[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Elija Austen is on a mission, prevent the destruction of his family’s pack at the hands of a rival pack. Nowhere in that mission is there room for finding his mate. But when he finds him in enemy territory, helping them, he has to act.
John Butcher is a veterinarian, and he takes his job seriously. He never even knew werewolves existed before he was kidnapped and brought to a pack to treat a sick omega, but now that he’s here, he will do what he can.
Then he discovers that these werewolves have no intention of letting him leave alive, and the man who saves him, who happens to be a gorgeous shifter himself, doesn’t believe that John was just an innocent victim. John has to decide whether or not he can go back to his old life, or risk everything for the one person who makes his blood run hot, who looks at him like he’s the enemy.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
First Time with a Shifter (MM)
11 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Yes, the excitement is getting better. Eli found his mate, also 30 years in the past, and unlike Leo he didn't resist the mating and choosing to stay with John.

The author is taking some serious liberties with the concepts of time travel, since Leo (or as the pack thinks of him Leon) can stand right next to himself, Westley's son Leo and nothing goes awry. The same that Eli can be right next to David, his bearer father, and his past self is still in the womb and nothing goes wonky. Huh. Serious liberties. Doesn't mean it's not been entertaining, though.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"Book number eleven in this series begins to tackle the issue of Eli and Leo and their having traveled back in time. This story is about Eli who finds his mate in John, a human vet who has been kidnapped by Lawrence, the leader of the enemy pack. Eli isn’t as good as Leo in resisting the mating call, and I suspect the consequences of that will reach much further than we get to see in this book. After all, the two of them mating does mean a significant change in the timeline, possible more significant than what they have achieved so far. John is a human vet and suspects nothing of what is going on around town. He doesn't know about existence of shifters, nor rival werewolf packs, until he gets abducted by Lawrence who needs help for the human he has bitten to try to turn him into a werewolf. When John tries to escape and gets kidnapped again, this time by Eli who is trying t find out what Lawrence is up to, John has had it. His dilemma becomes obvious pretty quickly: he is insanely attracted to Eli, and wants to trust the man, but he has no clue why. Once he does find out, he takes it amazingly well, even though he's never been intimate with anyone. Unfortunately, their suffering is not over by a long shot. Eli can’t believe he has found his mate. And even though he knows he should resist, has told his fellow time traveler Leo he needs to resist for weeks, Eli does not have it in him to stop himself, so he mates John and f*ck the consequences. Only when the resulting risks and issues become obvious, he is no longer so sure he should have been this impulsive. The key issue for him is whether he should return to the future or not – but being with his mate is more important. I cannot help but suspect there will be more to this, considering the fact Eli and Leo used a demon witch's help to make their trip back in time. If you like shifter stories with a demonic time travel component that isn't solved immediately, if you enjoy reading about mates who need some time to get used to the idea they belong together, and if you're looking for a story with lots of hot action between the sheets as the mates start to bond, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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John didn’t like to be gross about it, but by the face the other man made, it worked.

“Fine. End of the hall, but if you even think about going to the front door, don’t think I won’t be able to hear you.”

“Right, right, werewolves and their super special hearing and all that, I got it,” John said, and he immediately moved toward the door, letting himself out.

He shut the door behind himself and nearly collapsed against it. He couldn’t believe that had worked, but unfortunately, he didn’t want to take the risk that the guy was telling the truth about hearing him if he went anywhere other than the bathroom, so that was where he had to go.

Please let there be a window. Please be a window. Please.

John opened the door, and he didn’t even need to flick on the light, because yes! There was a window!

He shut the door and locked it behind him. After watching what Lawrence had done to the locks in the clinic, John was fairly sure that the tiny lock wouldn’t do shit to keep anyone out, but it might buy him a few seconds. Maybe.

The next thing he did was turn on the faucet. Maybe the sound of running water would disguise what he was doing.

The next step in his brilliant plan was to open the window.

