[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, HEA]
Quintana Simon is dedicated to succeeding at her career and never being poor again. She owns and manages both the clothing stores at the mall and spends every waking hour there.
Hanson Mall Pack werewolves Keelan Griffith and Wynn Evans are determined to get to know her better. They use the family history project to take her out on a date, but how can they progress the relationship from there? Wynn is in charge of the werewolf genealogy project so plans to use the investigations to bring Quintana closer to him and his cousin Keelan. Keelan owns the jewelry store in the mall, and harnesses his particular skills, together with Wynn, to enchant Quintana.
But can they overcome her past and work their way into her heart, showing her love will overcome all difficulties? And that’s assuming she will even agree to a second date!
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Overwhelmingly Precious (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Good book. I read it in one sitting!!!




Quintana turned and marched into the house, Wynn and Georgia on her heels, and Keelan followed them.

There were maybe a dozen people in the front room. Keelan assumed the Alpha was the one with thinning gray hair sitting in a big armchair. Quintana went straight across to an older woman and gave her a hug. “Hi, Mom.”

Quintana’s mom was shorter than her daughter and looked thin and frail. In fact, all the people in the room seemed underweight to Keelan. Not that he expected them to be obese or anything, but wolves were naturally muscular with large appetites because they expended a lot of energy in their daily lives. Everyone in this room looked as if they’d been on a diet for too long and were overdue for a decent meal.

Keelan brushed his thoughts aside. It was none of his business what these people ate. He was here to support Quintana.

“Quintana,” said the Alpha.

Quintana went over to him and shook his hand, then turned and said, “Alpha, may I introduce Wynn Evans, Georgia Edwards, and Keelan Griffith from the Hanson Mall pack.”

“Tell me about the genealogical project,” ordered the Alpha.

Keelan tuned out as Wynn explained about what he and Georgia were doing. Keelan thought it was strange that the Alpha hadn’t given them his own name, or the names of anyone else in the room. Of course, many Alphas were simply called “Alpha,” but that wasn’t an excuse for not introducing anyone else. It’d be very interesting to see if the Alpha permitted his people to participate in the project.

“Will you pay us to give you this information?”

Keelan had to force himself not to show surprise at the question, but Wynn answered smoothly. “No, sir, no one has been paid to be interviewed, but we are careful to talk to people out of work hours so they aren’t losing any income by helping us.”

“If we aren’t getting any money out of this, why should we help?”

This time it was Georgia who answered. “Werewolves will disappear within a couple of generations at the present rate of lack of females. It’s in every werewolf’s interest to find out if there is a solution to the problem.”

“That’s just nonsense. Some of my men have found a mate in another pack. Just because my pack has very few females, and apparently yours does as well, that doesn’t mean wolves will die out. There’ll be werewolf women somewhere else to mate.”

“No, sir, there aren’t. There’s a worldwide shortage of werewolf females. Actually all shape-shifters are breeding fewer females unless they mate with a human. The only solution that has been found so far is for male wolves to mate human females. They then seem to give birth to some girls once more,” said Wynn.

Keelan found himself glancing at Quintana. Her face was bland but her shoulders were tense. Of course, both her parents were human, but she was descended from wolves as well.

“I call bullshit on that. I expect you’re all really working for the CIA, or the IRS, or some government agency wanting to pry into our lives. Well it’s not going to happen. You can go right back where you came from,” said the Alpha.

“We have nothing to do with the government. We work only for the werewolf community. You’re welcome to check with the Supreme Alpha of North America. He has given his support to this project,” said Wynn.

“As if he’d listen to me,” scoffed the Alpha.

“I can assure you Mr. Vukic will take your call.” Georgia pulled her business card out of her pocket and wrote on the back of it. “My number is on the front of the card and the Supreme’s is on the back. Thank you for allowing us to visit you today.”

Keelan followed Wynn, Georgia, and Quintana out of the house and back to the car. This time, when they got to the gate, he climbed out to open and close it. Only when they were several miles down the road did he turn to Quintana and ask, “What the fuck is biting the Alpha? And why is everyone so thin?”




