Branch of the Amazon (MM)

Guardians of the Forest 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,461
30 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition, spanking, HEA]

In ancient times, Mother Nature cursed certain tribes for taking more than needed to survive. They become the Guardians of the Forests. In her wisdom, she provided ways for the cursed to have happy, loving lives. Even though their fates are tied with the land.

On the outskirts of the Amazon River, Branch leads his camp. A good man who has his hands full leading his people and keeping them safe while raising two sons, his patience is tested by his lust for the person everyone seems to want, Seed… Who is the same age as his oldest son.

When Branch comes to Seed’s rescue, he finally has what he desires most in his arms. But will he be able to let him go again?

If that isn’t enough, the cartels are moving into their territory and destroying everything in their path, along with kidnapping other Guardian children.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Branch of the Amazon (MM)
30 Ratings (4.1)

Branch of the Amazon (MM)

Guardians of the Forest 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,461
30 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Derick Senter
This wasn't a favorite of mine of course I liked the story but it was just to different for me I guess
To be honest, I almost didn't buy this book. Trees? Really? But I am so glad I did! Love me some Branch and Seed. Damn, that just sounds dirty.



“You okay?” I asked quietly when we were alone. I tried my best to never be alone with Seed. It was always too hard on me. Now when he was shaken and scared everything in me screamed to hold him and make it all better.

“Yes, I don’t want Stem in trouble,” he answered quietly as he stared out over the waterfall. “He’s a good man.”

“He won’t be in trouble but that doesn’t mean what happened didn’t give you a fright, Seed. Tell me.” I kept my tone gentle as I stepped closer to him. Now he was within reach. I sighed when he shook his head again and kept his back to me. “You’re shaking, Seed. Please tell me what happened and why you’re so upset.”

“Why do you suddenly care about what happens to me?” he shot back, tension squaring off his shoulders. “You don’t even like me.”

“That’s not true—” I started to defend.

“Fine, you don’t want me. You’re here as one of our leaders. I’m fine, you can go.”

“That’s not true either,” I whispered. His head snapped up and he turned around to face me, moving closer. He reached out to touch my chest, and I felt my heart race. “Don’t.”

“Don’t touch you?” he asked with a raised brow and ran his finger over my nipple. “Don’t want you? I can give you the first but not the latter. I’ll always want you, Branch.”

“Why are you telling me this now?” My voice was deep, breathy as I covered his hand with mine to stop him from playing. I couldn’t think when he touched me like this. “I’ve seen you having sex all over the place, and you’ve never given me any indication that you wanted me. Why today all of a sudden are you acting as if I’ve always known?”

He lowered his head and went to pull away, but I didn’t let him, keeping his hand on me as I moved the other one under his chin. I raised his head and made him meet my eyes.

“I thought you didn’t think I was attractive and was too inexperienced. I thought maybe if you saw others desired me you wouldn’t see me as a boy anymore. Maybe if you witnessed how I could bring pleasure to someone that you’d look at me like I wanted you to, join in even.” I didn’t realize it until he was done, but as he spoke I had pulled him closer to me.

“You are too young for me, but you’re not a boy, Seed,” I whispered as I leaned over to run my nose over his ear, taking in his scent. He smelled like the Earth and the sweetest fruits of the Amazon. “You shouldn’t have to deal with being mated to a leader. It’s not an easy life, and I want more for you.”

“Why are you talking about being mated when I’m talking about you just wanting me, taking me?” He shivered again, and this time it had nothing to do with his encounter with Stem. I felt a thrill go through me knowing I affected him like this. I moved my thigh in between his legs, smiling when I felt him hard and leaking.

“Because I know once I have you that you will be mine, Seed. I won’t ever let you go. Do you understand that? You’re playing with fire here.”

“Are you saying you’d want me to be monogamous?” he whispered, but I could still hear the shock in his voice. “No mated couple I know are exclusive.”

“No, not exclusive, just mine,” I growled as I ran my hands down his back and over his ass. “You need to understand that you would be mine. I would let you play with others while I’m on guardian duty, especially since we turn tree at different times of the day. But you would be mine, everyone would know it, and I would own every part of you, even your soul.”

“And here I didn’t think you even liked me,” he chuckled nervously. I felt my heart sink as I realized I put too much out there right away. He just wanted to fuck. This was why I’d stay away from him.

“Now you know why we can’t be together,” I said sadly as I let him go. “You’re not ready, and you deserve a life beyond what being mated to me would give you.”

“Branch, wait,” he pleaded as I took a step back. “I can be what you need. I just didn’t realize what you’d want from me. You’re the one I want.”

“For how long, Seed?” I asked, shaking my head and holding up a hand to stop him from speaking. “I have to go. It’s almost time for me to take my place.” His eyes filled with tears as if I was rejecting him. “You know my position now. If you are being honest and what I said is what you truly want then take a few days to think about it. If you feel the same way then come to me.”

