Intrigue at Haven's Crossing (MF)

Haven's Crossing 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,278
3 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, voyeurism, public exhibition, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

Myka Lambert visits Haven’s Crossing so she can be at her best friend’s wedding. On the very day she arrives, she is kidnapped by a serial killer and saved by Blake Lawson, who owns the local BDSM club, Intrigue. Immediately, he takes her breath away and she turns his world upside down.

Myka is unsure of Blake’s lifestyle, which proves to be a bit of a challenge for the Dom/Master. She struggles to keep her independence and tries to find a balance between that and submission. She wants to submit, she thinks, but doesn't want to lose herself in the process. Can she really give him what he wants while still being true to herself?

It takes several spankings, lots of sex, and a car accident before Myka learns to trust Blake fully. Only then does he prove to her that not only is she his submissive, but he is also her Master.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Intrigue at Haven's Crossing (MF)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Intrigue at Haven's Crossing (MF)

Haven's Crossing 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,278
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Great reading. Although I didn't read the first book in this series I was able to pick up on what had happened in the previous book without any trouble.



“There are some things we need to talk about before we leave, Myka. Come over here and sit down, please.”

“What sort of things?” she asked hesitantly when she saw the seriousness on his face. There was a change that had taken place all in a matter of minutes. Was this Master Blake, now?

“There are rules in the club you need to be aware of, so listen up. I want to make sure you understand those rules completely because if you break one, then I will have to punish you. And I don’t want to have to do that, little one—not on your first night—but unfortunately, I wouldn’t have a choice since I’m the man who makes sure all the rules are followed.”

“Okay,” she replied, biting her lower lip.

“First of all, you need to practice how to kneel in front of me.”

“Kneel?” she asked, not too happy with the idea.

“I won’t have you kneel often, but when I tell you to kneel, this is how you damn well better do it. I want you to sit back on your heels with your knees on the floor.”

Myka slowly got down in position, making sure he could see by the look on her face she was not pleased.

“Good. Now spread your knees apart and put the palms of your hands on each thigh. Next, you will look down. You do not look at me unless I give you permission, and you do not speak unless spoken to.”

“I. Do Not. Like this—Sir.” She made sure she said sir with as much sarcasm as she could possibly manage.

“You don’t have to like it, sweetheart. I told you that I won’t make you do it often, but when I tell you to kneel—you will. Now, get up and sit in the chair so we can go over the rules.” Myka got up and started to pull her skirt down, when Blake stopped her. “Are you wearing panties?” he asked, looking underneath.

“Of course I’m wearing panties, what would you like me to wear?”

“When we’re at the club, you don’t wear anything.”

“Okay, Blake—those are stupid fucking rules! I’m not taking my panties off because this skirt is too short and somebody might see!”

Blake moved his face an inch from hers. “You can take them off, or I will take them off, but they will be coming off.” His eyes didn’t move from hers. She took a deep breath, looked away, and then began to remove her lacey black thong. Once it was off, she angrily threw it at him, which she immediately regretted.

He pulled her over to his chair, raised her skirt, and put her over his knees. He then gave her five firm swats on her bare bottom. “Owww!” she said after each one, getting louder and louder. She felt tears welling up in her eyes but was thankful she didn’t cry.

He pulled her up and looked her in the face again. “Do not throw things at me,” he said firmly. “Now, get in position.” She knew he was doing it to make a point, but she was more angry at herself for complying without any objections. He made her stay in position for a good five minutes before speaking to her again. “Are you ready to hear the rest of the rules?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. Now let’s try this again.”

Once she was back up in the chair, he looked at her with what appeared to be concern in his eyes. “Myka, please don’t make me do that again tonight because if you do, it will be much worse than what you just got.”

His tone of voice and the way he looked at her touched her heart. She understood where he was coming from. He was the owner and a Master at Intrigue. He would have to make an example out of her if she broke any rules or didn’t comply. Myka decided that for tonight, she would do her best to be respectful, follow all the rules, and to not embarrass or provoke him in front of anyone. She nodded her head at Blake, letting him know that she understood exactly what he was telling her.

He reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and pulled out a black leather collar with studded rhinestones. “You will wear this anytime you’re at the club. Do not take it off. Now, for the rules—you do not speak to anyone unless you are spoken to. If a Master approaches you do not look them in the eyes unless they give you permission. They will not touch you or ask you to play because you are mine, and I will not give them permission to do so. When we are observing a scene, that is all you do. You do not interrupt them or talk to them. You will only go where I tell you to go, but most of the time you will be by my side. Are we clear on the rules?”




“Let me make myself clear, honey. I don’t lie, and I don’t bullshit. I don’t know who you were with before, but apparently they didn’t treat you like you should’ve been treated. I’m not them, so we’re gonna stop this right here, right now. I can see you’ve got curves, Myka. I like curves. I like curves a whole fucking lot.”

