Collared: Ashton (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,983
17 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, voyeurism, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

BDSM club owners Ty Hollis and Nathan Marquez have loved one another for six years without regret. The only thing missing has been a woman to complete their relationship. When feisty little auburn-haired Ashton Harris comes barreling into their home one Sunday morning, she throws them into a tailspin. Without a doubt this is the one they have been looking for—the problem is she’s not a sub and obviously has qualms about their lifestyle.

Can the emotionally damaged Ashton submit to two sexy Doms? Desperate to feel a connection, she begins a journey into their world, and learns there is so much more to the lifestyle than whips, restraints, and domineering jerks. The men struggle to remove all her preconceived notions about BDSM. Will their desire for her teach her to surrender to love or destroy her world? When a stalker strikes, will they lose this once-in-a-lifetime chance?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Collared: Ashton (MMF)
17 Ratings (4.2)

Collared: Ashton (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,983
17 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I want to read more from this author please:)
BDSM club owners and Former Force Recon Ty Hollis and Nate Marquez have decided after six years together that they're in need of a third in the relationship. Not attracted to other men, they know for them the only option would be a female. I was excited about reading this story as it’s a new writer and the blurb caught my interest.

This is a very short story (43K works) and unfortunately for me it felt short. Ty and Nate meet Ashton after she comes to their home looking for her friend and roommate, Sophie. Sophie it turns out is a submissive that Ty and Nate trained at their club. Not understanding or knowing about the lifestyle, Ashton is very distrustful of the two Doms. I was confused as to why Ashton didn’t know more about the lifestyle considering that she and Sophie were supposed to be very close. I was hoping that could have been used as a great way to tell me how the Doms will train her. Instead what I got was that she was trained – oh no no no, I wanna read it don’t just tell me it happened.

I didn’t really see how after the second day together the trio began professing their love for one another. Don’t get me wrong folks, I think that falling in love quickly is not only possible but also plausible when it’s conveyed to reader well; but I just didn’t believe it for these three. Like I said before, I don’t want to be told it’s already happened I really wanna read how it happens (that’s what I paid for). I can’t say that I ever really care for these three; I thought that I could but I just didn’t know enough of the whys and could neither relate nor understand them at all.

Even though Ty and Nate profess to love Ashton, I don’t know what they loved about her and I don’t know what she loved about them. Most disappointing were the sex scenes between the trio, there was more focus on the intimacy between the Nate and Ty than between Nate, Ty and Ashton.

I’m still trying to figure out why this story feels like I’m missing another story line between Mike, Keith and Sophie, I looked and couldn’t find one. Maybe I’ll have better luck on the next one by this author.

Happy Reading Folks!
Professional Reviews

5 HEARTS: "Incredibly worried when her roommate doesn't return from a night at a BDSM club, Ashton pulls a few strings to get the owners' names and address and demands to see her friend. Turns out that Sophie isn't there, but Ty and Nate are able to reassure her that Sophie is fine and even call her for Ashton so she can speak with her. Feeling relieved, Ashton apologizes and is about to leave, but she's caught Ty and Nate's interest. In fact, they're both sure that with training the naturally submissive Ashton could be the woman they've been looking for to complete their relationship. The trick is going to be how to get Ashton to embrace her submissive side that she's determined to ignore. They are completely sincere in their desire to have her in their lives permanently. Oh, not to mention the little matter of keeping her and Sophie safe from the maniac who's after them. This was a really good book. I loved the really well written characters. They all have their flaws along with their strengths that endear them to the reader. Even Ty and Nate have flaws that just make them better men and doms. This book is just a great glimpse as Ashton dips her toes into the BDSM lifestyle, not to mention feeling out the new dynamics to their threesome and whether it could really work for the long run. I also really enjoyed the fact that not all of the book and interactions between the three are centered around BDSM, and that you actually get a glimpse at what felt like three real lives starting to mesh together. Then of course there's the incredible sex scene, both in a BDSM context and not, along with the interesting bit of mystery surrounding who wants to hurt Ashton and Sophie." -- Amy Hopkins, The Romance Studio

