Enslaved by a Rogue (MM)

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Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,060
7 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HEA]

He was enslaved before they even met… Acerith V’para lived a life of luxury never questioning the source of his father’s riches. When he finds out, he’s horrified and rebels. But going rogue is no easy path. On Ven, a father holds ultimate power over his children. When he finds Acerith he punishes him by sending him to certain death. As a civil engineer, Jeremy Barrington was happy with his life. He had interesting work that took him all over the US, giving him plenty of opportunities to meet hot guys. But something was missing. When he finds himself enslaved to a monster, he also finds someone worth dying for. Compelled to save Jeremy, Acerith gets the surprise of his life when Jeremy’s initial reaction to him is one of fear. But once they work together to protect another, their attraction is overwhelming. With three groups of aliens hot on their heels, the question is just how far are they willing to go to obtain freedom?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Enslaved by a Rogue (MM)
7 Ratings (4.6)

Enslaved by a Rogue (MM)

Sold! 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,060
7 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I very much enjoyed this series thus far...The "world building" for each has been adequate for each story in the series and I love the nod to sci-fi...I'm hoping the author is going to finish the series out and let us find out what's happened with the last 3 guys. Personally I'd love to see Grim Dancing or Cursed Joy get ENSLAVED, talk about poetic <g>
Professional Reviews

"Continuing with two characters mentioned in the previous book, this story developed in a somewhat unexpected direction. Which is exactly why I liked it a lot! But more than explaining what was going on with Acerith in the previous book, this story also introduces his species, the Venians, in more detail and they have some fascinating cultural and biological traits which come in very handy in this book. Jeremy, you might remember, is the guy whom Camden saw running just before he was stolen by the slave traders; as expected, he also would have died in the explosion but was "saved" to be auctioned off as a slave instead. Jeremy's new master is not a benevolent alien at all. In fact, he is callous and cruel, and Jeremy pretty much expects to die at some point soon, since he refuses to submit to the being he calls "the Pig". Jeremy is also very selfless: when a baby needs rescuing, he doesn’t hesitate and run. As he is being hunted and eventually runs into Acerith, he discovers some really interesting things about himself, how he sees the world, and what special abilities the baby seems to have. Acerith was a bit of a mysterious figure in the previous book, and we finally find out more about his history (pretty grim – his father is out to kill him), and his species. He has some mental abilities that come in very handy, but most fascinating were some of the physical changes he goes through in order to be able to help taking care of the baby. He struggles with them at first, unsure what it means for him as a man, but that only makes the whole situation more interesting. Firmly in the genderbending arena, this book will not be for everyone. I think it is a fascinating look at how we see the roles that parents play and how much we link them to gender. This story proves there is no real need for this way of thinking, and while I didn’t like the terminology used in all cases, the main point of the story is very clear. No matter what gender they are, when becoming parents, these characters take on the characteristics most needed to ensure their baby has a good chance of survival. How I wish humans on Earth could all see this the same way! If you like stories about unusual aliens, if you enjoy stories about men who face death and in that process learn to pull together, and if you're looking for a hot story with some fascinating gender bending and a challenge to traditional role models, you will probably like this story as much as I did." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“I promise I will not drop him.”

“I wasn’t staring at you because of that.”

“Why where you looking so intently at me?”

“Because you’re handsome.” The truth tumbled out of Jeremy’s mouth before he could even think about playing coy.

“I think you are very handsome as well.” Acerith met his gaze then looked down at the baby. He seemed to be about to say something else but then stopped himself.

“Where are we going?”

“When I was landing, I saw a big town in that direction.” Acerith pointed. “I think we should head there.”

“Landing? You have an airplane?”

“A spaceship.”

“Why don’t we just take your ship?” Jeremy felt relief wash through him. He wasn’t going to feel safe until he got off this planet and far, far away from it, but having a means of doing that made him feel about a million times better. A galaxy or two wouldn’t be enough distance between him and the Pig. All he and Acerith had to do was get to his ship. How difficult could that be?

