What Love Is (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,586
9 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Menage, Military Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, MFMMM, HEA]

Melody Lane only knows what a broken heart is and not real love. In fact, she doesn't believe it exists or at least isn't in the cards for her.

A victim of sexual assault changed her life but also gave her the courage and motivation to pursue a career in law enforcement where she could help those too weak or unable to defend themselves. Five years, lots of training, and she still wound up with a guy who had problems and wanted her for her body and nothing more. It was partially her fault for not wanting a commitment and fearing to get close to any man ever again.

She's single now, months have passed and when she crosses paths with Lock, Amel, Flex, and Norway Slade, four very intimidating, unfriendly fellow law enforcement brothers, she stays clear of their path. A mistake like that could ruin her forever.

The attraction is too strong to ignore and times four huge, capable men who set their sights on her and there's no escaping the lust and desire. Taking a risk turns into the best decision of her life, but she's still holding back and maintaining control. When her career and a set assignment is in the works, the last thing she expects is to revisit her past, and nearly lose everything she's worked for, and the gift of love that's finally at her fingertips.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

What Love Is (LoveXtreme)
9 Ratings (4.4)

What Love Is (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,586
9 Ratings (4.4)
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“She is gorgeous, keeps winding up on our radar. Why the fuck not?” He stood straighter and downed the whisky. The bartender filled their glasses as Lock downed his. He licked his lips, and as she turned fully, he caught sight of the deep cleavage of her dress, breasts so big and pouring from her top, but also her defined arms and narrow waist. She looked like a supermodel. He could practically see those emerald green eyes from here, and as the men reached for her waist and one took her hand and obviously asked about her arm, she looked very uncomfortable.

“Let’s save her,” Amel said. His brother was steps ahead of him. “Give me your drink,” he said, and Lock gave it to him.

“Melody, there you are. Here’s your drink. Sorry it took so long,” Amel said in that deep, hard tone of his. Melody’s cheeks went flush and she sort of smiled, then realized they were saving her.

“Amel, Lock, I was wondering when you would get back. Is everything okay with that situation and the phone call?” she asked, taking Amel’s arm and then glancing at the four men with scowls on their faces. “Excuse me, gentleman. I need to discuss some business with my friends.”

They walked away and toward the other bar where no one stood. She released Amel’s arm, but Amel slid his arm around her waist and hugged her to his side, seemingly shocking her. Lock smirked and they stood by the bar, her squeezed between them. “This whisky?” she asked Amel.

“Yes, ma’am.” She downed the glass and Lock widened his eyes.

“My God, I hate these things. Do you?” she asked and looked around them, but Lock was too busy staring at her sexy body and feeling an attraction he was trying not to. Add in her shooting down whisky like a pro, and Jesus, his cock hardened. She was young, too young, and he would only hurt her when he couldn’t give her a commitment.

“So, how is everything going with you guys?” she asked, and the bartender poured another whisky. She took the glass and went to turn but Amel hugged her to his side.

“Stay close, they’re watching you, isn’t that right, bro?” he asked Lock.

Lock looked and didn’t see those men still watching. His brother was actually going to make a move on Melody. He was nuts. This was a bad idea. He nodded.

“Shoot. I swear those guys are so annoying.”

“How is your arm?” Lock asked her and she pulled back from Amel’s hold and stood in front of both of them now. “It’s fine. I told you it would be, Lock,” she said, staring up at him.

Even in high heels they towered over her. She smelled so good, and she was absolutely gorgeous. Seeing her in this sexy cocktail dress added to the attraction he felt.

“I heard about your moves, how you tackled the guy to the ground after protecting Rory from getting hurt further,” Amel said and took a sip from his drink. He licked his lower lip as he held her gaze. His brother was attracted to her as well. Lock couldn’t help but feel a bit aroused by that. Especially having her standing here between them.

“Comes with the territory,” she replied and looked away from Amel and gave a wave. Lock turned to look and so did Amel. Four women started heading toward them, smiling wide and definitely checking Lock and Amel out. It was crazy, but as they got closer, both him and Amel placed their hands on Melody and pulled her between them as if they weren’t taking a chance of one of these other women sliding into the empty space. She glanced up at him and then at Amel.

“What’s going on?” one pretty blonde asked.

“Just mingling. This is Amel and Lock Slade. Guys, meet Alyssa, Brea, Violet, and May.” Melody introduced them and they shook each of the ladies’ hands as the women blushed and looked a bit intimidated.

