Three Men and a Woman: Kai (MFMM)

Three Men and a Woman 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,619
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]
CEO, architect, and project manager for their firm ReBuild, Vincent Rossi, Timothy Randall, and Ryan Flaherty meet with a woman in a hot little “business suit.
She’s Kai Morrison, CEO for Tone, and she’s looking for a bid on her latest project. But they’ve all met Kai before—once, ten years back, at a wild party, where the three friends made crazy, very memorable love with the same sweet girl. And again, a couple weeks ago, when the woman grown sought a little, slightly compromising revenge.
Some men might be put off, being left naked and tied to a bed, with cum drying on their chests. But Kai has become a hell of a woman, and these three men aren’t easily deterred. They want her, each of them. Even if Ryan has to figure out that he can share, and Tim has to learn the truth behind a payment made ten years ago that reeks of blackmail.


Note: This book contains triple penetration. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Three Men and a Woman: Kai (MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Three Men and a Woman: Kai (MFMM)

Three Men and a Woman 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,619
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“This field ain’t clearing,” Vin told him. “You know as well as we do, Ry, that none of us is going to find sex like we have with Kai anywhere else. And Tim and I have feelings for her, too. It’s not just you.”

Checking, Vin saw that Tim wanted to protest, but he couldn’t. Damn straight.

Ryan wasn’t all that happy, either. “I don’t get what you’re proposing, though,” he said to Vin. “How does that work, three of us with one woman? What do you see as the end game? I want a family, and I can picture it happening with Kai. She deserves to have that, too, if it’s what she wants. We spend a few months or a couple years indulging ourselves with…with…”

“The hottest sex we’ve ever had?” Tim offered.

With a quiet curse, Ryan shoved to his feet and walked to the window.

“This is the end game,” Vin said quietly to Ryan’s back, trying not to think about how many stories it was down to West 49th. “This is what I want. The three of us and Kai. Not just for a few months, but for good. I’m telling you, Ry, I can see it.”

Ryan turned around, leaning his shoulders back against the window. Vin swallowed. Ryan might be taunting him—the dude’s shoulders were big and broad, and, certainly, there was some level of pressure at which the window would give out and a guy could just go over—but his eyes were on Vin. He was listening.

“We can have a family,” Vin said. “She can give us kids. We can live with her—unconventional, yeah, but not unheard of. We can have a partnership that’s equivalent to marriage—like gays did before they got the legal right to it.”

“And the kids have, what?” Ryan asked. “Three daddies?”

“Sure, why not? Half of their school friends will likely have two, anyway. Ours will at least have four loving parents. That’s better than most will do.”

“Shit,” Ryan said. “You’ve gone a little crazy, you know?”

At Tim’s back, out of Ryan’s line of sight, Kai had come, wrapped in his robe, leaning against the wall just inside the hallway. She’d heard the last bit of the conversation. “Crazy in love,” he said to her.

“Tim,” Ryan said. “You think you can talk any sense into him?”

But Tim had followed Vinnie’s gaze and caught sight of their girl. He put his hand up, and Kai went to him. Sweet as could be, she let Tim pull her into his lap. Vin thought it would have been better for her to go rescue Ryan from sure death at the window. Maybe he ought to remind Tim there was no “I” in team.

Oblivious, Tim nuzzled Kai’s neck then held her face and kissed her. “You smell good,” he said. “Don’t think you can put me off just by wearing Vin’s robe.”

Vin had to stifle a sigh, but it was only a small one. If he was going to share his woman, he was going to have to share his woman. He caught Ryan watching—not the little show in the recliner, but himself.

Ry was a perceptive devil, too. “You don’t like watching that,” he pointed out, entirely unnecessarily.

This time, Vin let his sigh out. “I don’t not like it,” he said. “Exactly. I admit, it will take a little getting used to. But look—” He waved his hand at the pair in the chair. They were quietly watching the conversation, gently wrapped in each other’s arms. Vin had to put a little effort into looking back at Ryan, what with the way that robe was gaping above Kai’s knees. “The mighty Tim has fallen. And me? I have, in fact, emptied my contact list of every woman except Kai who’s not related to me by blood. You going to be the one to tell Tim he can’t have the woman he wants? You going to tell me?”

Ryan didn’t answer, and his gaze had gone to the woman.

Vin stood and shoved his fists into the pockets of his jeans. He spoke when Ryan’s eyes came back to him. “I love you, buddy. Tim, too, though I can’t really explain that.” Ryan smiled a little at the old joke, since they both knew Tim, decent a guy as he was, could be a bit of a pompous ass. Vin gestured with his hand, encompassing the three friends. “I’d never let a woman destroy our friendship. I’d never get in the way of you and the woman you love. Or Tim, either.” He turned to Kai. “I don’t see another solution to the problem. In fact, the more I look, the less I see a problem at all.”

Kai returned his gaze quietly as Ryan stepped forward.

“Did you hear his plan, sweetheart?” he asked her. “All of us together, like in a marriage. Like a family. Kids, if you want them. Is that something you can imagine?”

