Enslaved by a Trailblazer (MM)

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Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,971
21 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]

All he wanted was some kinky sex… When Zane Chaslu is sold to a four-armed Uhiran with two prominent bulges in his trousers and a wicked-looking tail, Zane figures he’ll have more kinky sex than he can handle. Unfortunately, his new owner has other ideas. Intergalactic explorer Ertic Stin was utterly content with his life when his entire world was destroyed by one royal summons. Determined to avoid breeding with his queen, Ertic will do anything to escape her. The last thing his plan included was kinky sex with a lusty Earthling. When Zane clearly enjoys Ertic’s discipline, Ertic finds himself slowly but surely ensnared. But his newly roused sexual needs are nothing compared to the powerful emotions that change everything he thought he knew about himself. Awakened for the first time, the last thing Ertic wants to do is sacrifice himself or his lusty slave to a bitter queen.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Enslaved by a Trailblazer (MM)
21 Ratings (4.0)

Enslaved by a Trailblazer (MM)

Sold! 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,971
21 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Awesome new alien!!! ;D. Liked the story and can't wait for the next ones!!
excellent reading. To fully understand how humans come to be on the planet you really need to read the first book Enslaved by a warrior. This storyline is facinating with an alien with two cocks, quite funny at times. I quite like the kinky mind of this writer as shes given these aliens some extra sexual talents to pleasure their mates with.
Professional Reviews

"The third book in this series offers yet another take on the "alien abduction" theme. Even just reading the beginning of the blurb ("All he wanted was some kinky sex...") made me smile, but this one sentence is actually a pretty accurate summary of the idea behind the story. And boy, is this newest abducted human in for some kinky sex. Not the way he necessarily would have defined it before he was taken, but since he's always been curious about "how aliens do it", he is well suited for what his new master has in mind for him. Zane likes to play the slave, and enjoys the odd bit of bondage as much as the next guy. But when his temporary master leaves him behind in the dungeon and he almost dies, his perspective changes. And not just because slavery is suddenly no longer a concept, nor temporary. His new master takes the whole thing rather seriously and has some very dark plans. Ertic is a desperate Uhiran. Ordered to mate with a queen he has never met, and knowing that all her consorts end up dead much sooner than later, he comes up with a crazy escape plan. He needs a slave's help, but finds Zane less than accommodating. Even wringing all four of his hands won't help, and he is in for a real learning experience as soon as he starts listening to Zane. With a great balance between humorous remarks, some very kinky alien sex, and quickly developing feelings between two very unlikely partners, this book is my favorite so far. It isn't as rough as the first book was in places, and less romantic than the second one, but the humor and fascinating alien physiology meant I enjoyed it even more. If you like stories with interesting aliens, if you enjoy the "master" learning from his "slave", and if you enjoy surprise endings, then you will probably like this book." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Eventually, the booming voice pronounced him sold and he was whisked toward the back of the stage. Once through the curtain, he was guided by unseen hands. They washed him carefully and then pushed him out a door and into a long hallway. A leash was attached to his collar, and then he was pulled along.

Zane didn’t resist. He was curious what the hell was going on now. He honestly had no idea where he was, but he no longer thought this was the last gasp of his dying brain. Everything was way too real. He even felt the texture of the carpet below his feet. It was stiff and unyielding like industrial-grade carpet. Since Zane loved to go barefoot when he wasn’t working, he’d felt a lot of carpets. On the docks he had to wear steel-toed boots. He hated it, but he thought he would hate crushed toes more, so he wore them.

Whatever was leading him kept an even pace that matched Zane’s long strides. Eventually, the hallway opened into what looked like the foyer of one hell of a big building. His entire apartment complex could fit in this one floor. Curious creatures were grouped in little clusters here and there, making him dart his gaze around as he tried to identify them. He thought this must be some kind of UFO convention or something similar since there wasn’t another human in the bunch. Who wanted to be a human when there were so many cool aliens on the books from the works of Larry Niven, Gene Roddenberry, and Isaac Asimov?

Still, as he considered the creatures, he didn’t see any he recognized, and he found that very strange. Cool aliens from film, books, television, and graphic novels had always been one of Zane’s passions. What he enjoyed was their unique cultures and understanding how their system of laws and daily interactions was inherently different from his own. He’d read about cultures that prized physical prowess, those who disdained it, and those who didn’t give it much thought. But what his dirty little mind always came back to was how they had sex. Sometimes, with the bipeds, it was pretty obvious, but some of the stranger creatures, like the puppeteers from Larry Niven’s brain, gave him a run for his money. From gleanings in his novels, he knew they had three sexes rather than two, but Mr. Niven never spilled the details on how the creatures actually got it on.

“Like it matters.”

It didn’t, but he was curious anyway. Zane couldn’t remember a time when sex—and all its fascinating mutations—didn’t interest him. As he followed his invisible handler, he found he was once again looking at cool aliens and trying to figure out how they did it. He chuckled to himself. He could become an author and write The Big Book of Alien Sex. It would sell millions of copies. He could go from planet to planet signing books and perhaps giving demonstrations.

Now he looked at the creatures in the lobby with a stronger eye. He couldn’t tell male or female with most of them, but the only one he would flat-out refuse to fuck was the gelatinous blob that reminded him of Jabba the Hutt. He’d seen a parody, Pizza the Hutt, and had laughed his ass off, but he still wasn’t real keen on sticking his dick in whatever that creature was.

