In the Aftermath of Armageddon (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,751
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, bondage, spanking, whipping, HEA]

Mecca Sanders is a loner, a woman scorned by love. After spending a week with her survivalist brother, she discovers that the final days virus has devastated the population.

Seth Driscol has no memories before age nineteen. After five years with Anna, who has controlled Seth’s entire life, he is alone and feeling extremely inadequate.

Seth and Mecca are thrown together by fate and discover that many of his attitudes and sexual ideas have been tainted by Anna’s controlling ways.

When they move into Mecca’s semi-survivalist home, the neighbor’s dog Tex joins them, but her house is not the sanctuary that it originally seems. They have neighbors, whose ulterior motives threaten to destroy Seth and Mecca’s future.

With each passing day, the challenges of life bring Seth and Mecca closer to an understanding that love is a tangible force, which can bind two people together against all odds.

A Siren Erotic Romance

In the Aftermath of Armageddon (MF)
2 Ratings (3.5)

In the Aftermath of Armageddon (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,751
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Seth ran his tongue between his top lip and teeth, sat up, stopping to kiss her, and then shifted around her to the floor. He walked from the room, coming back a few moments later with the satchel of photos. Seth sat down, spreading the photos on the mattress. Tex had curled up into the spot Seth had vacated, and he was watching him with interest. Mecca laughed at the dog. “Sorry, Tex. You are not a part of this.”

Seth glared at her. “What does that mean?”

“People do have sex with their animals. I am not one of them.”

“Me neither.” He picked out a photo. “What are they doing?”

“That is called a sixty-nine. She is sucking on his dick, and he is licking her pussy.”

“That looks like fun. Is it distracting?”

“A little, but it feels good physically and also mentally because you know that you are pleasing your partner at the same time he is pleasing you.”

He arranged the intercourse photos in a block pattern, placing each photo neatly next to or below the one before it. When he was done, he had a perfectly spaced collage of images. “I presume these are all different sexual positions. Are there any that you like or dislike?”

She plucked four from the sixteen, handing them to him. “I have never tried these.” She picked up two more. “These involve anal sex, which is okay, but not necessarily my favorite thing.” Examining the rest, she removed three more. “These positions are uncomfortable.” Mecca pointed to one where the man was standing, the woman wrapped around his body. “This feels great, but I have only been with one man strong enough to pull it off. Chris is currently married to another woman, or he was.”

“Why didn’t you ever get married?”

The question made her feel wistful. “I don’t know. Probably because the wrong men are the ones that asked me. Chris was the one I would have said yes to, and he didn’t ask. I didn’t mind living alone. When my friends were having marital problems, I was reminded that being married isn’t always a wonderful thing. I guess I figured that if it was meant to be some day, it would happen. If not, I would make the best of my life. I was not lacking in interesting companionship. We had fun, and we always used protection.”

“But I thought you couldn’t get pregnant.”

“I can’t. I also had no desire to end up in the grave because the man didn’t want to wear a rubber. My motto was ‘no rubber, no pussy.’ Meow.”

“I like the slang terms for vagina. Kelly only used pussy.”

Her interest was piqued, and she straightened her spine, tilting her head inquisitively. “Okay, I’ll go fishing. What other ones do you know?”

“Mike taught me some. Cunt, twat, cock holster, muff, and beaver. He said that a girl who normally shaved and then didn’t was like fucking a pink porcupine.”

She giggled at his comment. “Who was Mike?”

“He was Kelly’s brother. She would get really mad when he showed up at the house. I don’t think she wanted him to talk to me without her intervention. Now I know why.”

“I can understand that.” She looked back at the photos. Of the remaining seven, she had tried all the positions and really liked five of them. She pointed to a picture. “This feels really good because the guy can rub my ass or sit up and fondle my tits while I rock over his dick. I like this one, because I am sitting on his lap and we are really close to kiss or for him to suck on my breasts. I like to play with a man’s hair or rub the contours of his arms. Missionary has its merits as long as the guy doesn’t pretend he is riding a bucking bull and go full hog with his movements. If he does, things can get a bit uncomfortable very quickly. Doggie style is good because I like having my ass and back rubbed while we are fucking, but… my tits tend to get lonely. However, it makes it very easy to play with my clit.” She pointed to the last photo. “A chair offers many variations, and this one is cool. The other ones I have tried, and they’re okay. Which ones interest you? What interests you?”