“It has no more fuel.”

“So you came to save me and didn’t gas up?” Jeremy was just teasing him, but Acerith looked utterly crushed. “Hey, I was kidding.”

“It was a rough landing, so even if I found fuel it wouldn’t do us any good. Besides, it’s a shuttle. That type of craft has very little distance.”

“Where did you manage to get a shuttle from?”

Acerith looked further chagrined.

“It’s okay if you stole it. You were trying to get to me and the baby. It’s not the most ethical thing, I suppose, but it’s not like you killed half a dozen people.” Jeremy stopped walking. “Please tell me you didn’t kill a bunch of innocent beings to get that ship.”

“I killed no one. But I stole the shuttle from a Krase battleship.”

“Battleship?” That was a word that translated very well. Jeremy had a vision of something massive that was filled with equally massive beings. “Are the Krase a friendly sort?”

“No.” Acerith looked down at the ground with such a glum air it would have been comical but for his obvious distress. “They are one of the most war-hungry inhabitants in all the galaxy.”

Jeremy started walking again mainly because he was afraid if he stayed still for any length of time he would collapse into an exhausted heap.



“Are you angry?”

“How can I be?” He shrugged. “We have the king and his minions hunting for us. We also have some war-lusting types who probably want their ship back but that’s wrecked, so now they’re probably hunting for your head. Why should I be angry?” Jeremy was trying to sound flippant but feared he came off utterly ungrateful.

“I will get you somewhere safe and then lead anyone who might follow away.”

“No.” Jeremy shook his head. Acerith didn’t have to have come at all. He could have stayed wherever he was and kept well away from this mess, but he’d come because he’d been drawn to help.


“You’re staying with us.” Jeremy reached out and stroked his hand over Acerith’s arm. His skin felt like silk below his fingertips. “You came to help, and I’m grateful.”

“But I might have done more damage than good.”

“I don’t think so.” Jeremy looked at the baby. He was sleeping peacefully despite the fact he hadn’t been fed since he was born. “I think if you were to walk away he’d start screaming and wouldn’t stop.”

“He didn’t last night.”

“He knew you were trying to protect us.”

“Which is what I’d be doing again.”

“Nope. Sorry, pal.” Jeremy linked his arm with Acerith’s. “We’re stuck with each other.”

They walked along in silence that might have been awkward or uncomfortable, but the jungle was more than making up for their quiet. Jeremy had been in downtown areas that were less noisy. What he noticed after a moment was that he and Acerith were keeping the exact same stride without even trying.

“I would never simply walk away from you. I don’t think I could.” Acerith looked over, and Jeremy looked up. Their gazes met and held. How in the world could he fall for someone so damn fast? It was crazy. Or was it? Maybe his attraction to Acerith was strictly about him being a knight in shining armor, or rather a hero in glistening black skin. Without his help last night, Jeremy knew the hounds would have found him. He had no doubts that he and the child would have died horribly.

“I don’t want you to walk away.” Jeremy tightened his grip on Acerith’s arm.

“But you’re afraid.”

“I’m afraid of being able to take care of him. But I’m not afraid of you.”

“You are. I can feel it.”

“I don’t understand.”

“All Venians have a strong empathic ability. I sense that you are afraid of me.”

“I…” Jeremy trailed off because he wasn’t certain how to explain that he wasn’t afraid of Acerith directly but more as a result of his own confused feelings. “You’re very handsome.”

“And this frightens you?” Acerith asked wryly.

“Yes. No. Not directly.” Jeremy was so tired he knew he wasn’t making any sense at all. “I’m afraid of how I feel so attached to you when I don’t even know you.”

“I understand.” Acerith patted Jeremy’s hand in a gesture that did more to heighten his concern than to dispel it. “I feel the same toward you and him.”




