Fueled By Lust: Kyros and Nierius (MFM)

Fueled by Lust 14

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,794
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Menage a Trois, Romantic Suspense, Science Fiction, MFM, HEA]

Twins Kyros and Nierius Rusina meet their perfect female in a dream. When using an ancestral technique to physically transport them to her, a clueless friend yanks them away before confirming the location of their new mate. Time to beg for Cato’s help…but not without a mind-bending twist and personal cost.

Danielle Bach thinks she’s dreaming. How else could the two hunks she’d stumbled across in a beautiful mystic meadow be standing at the foot of her bed? Determined not to waste a second before the alarm clock ruins everything, she takes a titillating erotic tumble with the Greek sex gods claiming to be aliens from another planet. Poof! They disappear. So why the hell is their underwear still on her bedroom floor? Imagine the shock as the sexy briefs dissipate into little golden orbs and float away? Crap! Was that real?

Book 14 in the FBL Series yanks you right back into the lives of the sexy, loveable warriors.

 Note: This is Book 14 in the series. The story is not a stand-alone.   

Fueled By Lust: Kyros and Nierius (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Fueled By Lust: Kyros and Nierius (MFM)

Fueled by Lust 14

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,794
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Something’s different,” Nierius whispered.

Kyros stood perfectly still, pressed a hand over his thundering heart, and wiggled surprised toes against recognizable softness. “Carpet.”

“What? Oh, yeah, you’re right. Inferni! I can’t see anything. Can you?”

“Not yet.” Willing his eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room, Kyros pulled his hand away and stared at a sweat-coated palm. He held it out to his brother. “Look at this.”

“What? I can’t see a thing.”

“My hand’s wet. We’re real.”

“Impossible. I distinctly saw our bodies still on the bed before the darkness consumed us.”

“Then explain the chills running over my flesh. I feel air blowing on me. Don’t you hear it?”


“Air-conditioning. A low hum.”

A clattering of objects and a soft curse to his left pulled his attention.

“You’re right,” Nierius whooshed out on a tight breath. “Just knocked my shin into something. Fuck, that hurt.”

“You doubted father’s words?”

“Couldn’t imagine being physically in two places at the same time. I just assumed a dream state like before, but longer.”

“Before was mere child’s play for our clueless asses. We walk the astral plane in a corporeal form now. He said as much,” Kyros stressed. “See? No eerily thick fog and trying to feel our way around. We’re standing here in our skivvies, just as we were on the bed. That didn’t happen before.”

“Where’s here?”

Kyros skirted the surroundings, steadily coming into focus. “A living room. Look. Couch, the low table you slammed, recliner, and a television the humans always have around makes it evident. We’re on Earth. An apartment or house.” He made out Nierius’s subtle nods of acceptance.

“Apartment. It’s small and has the same layout as the one Petrus had.” Carefully stepping around the shin-buster, Nierius approached the open dining room and glanced back with a raised brow. “Someone likes their computers, don’t you think?”

Eyeing three monitors taking up space on the glass-topped dining table, Kyros followed the wires leading to several consoles resting on chairs behind the setup. If Cato had been present, he’d clue them to the other little gadgets and blinking items, he mused. “Indeed.”

Nierius pointed to the closed door on the right. “Should be the sleeping quarters. The other one leads into a small bathroom.”

Their eyes locked, and Kyros joined his brother at the object of increasing interest. “Pray we focused correctly,” he whispered. “We have but one chance with this.” A quick twist and soft push of the doorknob sent a rush of fragrant aroma around the panel’s edge and knocked his senses silly. The lolling of Nierius’s head and deep intake of breath proved he suffered the same.

Ah, lilacs! I beseech the gods there’s not a flower shop next door.

Kyros chuckled, remembering his brother’s previous encounter with the heady bouquet quickly leading him down a wrong path. They would not be so cruel.

He caught Nierius’s trembling forearm and pulled him within a room bathed in sedate moonlight filtering through filmy window curtains. Halting at the end of the king-size bed, he gestured toward the still form taking up its center. See their true gift? You owe an apology for the moment of doubt.

Aye, and it’s willingly given.

There before them lay a female splayed in blissful slumber. One arm lay flung above her head, partially covering a swath of reddish-golden hair predominant against the blue pillowcase. The tresses drifted as a curling ribbon along her ribs, ending above a plump, curvy hip. One dainty hand lay pressed against her lower belly, holding the light gray coverlet in place and denying them a view of the remainder of her luscious body. Though large breasts were deliciously evident, the silky green gown teasingly hid nipples budded into perfect points.

Aww, she’s exquisite, Nierius gushed. Our little sprite no longer hides in the shadows with only tinkling laughter to bring us closer. Look at this face, will you? Angelic. Her dark lashes appear as little smiles against alabaster skin.

I can’t move away from those pouty lips. Only when I covered my eyes would she come close and allow them to brush against mine. Why would she hide from us in her dreams, Nierius? She’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.

She stirred and ceased the breath in their lungs.

Did I say this aloud?

No. Crap! Let’s mist. She’s rising.

I can’t, Kyros lamented. He remained frozen, afraid to even swallow as their long-sought female pushed to a sitting position, owl-blinked a few times and then stilled. Nierius’s energy bombarded his side to the point of nipping pain. Stop it, he warned.

What do we do?

Nothing. Look.

A most beatific smile began lifting the corners of their potential’s lips until a dimple presented below each flushed cheek, promptly relaxing his muscles. Though captivated with her even, white teeth, Kyros tore his gaze away and zeroed in on magnetic blue irises, instantly tugging at his emotions. Unable to withstand her scrutiny, he fixated on the lovely smattering of faded freckles peppering the bridge of an elegant nose now flaring at the edges. He was not prepared for the sultry words drifting to his ears.