The stupid thing was stuck, so when John pulled hard on it, using some of his strength, the damn thing banged open, making a really loud noise. He was lucky it hadn’t shattered.

John held perfectly still for a few seconds, waiting for the army of werewolves to break down the door to the bathroom, or to surround the house, but nothing happened and no one came.

Either that man didn’t have the hearing that he claimed to have, or he had heard the window opening, and assumed John was just airing out the room or something.

God, that was so embarrassing.

He peeked through the lace curtains, hoping to get a glimpse of what was outside, the entire time his heart pounding like crazy. John had never so much as been in Boy Scouts when he was younger—not that they would have let him in back then—so this sort of adrenaline rush was almost too much for him to handle.

The thing that made him the most suspicious was the fact that there was no one at all. This house seemed to be on the edge of the property, close to the tree line. If he could just squeeze through the window as silently as possible, he could make it to the trees and try to run for it.

John almost screamed when someone jumped out at him from beneath the window. Right where he wasn’t looking because he was the world’s biggest idiot.

It was a good thing he’d chosen to be a vet instead of a spy. The only thing that kept his panicked scream from escaping was the hand over his mouth. John couldn’t even say what happened next because it was all way too fast. He was grabbed tightly just under his arm and hoisted neat and tidy right out of the window. Whoever it was that grabbed him had amazing strength.

He also smelled good, which was an odd thing to go through his brain, but he couldn’t help it. When John was on the ground, outside of the house, and the world around him was no longer turning, he was in the arms of whoever it was that was behind him. One hugely muscled arm was wrapped around his middle, and that hand was still over his mouth.

Maybe he was some sort of masochist and didn’t know it because just having his body pressed flush against whoever it was that was behind him made his balls ache and his dick hard and pulsing in time with his heartbeat, which was thumping pretty damn fast at the moment.

With John’s heart pumping like it was, he could barely get his breathing under control, but since he could only inhale and exhale at a rapid pace through his nose, well, maybe it made more sense than he thought as to why he noticed the man’s smell. He still couldn’t figure out the mind-numbing lust.

It had to be the adrenaline. Christ, he hoped the guy behind him wouldn’t notice it.

“Make a sound and I will kill you,” he said.

Okay, John was forgetting all about the smell now. Those were not the words of a friendly individual.

Why were people kidnapping him and threatening to kill him today? What was wrong with the universe?

Whoever this guy was, he must’ve decided to put a little bit of trust into John, because after a few silent seconds, he removed his hand from John’s mouth.


“Shh!” he snapped, and John had to bite down on his tongue just to keep from yelling out loud as he was hoisted over the man’s back.

The guy ran like there was a fire on his ass. Seriously, the wind was whipping in John’s face as quickly as though he was in a truck and sticking his head out the window, which was insane the man was carrying John over his back. John wasn’t a big guy by any stretch, but a hundred and seventy-five extra pounds should have slowed the guy down.

It occurred to him that he was being taken away, deep into the woods, by someone he didn’t know, who could be just as much, or even more dangerous, than Lawrence and his werewolves. The guy beneath him might also be a werewolf, or something scarier. What was the saying? The devil you knew over the one you didn’t? Fuck, he was so screwed.




John hissed in a breath, thrusting his hips into Eli’s hand. “What’s happening?” he asked. “Not that I’m…complaining.” Yeah, that was a good way to put it.

“I told you, you want to fuck me,” Eli said. “And I want to fuck you. It’s a…mating thing.”

“Oh, so like, this won’t go away until we have sex?” That was totally fine with John. He could handle that. Sex sounded pretty damn good right about now.

Eli just looked at him, but then he nodded. “Something like that.”

“Great,” John said, and he really meant it as he let his head fall back against the pillows. He wasn’t looking down when Eli sucked his cock into his mouth, but he gasped and lifted his head to watch when he felt it, that was for damn sure.

Eli’s mouth looked so good around John’s cock. It was funny, because there was a part of him that had assumed Eli wouldn’t be into doing this. Like he was so big and tough that he wouldn’t even considering putting another man’s dick in his mouth, but yet, there he was, and he was doing a fantastic job while he was at it.

