Enslaved by a Brute (MM)

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Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,538
31 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HEA]

Harsh reality shattered his great expectations… Krase warrior Noble Chaos had met two Earthlings. Enchanted by their foolish bravery, he decided he wanted a human for his own. When he obtains the job of tracking down one of the illegally sold Earthling slaves, his dreams of a wild love affair are destroyed when he realizes his target wasn’t bought for pleasure, but for torture. Kyle Miller wanted a small, quiet life, so when he’s put on an alien auction block he’s stunned, but that’s only the beginning of his nightmare. When the alien who buys him turns him over to another, he’s subjected to horrific cruelty that batters his body and almost shatters his mind. Will Noble be able to reach Kyle in time? And even if he does, will Kyle retain any of his sanity?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Enslaved by a Brute (MM)
31 Ratings (4.5)

Enslaved by a Brute (MM)

Sold! 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,538
31 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Made me buy the rest in the series! Sad and cute.



After calling in every favor owed to him, Noble Chaos had been given the job of retrieving an illegally sold Earthling. The first time he’d been sent out to recover one, he’d found the order insulting. He was a fully named Krase warrior with three planets crushed under his heel. Wasting his talents on such a simple job seemed ludicrous. However, within seconds of meeting the human he was sent after, he’d been fascinated. Never, not once in all the worlds he’d set his feet upon, had he encountered a species as intriguing.

His target, Jarrett Michaels, had been terrified, but that hadn’t stopped him from standing up for his mate. At the time, Noble had called him brave. Foolish, but brave. However, now, after all that had happened, Noble realized that though the Earthling had been frightened, he’d loved his Finoc husband so much he was willing to die to protect him.

“And he was willing to do this just so I wouldn’t look at his mate.” Noble had almost scoffed when Jarrett demanded a covering for his Finoc husband. All the Finocs Noble had ever seen had been clad in enormous silver suits because it was forbidden for them to be viewed by anyone outside their own kind. Somehow, the arrogant and intriguing Earthling had managed to get the Finoc to set aside his suit, his traditions, and even his innate fear of being seen. All this for a human that Noble had thought so very little of.

As if that wasn’t compelling enough, he also remembered the way the tiny human had clasped Noble’s hand when he reached for his Finoc husband. Jarrett’s hand had been less than half the size of Noble’s and infinitely softer, but there had been a quiet kind of strength there, too. Noble had not been able to put his finger on what it was that made the man so strangely powerful. All he knew was that he had respectfully withdrawn his hand.

Clearly, Noble was taller, broader, and far more powerful, but Jarrett had not cowered. Even though it was obvious he would lose in a physical battle between them, Jarrett hadn’t backed down, not for a moment. Noble found himself fascinated, and then he discovered that, like the human, he was willing to stand up to someone or rather something much bigger than himself. He was willing to stand up to his own government to protect the Earthling and Finoc pair.

As they’d journeyed back to Krase, Noble had learned what Jarrett and Ranic had been through to be together. He found himself feeling for them. That was astonishing in and of itself as he was a hardened warrior. In fact, when they caught him looking at the pilot, who Noble had been sharing a bed with, he’d called his fellow warrior adequate. The pilot was a good soldier, but Noble didn’t feel about him the way Jarrett and Ranic felt toward one another. Noble’s connection to the pilot was strictly about releasing his pent-up fluids, and for that he was entirely sufficient.

The concept of love was very new to Noble. He had never felt that kind of curious tenderness that could make him so fearsome. Love was very odd to him. He’d always thought that emotions were for the more gentle sorts, whereas Krase warriors simply couldn’t afford them. His job was to conquer, and that involved a lot of killing. If he cared, he wouldn’t be able to perform his functions. But the more he was around the human and Finoc pair, the more he witnessed how happy they were. Even when they thought they were being marched to their death, they were still glad they’d had the chance to be together even for a short time. They showed astonishing strength in a very quiet way.

That was the attitude that compelled Noble to take up their cause. He had stayed with them to offer them information and protection in dealing with the slave trader. Had his government gotten involved, he would have stepped up for them there, too. But he hadn’t needed to since Ranic was more than willing to give his slave freedom. However, by the end of their encounter at the auction house, the slave trader had been willing to give Noble a human just to make him go away. It was said in jest because the slave trader was annoyed at the concessions Noble managed to get for the couple, but once the idea had been implanted in his brain, he simply couldn’t let it go.

Noble wanted a human of his own.

This was a very difficult thing for him to admit, not only to himself, but he certainly couldn’t tell anyone else. All the humans in the Krase system were illegally stolen from Earth. Some unscrupulous slave trader had plucked the men off the planet right at the moment of their deaths. They were probably all profoundly grateful they hadn’t died, but they were certainly not so appreciative of the fact they were now wrongly enslaved.

Since all the humans were sold on Krase soil, the government took on the daunting task of hunting all of the slaves down and giving them their freedom. So far, three had been granted Krase citizenship and all three had elected to stay with the aliens who’d purchased them. Noble liked those odds. His only concern was that he might be heading for a pair that was already in love. He’d thought he could simply show he was a better mate and the human would turn to him, but from what little he’d learned about humans, love made them fiercely loyal.