4.5 KISSES: "Ty and Nate own a BDSM club together; they have a professional relationship as well as being in a committed personal one. They love each other deeply but both know that they are missing a third. Ashton doesn't understand but is deeply curious about the BDSM lifestyle. When her friend and roommate failed to return home after a night at the club, she storms into Ty and Nate's world demanding answers. While Ty and Nate are sure Ashton will fulfill something in them both, they must convince her to move outside her comfort zone. Ashton decides to jump into a relationship she is sure will not last. As the three learn how to combine their needs, someone else has decided Ashton belongs to them alone. Can Ty and Nate protect Ashton, while proving they want more than just a few nights? Collared: Ashton by Angela Wray is first book in the Collared Lovers series. I enjoyed the committed relationship between Nate and Ty before Ashton entered the picture. While uncomfortable showing their intensely personal emotions, both men were sure they had the love of their partner. They wanted a third, not to complete them as individuals, but to add to what they had. I found Nate to be well rounded and well aware of Ty's demons. Ty was aware of his demons but did everything in his power to let Nate know he appreciated him. Ashton also had her issues but she decided to take the opportunity offered to her by the men. She receives more than she bargained for and everything she needs. She made a conscious choice to move beyond her fears and it was wonderful to see them all blossom. This story had emotional depth along with hot and intimate sex. This is the first time I’ve read this author, but it definitely will not be my last." -- Tangie, Two Lips Reviews

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Shock overwhelmed Ashton when they arrived at her apartment, finding the door broken down and the apartment she shared with Sophie trashed. Their furniture was destroyed. It looked as if someone took a butcher knife to it, or at least that was the way it appeared.

Neither Ty nor Nate would allow her inside. Instead, they called it in to the police. The men flanked her, one on each side, as they waited for the police to come. They left her with a patrol officer in the hall when they went to look over the apartment with an officer. When they came back, both men looked as mad as hell.

The cop talking with her men explained inadvertently, “That’s fucked up, jerking off on both their pictures. You need to tell your girl to call us if someone out of the ordinary seems to be watching her or let us know if something else happens like this.”

Her head jerked up, and she saw Nate and Ty glance at her face as she reacted to the stupid cop’s words. Cursing the dumb-shit beside them, they quickly made their way back to her. The guys muttered that they wouldn’t be able to salvage much from inside and, even if they could, they didn’t want her in the fucking apartment until they could have the damn thing cleaned up and ensure it was safe for her presence.

Nate said, “Babe, let’s go. They have all of our information, and we need to pick up some things for you.” Grabbing her hand and linking it with his own, Nate pulled her down the hallway to the elevator with Ty taking up the rear, watching out.

After they had her safely in the SUV and were headed down the road, Ty asked, “Baby, you need to call work and tell them you won’t be there for a while. Has anyone been harassing either you or Sophie? Calls, notes, or anything like that?”

“No, nothing. Why would someone do something like this?” Ashton immediately queried.

Nate shook his head in frustration. “That was someone obsessed, and the fact he was comfortable breaking into your home says he considers you and Sophie his possessions. I’m going to call Mike and Keith and explain everything to them, and they will keep Sophie safe until we can figure out what’s going on and who this guy is. Make a list when we get home of things you need, and we will pick them up or have them delivered.”

They started home with Nate making several circles and loops through various neighborhoods, and he even pulled through some different businesses. Finally home, they convinced her to go and make her list in the kitchen.

Walking into the kitchen, she found a pad and pencil and wrote down things she might need. Pulling her phone from her pocket, she called the hospital, explaining what had happened at her apartment and that she needed some time off. The supervisor could only give her four days, so she started with that. Maybe she could take some vacation time or sick days later in the week. She was worried about Sophie, so she called her cell and got her voice mail.

Frustrated, she went looking for the men, and, hearing their voices, she found them in an office-type room. Ashton poked her head in. Nate greeted her quietly. Seeing Ty on the phone, she tried to back out of the room, but Nate grabbed her wrist and towed her to the chair he occupied then pulled her into his lap. Afraid she was crushing his legs, she attempted to hold herself away from him, but he yanked her into the crook of his chest and maneuvered her legs across his own. His fingers grazed over her mound and up and around her breasts, and then he seemed to content himself with lightly brushing her nipples. He made it difficult for her to concentrate, but she heard Ty give all of her basic information to the person on the other end of the phone. She looked at him wide-eyed. She had no idea he knew so much about her. He hung up and turned his attention to her in Nate’s arms.