“Oh, my God. This is the best dream ever. You came back.”




The twins instantly relaxed yet refused to release her. For many excruciating moments, nothing but the gradual soothing of their breath held her attention. Danielle cocked her head and began wondering why she’d conjured such powerful men. Had she subconsciously sought protection? Was she just fooling herself to think her work was innocuous and unnoticed? Her gut rolled as she glanced from one exceedingly handsome face to the next. Were they just the pretty covering now blanketing much darker thoughts? An escape?

Both their eyes opened simultaneously and nailed her with their beauty, snapping her from the grinding analysis of wayward motives.

“Hi,” she croaked.

They smiled and melted her heart.

“You are so gods-damn beautiful,” Kyros issued on a breathless whisper.

“And not even aware how exquisite,” Nierius added. “This makes us love you even more.”

Her cheeks heated. “Damn, there really is something wrong with me, obviously. Nobody falls in love that fast.” She snorted and rolled her eyes. “For fuck’s sake, Danielle. Play along. This shit ain’t real. Okay, hunky man, when did the love bug bite?”

“Since the moment we first invaded your dream state,” Kyros claimed. “You sang a beautiful song and drew us. Your laughter kept us there. Though you stayed within the shadows, we knew you were ours. It was inevitable.”

“Wow, I could get used to this. You got some badass lines making me feel all dopey and stupid.” She giggled. “I hope I’m in a coma, and they never bring me out.”

Nierius cut a quick glance at his brother and chuckled. “We agree your mind is the most intriguing draw and binds us to you forever. We are the lucky ones,” he stressed.

Both pushed up to an elbow and rolled slightly to the side, sealing their hips against her thighs. She marveled at how perfectly they mirrored each other.

“Awesomeness times two. Wish I knew how to paint. I’d brush stroke you onto my ceiling, so I could stare at you for hours and meet you here over and over again.” She pursed her lips. “Yeah, face it, Danielle, you’re going to cry like an idiot when you wake up.”

Kyros’s thick lashes narrowed, sultry eyes peering into her very soul. “But we’re here now. In this moment.” His tongue peeked out and quickly swiped his bottom lip. “Togae vobis dimittere mi feminam. Nos postulo ut omnes pulchritudinem tuam.”

Her pussy woke up, knocked out a hard pulse, and rippled with excitement as his sensual words caressed her ears and set off another round of chills.

“Aw, shit. How can just the tone of your voice make me lose all muscle function?” she confessed. “What did you say?”

“Release your gown, my female. We need to see all of your beauty.”

 The unwavering eyes and sincerity oozing from his words helped shove self-doubt, unfulfilling fumbling encounters, and hopelessness into the darkest of corners. She didn’t want to remember anything but this very moment. Danielle ripped the silk over her head and tossed it aside. Growing bravery straightened her back as they surveyed every inch of her flesh. Their enthralled gaze and wispy sensation of a thousand fingers caressing her skin further tightened her nipples to the point of pain. She moaned once in response, instantly finding herself flipped over and flat on her back, engrossed with watching two sumptuous mouths sucking the nubbins with abandon while large hands lovingly cupped the mounds. They massaged her breasts and licked her into a twisting frenzy.

“Oh, my God, that feels so good,” she cried out. Warm breath wafted across her chin.

Danielle opened her eyes to find Kyros inches from her face and rumbling, “I need to kiss you, bellula. I crave your taste.”

Nierius’s muffled, “As do I,” followed.

Her breath sucked inward as she sensed him ripping her panties away and burying his head between her parting legs.

“Geezus, Danielle,” rushed from her lips. “You’ve been reading too many romance novels. Chapter six, paragraph four. Damn!”

Kyros’s mouth slammed over hers and proved the brothers had differing talents with their tongues, both devasting, masterful, and overwhelming her to the point of blacking out. Kyros seemed to sense her need to breathe by nipping at her lips and then coming back for more. Each languid push of his tongue against hers synced with Nierius’s delve insider her quivering pussy. For crying out loud, just kill me now! He practically vibrated against anything with a nerve. Choreographed erotic plunder yanked her toward a blissful toss over the wall marked “Come until your teeth clack” and pulled her into embracing darkness, tumbling her body over and over as kisses peppering across her face and inner thighs kept her connected to the men owning her body, heart, and soul.

“Look at you, my love. Passion grips your face. So beautiful. That’s it. Take what Nierius provides. He drinks from a bountiful well of aromatic cream, leaving you slick and wet. Gods, I need to be inside you. Let me have you.”

“Please,” she begged.

His chest grazed across her nipples, and she arched to smash them against his radiating heat, crying out as his cock notched at her vibrating pussy and shoved inside. The engorged thickness met her G-spot with a high-five slap and threw her into another round of blistering nirvana and frantic pushes of her pelvis to force his penetration even deeper.

“Yes,” she repeated on a guttural loop as he reared back and jackhammered inside until fully seated. Smashing her heels against his glorious ass, she grunted and sealed them together.

“Ah, gods, you’re squeezing me so tightly.” His pelvis ground her into the mattress as both hands pressed next to her shoulders. He slowly rose on shaking arms, eyes focused on the necklace tooth dragging across her nipple and then lifting to swing between her heaving breasts. “Fuck, that’s sexy,” he whispered.

Nierius settled on his side next to them, arm circling the top of her head and hand burying into the mass of disheveled hair resting on her shoulder. His other hand slipped across her ribs. “Move, brother, give me room to touch our female.”

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