Lock often forgot how tall he was and also about their reputations. They didn’t say much and only a few minutes later some other friends arrived and then people they all knew. Johnny Flank, Chief Daniel Perkins, Caden McCarthy, Dave Perry, and some others. Soon they were all conversing, and when some of the guys started to press close to Melody and attempt to move them out of the way, both he and Amel held their ground, and Amel even whispered down into Melody’s ear, making it pretty obvious that she was off limits. It was crazy but their attraction was instant, and it seemed Amel wasn’t worried about making a public scene.



“We’re all yours, Melody. Let go with us,” Amel said.

Flex swallowed hard. “Yes?” he asked her as Norway stood behind Amel. Norway was breathing heavily and standing there filled with muscles, tattoos, and that thick, rowdy beard of his. Him and Flex were wild looking.

“Oh God I can’t believe this. I don’t know. I—"

Lock nipped her ass cheek as he thrust fingers faster into her sopping wet cunt.

“Say yes. Your body knows. You’re super fucking wet,” Amel said.

She cried out her release. “Yes!” she exclaimed.

Flex suckled her tit. Just like that he joined in and the feel of the three of them touching her, arousing her, feasting on her made her moan louder. Norway cupped her cheeks and pressed his mouth to hers. She accepted him, the feel of his large and hard calloused palms against her cheeks, and how feminine and small she felt. The man was gigantic and could crush her with one hand never mind two, but instead of making her scared it aroused her. She came again and again, and they weren’t even fucking her yet. She didn’t even care at this point. She felt so much, and apparently, they did, too.

“I need her. Now,” Amel demanded. He moved away and opened a drawer and pulled out a box of condoms. He tore open the new box and it gave her a little peace of mind that it wasn’t open already. Like it would matter? She was here. Taking a risk on having sex with four men. Holy God, she was going to do this.

Lock pulled fingers from her pussy and kissed her on the mouth next. Flex and Norway stepped aside, and he back walked her toward his brother.

“Sweet Jesus, baby, you have got to be the hottest, sexiest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on,” Norway said and knelt on the bed.

“Look at that ass,” Flex said and rubbed his hands together.

She still had on her high heels and went to remove them, but Amel gripped her hips as he sat at the edge of the bed naked. Her back faced him as Lock ran his finger down her breast, making her nipple harden. She stood there completely naked in her black heels as four extra-large, sexy men admired her body. She had to do something. Had to gain a little control here. She reached for Lock’s pants and undid them. He helped her shove them down as Amel spread her thighs and slid a finger into her pussy from behind.

“God damn, this is incredible. Fuck,” Amel said as she lowered down and reached for Lock’s cock, then opened her mouth to taste him. The man was huge, thick and long. She quivered just imagining how good it was going to feel to have him inside of her, but then wondered if she could handle him. She felt panicked, but then Lock was gripping her hair and rocking his hips, and Amel was fingering her cunt from behind while Flex and Norway stood on either side and started to caress her back and her ass.

“Don’t be scared, we’re going to take really good care of you, Melody. Nice and slow since you’ve never had sex with more than one man at a time,” Amel told her.

“That’s fucking hot,” Flex said, and then lowered down and somehow began to suckle on her tit on one side. Norway chuckled, and the feel of his warm breath on her ribs before he used his mouth to suckle her other breast made her pussy cream.

“Enough sampling, she’s ready and I’m about to shoot my load. That ain’t happening on her back. I’m claiming her first,” Amel said as he pulled fingers from her and Lock pulled his cock from her mouth.

Lock lifted her up in a flash, his brothers letting go of her breast quickly, and then she was over Amel’s body and he pulled her down to kiss her. She kissed him right back as the others squeezed her ass, rubbed her back, like they all needed to be a part of this. The connection stirred under the surface of the heavy atmosphere in the room, and she wondered what was to come.

As she lifted up, Lock handed over a condom and he put it on and then lifted her up. “Ride me, baby. Enjoy what if feels like to be the center of attention of the Slade brothers,” he said, and she eased her pussy down over his thick, long cock.

Inch by inch, she prayed she could take it all in, and as she did, she couldn’t believe how much she felt. The attraction, the desire. Amel’s eyes widened and they locked gazes. Tears filled her eyes and he shook his head. “Holy fuck,” he said, and she denied what she felt. Refused to overthink this, to imagine anything more than just sex. She began to rock above him. To close her eyes and relish in the feel of making love to such a big, hard man, who filled her to the womb.

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