The Werewolves of Hanson Mall Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Werewolves of Hanson Mall 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 106,498
4 Ratings (4.5)

Box Set #18: The Werewolves of Hanson Mall Collection, Volume 1 (All 3 books for $4.99)

In Publicly Exhibited, sisters Willow and Hawthorne Cunliffe are fleeing from Hawthorne's ex-boyfriend, who thinks she's insane and wants to force her into a mental health institution because she saw a shape-shifter. They arrive at Hanson Mall not knowing it's a shape-shifter community. Cadfael Hanson, the Alpha of the pack, and his second-in-command, Rhion Jones, are instantly attracted to Willow, but revealing their identity could send the women running away again. They offer the women safety. The women begin to relax, but can they ever be safe while Hawthorne's ex is searching for them?

In Doubly Protected, Willow and Hawthorne Cunliffe decide it's time to sell their parents' house and reclaim their lives. But someone still wants to find them. Werewolves Maelor Powell and Dylan Upjohn are determined to protect Hawthorne until the problem is resolved and the safest place for her is in their bed. But she hates being confined and refuses to believe she should hide away indefinitely. This problem has to be solved before the men explode with repressed desire.

In Dangerously Attracted, to prove Jackson Hamilton's well-being center is kidnapping people, security guard Dakota Rutherford contacts him pretending her grandmother needs care and accommodation. Lewis Bowen, who escaped from the center, and Andreas Llewelyn are horrified by her risky actions. But she refuses to listen to them or accept their protection. Andreas has loved Dakota for a long time but she won't listen to him either, and now he sees the adoration in Lewis's eyes when he gazes at her. Maybe together they can convince her to let them keep her safe from harm.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.

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Publicly Exhibited (MFM) Doubly Protected (MFM) Dangerously Attracted (MFM)

The Werewolves of Hanson Mall Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.5)

The Werewolves of Hanson Mall Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Werewolves of Hanson Mall 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 106,498
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley





Rhion Jones looked at the text message on his cell phone.

They’re victims not perpetrators. Taking them to First Aid.

“Well thank you, Maelor, that doesn’t tell me anything.” As Cadfael’s second-in-command, Rhion was used to jumping into situations where he had absolutely no clue what was going on, hoping someone would help him out before he made a total idiot of himself. This looked like yet another one of those days. He considered knocking on Cadfael’s door and asking for some information, then shrugged and ran down the stairs to level four. Four was the top level of the mall itself, the highest floor where customers were welcome to walk around unsupervised. Opposite the movie theater and three restaurants was a double glass door into the professional suite. Immediately inside that area was a desk where Sophie the receptionist sat, fielding phone calls and visitors.

In truth, the “professional offices” were for the management of the mall, and the general running of the pack. On higher floors several pack members had their own apartments. The list of businesses on the signboard was just for show and no floor levels were listed. The only way to use the elevator in this area was with a swipe card and to know which floor button to press. Of course, someone could steal a swipe card then press each button until one activated the elevator, but it hadn’t ever happened. Besides, the intruder would still have to break into the apartment he reached on the level he’d accessed anyway. It wasn’t a perfect system, but it was unobtrusive and reasonably secure.

Rhion smiled at Sophie, pleased he’d arrived before Maelor Powell and whoever he was with, and stepped into the office designated for the center manager, who was Dylan Upjohn. “What’s going on?”

“Fuck if I know. Cadfael saw two women running and thought they might be shoplifters. Maelor and Dakota went to investigate and Dakota’s asked the nurse to make up beds for them.”

Just then he heard Dakota speaking to Sophie, and he and Dylan walked to Dylan’s doorway. The nurse came bustling out of the First Aid room.

“Oh, you poor babies. You do look exhausted. Come with me and have a nice nap.” She ushered the two women into the room and shut the door with a snap.

Rhion felt the urge to giggle but managed not to. No one ever upset the nurse. He rather thought they’d find their balls nailed to the wall if they attempted it.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Come into my office,” added Dylan.

Yeah. That was a better idea. An innocent customer could walk through the doors into this area at any moment, and Sophie would find out everything from the nurse sooner or later anyway.

Dylan poured them all a cup of coffee from his personal machine, but even that didn’t clear his brain much as Dakota told them what she knew.

