[Siren Classic: Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi/Futuristic, Fantasy, Romantic Adventure, MF, HEA]

On a mission to save his dying planet, King Bellator seeks out his new friends, the Insedi. Can they loan him a rare breed with talent to coax dying terrain to life? One such topiary just happens to interrupt his conversation. It’s not a muscular male with a green thumb he turns to gaze upon, but a beautiful female with big blue eyes instantly turning his jaded heart to mush.

Ember Dalton is drawn up the palace stairs by a rich masculine voice. Unable to stop herself, she accidentally-on-purpose interrupts. The owner of the sensual voice rocking a warrior’s build and delicious black braid turns and leaves her stunned. Mesmerizing light gray eyes set within an excruciatingly handsome face compels her to volunteer and launches her into a wild adventure with a man she never in her wildest dreams thought she’d ever meet.

Book 15 in the FBL Series doesn’t disappoint in revealing the depth of an Insedi’s love.

Bellator (MF)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


He drew her over to a gleaming steel plaque hanging prominently on the wall next to the throne and began reading the foreign words etched deeply into the material.

Numquam obliviscamur regalium semper rationem reddendam esse. Nemo est supra legemInsedi amici nostri sunt et semper plures erunt.

Bellator’s sensually accented voice sent tingles down her spine. She trembled as he turned to her, warm, light-gray eyes searching hers.

“Let us never forget the royals must always be accountable. No one is above the law. The Insedi are our friends and will be forever more.”

Nodding, she squeezed his hand. “This is beautiful, Bellator. I’m honored you did such a thing.”

“Yet it can never wash away the atrocities of my cousin. So many lives lost simply from greed. My only goal is to see this never happens again.”

His brilliant smile snapped the intense energy passing between them and she released her breath.

“Now, let’s get you to your room. I’ve kept you up long enough.”

Ember enjoyed the intricate etched pattern of the stone flooring as Bellator led her down another, yet much wider passage to the right of the throne. His steps slowed while passing double doors to the left.

“My room,” he stated, and then stopped at another set further down.

Argus pushed them open. He bowed toward Bellator and then opened the one across from them and slipped inside. He flashed a huge grin her way and said, “Sleep well, Ember. I’ll see you both at morning meal in a few hours,” and then threw a little wave.

She managed a weak, “G’night,” as he closed the door. Ember turned toward her room, eyes widening the more Bellator pulled her inside.

Dominating the expansive chamber sat a large bed resting inside an arched stone depression. Muted teal and gold material draped down from its ornate canopy and twisted slightly at the base of each tall bedpost. Five fluffy gold pillows stood out on the darker teal spread and begged for her head to push into one. Three, matching, teal-covered rectangular footstools positioned in a curved pattern sat at the end. She figured she’d need one to hop up on the generously thick mattress.

Ember’s eyes darted about the room torn from the pages of medieval lore and appreciated the sturdy wood furniture obviously crafted from a master’s hands. The polished wooden floors appeared to come from the same impressive trees. Thick tapestries depicting beautiful forests and bubbling streams hung from the stone walls and gave the place a cozy demeanor despite its size.

Bellator released her hand and stood next to a wide arched doorway, a swath of dark hanging cloth blocking whatever mystery he wished to show her. He walked up three, long, curved stone steps, pulled the material aside, and latched the bulk with a tasseled cord.

“Your bathing area.”

His smile comforted her.

“Don’t worry,” he continued. “Despite the ancient feel of the castle, Basilius retained one redeeming quality. He had it fitted with running water and flushing toilets. There’s even a large stall for showering.”

“Good to know. Otherwise, you might’ve had to make a trip back to Insedivertus with me in tow. I’m spoiled to comfort. Not going to change no matter the circumstances.”

“If it hadn’t already been done, I would’ve made it happen. Messor spoiled me as well. Life is difficult enough without having to shit in a hole and wipe your ass with leaves. Not going to happen.”

Ember burst out laughing and approached the man who had intrigued her since she’d laid eyes on him. She reined in her mirth to the point of gurgling giggles, clasped his arms, and raised up on her toes to kiss his cheek. Stepping back, she looked up into gray eyes twinkling from the numerous aromatic candles and fire sconces dispersed around the room.

“Your fast grasp of slang language is unbelievable. Night, Bellator, and thanks for making me laugh. No better way to fall asleep than with a smile on your face.”

Bellator reached down, grasped her hand, and placed a soft kiss to her palm.

“I’ll come get you for our meal thirty minutes after the sun shows its entirety above the horizon.”

“How will I know when it hits its perfect mark if I’m passed out cold?” she teased.

He pointed toward her bed.

“The bulk will position within the window above your head and blast a ray down the length of your body. Even with a pulled drape, it’ll make its presence known. Trust me. You’ll know. My bed sits in the same spot as yours. If it weren’t built into a stone base, I would’ve moved it long ago.”

He strode away and waved over his shoulder.

“Sweetest of dreams, Ember.”

Ember admired his wide back, tapered waist, and a first unencumbered look at his black pants deliciously molded to a perfect ass. The door clicked closed, and she sank down on one of the footstools.

“Good grief, woman,” she muttered. “And you thought the Insedi were the most gorgeous creatures ever seen.”

