[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Hurting and hurt, Addison Benedict comes to Lusty to heal after a bad accident. Scarred on the inside and out, she’s humbled by her family’s generous and loving welcome, even as she secretly longs for the kind of loving relationships her brothers have found.
Carmichael Jones and Terry Jessop fall for her at first sight and don’t give one good damn about the baggage she carries. Addison may believe she has a lot to atone for, and maybe she does. But they’re determined to show her the loving woman they see within and that she does deserve love and happiness.
What no one understands is the lengths to which Addison’s mother, Norah Benedict, will go in order to see her daughter fulfills her own dreams of wealth and position. Convinced her children have all betrayed her, Norah reaches out to a stranger for help—with possibly very tragic consequences.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author.
Love Under Two Texans (MFM)
34 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Addison's book was and is a terrific story! She is another character that was redeemed in my eyes. She turned out to be a beautiful person inside and out and I was truly amazed with her. Mike and Terry are some darn fine men! They are caring, seductive, charming,and know how to take care of their woman. I loved the dedication these men had and I loved it even more knowing that they did not judge Addison from the person she used to be. Great Job Morgan Ashbury! I am excited for the next book and hope its here SOON!
Marie Brown
What another amazing book by the awesome Cara Covington aka Morgan Ashbury. Could not put it down and cried when it was over. I just wanted to to go on and on. This is a much have book. I love the Lusty series.

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Mike stepped out of his car onto the tree-lined street. The Lusty Clinic was still considered the new clinic, replacing the house that had served as doctor’s office in the community for generations. Inside, the facility boasted some of the best diagnostic equipment money could buy.

When they entered, Jillian Jessop looked up from the reception desk. She had her daughter, Colleen, on her shoulder. The baby appeared to be just dropping off to sleep.

Both men hesitated to approach but she waved them over. She grinned. “Colleen is getting used to voices and other sounds. We didn’t want her only able to sleep when it was quiet. Robert’s nearly finished with Addison.”

Mike didn’t wonder how she could tell that with the door closed. The docs’ wife clearly knew what was happening in her domain, and he’d bet her husbands wouldn’t have it any other way.

“She’s a cutie. How old is she?” Terry reached out a finger and stroked it down the baby’s cheek. The little cherub pursed her lips, but kept right on sleeping.

“She’s nine months old already! I can’t believe how fast time has flown.”

“Her big brother is in the Marines?” Mike hadn’t met Brandon Gillespie, but Lusty was a small town, and there weren’t many secrets here.

“Yes. Brandon has some leave coming up. He was able to visit just after she was born, but he’s been on deployment since.”

The sound of a door opening snagged his attention. He looked over as his cousin Robert’s voice became audible.

“You’re healing well, Addison. It’s just a matter of getting some strength back in that leg.”

“I’m anxious to get started on that process.”

The door fully opened...and a voice inside Mike said, quietly, there she is. In that moment, she turned and met his gaze. He caught the flare of interest as she flicked her glance between him and Terry. Then, as he slowly smiled, she angled her chin up and toward the left.

He could read the dare in the woman’s eyes and only then caught sight of the scar on the right side of her face—the scar she was deliberately showing them. He would have winced in sympathy for the injury that must have caused that damage, but he knew he was being tested.

He stepped forward and held out his hand. “We can get started on that physio this afternoon, if you like. I’m glad you’re eager. I won’t be easy on you.”

“Addison Benedict, meet Carmichael Jones and Terrence Jessop.” Robert looked down at Addison. “Mike is your physiotherapy coach, and I have a feeling Terry will volunteer to be your exercise partner.”

Addison took his hand and gave him a no-nonsense handshake. He liked that. She shook Terry’s hand as well, then turned her attention back to him.

“I don’t want easy, Mr. Jones. I want results.”

Something about her made his inner imp want to tug her pigtail—metaphorically speaking. “Just Mike, Addison. After all, we’re cousins.”

“Are we?”

“We are, yes. Kissin’ cousins,” Terry said, his Texas drawl thicker than usual. “But we’ll wait on that, at least until after we’ve sweated together and shared your hot tub with you.”

She looked from Terry to him then back at Terry. “That sounded like a challenge.”

“Why, so it did.” Terry grinned.

One thing he already knew about Addison Benedict, aside from the instant lust he felt for her and the attraction that pulled on him like a magnet.

They’d connected, and the lady had a keen wit and a backbone of steel.

He cast a glance at Terry, who gave him a look in return that said it all. They’d never expected three out of three, but here it was. There was no way in hell they could not take the next step.

Let the games begin.




Terry eased his lips from hers. “We want you naked.”

Not a request, a statement of fact, and a fact that began to evolve almost immediately into reality as the two men quickly stripped every piece of clothing from her body.

“You too.”

“Oh, you betcha.” Terry grinned and, with his best friend, stepped back from her just far enough.

Right then and there, Addison discovered a major behavioral difference between men and women. If she’d been the one to undress herself for them, she’d have gone slowly, played the coquette, until they were both in a lather.

These two men never even had that thought. No, they shucked their clothes in ten seconds flat.

Then her thoughts splintered as she truly got a look at their cocks, already hard and standing at attention for her. She’d seen them the day before, of course. But despite her intention to try and persuade them to play, she’d known they were men of their word, and so she’d simply admired them.

Right now, she was anticipating them. An entirely different outlook and an entirely different reaction.

“Swear to God, you look like you want to gobble us right down.”

Mike’s words drew her gaze up until she met his. “I do. I want to taste you both and feel you both inside me every way that can be done.”

“That’s good news for us.” Mike reached out with both hands and drew her to him.

The press of his flesh against hers made her hum with pleasure. He was hot and hard and made her mouth water. Terry moved so that he was beside her. His cock nudged her hip as hands stroked her back. One deft finger stroked the crack between her ass cheeks. Then he nuzzled her neck. “Have you ever had a cock right here, baby?”

Just the suggestion felt delicious. “No, but I want to.” Addison thought about having both of these powerful men inside her at the same time, and a tingle of arousal drew her nipples even tighter than they were.

“Good.” Terry eased away from her and turned his gaze to his best friend.

Mike moved in, cupping her face and using his thumbs to stroke her cheeks. He placed a string of sweet kisses on her face, beginning with her scar and moving toward her lips. Then his mouth covered hers, and he plundered. His tongue mastered her, even as his lips melded with hers and his arms banded her. The caress of hands up and down timed perfectly with the thrust of his tongue became a primal cadence, a rhythm her body immediately followed. Her hips undulated in an attempt to capture his cock, and her blood pulsed hot and heavy through her veins.

Wanting turned to craving in a heartbeat. The sounds that emerged from her held nothing back. Right then, she didn’t care if these men knew she hungered for them. As long as her craving was met, she didn’t really care about anything else.

Still cupping her face, Mike weaned his lips from hers. “I want to throw you onto the bed and dive right in, but I won’t because I don’t want to hurt you. Get comfortable in the middle of the mattress, sweetheart. And then brace yourself.”

Addison grinned. She didn’t doubt the man was triggered. A glance down confirmed what her sense of smell detected. An appetizing drop of pre-cum had emerged from his body. And yet he was able to control his own arousal out of consideration for her.

Men didn’t come much sexier than that.

Addison eased herself onto the bed, moving carefully because of her leg but so damn horny she thought steam might rise from her body at any moment. She met Mike’s gaze. Steam might be rising from him soon, too.

Finally in position in the center of the bed, Addison spread her legs and lifted her arms. Mike wasted no time donning a condom. His quick grin, one that was full of the devil, was her only warning.

Then he crawled up the bed toward her and buried his face in her pussy.

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