“An abusive boyfriend. Oh well I expect Nurse Eilidh will get the story from them. Thanks, Dakota and Maelor.”

The two guards left the office and Rhion sat down to wait. He knew the nurse would be able to give them a fuller picture when the time was right. It wasn’t much more than twenty minutes later when she tiptoed into the room.

“They’re both asleep, poor mites.”

Mentally Rhion shook his head. “Babies” and “mites” didn’t really apply to the two women. They were young and tired-looking, yes, but adults not children.

“So what’s the story?” he asked.

“You might want to Google Bailey Hamilton and see what you can find out about him. He’s been abusing the younger one. She had a dream or some such that she told him about, and he’s been using that to try to have her declared mentally incompetent. It made me wonder if she’s the heir to some wealth, or some property he wants to take from her, although surely she’d have willed it to her sister, not to a mere boyfriend. Anyway he’s chased her halfway across the state. I’d like them to stay here for a few days until they get their strength back. They’re both totally exhausted.”

Rhion thought. They did have a couple of vacant apartments. They used them for when guests visited. But letting two human women stay in the heart of a mostly male wolf pack was a bit unusual. “If I let them use 7C would you be prepared to stay with them?” he asked.

“Of course. There’s nothing wrong with Hawthorne’s mental faculties. She asked me how my name was spelled and what it meant, and then Willow commented that Maelor’s name was Welsh as well.”

“So what did you say?” asked Dylan.

“What we always say. My name is spelled E-I-L-I-D-H, pronounced Aylee, and means light. And the reason for the Welsh names is that this area was settled by Welsh immigrants a couple hundred years ago and the names have stayed. I also told her that she’d likely meet more people with the last name Jones, none of whom were related to the others, here, than on the Welsh rugby team.”

The time half of the fifteen Welsh rugby players were named Jones, none of them related to any of the others, had gone down in history. Laughing, Rhion chanted, “Adam Rhys Jones, Dafydd Jones, Ryan Jones, Stephen Jones, Mark Jones, Adam M. Jones, Alun Wyn Jones, and Duncan Jones.”

Eilidh bustled away again, and Rhion stood. “Okay put them in 7C. I’d better get back to my own job.”




 “I’ve never had two men at once,” she said.

“It’s the best sex a woman can have. It’s extreme. Two men filling her until she can’t take anything more. I promise you the biggest orgasm ever,” said Rhion, licking the back of her neck. Then Cadfael lifted her out of the water, and balanced them on the side of the hot tub. Cadfael spread his legs wide apart, so Rhion could open her ass cheeks. He inserted a slippery finger inside her and began opening her up for his cock. He stroked the inside walls of her rear channel, teasing every nerve ending, until she couldn’t keep quiet.

“Shit, Rhion. I need you in there. It’s too much. I’ll come before you even fuck me.”

“I like the way you keep coating my cock with your hot cream,” said Cadfael, kissing her lips.

“Are you hot, little one? Needy?” asked Cadfael, rubbing his finger on her clit.

“Yes.” Willow wanted to push forward and force him to press harder on her clit, but if she did that she wouldn’t have as much pressure on her ass, and she desperately needed Rhion in there right now.

“In that case, I believe we can get two more orgasms out of you. One now, and one when we fuck you.”


Cadfael lowered his mouth to her breast again, licking, sucking, then biting her nipple, but his finger on her clit never stopped circling and tugging her hot little button.

Behind her Rhion was driving his cock into her ass, forcing her channel to open for him, and burning like fire over a million hypersensitive nerve endings.


Willow exploded into release, her cunt and ass grabbing hold of the two huge cocks filling her. She sagged between the two men, her body limp and shaking, yet still incredibly aroused.

Her body was still completely relaxed when the men gripped her hips and Cadfael withdrew his cock from her. She opened her mouth to complain, then he began to push back inside and Rhion started to withdraw. She was fulfilled from her latest release, but even so, it only took her a few moments to work out that this was how they’d fuck her. One pushing in as the other withdrew. So there was always someone inside her, yet always movement as well. It was a strange feeling, but most definitely arousing, and her orgasm had never totally died down. It was still flickering deep in her core.

