began to numb and all he could focus on was fucking. He thrust in and pulled out, Craig simulating his movements and building the pleasure and pain in him.

It was exquisite agony boiling in him. Pleasure and pain in one.

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