[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Sci-Fi Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition, spanking, HEA] 
Logan must be losing his touch. His mission was supposed to have been a quick grab and go. His beings are more than he had been led to believe. Just when he thinks he knows his path, Logan finds out that destiny has something else in mind for him. How did Logan get his ass bit by a werewolf? The next thing Logan knows there is a handsome dark warrior that has his heart pounding as badly as the beautiful She-wolf. Logan is reeling from the effects of becoming a werewolf, Celeste is still fighting her attraction to Farron, and it is up to Logan to help this fledging relationship succeed. Farron knows what he wants, these two beautiful beings! Can Farron help Logan accept his new werewolf side? Can Logan help Farron and Celeste learn to accept the beauty of their love? Will Logan be able to adjust to his new life and accept his place beside Celeste and Farron?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Logan's Company (MMF)
7 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I have been a fan of Dace Everan for quite some time. Once again she has managed to grab me from the very first chapter. There were twists and turns that I didn't expect. Just when I was sure I knew how this story was going to play out, she surprised me. (I love when that happens!) The Hero's were hot, and the heroine was another kick-ass female. BUUUUTTTT, she was one of my favorite types of women, the type who needed a man to be sensitive to her needs, then teach and seduce her. The passion was off the charts. I highly recommend this book.
Caitlyn O’Leary
Love this author, didn't love this book. I really liked Logan and Farron but Celeste......not so much. She was petulant and a little too whiny for my taste. While I understood that Logan and Farron were her mates and some of her actions were uncontrollable instinct, she never took responsibility for her actions and their consequences IMO. She completley changed Logan's life, and Farron basically had to take responsibility for HER actions. She seemed felt very selfish and it annoyed me. I couldn't connect with her and that unfortunately marred the story for me. It's a shame, because as I said, I really, really liked Farron and Logan. I especially liked Logan's attitude (his reactions were very realistic) and Farron's vulnerability, particularly for an Alpha, which was interesting and different. I think this this could've been a great book, had I liked the heroine more.




“Relax, would you?” Celeste grumbled, crossing her legs and relaxing back into her seat.

Logan gave her a sidelong glance. “I have things to do. The sooner this is dealt with, the sooner I can get back to my life.”

“Your life is now a part of ours, young Logan.” The thick husky voice pulled Logan’s gaze away from Celeste and her beauty, to the table. Farron’s father stood and was looking right at him.

Logan raised a brow. Was he supposed to stand? “Yes, well, before that happens I have unfinished business in my world,” he replied, leaning back in his chair and draping an arm over the back of Celeste’s chair.

Fallon, Farron’s father, narrowed his eyes and shot a look at his son. “Have you not explained to him our ways, Farron?” he asked.

Farron gave a nod. “We discussed it a little.”

Fallon released a breath. “Logan. You will not return to your life. You can’t. You will hurt people.”

Logan snorted. “I’ve been given this lecture. I don’t care. I have things to do.” He looked pointedly at Celeste. “Maybe someone should have taught this one manners and some honor.”

Celeste straightened up. “Excuse me!” she blabbered out.

Logan nodded. “Yeah, you. You ungrateful, selfish little twit.” He sat up and stared at her. “I don’t care how fucking hot you are. The fact that you only thought of yourself in taking my life and changing it shows you are nothing but selfish and immature.”

Celeste growled and narrowed her eyes on him. “Had I not have done it, Farron would have!” she seethed, glaring at Farron for back up.

“Enough!” Fallon yelled, glaring at the two. “Logan. You cannot leave! You are a danger to the humans. You are not protected out there if you leave us.”

Logan stood then. “I don’t need protecting! I have my own protection.”

Farron straightened out at the intimidating stance Logan took. “What will you do when the scientists get their hands on you?”

Logan narrowed his eyes. “What scientists?” he asked, intrigued. Maybe this explained some of the species they had been gathering. He was sure the women Jariko and Alisha had gone after had had the DNA of animals in them. Fuck, he wished he could contact someone! Fallon pulled out a chair motioning for Logan to join the head table.

Fallon gave a nod to Farron, who in turn stood and left the room. Celeste frowned. “What’s going on?” she demanded. What was going on here? Fallon took a seat and glanced at Dolan then back to Logan. “We made the decision to join our clans to strengthen our breeds.” He looked at Celeste. She was a spoiled brat, but the blood that ran in her veins was pure and strong. As was Farron’s. Their children would be strong. “Men of my pack were on a run and came upon a group of humans trapping wolves. Not just your typical wolf… us.” He looked at Dolan. “We have had four bitches taken from us.” He turned when Farron reappeared with a stack of papers in his hands. “Sit, Farron. Perhaps Logan will hear you better than I,” he suggested, pushing a chair out for his son. The elders at the table grumbled under their breath at the inappropriateness for what was happening. Fallon held up a hand to silence any argument. “This is a new era, my brothers. New technology. Farron has studied hard to figure out what he could.” He looked at Logan. “This one would know how to handle this situation.” Logan glanced at the papers, nodding for Fallon to hand them over. Fallon slid them to Logan and all watched as the new wolf went through each piece, one excruciating moment at time.