Before long she was tightening her inner muscles pushing back onto Rhion and forward onto Cadfael. She threaded her fingers through Cadfael’s blue-black hair and gripped his scalp to give herself a little more leverage as she wiggled her hips and pushed down on the cocks. Faster and faster the men pounded into her but it wasn’t fast enough. The orgasm was teasing her. It was right there. Right there. Right—






 “We’d really like the chance to make love to you properly,” added Maelor.

“What made you choose your apartment, Dylan, instead of Maelor’s?”

“We can go to Maelor’s if you’d prefer, but my apartment is next to Rhion’s, which is vacant now, apart from all their stored things, until the new closets are finished, so we thought it’d be more peaceful for you.”

Hawthorne giggled. “In case I scream when I come?”

“I’d really like you to scream when you come. Scream loudly. But the neighbors might knock on the door to check you’re okay and that could spoil the mood,” said Dylan, hoping she was just teasing them.

It seemed she was teasing because she laughed again but made no more comments.

It was really nice walking the streets, now quite dark, with Hawthorne between them still looking around at everything they passed. It was hard to remember she’d been kept inside for weeks to be safe from Bailey Hamilton. Well, now he was in jail and she could start to enjoy her life again. In freedom and safety. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard for them to find an apartment together not too far from the mall. One that Hawthorne would like.

“You’ve made quite a few comments about the gardens, Hawthorne. Would you like an apartment with a garden? Some of them have shared gardens where you can grow things,” said Maelor.

“It’s strange. I do like plants very much. But I don’t have the patience to grow them myself. I either overwater them, or forget to water them at all. Either way I don’t have a very good record with growing things. Even potted plants on the balcony don’t survive well under my care.”

Dylan had the feeling she was about to say something more, when she frowned and pulled her cell phone out of her jeans pocket. “Willow wants us to go up to her apartment as soon as we get back to the mall. She said to text her when we reach the building and Rhion will come down to swipe us up to their floor.”

“Something’s wrong,” said Maelor.

“I agree.” Unconsciously Dylan began walking faster as did Maelor. Hawthorne lengthened her stride to keep up with them.

What the fuck has happened?




The men wiggled a bit and then both pulled out of her until only the heads of their cocks remained in her cunt and ass. Hawthorne opened her mouth to complain, then shut it with a snap. Of course they had to pull out. They couldn’t pump into her when they were already in. But it felt weird, almost as if there was a sense of loss. One moment she’d been full, totally possessed by her men, and then they were gone. Fortunately it was only a few brief heartbeats before they began pressing back inside her again, stretching her once more, but filling, completing, and possessing her as well. Hawthorne rubbed her aching nipples on Dylan’s chest. Oh yes it felt so good. She was wrapped around with hot men, their hard bodies covering her completely, their cocks filling her, their skin plastered to hers.

Instinctively she sensed it could always be like this for her, if she wanted it to be. Her, and Dylan, and Maelor. But now was not the time for thinking. Right now she needed to be fucked. Tentatively Hawthorne twisted her hips, feeling Dylan’s cock twitch deep inside her. Then she pushed back onto Maelor’s cock, enjoying his little gasp as she did so. Dylan was still gripping her firmly, but as he pumped in and out of her in tandem with Maelor, Hawthorne was able to stroke her foot on someone’s leg, to pet the bodies surrounding her with one hand, and to luxuriate in the intense sense of possession. This was so good she might never appreciate vanilla sex ever again.

The men’s thrusts became deeper, more powerful, and Hawthorne could only hold onto Dylan’s shoulders and revel in the extreme sensations roaring through her body. Every part of her tingled with nervous energy from her toes right up to the top of her head. The orgasm building deep in her belly was growing fast, but still she held onto Dylan, tried to push back onto Maelor’s cock, and rejoiced in every stroke as the men pumped in and out of her.





Dakota led them around all five levels of the parking lot, and then into the lowest level of the mall again. She sighed as she began checking the windows and doors. Now the men did the checking for her as she walked with them.

“How many times do you do this a night?” asked Andreas.

