Fiery Match

A Rhynian Story 2

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 13,122
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The green-eyed alien would make her trust again…

He could take any woman on earth at will. Then Cor of Rhyn found the entrancing Nikka. Her indifference, beauty, and effect on him proved that she's the one he'd been looking for. She was the answer to his mission. But how could he make her accept him—an alien? If it took him more years on earth to make her agree to trust an alien that turns green, he would wait—even if it cost him his entire race.

The softhearted beauty that captured an alien…

Nikka was fooled by a man once. She wouldn't let another fool her again. When a gorgeous man asked her out on their first meeting, she told him to go away. She couldn't trust the green-eyed handsome and put her heart at risk again. Worse, he declared that he was an alien. And yet, when he touched her, she failed to fight the passions that broke the steel she wrapped around her heart.

Fiery Match
0 Ratings (0.0)

Fiery Match

A Rhynian Story 2

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 13,122
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Scott Carpenter

It is time.

Cor sat in his usual spot. He looked across the street and spotted Nikka through the window. She was watching him.

He smiled.

She stared. This time, though, she didn’t look away and disappear somewhere inside her store. Wow. That was new. Progress? He damned hope so.

He leaned back on the chair and rested his ankle on top of the other, his eyes never leaving the Pink Petals flower shop across the street for more than a minute.

He’d been watching Nikka for weeks now since he spotted her unloading buckets of flowers from her old truck. At the time, she was wearing jeans, white tank top, and slip-ons.

Infatuation, crush, puppy love, or obsession. Humans would probably use those words to describe how he felt toward Nikka. To him, though, it was a sign—that he finally found his match. To prove it, though, wouldn’t be easy. Turning green was just the first step. To make Nikka believe that he was an alien and then make love with him while holding his searing necklace…Damn. How in the world did his brother, Kyr, even manage to convince Jade to do that?

Kyr had found his soul mate, Jade. It took him three years, but he did find her. The great thing about their story was that they fell in love with each other almost instantly. Hard to top that.

Now, they await the arrival of their first child, which was the very same reason why he came here to earth. To have his own child

Unlike his brother though, the only woman who could give him a boner and turn his color green had been avoiding him as if he ranked with BO. For some odd reason, Nikka didn’t like him at first sight. She scowled when he introduced himself and he thought she would skewer him with her scissors when he asked her out. Since then, she would pretend he wasn’t even in her store whenever he tried to converse with her. Fuck, he couldn’t understand why.

He’d never been in a situation like this before. To get laid, find a date, or get a woman’s attention, all he had to do was look at the woman. His charm, this time, didn’t work with Nikka.

No woman ever found him so repulsive where she actually hurt his ego. However, her rejection wasn’t enough reason for him to go back to his planet Rhyn.

It had been two years since his father gave him the go to come to Earth and follow Kyr. Just like his brothers, he had one mission—find a woman who would carry his seed to keep the Rhynians race from extinction. He and his brothers were among the few given the task.

At the time, he believed his mission to be simple. Hell, how hard could it be to mate with a woman, right? Here on Earth or in Rhyn, a prelude to making love was the same—a smile, subtle flirtation, sweet caress…oh yeah. Those things were enough to get a woman naked. Unfortunately, even with a woman’s mouth wrapped around his dick, or sucking another woman’s breasts, none of them had made him turn green.

No. None of them had any effects on him. Just the need to fuck.

Until Nikka.

Ah. Even her name could give him a boner. Cor felt his skin tingle. He looked at his hand. Sure enough, he started to turn green. Quickly, he suppressed his desire lest humans would notice him. He must do something. Soon. His father had been waiting, and his need to have Nikka grew each day.

Nikka, baby. I need you.

Blue sparkling eyes that could shoot fire when annoyed, dark hair that she constantly tied in a bun, facial bones that were delicately carved and full rosy mouth that he wanted to nibble on had kept him awake for nights now. Nikka wasn’t a great beauty, but oozing with fucking sex appeal, he couldn’t stop thinking about making love with her.

Damn. Wouldn’t that be nice if he could lay with her until the sun rose?

He might not get lucky like Kyr to find love in such a short time, but if he could convince Nikka to agree to his proposal, that would be great. He would offer her a fortune big enough to match all the rich men in the world combined in exchange of becoming a mother of his child. When that happened, his job here on Earth would be done and he could go back to Rhyn, work beside his father, defend his planet, and help clean it by getting rid of the fucking greedy rats who had cost many Rhynians’ lives.

Rhyn, a planet he loved and would continue to defend suffered in the hands of Orkinians from the planet Orkin. The smelly and pasty bastards, jealous of Rhyn’s success, penetrated their defenses by pretending to agree to a truce. The sons of bitches made sure they killed all women and children.

Led by his father, they fought a bloody battle that lasted longer than they had expected. Strong and better-trained soldiers, they had managed to drive the Orkinians out of Rhyn, but not until after many lives were lost and only a few men had survived.

It didn’t take long before the council leaders realized the significance of the number of deaths. Almost all child-bearing women and children were killed. The Orkinians meant to wipe them out, and had nearly succeeded on their first attack.

With Rhynians on the verge of extinction, his father and the other leaders had thought of a way to save their race—send men to Earth to find their match. Keep the blood of Rhynians alive through women on Earth.

And Cor wouldn’t disappoint him.

Fuck. He must not botch his chance with Nikka. Cor took a pen from his back pocket. On the table he spread the napkin that he snagged from the coffee shop.

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