After long-drawn-out minutes and many pages Logan glanced at Farron. “You have an office?” He had to have some sort of set up somewhere. Someplace he had computers something.

Farron nodded. “In my home,” he assured him.

Logan nodded. “We go there then I want to take a walk and scope this place out.” He motioned to the stack of papers. Somewhere deep in these forests was a hidden lab that Farron’s people had followed these kidnappers to.

Farron shook his head. “They have surveillance,” he uttered. He knew that firsthand. He’d lost two of his brethren trying to help others escape the place and the creatures that had come rushing out. He had lost track of who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. He had seen some morph into wolves and take down others. Hurt filled him to see his own kind attack and viciously kill their own kind. It was one thing to be territorial. But if a wolf ran from you, you did not run them down and rip them apart. You didn’t need to.




Farron grasped her tits in his hands, his thumb and forefinger pinching her nipples into hard nubs. He rubbed his dick against her ass and dragged his teeth along her neck, down over her shoulder, and bit. The squeak that escaped her made his dick harder and his animal growl. Her hips rolled against him and he fought not to come all over her.

Logan settled on his back and grinned when Farron guided Celeste to drape herself over him. Her mouth was hot and hungry as it took his in an eager kiss. His hands roamed her heated flesh as he felt Farron readying to take their mate. Her whole body froze when the head of Farron’s cock pressed against her seeping pussy. She huffed out a heavy breath and her eyes with his. “Ready, baby?” he asked, catching sight of Farron’s hand take hold of Celeste’s shoulder out of his peripheral vision.

Celeste gave a nod and her eyes widened when she felt Logan’s fingers skim over her pussy.

“Wait, Farron. Slow and steady, my friend.” He moaned as his fingers slid through Celeste’s warm juices. He circled her clit, slow and steady, and then flicked his finger over the pulsing nub. She released a squeak and at the same time shoved back against Farron, her eyes widening further then slamming shut as she released a grunt.

“Shh, baby… breathe,” Logan coaxed, glad Farron went still, allowing Celeste to adjust to his girth and length in her virgin pussy. His fingers slowly circled her clit. “Feel it, Celeste. Feel the way Farron fills you.”

Celeste’s eyes shot open when she felt Farron finger her anus. She shook her head. No way in hell. Farron already filled her so much and she had had no idea it would hurt like that. Her eyes squeezed shut as her brain tried to figure out all the feelings whirring through her. Farron filling her cunt. Logan fingering her clit. His mouth nipping at her nipples. One at a time. Suckling them, nipping them. Farron’s finger massaging her anus, slowly penetrating her. She cried out, her body moving forward to shove back against Farron’s thick cock. Yes! That was what she wanted. She rocked against Farron’s cock, and her eyes shot open when his fingers were buried in her ass.

Logan chuckled. “Now we are ready,” he praised.

Celeste cried out at the loss of Farron’s dick from her cunt. No, she wanted him in her! Filling her, now.

“Shh, my love,” Farron whispered over her shoulder, rubbing the tip of his dick against her ass.

Celeste’s eyes rolled at the sensation. Logan’s thick finger continued to assault her clit. She mewled out, wanting to be filled. “Please…” she begged, wanting one of them to fill her. She stilled when she felt her hair being bunched up and her head being pulled back. She looked over her shoulder at Farron as he held her in place.

“Mine, Celeste. You are mine,” he declared, slamming into her ass.

Celeste cried out, whimpering as Logan fingered her clit erratically and Farron took her ass fiercely.

Farron pulled from her and easily flipped her over and helped Logan guide her onto his weeping cock.

“About fucking time, man!” Logan growled, his dick pulsing as it sank into Celeste’s ass. He sighed and hugged her close, his hands cupping her tits. “Open your eyes, baby. Look Farron in the eye when he fucks you,” he ordered and grinned with pride when Celeste opened her eyes. They both waited patiently as Farron cleaned his thick cock before he would take her weeping swollen pussy. Her legs spread as Farron knelt between her spread legs, his dick grasped in his own hand.

Celeste whimpered at the sight. “Give me, please, Farron,” she pleaded, bucking her hips toward him, crying out in ecstasy at the feel of Logan’s thick, rock hard dick buried in her ass.

Farron chuckled and watched as Logan’s hand glided down Celeste’s lean body and his middle and forefinger spread her pussy lips, exposing her bright pink, stimulated, glistening pussy to him.

“Lick her, Farron. Lick her back to front then suck on that sweet pink nub,” he ordered.

Farron did as he was told and her taste exploded in his mouth. He growled and ran his tongue slowly up her slit till he hit that exquisite pink nub and he closed his mouth around it and sucked. Celeste cried out and jerked against Farron’s face. Her hands pulled at his hair as he continued his assault on her clit. She gyrated her hips, and stars sparked in her vision at the overwhelming feeling Logan’s dick generated in her ass. Her breath caught in her throat and she was sure she would rip out of her skin right then and there.

“Ride it, baby.”

Celeste cried out at the soft beckoning tone of Logan’s voice. His hand squeezed her tit and she arched her back. Her clit getting tugged by Farron’s teeth. Her ass clenching around Logan’s dick.

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