“After the stores are all closed, usually we get right around the mall in an hour, but since I’ve been by myself I’m a lot slower. That’s why I didn’t walk right around the outside of the mall and through all the external roadways. It’s more important to ensure the inside is secure than that there’s no troublemakers outside. The CCTVs will pick them up anyway when we look through it.”

“You really like your job don’t you?” asked Andreas.

Dakota nodded. “Oh yes I do. I could never just sit at a desk all day. I’d go insane really quickly.”

All the time she was talking she was still looking around her, always alert for that one thing out of place. That was the key with security. The one thing that itched at a guard’s brain or seemed “wrong.” If she kept checking for that she’d always be on top of her job.

“When is your next day off, Dakota?” asked Andreas.

“Huh?” She hadn’t been expecting that question. Basically they’d been talking about the mall and work. Well I suppose that is about work. Sort of.

“We work four days on and one day off, constantly rotating so it always changes. I have tomorrow on this four to midnight shift again and then a day off and I come back to the eight to four shift.”

“Don’t you find all the changes confusing?” asked Lewis.

“At first, maybe, but it’s easy to get used to. These days there’s a lot of people who don’t work Monday to Friday nine-to-five anymore.”

“I guess so. In the mountains every day was the same, but we only ever worked dawn to dusk.”

“Which meant you worked a pretty short day in the middle of winter,” said Andreas.

“And a long one midsummer,” added Dakota.

“So it evens out over the year. I suppose weekends don’t make much difference to you either, Andreas.”

“Sundays are a bit quieter. The usual regulars are there first thing in the morning, and the wolves still tend to come during the day, but there’s not so many middle-of-the-day people coming by. But actually, Dakota, why I was asking about your roster was because Lewis and I were hoping you’d spend your day off with us.”

Dakota stopped dead and stared at them. That was a surprise. She hadn’t expected him to say anything like that.




Andreas passed Lewis a condom and Dakota sat up on one elbow to watch as he sheathed himself. His cock was hugely engorged, the head red with need, but he still entered her slowly and carefully, pushing her swollen, wet entry wide to let himself in, then wiggling his way deep into her cunt until his balls were pressed hard against her hot, needy flesh.

Andreas tucked one leg underneath both her and Lewis, then lifted her top leg up and placed his upper leg beneath it. Once he was ready, he pushed his cock at her back door until he popped through her tight muscle entry and he rocked his way deeper inside her. Farther and farther he pushed into her until he, too, was pressed hard against her skin. Inside, her cunt and ass were stretched wide. There was pressure, stretching, and fullness, but no pain. Also there was an intense desire for action. “Come on, don’t keep me waiting,” she urged them.

“You’re a demanding and bossy woman aren’t you?” teased Andreas.

She slammed back hard on his cock, which he’d wiggled a little way out of her. “Yes,” she said.

They all laughed and then, finally, the men got themselves organized into a rhythm to fuck her. They both pulled out a little way, then pushed back in, before withdrawing almost all the way and thrusting back in together. Gradually their strokes became smooth and lyrical, the rhythm oddly soothing yet at the same time it demanded more and aroused her higher.

Soon Dakota couldn’t think or speak anymore. She pushed back on Andreas, then pressed forward on Lewis, trying to get the fullest penetration, yet never seeming to be in the right place at the right time for maximum effect. Then Lewis grasped her hips holding her still, and Andreas placed his hands over Lewis’s and they rammed into her together fast and hard, blowing her mind with their power and performance. Dakota wrapped her arms around Lewis’s neck and simply held on for the ride, which was quickly becoming better than a roller coaster.

“Oh yes,” she murmured.

Even though the door had never been zipped closed, the tent was full of the smell of men and sex, the air noticeably warmer than when they’d first lain down. Dakota was aware of both men sweating profusely, and her own body slippery with perspiration, too, hers and theirs. But the main focus of her mind was her need to come. Her breasts were full, and her nipples were tight, aching little points. The climax was coiled tight in her core, and her ass and cunt were full with thickly delicious cocks, but she still hadn’t come.

Wickedly she waited until both cocks were deep inside her and then she gripped them both as hard as she could manage with all her internal muscles. Both men groaned loudly but the intense extra sensation of fullness was wonderful.

Lewis and Andreas pulled out of her together, then slammed into her full force.

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