The three men were silent as Kai looked from one to the other. “I want kids,” she said, giving them the easy part. The pause that followed confirmed that the rest was more difficult. “I’m reminding myself that I’ve always been an advocate for women taking control of their own relationships. That women’s desires and preferences should count more than social constructs and assumptions.” She looked into Tim’s gaze, their faces and eyes close. “I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Tim nodded and looked back silently. Then she turned her head. “And you, Ryan.” Once more, to look at him. “You, too, Vinnie.” She touched her forehead to Tim’s and then looked around again. Her eyes were on Vin when she spoke. “I know it seems crazy. But the more I look at it, the less I see it as a problem.”

“’Atta girl,” Vin said.




Vin could be a demanding, commanding lover, and Kai knew his alpha had been stirred up. Which usually meant really hot things were about to happen.

Slowly, so much so that she wasn’t initially aware of it, he moved his finger up her thigh. He paused when he’d made it clear where he was going with it and waited to see the knowledge of it in her face. When he was satisfied, apparently, that she knew what was coming and accepted it, he pushed his finger into her ass.

“Ah.” Kai closed her eyes for a moment, shuddering at that crude invasion.

“Maybe you should have worn panties,” he advised.

“I…must have forgotten.”

“Too bad. Better luck next time.”

Kai had no problem with her current luck. Vin pressed in a little farther and then pinched harder at her nipple, letting her know she wouldn’t escape his possession. He controlled her just like that—his hold on her nipple and his finger in her ass.

She was panting, losing herself in those dark chocolate-brown eyes. His nostrils flared, and she was sure he was scenting the moisture that drenched her pussy.

“What are you going to do now, babe?”

It took a moment for her to process the words. Usually, with Vin, she didn’t need to do anything. He always had a way of taking care of her. But he was silent, waiting for her response.

“I—” Really, she was panting. “I need to come.”

“Uh-huh. I can see that. How are you going to make that happen?”

Still, she had trouble following his words. But he waited patiently. Or maybe not all the way patient, because he gave her nipple an extra tweak.


Without moving his feet, he leaned his shoulders back against the door behind him. “This give you any ideas?”

Distractedly, she looked at him. His cock was hard, thrust up behind the slacks of his suit. His position—leaning back—kind of made it obvious. Made it available. Her gaze flew back to his.

“Lift your skirt, babe.” He said it like he was an impatient tutor with a dull student. “Dry hump me until you come.”


She did it. Like it was the most obvious thing. Like it shouldn’t have taken his words for her to figure it out.

With a hitch of her breath, Kai lifted her skirt, an action that drew Vin’s eyes down to her pussy. He gave a grunt of appreciation for the way the white silk garter framed her. She’d noticed it herself as she’d dressed for him. She’d been sure even then that he’d like the look.

With a single step forward, Kai had her feet on either side of his legs. She was in heels, and, with him leaning back, she had enough height that she could press herself right against the hard bulge in his fly.

She lined herself up just like that and huffed out a breath at the fit. “Huh.”

He waited, watching her, and started to draw rhythmically on her nipple.

Like she needed the coaching, Kai followed that action. As he tugged on her, she flexed her pelvis. The effect was very…inciting—the rough wool of his slacks, the irregular pressure from his fly and the zipper behind it, the solid mass of his cock.

Even her position felt erotic, exotic. The way she stood straight with her feet spread, her back arched, her pelvis forward, thrusting. It was almost male, the posture a lover would take when he thrust into his woman as he took her from behind.

She moaned as Vin squeezed harder, as she humped him faster, rougher. It was so…hot. The scraping of his clothes against her clit, the hard pressure of his cock. She was wetting him, she knew, as she pressed more and the lips of her pussy opened, and even the thought of that was hot. That tonight, she would be with him, and know that slight stain that was her would be visible.

So close, her orgasm barreled down on her. She rocked roughly now, and—“More.” She said it, hardly knowing what she meant. But he did. Vin knew.

“Yes,” he said, and, as he said it, he thrust a second finger up her ass. And a third. He reamed her and thrust deep and then reamed again. Her breath came out in hoarse pants. She let go of her skirt and took hold of him, hard grips on his suit jacket and shirt, clutching at him while she pumped against him. While she cried out and came, and came, and came.

Her legs turned to rubber and she sank down. She’d probably have gone as far as the floor, but Vin took control then, grasping her waist with both hands and holding her against him. Like a wet noodle, she hung there on him while her breath slowly ratcheted down.

After some minutes, he hiked her up. Wobbly on her heels, she followed his direction as he turned her and prodded her toward the dining table. When he got her there, he bent her over so her torso rested on the table. He raised her skirt to bare her ass, his fingers once running down the two straps of her garter. He pressed a foot between hers, spreading her legs so he could step between them. Then she heard the rasp as he lowered his zipper.
He put his cock in her pussy, not fucking her so much, she realized, as lubing himself up with her moisture.

With no more than that, no further undressing or any other touch, he moved his cock to her ass. He thrust in, grinding deep, and then started a rhythm of hard fucking. She could tell he stood like she had, back arched, pelvis rocking forward, intent on nothing but his own pleasure.

He growled when he came. She felt the hot infusion of it deep within her core.

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