[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Angus Oats has re-built his life with a smile. Laughter is his salve until the day he had to deal with Morgana’s Fire and the delicious scent that surrounded it.
Orin Reynolds is happy. He has a good job, a great pack, and a gentle lover. Yet he finds himself in a foreign country with a mysterious gem to conceal and a burning inside that threatens to consume him.
Angus can't believe he has not met Orin, the man whose scent is delicious. Yet they lived in the same castle for months. Even now when he is within his grasp, Fate still seems to get in his way.
With spirit walkers turning up everywhere, bullets flying, shifters being kidnapped, and gems worth millions being taken, life for the men can not be simple. In the time it takes to take a breath, Angus and Orin’s world caught fire.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Spirit on Fire (MM)
6 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Angus just about held back his anger. Orin had just gone and no amount of calling got an answer. Unfortunately, as soon as he hung up his anger surged and he let out an aggressive possessive roar and flung the phone at the office wall.

“That went well I take it,” Conrad’s smug tone did little to ease his control.

“Fuck Bryant,” Angus screeched. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Angus pulled his fist back and hammered it straight into the wall. Pain exploded through his hand as he heard the bones crunch.

“That’s going to hurt, old man,” Conrad said again without even looking up this time. He was carefully going through all the people who had entered Zanzibar in the last forty-eight hours in the hope to get an ID on his spirit walker and the men that were with her. He was still completely convinced she was innocent of any crime and Angus thought it best to just remain quiet. He had enough problems with his own spirit walker.

Angus knew he needed to have a word with his best friend, though how he was going to tell either of the brothers that his spirit walker was Bryant’s what? Were they lovers or just good friends? But he’d called Bryant his love, which had to imply intimacy. Angus flexed his hands and let out a deep growl. He heard the bones crack and flex. He really must learn not to take his aggression out on innocent concrete walls.

Bennett was going to be pissed and Bryant, god knew how he was going to react to Angus stealing his lover right out from under him. But there was nothing Angus could do unless he stayed away from Orin and he didn’t think he could do that. The man’s scent had invaded his mind and his body and he adjusted the semi-hard cock he had had in his pants since he’d come into contact with the scent.

“When is the video conference going to take place,” he called to Conrad as he headed out to his living quarters.

“Seven o’clock their time nine o’clock ours, so you’ve got plenty of time to redecorate all the other concrete wall in this place,” Conrad answered looking at the blood stains that Angus had left enhancing the office wall.

Angus left deciding not to bite. Both of them had been antsy since discovering they were so close to their respective spirit walkers. Conrad had always seemed such a ladies man. Angus reckoned there wasn’t a female cat shifter in Nairobi who hadn’t warmed Conrad’s bed at some point. The man was insatiable. And the idea of him sticking to just one seemed incredulous. Yet the spirit bond was the ultimate find for a shifter, to finally share their mind, body and spirit with the one person that was meant for them.

Angus was tired. He arrived at the crack of dawn been to the airport and back been called for a video call which had prevented him from leaving his post to go and claim his man. To yet again prove Jez’s original belief that their walkers would be men had come true.

Orin Reynolds, Angus stopped in his thoughts and movement as he crossed the yard. He was going to say wolf shifter, but if that howl was anything to go by he was a pathetic wolf. It was more of a yip which made Angus think of domestic dogs not wild predators. He really should know what the shifters were in his pack. This was dire, how could he have missed seeing this new member, hell he’d met Mac and Bobby, the American bobcats who’d arrived much later yet he’d completely missed Orin.

Angus shook himself. He needed to eat and sleep maybe all of this would make more sense once he had a full stomach and eight hours shut-eye. He wasn’t going to be that lucky as he arrived in his living quarters. The whole place reeked of sweet candy floss, that tickle of sugar folks could always scent at a fair that filled their senses and made the taste buds weep. Angus grabbed a bag of Doritos and his favourite hot salsa dip and headed to his room. Not exactly a healthy option, but with the smell he needed comfort food.

Angus groaned as he fell naked on the bed. Doritos and dip had been discarded on the dresser his clothes had followed quickly after to the floor. If he couldn’t claim his walker just yet he was going to bathe in the man’s scent. Conrad must have told him to sleep in here. Angus had left clean bedding on the bed and his walker had lain within them. His wolf howled inside with pleasure and impatience. And Angus agreed entirely.