Still, rejection was a risk he was willing to take. There was simply no way that every human had fallen in love with the alien who had purchased him. The odds of that occurring were simply astronomical. So he’d angled to be allowed to help track them down. When his sneaky efforts failed, he started calling in favors.




“If you won’t let me touch, at least let me watch.” Kyle used the reflection in the shield to meet Noble’s gaze.


“Doesn’t your kind masturbate?”

The word didn’t translate at first, but when it did, Noble laughed. “I do not pleasure myself alone. There is always another warrior around who willingly gives up his hole for me.”

“It must be your scintillating personality.”

“You keep trying to insult me.”

“It seems I am succeeding.” Kyle turned his head to the left and then the right. “Funny.”


“I don’t see another Krase warrior around here.”


Kyle turned and pressed himself very close to Noble. “There is no one to give up their hole to you.”

Knowing that Kyle was trying to taunt him into a reaction didn’t stop Noble from having one. He reached out and gripped Kyle’s shoulders, loving the way he surged closer rather than pulled back. Snarling softly under his breath, Noble drew him near and kissed him. Unlike their earlier exploration, this was a kiss of possession. He wanted Kyle with a painful kind of longing that he didn’t think he could control. When Kyle opened his mouth and whimpered, Noble crushed him against his body. The feel of his tiny, smooth form pushed another urge to find release deep into Noble’s brain. What Kyle said was true enough. There weren’t any other warriors around.

Lifting him back onto the console, Noble then stepped between his parted legs so that he could grind their pricks together. His strosan worked its way up through the crush and wrapped around his cock, readying him for penetration. As much as he wanted to sink into the tight heat of Kyle’s pale ass, he couldn’t go that far. Not yet. He was too aroused to be able to control himself. But if he didn’t do something, Kyle would keep at him. And then a new idea came to him. He could pleasure Kyle without taking anything for himself. It was brilliant. That way he could tone down the Earthling’s desire while giving his lust a chance to abate.

Determined to bring him to completion, Noble quickly got rid of Kyle’s pants. Since he was wearing simple trousers with an elastic band to hold them up, it wasn’t that difficult to simply shove them down. Then, Noble released his own fastener. Like the well-trained muscle it was, his strosan eagerly stretched out and wrapped around Kyle’s prick.

“Oh…” Kyle’s voice trailed off as the flexible tube fully encased his shaft.

“Do you like that?”

“I do. I…what is it doing to me?”

From the blissful tone of his voice it was clear he wasn’t in any pain. “The tip makes a cup and can draw against your flesh.”

“It’s sucking the very tip of my cock like a tiny mouth.”

Everything his strosan did, Noble was able to feel. Kyle’s skin was unbelievably soft. Each stroke brought him closer and allowed the tip of the strosan to flatten out and cover more of the head. When the first few drops of pre-cum slickened the sucking cup, Noble was barely able to control himself from using his member to stroke vigorously at Kyle’s prick. He was going to let him climax this way just to satisfy him, but something pushed him to withdraw his strosan, lean over, and suck Kyle’s cock into his mouth.

Kyle uttered a cry of surprise and then stunned pleasure as he erupted in Noble’s mouth.

His taste was unlike anything Noble had ever known. Blessed had confessed that he was addicted to the flavors of his mate, but Noble hadn’t believed him. He thought it was just some kind of flattery to his chosen, but now, he knew Blessed had been telling him the truth. The flavor of Kyle’s release was rich and so unlike that of another Krase warrior Noble didn’t want to stop sucking even when it was clear Kyle was drained.

“Stop.” Kyle struggled to push him away. “It’s too much. I can’t take any more.”

Determined to taste more of him, Noble lifted him off the console and turned him around. His pale buttocks parted easily below his hands, revealing a tiny, dark hole. Noble lowered his head, extended his tongue, and licked along the crevice. The sound Kyle made was one of surrender, encouraging Noble to continue, which he did. As soon as he’d teased the little human into a quivering mass of flesh, he plunged his tongue deep inside.

Kyle’s cry of bliss practically shimmied the slipship. Noble had never heard such a sound from any of his lovers. Below the command of his hands, Kyle struggled, but it wasn’t about getting away. He seemed to be trying to hold still. Unsure what he wanted to do, Noble let up his grip and discovered that Kyle was rocking his hips, which made Noble fuck him with the length of his tongue.

To his shock, Noble realized he was very close to finding release. He thought he could without even burying himself in Kyle’s backside. Not ever in his life had he climaxed outside another’s body. A sudden urge to mark Kyle caused him to release his hold, turn him, and rub his cock hard against Kyle’s belly. Softness plushed around him, making him crazed. When he looked down, he saw Kyle reaching for him. His hands wrapped around his shaft, working with his constricting strosan to bring him up to the brink.

“I can’t. I can’t…” Noble wasn’t sure how to say he couldn’t get over the edge. He was so close to climax, and yet there wasn’t enough stimulation to push him the fraction it would take to expel his fluid. Now he realized he was mired in trouble. If he did not finish, he did not think he would be able to retain his sanity.

Kyle bent over and sucked at the very tip of his cock.



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