[Siren Classic: Erotic Fantasy Paranormal Sci-Fi Romantic Suspense, HEA]
Keos Nazario had one task: retrieve stolen technology or compromise the empire. But crashing into a luscious female when seconds away from a successful mission wasn’t part of his equation. Neither was forcing her and a thieving male back to Insedivertus for an audience with the emperor. Could she ever forgive him, or would he always be the one that stole her body but lost her heart?
Everly Burke had no clue that coming home early would land her in a hot mess. Instead of the soak in a tub she craved, she got a trip through a surreal world fraught with danger and a firm understanding that life, as she knew it, was over. Throw in a personal battle with a mouthwatering alien, past demons simmering beneath the surface, and a heart unwilling to defrost, and the bomb was sure to explode.
Book 10 in the Fueled by Lust Series continues delivering up one excruciatingly delicious warrior after another…want one?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fueled by Lust: Keos (MF)
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Yeah, right. Keep wishing, buddy.”

Head flopping back against the floorboard, Keos heard a derisive snort as Everly began rifling through his front jeans pockets. He was suddenly glad the searing heat radiating from the mating necklace’s tooth now resting against his left nipple had instantly sent his dick into retreat or she would’ve found more than just his phone. She grunted a few times before giving up on yanking his wallet out from under his heavy, lethargic body.

Head rolling to the side, Keos watched in despair as she stepped over him, set the phone down, and began stomping the hell out of it. He tried misting, not surprised that his core was too busy gleefully fucking around to grant permission.

“Now why did you go and do that for?” he croaked.

“Tracking device. I’m sure you’re not alone in this shit.”

She pushed the lever and opened the bus doors, tossed the mangled mess into the darkness and resealed them. He was completely surprised she hadn’t tried kicking in his head while crawling onto the driver’s seat. Exceptional hearing somewhat returning, Keos latched on to her mumbled words as she analyzed the console.

“Okay, just like the school bus but just bigger. Piece of cake. You can do this.”

The vehicle began slowly rolling out on to the highway. He found himself impressed that she didn’t grind the gears while shifting and picking up speed. Her triumphant smile faded away as she tapped frantically on the dashboard’s mapping unit.

“Where in the hell am I?” she whispered. “Crap! Why won’t it light up?”

“You broke it.”

She startled. “No I didn’t.”

“Yes. You slammed into it when you woke. The screen’s cracked.”

She stared at the wrecked unit, lips pursed. “I was rightfully disoriented.” She threw disgruntled eye darts at him for a few seconds and then focused on the road again. “What kind of drugs did you use on me?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You sprayed me with that can. I had the most vivid, weird hallucination of my life.” She shivered. “It seemed so real.”

“That wasn’t a drug. It was a nano-based game,” he countered, figuring the truth had to come rocking out at some point.

“What a crock of shit,” she scoffed while dismissively flipping her hand in the air. “Doesn’t matter what you say. I won’t trust a word falling out of your mouth.”

Keos observed her eyes flicking to all the mirrors before she glanced down, brows furrowed, wagging an index finger close to his nose, and voice thick with anger.

“Let’s get something straight right now, buster.”

Keos liked that her hands weren’t sharply clawed like the females in the club—no paint either. Why didn’t I notice that before? Nice.

“He won’t give a shit that you took me,” she continued. “If you thought you could get some money or a reaction out of him, you’re dead wrong. What did he do, not ensure a contract went in your favor, or refuse to answer some calls?”

“Wait. What are you talking about?”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re mafia, right?”

“If I understand this word, you believe me to be a criminal?”

“Duh. Damn straight I do. A hired goon.”

“I’m an Elite warrior,” he said with a little heat, “not a goon.”

“Semantics. Are your ancestors from the old country?”

“Explain, please.”

She threw him a strange look and immediately pushed the tip of her nose to the side with an index finger. “Offer he can’t refuse?”


Her brows rose in question. “Seriously? The God Father? I mean, really. No one’s that clueless.”

Lips pursing, Keos shook his head in frustration. “You’re addled.”

“Good grief,” she huffed. “Who uses the word ‘addled’ anymore? It’s the accent. Dead giveaway. Italian.”

“Somewhat. My original ancestors are from that country. Just outside Rome to be precise.”

“Well, there you go.” She snorted. “Like I said, you’re wasting your boss’s time. My sperm donor will just laugh at you and hang up. Trust me. His car’s more important than I am. You should’ve kidnapped the Bentley. You’d have the money already.”

“You were artificially conceived?” Keos said with surprise. He hadn’t realized Earth had advanced that far.

Her nose crinkled, brows furrowing. “What?”

“You said your sire donated his sperm for your creation.”

Her pretty eyes rolled up to the ceiling. “No, you idiot. That’s just an expression.”

The second those gray jewels landed back on his, heat suffused Keos’s neck and cheeks. “I’m not an idiot. You should choose your words carefully if you wish for me to understand. You’re not making any sense, you silly female.”

“Fine. I call him that because he’s not a father in any sense of the word. All he did was sleep with my mother and pass on his eye color. That’s about the extent of it.”

“Ah.” Keos felt a twinge of anger building in his chest at the revelation. “So he hasn’t conducted his sacred duties as a nurturing parent in your regard. That’s not tolerated within my race. He’s an unworthy male.”