Slowly, carefully, he eased Jeremy down until his very slick cock was pressed against his hole. There was a moment of tension, almost of second-guessing, and then Acerith’s cock was sliding inside. The lubrication that he created was so wonderfully slick that Jeremy felt no pain or pinch despite the fact that his mate was large. Each bit he went deeper made Jeremy more aware of everything around him. The sun on his back, the water rippling below, the feel of Acerith’s skin, the look in his eyes.

“I never thought it would be like this.” Acerith waited until he was fully buried and then kissed Jeremy softly.

“It’s never been like this for me.” Jeremy wrapped his arms around Acerith’s shoulders. As he clung to him, Acerith lifted and lowered him, his cock getting wetter with each stroke. Instinctively, Jeremy understood it was marking behavior. Acerith wanted to get as deep as he could, and then he’d find release. Jeremy wanted to know what it would feel like, but he also wanted to put that moment off indefinitely. They would have only one first time. He wanted it to last. And then he felt Acerith’s already big cock getting bigger. For a moment he thought it was just the angle of penetration, but each thrust was making him thicker.

“Um, honey?”

“Yes?” Acerith was purring into Jeremy’s ear, flicking his tongue against the lobe.

“Are you getting bigger?”

“My ejaculate is filling my cock.”

“How much bigger is it going to get?” Jeremy tried to keep the fear out of his voice, but he kept imagining something almost comically large.

“Not much bigger. It means I’m very close to release.” Acerith explained that unlike Jeremy, who kept his release in his balls until orgasm, Acerith’s left his internal sac and filled his shaft. “This is done to seal me and give me a good chance at reproduction. I realize you are not female, but my body doesn’t seem to know the difference.”

Now there was another explanation for the sheer volume of lubrication. To move something that thick around inside a tight channel would require all the help it could get. Jeremy tried to relax, but he couldn’t. At least not at the angle he was making against Acerith’s body.

“Take me on shore and put me on the bank.”

Acerith carried him over and then gently lowered their entwined bodies. “This is even better.”

“Good.” Jeremy stroked both Acerith’s ears at once, earning himself a growl of bliss and a hard thrust. With the angle altered, Acerith was able to get deeper. He was also able to last just a bit longer, giving Jeremy time to explore his magnificent body. With his arms pushed up to hold off most of his weight, all of his muscles were flexed, creating a stunning playground for Jeremy’s hands. Touching Acerith was pleasing in and of itself. He couldn’t remember ever being so fascinated by the feel of any of his lovers. And he didn’t think it was just the novelty of Acerith being new. What he was feeling was a lifelong captivation.

Acerith pulled almost all the way out and then plunged back inside, causing Jeremy to arch up into him. His cock rubbed hard against his belly, and as Acerith worked against him, he continued to produce lube. It was the wettest, hottest fuck Jeremy had ever had.

“We’ll have to get rubber sheets.”

Acerith stopped all movement and peered down at him. “What?”

“Sorry. I was just trying to delay my orgasm by thinking of something else. Since I don’t like baseball, I start to think of practical things. Like how much lube you make means we’ll have to get rubber sheets or we’re going to have to get a waterproof mattress.”

“Or we could always fornicate in the water.”


Acerith placed his forehead to Jeremy’s. “Why are you trying to delay your orgasm?”

“I want just a little more time to feel this. It’s your first time. I want to make sure it’s special.” Jeremy kissed him and stroked his finger down his cheek.

Acerith closed his eyes and sighed. “You are special. This has been more than I ever thought I would have.”

Jeremy realized that Acerith thought he’d be dead long before now. Rather than say anything else, he wrapped his legs tightly around him, and met him thrust for thrust until he was going so fast and deep all Jeremy could do was hang on. He’d never felt so enmeshed with another. He wondered if it was because they were mating rather than just engaging in casual sex. But then Jeremy decided the reason didn’t matter. All that mattered was that they were together and they were going to stay together no matter what.


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