Daughter's Best Friend (MF)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,800
5 Ratings (4.4)

Rebecca has had a crush on her best friend’s father, Jackson Reed, for as long as she can remember. She has always hoped that one day, he’d be her everything—but that could never happen. Besides Rebecca’s friendship with his daughter, he’s so far out of her league.

That all changes when Rebecca is with Jackson helping Bella through her heartache. Together, growing closer, something might just happen. But be careful what you wish for…

Kissing Rebecca was a mistake, fucking Rebecca was an even bigger mistake, and it can’t happen again. But Jackson wants it to happen again. He wants Rebecca. She fires his blood and makes him yearn for things he had thought were far out of his reach.

He’s old enough to be her father, but she doesn’t care. He’s the only one Rebecca wants. When they’re together, they cannot keep their hands off each other, and their secret affair begins.

But Jackson is screwing his daughter’s best friend. Can there ever be hope of a happy ending?

Be Warned: anal sex

Daughter's Best Friend (MF)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Daughter's Best Friend (MF)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,800
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
Great characters with an endearing storyline. Logo at the end is very good.

He was so close that she felt the heat of him.

Rebecca couldn’t help it. She licked her suddenly dry lips, and even as she fought it, she couldn’t help herself from glancing down, and checking out his lips.

Did he just growl?

She frowned, and glanced up at him, to find Jackson had stepped closer. The tips of his toes touched hers, and the tension in the room seemed to build. The soup was long forgotten as she looked up at the man who had been the star in many of her sexual fantasies.

His hand touched her hip, and she pressed against him, wanting his touch.

“Rebecca,” he said, that same growl to his voice.

Her pussy pulsed, and her clit seemed to throb. Pressing her thighs together, she tried to create some friction to help her deal with the sudden arousal that he had started. Biting her lip, she glanced up at him.

That was the moment her life changed forever, and all of her dreams suddenly became a reality. Jackson sank his fingers into her hair and slammed his lips down on hers.

Every woman probably believed the same thing when the man of their dreams kissed them.



Jackson knew he shouldn’t be kissing her. She was younger than he was, young enough to be his daughter. Fuck, she was his daughter’s best friend, but he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t resist kissing her. The way she had looked at him, and then licked those lips, which she’d then bitten, and all the time she had gazed at his lips. He was a man of experience, and after the death of his wife, he had screwed his way through every single woman that would look at him. They had wanted him, and he had given it to them without judgement.

Rebecca was too young.

She was his daughter’s best friend, and he had to stop.

Only, the moment his lips touched hers, he couldn’t. Her lips were nice and soft, and she didn’t fight him. She gripped his shoulders and held him tightly as ravished her mouth.

Years ago, he had known she had a crush on him, and he had done everything to avoid her. Young girls’ crushes weren’t something he wanted. But Rebecca was no longer a young girl. She was a woman, a confident, beautiful woman who put his little girl first.

He couldn’t resist her, nor did he want to.

Biting her lip, he sucked it into his mouth, and then plundered hers with his tongue, deepening the kiss.

Moving her back toward the fridge, he pressed her up against it, grabbing her hands, and locking them together. He really shouldn’t be doing this, but he couldn’t stop.

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