“Do you remember John from last night?” When she nodded her head he continued, “If you need to go somewhere without one of us he will be with you. We should be with you, but I want you to know you can trust him. Until we know who this guy is we don’t want to take any chances with your safety. Nate and I can keep you safe. We were Force Recon before we got out, and this is our specialty. Did you make your list and call into work yet?”

“Yes and yes, the list is on the counter and my supervisor could only give me four days. I have some vacation time and sick leave built up, so if I need to take it I can. What are you going to do to find him? I haven’t been involved with anyone for a couple years beyond a few dates. Sophie doesn’t really date either. I thought she was in love with y’all until last month. She explained that you helped train her, but nothing beyond friendship was involved. What about the people she is with now?” Ashton started to get very anxious. “Are you sure she is safe? Wouldn’t it be better for us to be together so we will both be safe?”

Nate shook his head in disagreement at her suggestion and explained. “No. Mike and Keith didn’t do this. For one thing, they wouldn’t have jerked off on your picture. This guy desecrated both of your pictures. Keith and Mike are devoted only to Sophie. It just took them a while to get their asses in gear. This is someone who is infatuated, not in love. The path of destruction started in Sophie’s room, but ended in your room, which leads me to think he may have only intended to get Sophie’s attention but something led him to look at you and your things. He set out some of your lingerie and some of Sophie’s, and since you both weren’t there he chose to punish you by destroying stuff. I know it sounds crazy, and he probably is nuts. We have to go about this logically. It’s important we don’t allow him the opportunity to come in contact with either one of you, with this guy being so unstable.”




Ty moved back to watch. He had never been as hard in his life as he was at that moment. Seeing Nate lose control and come so fast wasn’t nearly as entertaining as it once would have been. It had been years since Nate was addled enough not to be able to withhold his orgasm. Now he couldn’t wait to slide into Ashton’s pussy, still wet with Nate.

But first he would find out what the two of them tasted like.

Rolling Ashton from her side to her back, he spread her as wide as he could. He loved the flavor of Nate, but the two together would be mouthwatering. Separating the glistening folds, he went as deep as his tongue could go. The musk-and-tart flavor made him shudder with need.

Ripping away, he grabbed the stalk of his cock and claimed the small, soaked space. With the head of his cock locked against her cervix, he rested in his own nirvana, wanting to stay in this spot and never leave, but the burning in his balls made not moving impossible.

The first thrust had him grinding his teeth, the second his limbs started to tremble, and the third he had to yank out of her and pinch the head of his dick to force back the sensation of release.

Easing back into her, he gave up the battle. Ty slammed into her drenched cunt. The pleasure was just too intense. Taking her mouth with his, he thrust over and over into her hot depths. Feeling her clench and pulse in climax, his dick jerked and spurted wave after wave of cum into her. His arms gave out, and he just hoped he didn’t crush her because he was pretty sure he couldn’t move yet.

“Taste me. Lick me clean, baby. Make me hard so I can fuck Ty,” Nate ordered.

She opened her mouth, and Ty watched Nate feed her his sticky cock. The visual was enough to make his own cock twitch. It was a good idea, this move of Nate’s. He couldn’t wait to feel Nate inside his ass while Ashton’s pretty lips wrapped around his hard cock.

Ty enjoyed watching Ashton’s mouth suck and lick Nate’s dick. Nate pulled out of her sweet, wet mouth and grabbed a tube of lube from the bedside table. It was so erotic to see him slick his dick up, knowing Nate was going to be plundering his backside very soon.

Nate moved behind him and pressed a palm to the middle of his back, making him go to his hands and knees and present his ass to him. It made his tight ring clench in anticipation, but never fear. He relished the intense pressure of Nate opening him up and sliding inside him, deep and sure. The strokes that followed had Nate easily gliding in and out of his well-lubricated rectum, and the sounds made him clinch his teeth, desperate to prolong the sweet agony and hang on to the pleasurable sensations just a little longer.

Ty’s cock ached, and when Ashton slid under him and engulfed his shaft, he shuddered. Wanting to watch her deft little tongue clean the seed and juice from his cock, he pushed up so he and Nate could observe the oral delight he was being treated to.

It was almost his undoing.

He gripped a handful of Ashton’s auburn locks to keep her sweet little exploring tongue under control. Ty pulled her head up, and he bent and licked the juices from around her pink, glistening lips. He couldn’t help but groan at the taste of the three of them mixed together. It made him desperate for more. Letting his grip on her hair loosen, she was free to do what she was comfortable with.


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