On a huff of breath, she tossed aside her duffel, kicked off her boots, and hopped up on the monstrous bed. Knees and hands sinking into the soft mattress, she managed to crawl toward the inviting pillows. One push of her cheek against a soft golden pillowcase and she was off into a dream state featuring striking gray eyes.




She looked down, unable to maintain eye contact. Soon, his boots were inches from her toes. He took the purple potted plant and set it aside. She’d completely forgotten she still clutched it like a shield.

“Look at me,” he commanded. Her head snapped up, breath catching as a strong, warm finger glided along her jaw. He leaned down, close enough his fragrant breath washed across her cheek and bathed her ear.

“I’m going to enter you now,” he said in a tone so sinfully sexual, her knees weakened. “I can’t wait. Is this what you want?”

Oh my God. Who am I kidding? Fuck it. She leaped into his arms and smashed her mouth over his. She felt like a geyser releasing years of built-up pressure. No man had ever matched the ones she’d read in her numerous romances, spoiling her to the potential, and decreasing the real ones to nothing but the rutting fools they were. But he was real and wreaking havoc on any common sense remaining in her addled brain.

Ember tore at his tunic until he broke from the kiss, set her down, and quickly whipped it up and over his head. His braid fell onto a thick shoulder and landed on a sun kissed sculpted pec, the tip pointing toward washboard abs contracting on every heaving breath. The delicious muscles curving inward over his slim waist and descending into his trousers caused chills to bead and swim across her flesh.

He stepped back, breath catching as she ran a curious fingertip from his flat belly button and down a thin trail of black hair disappearing behind his waistband.

“I crave the feel of your touch, even if so miniscule,” he whispered.

Slipping her T-shirt off, she tossed it aside and braved a glance at his handsome face. She was glad she’d been too tired to put on a bra. He appeared mesmerized by her breasts swaying on her chest.

His eyes narrowed, nostrils flaring. “Tu es creatura pulcherrima in mundo,” streamed out on a sensuous tone. “So beautiful.” He kicked off his boots and divested the pants in short order.

“No way,” she gushed while admiring the virile, hard body standing in all his naked glory before her. “You’re the beautiful one, Bellator.” His ruddy cock, fully extended from its sheath pointed at her, its intent clear. The thick length boasted raised veins to prove a good bit of his blood flowed through it. The tip gleamed with leaking liquid.

“I want you,” she whispered.

Bellator groaned, made a long stride forward, and caught her under the arms. He easily tossed her up on the mattress. Her jeans made a quick exit. Knees shoved to the side, his dark head buried between her legs, and she squealed in utter bliss. He ate at her pussy with gusto and supreme talent. She had no idea a tongue was capable of half the tricks he used to make her clit dance to whatever tune he strummed. She came twice and found great difficulty in commanding a descent breath.

Inferni,” he muttered against her slick pussy lips. “You taste so wonderful. I need more.”

He gripped her thighs and held her down, tongue lashing, lips sucking, vibrating hums of approval, and downright unbelievable feats of fucking her with the talented appendage had her squirming, squealing, and fearing he might kill her with each bolt of electrifying ecstasy traversing every inch of her skin.

She came again, his name breathed into the air on a chant of blissful wonder. Relentless, he easily brought another, forcing the excruciating pleasure to stay around for many minutes until she slapped at the mattress and begged for mercy from the looping, throbbing bursts of fire overtaking her clit.

Ember grappled at his shoulders as he inched his way up her body, licking her quivering belly, lapping and sucking at her nipples turned so hard she thought they might pop off. He slipped easily into her sopping wet pussy he’d prepared so decadently, making it ready for his girth and width to set beautifully into place. She cried out at how wonderful his weight felt against her, the increasing movements of his cock hitting her sensitive clit over and over, building the fire raging through her crotch to nuclear level. “Oh, my God, Bellator. Oh my God!” she squealed.

His delicious cock moved slow, fast, around, tilted up, and tilted down. There wasn’t a move he didn’t have firm control over and used to his advantage. He demanded nothing more than for her to lay back and reap the rewards of his talent. She knew she was broken from all others when he coaxed yet another throbbing, magnificent surprise to burst from her crotch once again.

His mouth slammed over hers, capturing every groan and mewl of heady wonder. Her cunt gripped his dick so tightly she thought for sure they’d be stuck together forever. Spasms of pleasure radiated a wash of outward flowing fire. Again, and again her pussy rippled along his hard flesh, trying to encourage his seed to explode inside her. They both broke from the kiss to suck in needed air.

“Son of a bitch,” she sputtered. “This feels so fucking good. Oh, my God. This can’t be real.”

It was the first time she’d ever come on a man’s dick. This was the way it was supposed to be. Their sweat slicked flesh gliding together, forming them into one entity reaching for the same goal. His raspy words washed against her ear.

“I’ve never wanted anyone as much as you, my precious Ember. Come for me again. I’m almost there.”

Arms wrapped tightly around his chest and fingers digging into his wide back slick with sweat, Ember bucked her hips and rode his fat, hot cock until she exploded into yet another orgasm she thought for sure would kill her. His barbaric grunts and sputtering moans as he exploded inside her sent her mind on a spin of complete, utter satisfaction. She grabbed his braid fluttering against her shoulder and pulled him close. Their eyes locked. He held nothing back, displaying the pleasure wracking his body with trust and complete surrender. She clasped his jaws and whispered, “Yes, I see it. More. Give me more. I want it all.”

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