Her head cocked, eyes softening for a split second before the lids narrowed once again “Yeah. That’s a good way to put it. Unworthy. Seriously? You really don’t know who I am?”

“No. I don’t. I believe your name might be Everly. Is that correct?”




His lips pursed. “I hadn’t thought of that.” Spine straightening, Keos cleared his throat. “I apologize. I should’ve restrained myself.”

Even with his adorably contrite expression, Everly couldn’t seem to rein in her fury. She poked him on the chest. “You’re damn straight you should’ve restrained yourself. Kissing is a two-way street, mister. Give and take. Permission asked and acceptance granted! Got it?”

“Understood. May I kiss you, Everly?”

Everly wet her lips and immediately wished she hadn’t. Keos stepped closer, and she couldn’t stop looking at his sculpted mouth slowly lifting at the edges. She finally tore her gaze away, only to get caught in the erotic narrowing of his ridiculously beautiful eyes.

“Was that an acceptance of my proposal?” he said on a husky drawl.

“Uh. No. My lips were dry.” She knew damn well that was a bald-faced lie and tried taking a step back, but realized she’d have to meld into the tree to escape the growing tension building between them. Her breath shuddered as he leaned forward, silky, sensuously accented words beading her nipples into tight points.

“Oh, I see. So let me ask again now that your lips are pleasingly moist. May I kiss you, Everly?”

“Why?” she whispered back. The second he cupped her jaw, her pussy gleefully squeezed out a hard throb. She sucked in a breath at her body’s blatant reaction to his firm touch.

“That’s not an answer, sweetness,” he purred. “Yes or no? I want to enjoy this give and take if you must insist on a reason.”

Words stuck in her throat. He was looming over her now, blocking out the scenery with his wide shoulders. Warm, fragrant breath teased along her chin as he moved in, dominating her. She stared at his parted lips, wondering what they would feel like against hers. Arching toward him at the sensation of a wide palm slipping around a quivering hip and landing at the small of her back, Everly was helpless against the hard body steadily pressing against hers.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he cooed close to her ear, sending shivering chills racing across her flesh and tightening her nipples.

Oh, shit! I’m nodding. Crap! Why am I nodding?

With a gentle twist of her jaw, Keos’s decadent mouth covered hers, drinking in the low moan escaping her throat and sending her mind reeling. His strong fingers tensed, holding her in place. She groaned as a warm tongue slipped languidly against hers. Oh, God. He tastes so good.

Her treacherous body, so long without the touch of another, melted against him. Arms wrapping his thick neck, Everly buried her hands into the silky mass of jet-black perfection, gripping him tightly as she strived in pulling him closer. She felt herself lifting from the ground and instinctively wrapped her legs around his narrow hips, calves locking against his spectacular glutes.

His deep growl vibrated against her breasts, egging her to squash them against his massive chest, molding against him. She knew she should be shoving him away at the feel of a long, thick erection pressing against her belly, but insanity had the upper hand. The world didn’t exist. There was nothing but his seeking tongue investigating every inch of her mouth, soft nips to her eager lips, gentle licks to ease the sting, and his broad hands cupping her ass. He was consuming her, drowning her in a wash of pleasure so great she thought she might disintegrate and blow away on the soft breeze teasing her heated brow.

Never in her life had she experienced such a devastatingly masterful kiss. Never had she wanted so badly to tear at a man’s clothing just so she could feel his skin against hers. Never had she become so lost with another that she feared she might burst into tears. She willingly turned herself over to the desire for more.

Everly rolled her hips, pressing against his unrelenting hardness. His deep groan urged her on, seeking something so natural and craved she had no other thoughts but finding her pleasure with him. Only him. She rode his hot length, sucking his tongue, digging her fingers into the thickness of his upper shoulders, and becoming utterly lost in the overwhelming sensations coursing through her shaking body.

Enjoying the feel of Keos gripping her ass and steadily meeting her slow rhythm, the building heat between them exploded into a fiery wash of burning need. He yanked back from the kiss, voice husky with emotion.

“Take it, Everly. There you go. Ride me. Harder, baby. That’s it. That’s it. No. No. Look at me. Oh, your eyes. So beautiful. Such passion. Ah, gods. Come for me, mellis. Let me see it.”

Exploding in a burst of shuddering spasms and desperate gasps for air, Everly cried out at the unfairness of not having his fat cock stuffed inside her clenching pussy, drawing him deep and milking his hard flesh. She clawed at him, desperate to bring him closer.

“Everly! Where the hell are you?”

Jason’s distant shout wrenched her out of the swirling vortex sucking her deeper and deeper into Keos’s possession. Their hot, panting breath mingled as she stared into his unique, mesmerizing eyes. His lips touched softly against hers and then gradually backed away, throaty words whispering across her flesh.

Et accipe spiritum meum.”

She closed her eyes. “Aw, that sounded so sexy,” she whispered back. He gently lowered her onto the ground, yet kept her pinned against the tree. He was still hard and gently rolling against her throbbing clit, ensuring the mind-numbing pleasure continued owning her.

“It’s the truth, sweetness. You take my breath away.”

“Goddamn it! Where are you, Everly?”

Oh, crap! Brain finally clawing its way back toward reality, Everly grimaced and shoved at Keos’s chest. The sensation of their bodies parting instantly shot a sense of desperate loss rushing through her senses. She shook her head to clear her befuddled mind.

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