“Holy fuck,” John said, and he carefully put his hand on the back of Eli’s head, listening for any sound that would indicate that Eli didn’t like that.

Nope. Nothing of the sort. He actually started to hum around John’s cock, and the vibrations from that had him panting and moaning some more. His dick was hard and pulsing as though he didn’t just have an orgasm less than two minutes prior, and that was completely insane.

In fact, he could feel his balls becoming tight between his legs, and he knew that if he didn’t stop Eli right then and there, he was going to come again and he doubted he’d be able to get it back up a third time.

He wanted to be able to enjoy his first time being fucked, instead of just letting it happen to him because he’d already come too many times before.

“Eli, stop. Stop,” John said, and the other man pulled away from him quickly.

“Are you all right?”

He was actually worried about John? “Yeah, great,” John said, and he couldn’t help but smile at the image Eli was giving him. There was a worried look on his mug while John’s hard cock was pointing at his mouth. “Just, I think if you keep doing that then I’ll come again.”

“That’s all right,” Eli said, appearing very devilish as he stroked Eli’s dick.

Fuck, that felt so good, but he had to stop this now or else John wouldn’t be able to go on.

“I want to come when you’re inside me,” John said, reaching down and stilling Eli’s hand.

Eli’s eyes flashed to gold one more time, and God that made him look so sexy.

Eli nodded, and he reached for something on the bed, a small bottle.

“There was lube in the bathroom?” John asked incredulously.

“No,” Eli said, snickering. “This is”—he looked at the bottle—“hand lotion.”

They both looked at each other and laughed. Whoever it was who ordered the supplies for this motel had to know what its patrons were really using that stuff for.

“Move up the bed a little,” Eli said, crawling farther up as John shimmied his way back. Eli reached for one of the pillows, and he placed it beneath John’s hips.

John settled himself onto it, pleased with the position. He’d assumed that Eli was going to want to take him on his hands and knees, from behind, but without saying anything the man had proven him wrong on that front, and John was so going to enjoy this.

“You need to lift your knees,” Eli said, and he gently took John by the thighs and lifted his legs. “Hold these,” he said.

John did, and even though there was some embarrassment that was running through him at being exposed like this, the lust he felt was overpowering that.

It was like all of John’s senses were heightened, and he was very aware of the sound of the plastic seal being removed from the little sampler bottle of hand lotion that Eli had gotten. He could even smell the scent of the lotion itself as the cap was twisted off and removed. It was some kind of vanilla scent that helped to soothe him.

He still shivered in surprise when Eli’s fingertip touched his asshole. It was so much more different than when he was doing something down there, using a toy or his own fingers. This was someone else entirely, and John couldn’t predict or control the movements that were happening. He just had to let them happen and trust that it would be okay.

The blunt finger that had been circling his pucker finally pushed inside, and there was a burn at the intrusion that John hadn’t been expecting. It hadn’t been that long since he’d played with himself down there, had it?

He tried to think back to the last time he had, and realized that it had been at least two months.


“You’re so tight,” Eli said, and he slowly pushed his finger in deeper. He wasn’t even touching John’s prostate yet, but he was still getting shivers of pleasure that were rippling through his stomach, legs, spine, cock, and balls, his entire body really, and he moaned as he thrust his ass down more onto those fingers.

“Eager, too,” Eli said, and his tone suggested that that pleased him.

“Very eager,” John agreed. “Fuck, it’s hot in here.”

“That’s all you,” Eli said. “Your body’s radiating heat. You’re in heat.”

There was no way that John heard that right. Maybe it was a werewolf thing to be using words like mating and heat while they were in bed together, so he just went back to enjoying the feeling of having Eli’s fingers inside of him. He let his head fall back, and he hissed slightly when Eli inserted another finger, stretching him even more.

That was when Eli did find his prostate, and John yelled out loud, and he gripped his cock just in time to prevent himself from coming for a third time.

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