He pointed to the one she had first indicated. “I can do that. As you already mentioned, I spent a lot of time in the gym because I was bored. Five eight isn’t exactly tall for a man, but I made up for it with karate and muscles.”




Mecca lifted the short, leather cattail, bouncing the tightly bound handle in her palm. The only way he had understood that penetration didn’t hurt her was because she had proved it to him. Maybe it was time to allow him to prove something in return. She handed him the whip. “If you really hurt me, or you make me bleed, I will put this in the grill and turn it to ashes.”

“Fair enough. I would love to tether you to the ceiling, but you don’t have a hook and it would hurt your arm.” His eyes drifted around the room, and he grinned. “Will you let me tie your good hand to the doorknob? Please?”

“I really hate those puppy eyes of yours. You melt my mind with them.”

He tilted his head and shrugged his shoulder. Mecca nodded reluctantly. Seth stood, pulling her to her feet. He made a slipknot in one end of a piece of fleece and then wrapped the other around her wrist, tying it securely. Leading her to the door, he shut it and then slipped the loop around it, pulling it taut. With her other arm in the makeshift sling, Mecca was anchored with about a foot of play between her wrist and the door. She stood, bracing herself for the feel of the whip, but instead, he buckled something around her ankle. Mecca looked down, seeing that Seth had the six-inch metal bar that had been in his bag. She had taken brief note of it, but as she watched, he slid the other end outward, like an adjustable cane, clicking each piece into its slot until it was fully extended. He pushed her legs apart and hooked the other end around her opposite ankle. The position left her off balance, and when he put his arm around her waist, pushing her forward, Mecca had no choice but to support herself with her palm to the door. “If this is too much, let me know. Okay?”

She nodded, and Seth leaned around her, stroking her face as he moved her head to kiss her. The embrace was tender, his tongue soft against hers. When he moved back, her concentration was on the pulsing nerves in her pussy rather than what he was about to do. Seth dragged the leather over her back, the skin prickling at the touch. It was an odd sensation, as if she were being stroked with a hundred thin fingers. He did it again, across her lower back, the cheeks of her ass, each time lifting it from her skin before he touched somewhere else. The leather stung the cheek of her ass, not biting or excessively painful, but a minor sting that repeated on the opposite cheek. The same snap across her upper back, the muscle twitching with the unexpected concussion. He hit her thighs, each stroke slightly harder, stinging more and leaving behind a rapidly growing burn. The whip was everywhere, her ass cheeks, the back of her legs, against her groin, her pussy screaming from the contact. He hit her back, her shoulder, avoiding the damaged one before he moved back downward. Her flesh was on fire, sizzling in the aftermath of the leather’s touch. Mecca jerked forward as he struck her ass cheek again, writhing away from the impact. He grabbed her around the waist, lifting her slightly and then dragging her backward. Without warning, he slid his aroused dick inside her, his hand encircling her body so that he could torment her clit with his finger. Mecca screamed, the feel of his hips against her burning ass torment, overwhelming, heat searing from the flesh. His dick felt like it was made of hard, molten metal, as he filled her and then stopped, her muscles slamming around him. Mecca had not realized how aroused she was until that moment, her nipples aching to be touched, her pussy feeling swollen and soggy as he pulled back, tormenting her inner spot with the head of his dick. She thrashed against him, trying to force him to fill the aching void.

Seth slid his hand around her body, encasing her breast and pulling her nipple between his fingers. The flesh was hard, pert, and ready for the taking. He moaned softly, slipping tightly into her and then moving with soft shallow thrusts of his hips. His palm was grabbing her breast, massaging it, flexing the nipple into her skin. His other hand was against her mound, his finger twisting around her pulsing erect clit. There was nothing in her mind but sensation, the friction of his hot cock overwhelming her nerve endings, as her muscles contracted and released, spasms of ever growing, glorious torment. Her back arched, her hips struggling to move until she imploded around him, her whimpers morphing into an animal’s cry as he thrust into her.

Seth was growling, holding her against his erection as the heat of his fluid spit into her, blazing, her muscles pounding around him. Then she went limp and sagged against the door, her body shivering in aftermath. Seth leaned and kissed her back, moaning softly as he rubbed her skin with his palms. He began to laugh, hugging her tightly to his chest as his breathing calmed. “I’ll let you go in a minute. Oh shit. That was so great. I never even imagined it could feel that good. You were so hot and wet inside. Please tell me that I felt good.”

“Yes. You felt fantastic.”

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