Corporate (k)Inc.

loveyoudivine Alterotica

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,788
1 Ratings (4.0)

He had everything he wanted until his most valuable slave suggested a ‘personal assistant’. And then she found the very embodiment of perfection in body and soul.

Colonel Geoff St. Michel travels the globe developing half-rate hotels into luxury resorts. His retinue of slaves is little more than corporate prostitutes who call him Master. When his wife and Keeper of His Stable suggests personal assistant to travel with him, he knows it’s another one of her traps – a test of his affection. But how can he deny himself the perfect slave, the perfect woman she places before him for his approval?

Corporate (k)Inc.
1 Ratings (4.0)

Corporate (k)Inc.

loveyoudivine Alterotica

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,788
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Rosa St. Michel studied the sleek lines of wet pavement cut through the winding landscape for any streak of light. They would foretell her Master’s arrival and quite obviously, he would be late this evening. Was it the rain, or perhaps, something more submissive that held his attention? Why, when she knew it wasn’t her concern, did her thoughts still turn to his other slaves? Aggravated, she plopped on the scratchy webbed chaise to punish herself.

In six years, neither he nor she had broken her of these often consuming thoughts. Those first two years were the hardest, living in the dormitory … until he came to the basement of this gorgeous mansion and awoke her one morning. He had her clothes ready; they went to the Courthouse to be married. Hence, she’d slept in the Master Suite.

“You’re gonna train my slaves and keep the stable, baby.”

Four years later, the memory of those words still left her breathless.

Tirelessly, she had worked to find suitable young women to train for corporate whoredom. They were young, they were beautiful, they had sex on their minds. Some stayed awhile, some moved on quickly. As an international real estate investor, he relied on them heavily to grease the wheels and close the deals.

Only occasionally, she trained someone who could truly love him.

“You like your whores,” she teased.

“I love my slave,” he insisted.

“How could anyone not adore you? That’s what I don’t understand.” Was she an anomaly, somehow, able to see to the depth of his heart and feel his love? Why couldn’t these other women give themselves to her Master so completely? While she could train them to take his fist and deep-throat a pipe bomb, with them it was only sex. But to him, it was often more, though he belied it.

He was a man who loved women.

For some time now, she’d felt he needed a slave, someone more like herself. Someone to travel with him because she didn’t anymore. Her inability to deal with jet lag while he hopped the globe made it impossible.

“Make sure it’s legal by only a day and still a virgin, baby,” he’d teased. How could anyone not adore him!?

At well past eight, she stretched long over the balcony railing for any glimpse of his headlights stabbing through the trees. He was near, she could feel his presence. In the kitchen, she turned off the oven and lit the candles. As she reached to dim the computer’s monitor, she noticed an email from a new personals site had arrived.


Having served as a slave in a private home since age 16, I am currently available. My Mistress and Master recently passed in a car accident, and while I’m currently residing in their home until their estate is settled, I would very much like to find a similar situation.

I’m 26, single, no kids. I have a bachelor degree in Fine Arts which Master insisted upon ( he was a professor and took me to school with him everyday ) I can clean, cook, sew, and I’ve been trained to sexually pleasure any One You choose.

If you have any further interest in this slut, please feel free to contact it, Ma’am.

Thank You for Your time,


Excitedly, Rosie fell into the chair and clicked on the pictures. A very well-formed woman with blonde hair and wide hips hid her eyes from the camera. She studied the breasts gauging them to be the same size as hers. Yet they appeared larger because of the perfect proportions on the frame. A picture of a severe tit tie indicated the girl was accustomed to serious control.

“Rosie!” she heard in the distance.

“Master,” she cried as she leapt and ran to him.

“There’s my baby girl,” he sighed as he wrapped around her. “I’ve had a really fucked-up day and I’m glad it’s over. I want to be home.” His fingers parted the flesh of her ass to be greeted with her eagerness. “And these tits are beautiful, too. They’re getting my attention tonight.”

“I love you,” she gasped.

By the hand he led her into the kitchen anxious to be away from work. “That smells delicious, darling, and where’s the bourbon, baby?”

“I’m sorry, Sir,” she said sheepishly with a bat of her lashes. She grabbed the bottle and a rocks glass to fill with ice. Placing it before him, she filled it half full. “Shitty day, you said?”

“Fuck that asshole in Dubai,” he declared.

“Uh oh,” she whispered.

“Uh oh, your ass, honey. We have to be at the Palace next Friday evening and if you can’t convince him to the sign the contract, I’m gonna leave his ass out of my portfolio once and for all. I’d rather close the deal in Hawaii, three monster hotels remodeled into St. Michael’s Honolulu. Fuck the Prince.”

“I don’t want to fuck the Prince.”

Instantly, his head cocked as his stare darkened. With a jerk, he planted his elbow on the table to hold her attention with his stillness. “I hear this more and more and I’m not fond of it, girl. And I don’t understand where it comes from. I know you love me, but as much as you tell me you want to submit to my desires, my wishes, and my will, I always have to negotiate something with you. So often you say exactly what I want to hear, and yet more and more I hear shit like this.”

Her eyes closed tightly as her hands knotted into fists. The soft layer of fat on her belly trembled setting her breasts in motion. Through a clenched jaw, she nearly screamed, “I hate this in me, my precious Master.”

To return, once again, to her self-esteem issues, he parted his legs and let her fall between them. This self-hatred she harbored was the very thing that prevented her total submission. Not even he could punish Rosa as effectively as Rosa. His fingers divided the strands of her dark hair and then tilted her head to face him. “I’m gonna beat your ass tonight, woman. I promise you, I’m gonna beat that shit out of you until I don’t ever have to hear your refusal to serve me again,” he declared.

Her breath stopped behind her closed lips. “I need that, Sir. I need that desperately, because I don’t think anything else will help me…”

To stop her babbling, he snapped his fingers. Tenderly, he held her face in his hands. “I understand what you need, girl, what you want desperately. I know you want to find that place of perfect peace where you can be mine…totally…without all of that shit in your head. I know you want that - I want that, too. If I knew how to get you there, I’d kick your ass into it without a second thought.”

“I don’t think for a minute you’ve failed to provide me with the tools, the opportunity or the security to do that, Master.”

“We’ve been together six years and that’s not a long time. So if you hang around a little longer we may find a way to get around those things that are blocking your submission, honey. If you agree to hang around a little longer.”

“Master, I would never leave you. I just want to be good enough.”

“You should have figured that out the day I dragged you to the Courthouse with the tits tied, the ass plugged and an electrified cock in the cunt that you’re at least good enough to be my wife.”

Her eyes glittered remembering that lovely day. At those moments during the ceremony she was to speak, he zapped her by remote control. She was then crated and stowed on his plane… to arrive in Australia for a month.

But to move her past these debilitating thought patterns, he reminded, “My bourbon wasn’t on the table, and my bitch was at the computer when I walked in. What could possibly distract her from me?”

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