[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Quatre Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/F/M/M, HEA]
Malia Bloom takes an impromptu adventure and winds up in Forever. Although she has a boyfriend back home in Houston, she can’t help but be drawn to three gorgeous hunks. But do they really believe they’re werewolves? Or are they just plain crazy?
Werewolves Darrold Brack, and cousins Mike and Byton Woodston know the connection when they feel it. They’ve found their destined mate. The problem is Malia’s a headstrong woman who will not be tamed easily. To get some time alone with her, they have to throw her over a shoulder and kidnap her.
Kidnapped—yet loving it—Malia fights the growing attraction. The three amazing, melt-her-panties men claim she’s their mate and damn if she doesn’t believe them. Yet when her boyfriend shows up, she has to make a choice. Fur’s bound to fly if she can’t tame all the men.
Note: This book contains triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Wolf to Wolf (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I really enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing more from this series.
Karlyn Plett




Mike wasn’t about to back down from his mate, especially when she needed him to keep her safe. “I told you to get the hell down off that bar.”

Her surprise turned to irritation, which quickly developed a defiance that was expressed in a smirk. “And who the hell are you to tell me what I’m supposed to do?” Her gaze jumped to Darrold, recognition glinting in her eyes before she took a look at Byton, then finally turned her attention back to Mike. The brief time she’d taken her focus away from him felt like an eternity.

“It doesn’t matter. You’re making a fool of yourself. Now get down. I’m not going to tell you again.” He heard the crowd murmur and knew most of them were ready to laugh. They were enjoying the hell out of themselves. He had no doubt they could guess what was really going on.

She crossed her arms, mimicking his stance. “Oh really? Look, asshole, I don’t know who you are, and I don’t give a damn. But let me make this perfectly clear. I do what I want, when I want. No one, including some man I don’t even know, is going to tell me what I can and cannot do.”

She had spirit. Darrold had said as much, and it was true. What woman would stay in a strange town by herself if she didn’t have spirit? But right now, her spirit wasn’t helping. Spirit was a good thing except when it came back at him in an effort to defy him.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Faster than she could have anticipated, he grabbed hold of her legs and yanked. She let out a yelp as she fell backward. If he hadn’t yanked her to him, she would’ve hit her head on the bar. Instead, she fell right into his arms. He wrapped his arms around her, keeping her safe as he pulled her luscious body against his. The sensation that had grown stronger with every passing minute sped up, spinning uncontrollably through him. If she wasn’t his mate, if this wasn’t the connection he was feeling, then he didn’t know his own fucking name.

For long enough to matter, she didn’t fight him. Instead, she pushed her hands against his chest and leaned backed to study him. Her light green eyes held his as her eyebrows darted between her eyes. She studied him as hard as he studied her.

She felt it, all right. That much was easy to see. Need was blatantly exposed in her expression, and he could feel the lust-filled heat warping off her body. He could smell her arousal as it grew steadily stronger. He ached to slide her hand between her legs. If he held her long enough, would she spread her legs willingly?

But then, of course, she had to go and screw it up.

“Put me down, you big ape.” She shoved against him hard, and when he didn’t turn her loose, she pounded against him, once then twice, but he held on. Her strikes were no more powerful than a feather repeatedly blown against his chest.

“I’ll set you down, but you’re going to listen to reason.”

Her eyes, as captivating as any seductress’s, narrowed. She relaxed, seemingly to soften, to give in. Her eyes glazed over, clouding with lust. Blinking, she abruptly shook her head as though trying to clear her mind. “Fine. But put me down first. Then I’ll listen.”

He doubted that either one of them wanted him to put her on the floor. Doubted that either one of them wanted to turn loose of the other. She still clung to him, her grip tightening as though she could hang on forever. Unless, of course, it was to spread her legs and take her right then and there. But that wouldn’t do. Not after what he’d said about making a fool of herself. Although a mate taking another mate had happened before in the bar, he wouldn’t take his mate in the front of everyone else. He’d show more respect for her. He set her down, but did so in a not so gentle way. She wavered on her feet at the abrupt drop, but he steadied her before finally turning her free.

“No lady should be dancing on top of the bar. You don’t know what you’re doing. Look around you. Do you think these guys give a damn about how good you are at dancing? Can’t you see what they really want? Look at their faces.”

She glanced around her, but didn’t seem fazed. “Is that all you have to say? Are you worried for my reputation, my virtue? Or are you interested in something else, too? Maybe the same thing they’re interested in?” Her tongue peeked from between her lips, enticing him.

He didn’t bother denying it. After all, she was right. She’d probably see the truth on his face. He wanted exactly what everybody else wanted. The difference was, however, that he was her mate. And, hopefully, his brother was her mate, too. Hopefully, she felt the connection with all three of them. “I’m trying to help you. I’m trying to keep you out of trouble.”

“Malia, listen to him,” said Darrold.

