A Guy Could Dream (MMM)

Men of Silver 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,497
5 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Menage, MMM, HEA]

When Kirby met Ryder Crenshaw and Dimitri Valkoinen, they became fast friends. It didn’t take long for him to all fall in love. The guys were perfect. But they were in a committed relationship and he doubted there was a place for him. Even if they had been interested him in a sexual or romantic way, he had to make amends for his past before he could have a future with anyone.

Ryder and Dimitri were committed to each other and had been for several years. Then they moved to a community where relationships were both different and accepted. It opened their minds and hearts to the unexpected when they met Kirby. He was perfect for them. Before he would become their third, he told them he needed to put his past behind him. They hadn’t known that doing so might get him killed.

A Guy Could Dream (MMM)
5 Ratings (4.8)

A Guy Could Dream (MMM)

Men of Silver 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,497
5 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Once they had watched the ambulance drive away with the siren and lights going, Ryder and Dimitri decided to go to the hospital and wait until they could get some information about Kirby’s condition.

Several people were waiting in the comfortably appointed room for news of Kirby’s condition, including people he worked with at the hotel, as well as the sheriff. They told him about their friendship with Kirby, which seemed to be enough for the man. But it was another two hours before anyone came out to share any information, and that was only with the sheriff. Dimitri was tense beside him on the long sofa. They watched as the doctor and the sheriff spoke at the entrance of the room. Their voices could be heard but not the words. When the doctor left, the sheriff returned. His expression was far more relaxed than it had been the past several hours and he managed a smile as everyone waited for the latest news on Kirby.

“Kirby should be fine,” he told them without preamble. “The doctors are optimistic. He did suffer a concussion, as well as a few bruised ribs and several small lacerations. When he regained consciousness, the first thing he did was ask about his dog. Someone called over to the vet’s office and was told Crackers is also doing well. He’ll just have to spend the next twenty-four hours there for observation.”

Everyone in the room smiled and voiced their relief before eventually leaving the room. Ryder wondered if Kirby knew how many people he had on his side. He guessed the guy felt mostly alone after the events in his past.

“Well, I suppose it’s time for us to head home, too. Thanks for letting us know how he is.”

Tim Macon nodded. He was a good-looking man. He was also married to two men, one of which was the drag queen Ruby Sullivan. While Ryder admitted to himself that he had no knowledge of Ruby’s needs, he guessed that she was high maintenance. That was something Ryder had avoided while he’d dated, after being involved with a twink who spent hours getting ready for a date.

“No problem. But if you can wait a few more minutes, I’ll see if Kirby is awake. Then you guys can poke your heads in and say hello. I know he’d like that.”

Ryder glanced at Dimitri and they nodded at each other. They didn’t have to go to work. When they got home, they could get some sleep. Ryder knew they both wanted to see Kirby, to reassure themselves that he was doing okay.

They followed Tim along the hospital’s hallways. It was unlike any hospital he’d been in before. Most were utilitarian, from ceiling to floor. Great effort seemed to have been made to make the place seem more like a hotel, a comfortable place to heal and recover.

They waited outside as Tim went into the room. It didn’t take long for him to come out. There was a smile on his face. “You can go in. I’m supposed to go look for someone with swollen, purple balls.”

Dimitri choked back the laughter as Ryder smirked. “What’s with that guy and kicking people in the nuts?”

Tim grinned. “As I understand it, his grandfather taught him the move. Kirby’s so small that it was a good way for him to defend himself from bullies when he was a kid. It seems to work for him. Even this time. Two men broke into his apartment and dragged him out. He kicked one hard enough in the balls to take him down. It was the other one who hit him in his head.”

“Does he know who did it?” Dimitri asked, his voice hard.

Ryder knew that tone. If Dimitri found the men responsible, they would be tending to more than swollen purple nuts.

“The same two men who came into the store, although he doesn’t know the name of the one with the thug named Donald.”

They entered Kirby’s room as soon as the sheriff left. If it was possible, Kirby appeared smaller than normal. The sheet and blanket were pulled up to his chest and his eyes were closed as he rested against the pillow. The lids lifted as they got close to the bed. A smile curved his dark pink lips. Kissable lips.

Ryder blinked, wondering where that observation had come from.

“Hi, guys. It’s nice of you to come see me.”

“How could we not? How are you feeling?”

Ryder stood by the side of the bed while Dimitri walked around to the other side. He watched with interest as his lover took Kirby’s hand in his and gave it a comforting squeeze.