“I need one thing first,” Seed whispered as I started to turn away. I faced him and suddenly had my arms full of Seed. He leapt onto me, wrapping himself around me as he kissed me.




“So you forgive me for almost giving you brain damage?”

“Depends on how good the sex is,” Seed teased before rolling away quickly.

“You little imp,” I growled as I got to my feet and chased after him. The little shit was fast. He was running away from the camp so all eyes weren’t on us when we came together. I tackled him near the stream and made sure I landed on the bottom, taking the brunt of the fall. Then I rolled us over so he was pinned below me facing the ground. “I love your playful side.”

“But what will it take for you to love me?” I don’t think he meant for me to hear him but I did.

“I’ve done my best to stay away from you because you were so tempting to me,” I answered as I held his wrists behind his back with one hand. Then I ran my fingers over his pert ass before stroking his hole. Seed shivered and I couldn’t help but smile. I was learning to play him like an instrument. “I’m drawn to you, baby. It’s like a moth to the fire, not caring if I get burned. But what do I really know about you? I don’t know that it’s right to call what I feel love until I get to know you better.”

“Will you tell me what you love about me at least then? Why do you want me to be your mate?” I froze. I got it now. He was scared I just wanted him because he was hot and might not be serious about my intentions.

“Well,” I drawled as I pushed a finger inside of him. “Even when you were a sapling I always adored the way your mind worked. I’d never heard a child ask Ancient Root a question that threw him for a loop before.”

“I just wanted to meet Mother Nature,” he mumbled as the tips of his ears turned red. I remembered that day. He’d been such a cute little sapling, and when my father was done telling the story of our origins, Seed had stood up and asked when they got to meet Mother Nature. And could he go see her now?

“I appreciated you then as a child for the way you saw things, but as a man I find it very attractive. Your brain works in ways most don’t, seeing everything in a different light.” He moaned and I leaned over to kiss his shoulder. “You like what I’m doing to you, don’t you, baby?” I pumped my finger a little faster before sliding in another one. “Tell me.”

“It’s so hot how strong you are,” he admitted as he turned his head to glance at me. “Pinning me down and claiming in such a basic way, showing me I’m yours thrills me like I’ve never felt before.”

“Good to know,” I purred. I released his wrists and moved them over his head so he was more comfortable. “Keep them there and don’t move them until I say.”

“Yes, Branch.” He was panting now with desire. “I’m yours.”

“Yes you are.” I’d never felt anything like Seed’s ass in all my years. Just fingering him made my dick leak with the knowledge I’d be in him soon. “I love the way you laugh. You smile and your eyes light up in a way that’s brighter than the stars at night.”

“Really?” He sounded shy at the compliment.

“Your laugh is infectious, baby.” I pushed in a third finger, excited he was almost ready. “And everyone likes you.”

“They like to fuck me,” he said bitterly. “I’m pretty and they just want to say they’ve had me. That’s not exactly something to brag about.”

“That’s not true.” In a flash I had him rolled over and legs spread as I pulled out my fingers. I moved my body between them, ready to enter him. “You are one of the most coveted men in the tribe. That’s nothing to be ashamed of or think that only your looks are the reason. We’re men, baby. The men you’ve been with might not have been able to voice that.”

“You’re the only one who has. The only one who’s made me feel special,” he admitted, his face still flushed. And not just from desire. “Take me.”

“Oh yeah,” I groaned as I pushed inside of him. Seed cried out at the penetration, arching his back but always keeping his hands over his head. He spread his legs wider, letting me go deeper, and when I was all the way inside of him I leaned over his tight body. I reached up and linked our fingers, pinning him down to take him as I pleased.

“Fuck, you are so hot. You are like something Mother Nature came up with on one of her best days.”

“And here I was thinking the same about you.” I mashed my lips down to his and thrust in him hard, taking him off guard. It worked because he moaned in my mouth and wrapped his legs around my hips to hang on. His eyes went wide when I pulled off his mouth to get some much-needed air.

I knew that look. I’d seen it before with other partners but I was thrilled Seed felt the same way. It meant he hadn’t been prepared for how much pleasure I was giving him. I was a big guy in the cock department but some who were also well endowed didn’t know what to do with it… I did.

“Branch, Branch,” he gasped as I moved faster, snapping my hips on an angle at the last second. “Too much. Too much, too deep, too wild.”

“No, it’s what you need,” I grunted as I kept moving, taking his face in my hands. “What you mean is it’s too intense. Admit it.” He gave a quick nod as he lowered his eyes in embarrassment. “That’s how I know it’s right, baby. I’ve never felt this either. Hold on to me and let me show you.”

“I trust you.” He threw his arms around my neck and did as I wanted.


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