Mike ached when she turned her beatific smile on his cousin. “Did you like what you saw, Darrold?” Her words were slightly slurred, but still held the allure of a temptress. Obviously, she’d been drinking. Her alcohol consumption had probably given her the courage to get on top of the bar.

“I sure as hell did,” answered Darrold. “I liked it a whole lot.”

She turned her smile toward Mike, and if the smile hadn’t been tainted with irritation, he would’ve been at her mercy. Men had died for less than her smile.




Taking hold of her arms, Darrold carried her backward until he had Malia’s back pressed against the wall. She let out a burst of air as exhilaration swept through her. Was this what she’d been wanting all along? The answer came back a resounding yes.

Darrold put his lips close to her ear. She could feel his warm breath against her skin and ached to feel it on a lower part of her body. She yearned to feel the warmth spreading over her throbbing clit. He took her wrists, lifted her arms, and pinned them against the wall.

“What you need to understand, sugar, is that some animals are a hell of a lot better than some humans.”

“What does that mean?” she whispered.

She could feel the rise and fall of his chest. She swore she could hear his heart beating and feel the race of his pulse. But none of his reactions could compare to hers. Her breath was coming in heated pants, and her pulse sounded like the crash of the ocean against the beach at heavy tide.

A wicked gleam sparkled in his eyes. Eyes that were flecked with bits of amber. She glanced beyond him and saw Mike and Byton striding toward her. She shuddered as Darrold put his lips to her neck and nibbled. He gave her small bites, but they weren’t painful. Other than the pain of desire they gave her as her yearning grew even stronger. She urged herself to think, but doing so was an impossible task. Instead, she let out a yelp as Mike tugged her away from Darrold and into his arms.

“It means this.”

She lost her breath when he crushed his lips to hers. His hands gripped her buttocks as he forced her closer, harder against him. Heat rushed through her, engulfing her, a flame of desire that could not have been extinguished with any amount of water. She had to have him, just as much as he had to have her. He lifted her up, taking her off her feet, so she could wrap her legs around him. As she clung to his neck, he hurriedly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans then shoved them to the floor. She moaned, a plea for him to hurry.

More hands slid over her body, taking her clothes from her. The kiss continued, deepening as he sucked her tongue into his mouth then released it and chased it back inside her mouth. His teeth captured her upper lip, nibbling there, then sliding down to take her lower lip. Her breasts crushed against his chest, and although her chest pressed to his felt delicious, she wanted his hands on them.

Soon she was naked, the air conditioning flowing over her skin. But as soon as his cock was deep inside, he would make her warm.

And then she felt it. Mike’s cock pressed against her pussy folds. He clutched her hair now, as the other men supported her, keeping her pinned. Clutching her hair and jerking her head back, he sought out her eyes. She moaned again, a primal answer to his unspoken question.

He mouthed a word, and she understood. “Now?”

“Yes,” she whispered. As if he needed her permission. He had her now, even if she hadn’t said yes. She would’ve never turned him down.

The muscle in his jaw flexed again as he repositioned her then slid his hand between her legs. She was wet. Oh, so wet. And she needed him so desperately.

His mouth parted, showing his teeth. The tips of his eyeteeth slipped over his lower lip as though they’d grown longer, sharper. She tried to understand what that meant, how that could be, but she couldn’t hold on to the idea. She shouldn’t have tried.

In the next moment, every possible means of thought eluded her as he pushed his cock inside her. She let out a small cry as three sets of hands covered her body. Darrold and Byton stood beside her, taking turns to torture her tits, her ass. Their lips skimmed over her skin, their teeth laying little nibbles here, then there.

She closed her eyes and gave herself to the incredible sensation swirling inside her.

Mike’s cock was huge, forcing her vaginal walls to give away. The friction set up a lightning fire within her. She cried out again as he thrust his hips over and over, moving forward in rapid motions. He drove into her again and again, to the very end of her, until she was sure he’d tear her apart. And yet, she wouldn’t have asked him to stop. More, she would’ve begged him to continue.

Perspiration dotted their skin as Mike’s thrusts became more rapid, more feverish. His eyes seemed to have more amber than before. With determination chiseled into his face, he kept fucking her, going slow then fast, teasing her with every thrust.

The climax hit her hard, surprising her with the intensity of it. Her body shuddered under the assault, her pussy crying out for release, her clit throbbing as she spilled her cream.

Suddenly, she was lifted away from him, but her feet never touched the ground. Instead, Darrold grabbed her then slammed her against the wall as Mike had done. As though to nail her there, he drove his cock inside her. Her breasts pressed against his granite-like chest as she arched her back, pushing away from the wall, hoping she could push his cock even deeper inside her.

Byton was next to them, his hand on his cock, stroking it. She wanted him to stroke her instead. Soon, hopefully, he would.

“Take it easy on her, boys,” said Mike, who had sat on the couch. “Don’t forget what she is.”

What I am?

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