A tug on his leash drew his attention, and Zane looked over to the creature at the other end. Everything in his world came to a screeching halt. He went so still that for a moment even his heart stopped beating. He was looking at a humanoid that was easily eight feet tall, but he had four arms. Clad in a dark blue outfit that seemed to absorb light, the curious alien smoothed back his beautiful bronze hair with one hand as his other upper one held Zane’s leash. One of his lower hands pulled up his trousers while the other slipped something into his front pocket.

That caused Zane to look down at his trousers. His hips were very wide, probably to hold up his massive upper body. His legs were easily twice as big around as Zane’s thighs, but what really got his attention was the fact that there were two distinct bulges in his pants.


Zane looked up the expanse of his bronzed god and grinned.




It was on the tip of his tongue to spill everything, but he held back. Just because he felt an affinity for this slave did not mean he felt the same toward Ertic. After how he’d hurt him, he might just be trying to get information out of him so he could use it against him. That is what Ertic would do if their situations were reversed.

“My duty is to go to her and fill her belly with offspring.” And that was precisely what he didn’t want to do. Ertic wanted children someday, but he did not want children who he wouldn’t be allowed to see or take care of. He most definitely didn’t want his offspring to be used as negotiating points or as tools for a vain queen who cared more about what she wore than what her people had for sustenance.

“Which of your cocks will you use on her? Or does she have two vaginas?”

It took a moment to translate the last word, but Ertic already understood what his slave was asking. Most slaves would be too embarrassed to question an alien about his sex life, but this one made it seem the most normal question in the universe. Given how he’d discussed his own kind’s sexuality, it wasn’t much wonder.

“She has two, but one is for excretory purposes, like where I’m filling you.” Ertic looked down and enjoyed the sight of his smooth, hairless cock drilling into his slave’s hairy behind. He wasn’t covered with fur, not like a pelt, but he had enough to form a stunning contrast to the smoothness of Ertic’s form. When he thrust as deeply into him as he could, he was rewarded with a tickle from Zane’s hair. “However, I will use my lower cock, my mating cock.”

“Are they different?” Squirming, Zane caused his passage to clench around Ertic’s prick, which almost propelled him into release. He had to use his lower hands to hold his slave still and took several calming breaths to regain his composure.

“One is for pleasure.” Ertic withdrew until only the tip of his prick was pressed against his slave’s hole. He watched his eyes, waiting for just the right moment. When he found it, he surged forward, filling him in one thrust. “The other is strictly for procreation.”

“You’ve never put it in anyone?”


“Have you ever been tempted?”

Ertic peered down at Zane’s eager face. “You’d like me to put it in you, wouldn’t you?”

“I would.”

“You haven’t even seen it. For all you know it could have barbs.”

Zane’s eyes went big and then narrowed. “That doesn’t seem right when the rest of you is totally smooth.”

“You haven’t even discovered all that this cock can do.” Ertic pulled almost all the way out, but before Zane could look down, he rammed into him, making him utter a whimpering cry that was practically music to his ears. “You are the most sensual creature.”

“I’m glad you noticed.”

“Do you succumb to me so easily in the hopes I shall free you?” Ertic couldn’t help but suspect his oh-so-willing slave had an ulterior motive.

“Free me? No. You don’t seem the type. I just hope if I please you that you will stop bullying me.” Zane met his gaze without any trace of guile. Were all humans so straightforward?

Ertic considered his servant’s request. He wasn’t asking for a lot. In fact, if Ertic were allowed to ask the queen for anything, he might do the same. But his request would be for her not to force him into procreating when he didn’t wish to. Yet Ertic was torn. If he relented too much, Zane might perceive him as weak and easily taken advantage of. That was something Ertic couldn’t tolerate. He needed this man to help him with his desperate idea. One slip could reveal too much and potentially put both of them at the queen’s displeasure. A flick of her wrist and a certain cast of her silver eyes could end with them facing death in the most horrific way imaginable. But he didn’t want to think about such machinations when he was just now discovering the pleasure of sexual congress.

As Ertic grasped his slave and fucked him in earnest, he wondered what he would do now. It was too late to return to his cold state, and truthfully, that was not what he honestly wanted to do. But he couldn’t continue down this intimate road with a slave. Caught up between what he wanted and what he knew was safe, Ertic found himself leaning toward danger. In some way, Ertic knew he was only sublimating his desire to conquer the ice walls of ToBo into conquering his delectable slave, but Ertic found himself powerless to stop.

Using his lower hands to hold Zane’s hips, Ertic leaned into him and over him so that he could use his upper arms to stroke Zane’s now-hard cock. When Zane struggled, Ertic pinned him and reveled in the way Zane’s pupils dilated. He liked being overpowered. Considering how big he was in relation to the other humans on the auction block, it was unlikely he ran into many humans who could command him without using the devices he spoke of.

Once Ertic had his lusty slave immobilized, he showed him the unique functions of his pleasure cock. Shoving it deep into Zane’s ass, Ertic then closed his eyes and allowed his lust to build. As his desire increased, the cuppanna, a hard cylinder around his pleasure cock, swelled and then started to move up and down the length of his shaft. This provided stimulation to him and his partner.

Opening his eyes, Ertic gazed into Zane’s eyes, loving the surprised arousal he found. The more roused Ertic became, the more his mobile flesh moved.


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