Angus opened his eyes and smiled. A larger than normal red fox was chasing his tail round the room. His walker was stunning as a fox. His red fur gleamed with reds and gold’s, russet browns and cinnamon. His hair colour was just the same changing hue depending on the light. Angus’s wolf growled as he thought about the human body that went with the hair.

Orin was lithe with the body of a sprinter. Although he was only about five nine or ten his legs were long and his muscles toned to perfection. His abs and pecs were not as prominent as Angus’s but they could clearly be seen. Orin’s slender shoulders tapered down to a trim waist and with his size Angus knew he could wrap his arms around them and surround his walker making sure the man was immersed in his scent. The rumble that came from his wolf showed his complete approval of where Angus’s thoughts were heading.

Angus needed to claim his spirit walker and complete the bond. He knew he had the rest of the moon’s cycle in which to do it, but his wolf, and if he was completely honest, himself as well, wanted the connection complete. Orin must have heard his wolf as Angus had yet to shift back into human form. Orin yapped and pounced forward landing on Angus side. He nipped gently at Angus’s neck before jumping back. Angus’s wolf was having none of that and immediately retaliated. Angus had consumed the second bowl of soup as he was fairly certain his young pup would have hunted during his run, the food had done the trick and although he was still hungry both he and his wolf felt so much stronger.

It didn’t take Angus long to have his beautiful fox submissively showing his belly beneath him.

“Shift.” Angus demanded.

Angus watched the shimmer around his fox grateful that his wolf saw the world in colour, natural beasts we not that lucky.

Angus reached inside and suddenly his body was rubbed up against the soft smooth skin of Orin. He groaned loudly as he rubbed his erection into Orin’s groin. The friction between their engorged cocks was intense, sending sparks of awareness throughout the rest of his body pooling the blood in his groin.

Orin whimpered as he lifted his hands to stroke up Angus’s tense chest. His slender fingers scored through his chest hair and rubbed tentatively over each pebbled nipple. Angus’s cock twitched and much to Angus delight seemed to swell even more.

“Orin,” Angus gasped desperately trying to get more air into his lungs. “Will you let me claim you, bond you to me as my spirit walker for all time.” Angus hated doing it but he knew Orin had not been a free agent and he had to have Orin willingly he would not force the man. He was relying on the strength of the bond and the feeling it had stirred in him for his spirit walker. He had no idea if these were reciprocated but he hoped.

Orin looked up at him from the bed and a shy smile curved his lush lips, the lower being slightly fuller and just ripe for kissing. “Claim me, you are my spirit walker as I am yours.”

Angus hadn’t been expecting such a statement, but he wasn’t going to question it. He crushed his mouth down on those perfect lips and absorbed the taste and essence of his walker. Orin responded with equal passion, gripping Angus around the neck and pulling him in deeper. He could feel Orin’s fingers as they traced through his hair gripping tightly to the strands. Angus’s wolf growled oh hell I like that.

“Shit, no supplies,” Angus moaned at his misfortune. It wasn’t as though they had let him pack some lube when they had kidnapped him, hell he hadn’t even left with clothes.

“Rucksack front pocket, Orin murmured before Angus felt Orin’s lips wander down the cords in his neck. Christ the man was killing him. Angus pulled back. He pecked Orin quickly on the lips only to have his walker surge up and recapture his mouth again. He pressed down on Orin’s chest and the man finally released him.

“Hold that thought,” Angus said as he jumped off the bed to find the lube. Pulling the small tube out of the bag he turned and nearly swallowed his tongue. Orin was lying there with his legs spread and his long slender cock in his hand. He was slowly catching the pre-cum on his fingers and using it to coat his cock as he then slid his hand up and down,

“Mine!” Angus raged jumping back on the simple bed. In next to no time he had two slick fingers inside Orin who was mewling in his arms. Sliding in carefully Angus located the knot of nerves and seductively pressed his fingers down, slowly circling the small nub. Orin whimpered and pushed down hard on Angus’s fingers letting Angus insert another.

“More,” Orin shouted as Angus fucked his ass with his fingers. With four stretching out Orin beautifully Angus could wait no more. His cock was thick but not overly long and although he may stretch his young man he knew Orin would take him into his depths. Angus knew he could be an aggressive lover but if the Fates had got it right his walker would love the aggression. Pre-cum dripped from the end of his cock as he used his fingers to coat the skin, the head turning purple with blood,

“Are you ready for this,” Angus asked, hoping Orin realised it was so much more than him penetrating his lover.

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