“I hurt in a bunch of places, but I’ll heal. It’s Crackers I’m worried about.”

“The sheriff said he’ll be okay,” Dimitri said.

Kirby nodded and grimaced. “He’s going to want a new forever home after this. I adopted him only a few hours before the attack. He warned me. Otherwise it might have been much worse. Tim reassured me he’d be okay, but I’m still worried.” Kirby’s expression of concern was replaced by anger. “Those assholes broke my door down. My landlord’s going to be pissed.”

Shaking his head, Ryder reached out to gently touch Kirby’s shoulder. “I doubt he’ll hold you responsible, so don’t worry yourself about it. How about we stop by there to be sure everything’s okay? The door’s likely to have been repaired by now. If it hasn’t been, Dimitri and I will see to it that it’s done.”

The expression on Kirby’s face changed again. Happiness made it light up as he smiled. “Would you?” He looked from one to the other. “You guys are great. When I get out of here, we’ll go for pizza at Vinnie’s. My treat.”




“Oh, man, give me a taste,” he begged and knew he sounded either desperate or slightly deranged. Dimitri laughed, and Kirby glanced up. The guy was absolutely gorgeous, a grin spread across his face and amusement sparkling in his dark blue eyes. His gaze dropped back down to the rigid shaft of flesh Dimitri now held in his fist. “Come on. Give it to me!”

A moment later the wide spongy head was moving in his direction, sliding between his lips as he opened his mouth and then going over his tongue. A long moan of appreciation vibrated as his jaw widened to allow the girth and length as far in as possible. His gag flex was all but non-existent, which was a pleasure for all involved.

Sucking and licking to his heart’s content, Kirby found himself letting go of dreams to fully enjoy the reality. Never in his life had he been with two men, even in a town as sexually diverse as Silver.

Dimitri’s long fingers slid through Kirby’s hair, rubbing against his scalp, before getting a firm grip on the strands. The man didn’t waste any time as he began to fuck his mouth. Trembling, nearly overcome with excitement, Kirby was close to coming when Ryder inserted what felt like three more fingers through the ring of taut muscles. They weren’t loosening up as fast as he would have liked. He wanted Ryder buried deep inside his body when he came. The imagery was enough to make his hole tighten around Ryder’s strong fingers. The sexy chuckle accompanied a twist of the wrist and the stroke of a finger against his gland.

Kirby lost it. Spunk shot from his dick like water from an unkinked hose. He shook violently from head to toe. As he did so, Ryder withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his dick, pushing forward, causing Kirby to moan around Dimitri’s dick at the pinch of pain and the accompanying burn. Then it morphed into something incredibly pleasurable. Ryder grasped his hips and began to thrust and withdraw, showing Kirby no mercy as he fucked him through one orgasm and working him back into a frenzy.

Only a second climax wasn’t as easy to achieve as the first one. Ryder was a beast behind him, fucking Kirby so intensely he knew he wouldn’t walk straight the next day. And if that wasn’t enough, Dimitri was almost matching Ryder thrust for thrust into his mouth. His jaw ached, and Kirby could almost swear his tongue was numb.

Kirby moaned when he felt the thick shaft of flesh in his mouth begin to swell and harden. A moment later hot ropes of cum were spurting against the back of his throat. Opening his eyes, he looked up the best he could to see the face of the man above him. Dimitri’s face was a mask of raw pleasure. Kirby swallowed every drop of the salty, tangy cum, while he experienced a surge of satisfaction for helping to put that expression there.

Dimitri’s softening dick slipped from between his buzzing lips. He imagined they were puffy from the erotic treatment Dimitri had given them. Shivering, he poked his tongue out and licked his lips. Yep, they were swollen.

But that was quickly forgotten, as Ryder’s pounding into his hole with his massive cock was scrambling Kirby’s brain cells. Lowering his head, he shoved his ass in the air. His balls were tight once again, and his cock was slapping his stomach. He was that close to coming again. All it would take was the right trigger. Swallowing Dimitri’s cum hadn’t done it, but it had certainly helped.

Now, if Ryder would just hit his gland a few more times, Kirby could die a happy man. As if Ryder had read his mind, he said in a passion-roughened voice, “Hold on, baby. I’m going to fuck you into tomorrow.”

Kirby wasn’t one for talking during sex. But he would make an exception this once, “Do it. Bury that fat dick in me.”


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