Quintana had to force her mouth shut and swallow hard when Wynn addressed her and held out his arms to her like that. She wanted nothing more than to fall into his arms, their arms, and never climb out of them again. But sadly, that wasn’t possible. She wasn’t able to commit to an ongoing relationship. Anyway, likely they’d both get tired of her soon. She lacked experience. She had no “tricks of the trade” to use to bind them to her with erotic charms. She was ready to have both of them inside her though. She really wanted the satisfaction of having them both at once. To be genuinely at one with them both. It’d been good fucking them both a few days ago, but together would be ten times better.

She slid over Wynn, rubbing her wet pussy across his hips and then sat up on his thighs and stroked his cock. It was long and thick, the head red with his need, and a drop of pre-cum pressing against the condom from inside. She wished she could taste him, but protection was a much better idea at this stage of their relationship.

She placed his cockhead at the entry to her cunt, and then took him just a tiny way inside herself. She wiggled from side to side, letting him touch the walls of her channel, reveling in the faint scraping his cock made against her walls, and loving the way her pussy creamed even more from the touch of him inside her.

Quintana held his shaft still with one hand, and teased his balls with the other, scraping her nail gently over each testicle and across the soft inner flesh of his thighs. She watched, hiding her smile, as he shivered with need and grit his teeth as she tormented him.

“Fuck, Quintana, you’re a sexy witch.”

“As long as you’re not calling me a bitch it’s all good.”

But she took him an inch deeper inside her cunt and waggled her hips from side to side again as she spoke.

Quintana longed to feel him deep inside her, stretching her to the limit, but she also wanted this time to last. She had the power here, and needed to test his boundaries and his willingness to do things her way. She knew that either of these men could hold her down and have her do their bidding. She was strong, but only a woman and a human compared to them being both male and shape-shifters. Either of them could also choose to turn the tables and tease her to desperation. But for the moment, they were letting her have her way and play with them. And she truly appreciated that. It showed they cared about her, and wanted to please her, not just to bed her.

Having satisfied herself about their motives, Quintana pushed down over Wynn’s cock until he was where they all wanted him, filling her cunt completely, stretching her tissues wide, and making her shiver with desire for him and Keelan.

Only then did Keelan rest his hand on her lower back, urging her to lie flat on Wynn’s body. Wynn helpfully gripped her around the waist and licked over her nose. She giggled and began kissing him back. As they did that, behind her, Keelan parted her ass cheeks and began pushing his cock at her tight sphincter. Quintana rested her arms on the bed beside Wynn and nibbled on his earlobe. The men had done that to her and it was outrageously sexy. She hoped Wynn liked it, too. Then Keelan breached her ass and began rocking his way deeper inside her. Quintana’s eyebrows went up and she stopped moving, concentrating instead on the amazing feeling of a second cock working its way inside her.

She was full. No, well beyond full. Stretched tight and held open. But it was a sensation of pressure and possession not one of pain. It was a good feeling, one that aroused her and made her want more. But she knew not to move yet. Keelan was still sliding deeper inside her ass. Somehow her body knew what to do, letting him in and rearranging her walls around the second cock, gripping him firmly yet allowing him entry. It was definitely the most erotic feeling she’d ever experienced.

When Keelan stopped moving she was breathless, her back coated with sweat, and her body limp with the need for completion. But she knew Wynn was the one really suffering. His cock was full and rigid inside her pussy and she knew he badly wanted to begin moving. She also guessed that it would take very little to set both Wynn and herself off, and it was grossly unfair to begin without Keelan being ready to participate fully.

“I’m ready now, sweetheart. Shall we begin?” asked Keelan.

“About fucking time. I’m dying here,” she replied. But she kept her voice light so they’d know she wasn’t really complaining.

“You’re dying? I’m the one on the bottom of this pile of bodies,” teased Wynn.

She was giggling as the two men pulled out of her, very slowly, and then she caught her breath as they pushed back in. It’d been totally carnal when they’d entered her one at a time. But when they did it together her entire body broke out in sweat. It was almost too intense an experience to bear.

Quintana was leaning so hard on the bedding as they drove into her and withdrew only to push in again, that she thought her handprints would be permanently marking the bed linen. But she couldn’t help herself. The passion and intensity of the men was overwhelming her senses.

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