“I—” Myka started to speak, but Blake interrupted her.

“I’m not finished yet, little one, and you’re gonna sit here and listen to every damn word. Now, as I was saying, I like curves. And, I’m gonna be seeing all of yours eventually—without any clothes on, so right now I want you to take your blouse off so we can start with your top half and then move on from there.”

Blake then began to unbutton her blouse with determination, leaving her no choice but to let him do it. Myka closed her eyes and tried to take her thoughts elsewhere, when she felt her blouse then bra drop to the floor. She held her breath, and her body tensed. She felt Blake’s hand on her breasts, and then he pulled her into his arms, whispering into her ear, “Open your eyes, baby. Everything’s just fine.”

Myka took a few deep breaths and slowly opened her eyes. She kept her head buried against his body until he lifted her chin, so he could see her eyes. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Blake, I can’t do this.”

“You’ve already done it, sweetheart. The worst part is over.”

“No, it’s not. You don’t understand!”

“I understand just fine. It’s apparent that you have some issues we need to work on, but if you didn’t do something every time you were a little afraid or embarrassed, you wouldn’t be living much, now would you?” Myka said nothing. “Answer me, please.”

“I, uh, guess not.”

“You guess not, what?”

“I guess not, Sir.”

“Then we just need to take this one step at a time, and you’ll see it’s not as bad as you’ve made it out to be. Now, I’m going to touch you for a little while, okay?”

“Okay,” Myka whispered.

Blake began to rub her breasts with one hand and then bent down to cover her mouth with his. She felt the electricity again, and her body began to melt into his. “That’s it, little one. Let it go.”

“Oh, God, Blake. I—”

“I know, baby. I’m gonna make you feel real good. I just need you to trust me. Do you think you can do that for me?”


“That’s my girl. Now I’m going to lay you back on the bed so I can explore your exquisite top half, and then we’re gonna take off your jeans so I can explore the rest of you.” Blake moved the pillows against the headboard of the bed and then positioned her so he could lie beside her. He took her left breast in his mouth, licking and nipping at her nipple until it was erect and hard. Myka began to moan as she felt his tongue on her body. She felt his hand move down to the button of her jeans, and she held her breath as he slowly pulled the zipper down and worked his hand in so he could touch her pussy.

“Let’s get these off,” he said hoarsely as he stripped the jeans and panties from her body.

“Blake,” she whimpered, not comfortable with being completely naked.

“Shhh. You’re doin’ just fine, baby. I like your curves, remember?”

Myka took another deep breath as his hand slipped back to her wet pussy and parted her lips. She arched her hips toward his hand, as he took his finger and slowly began to pump in and out of her eager hole.

“Oh God, Blake!”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, baby,” he said with a wink. “I’m gonna make you come real good for me before I fill you with my cock.” He scooted down so that his head was between her legs. He put her legs over his shoulders and then began to lick her completely and thoroughly. He then flicked her clit with his tongue, causing her to gasp in pleasure. When he started to finger-fuck her pussy in unison with his tongue, it was no time at all until she felt herself coming hard, her body writhing as her hands fisted the bedding. He chuckled when she screamed his name and continued to moan.

“That was a good one, sweetheart. Now we get to do it all over again.” Blake unzipped his jeans and began to take off his clothes. When his stiff cock emerged, Myka’s eyes widened, and she thought to herself that there was no way in hell she could take all of him. Blake noticed the look on her face. “Whatcha thinkin’, baby?”

Myka stammered. “Uh, that it’s been a long time, and you’re so big and—”

“We’re gonna take it real slow, and if it hurts we’re gonna stop, okay?”


“Again, Myka.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. Now let the games begin.”

Blake took a condom out of the bedside table and handed it to Myka to put on his stiff erect cock. Her hands were shaking as she tried to tear the package open. She finally got it out, and it slid snugly over his thick shaft. Blake then took Myka’s arms and lifted them over her head. “Have you ever been restrained, Myka?”

“Uh, no, Sir,” she replied with uncertainty in her eyes.

“Myka,” he said with more authority, “What is your safe word?”


“You will use that word if you get scared or if it hurts, but I want you to at least try for me, okay?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.” He then pulled out two padded wrist restraints from the headboard that Myka hadn’t seen before. He gently placed each wrist in the cuffs and made sure they were secure, but not too tight. She immediately began to struggle and pull at the restraints, but was unable to break free. She then began to blush when she realized she was getting wetter and was aching for his touch.

Blake positioned himself over her body, his cock now touching her pussy. He began to tease her by rubbing his cock up and down, making sure not to enter. Myka began to tilt her hips toward him, wanting him to fuck her. “Please, Blake!”

“Please what, Myka?”

“Please, fuck me—Sir!”



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