[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Cougar shifter Gabriel Prentiss is working as a paramedic when he finds his mate, Jordanna Morland, after she's mauled by a wolf. A wolf she witnessed kill after shifting from his human form. Calling his family for help in protecting his mate, Gabriel is shocked to find Jordanna is also mate to his brothers and cousin.
Jordanna's attack proves life altering. Not just because she is introduced to the existence of shifters, but because her attack has left her blind.
Her mates battle to get her to accept that her blindness doesn't lessen their love, and to keep her safe from the continued threats from the wolf.
The entire pride is then put at risk when the wolves decide to kill them all to get to Jordanna.
Ultimately, the strength and honour of the pride brings them a new ally who may help them to save Jordanna when the Alpha wolf finally succeeds in taking her from her mates.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jordanna (MFMMM)
24 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I loved this book. A great continuation of the series. Heaps of action and suspense. I loved the men in this book, strong sexy shifters who show no mercy when their mate's life is at risk, but who are also wonderfully supportive with Jordanna's blindness. Jordanna had a horrible first marriage and things seem to just get harder for her as she is attacked and blinded by a werewolf. Then she meets her mates and their relationship helps her deal with her life the way it now is.
All the characters from the first three books are in the story ,as well as the introduction of great new characters, including an enigmatic vampire. I really really can't wait to see if he gets his own book! A great read. Highly recommend it.
A very good book




Jordanna was not a small woman but these men were both big. She wasn't about to wade in and attempt to break up their fight.

Deciding it was best to avoid them, she crossed to the other side of the street. When they began to exchange punches, she slowed her pace and contemplated calling the police.

She was reaching for her phone when one of the men howled. It wasn't a cry of pain, it was the howl of an animal. It froze her on the spot. She watched, transfixed, as the impossible happened.

One of the men exploded. That was the only analogy her brain could find to explain what she was witnessing. He exploded in a shower of light, and was replaced by a giant wolf. A wolf that was now tearing at the other man's throat. Blood joined the deluge of rain that fell to the sidewalk.

As the man fell to the ground with a wet splash, the giant wolf leaped on his chest and clamped its jaws around his throat. Even over the rain she heard the wolf's viscous growl as it shook its head and ripped away the man's flesh.

The sight was so horrifying that she was incapable of stopping her scream of terror. The wolf lifted its giant head and fixed its glowing red eyes on her. Its lip curled, and it snarled as it stalked towards her. Its muzzle was red with blood, its exposed fangs long and gore stained.

A sudden rush of adrenaline unfroze her muscles and she ran as fast as she could down the sidewalk. “Help. Please help.”

She hadn't gotten but a few steps when a tremendous weight on her back pushed her to the ground. The sound of a sickening crack plunged her into darkness.


* * * *


Gabriel and his partner, Mark, were restocking their ambulance when another call came in. The night’s torrential rain and freezing temperatures had already caused a number of car accidents. As a result, they had just finished delivering their third casualty of the shift to the Emergency Room.

“Another busy Saturday night,” Mark said as he went to answer the call.

“They always are,” Gabriel muttered. He closed the back doors and joined Mark in the front of the ambulance.

He had trained as a paramedic after retiring from the army eight years ago. He'd been an army ranger, and needed to do something that would soothe his battered soul after seeing so much death, a lot of it at his own hands.

As a mountain lion shifter, he didn't look ninety three, but he felt it. He was weighed down with guilt, and the last eight years helping to save lives hadn't eased that weight as he'd hoped it would.

“Apparently there have been two people injured in a dog attack. One of them appears to have been killed,” Mark said sadly. “I hope they're not.”

“You and me both.” Gabriel had seen enough death in his long life. He worked extremely hard to prevent seeing more.

As they drove up to the scene, the police were already there. Only a couple of bystanders were braving the weather to watch the proceedings.

As Gabriel opened the ambulance door he was hit with a wave of scent that struck him like a body blow. The scent of human blood was not a blow to his senses after all the years he'd spent as both a soldier and a paramedic. It was the scent of this particular human blood that hit him so hard.

“Fucking hell and damnation,” he said, wobbling on his legs as he got out of the truck. Was fate so cruel that he would finally find his mate, only minutes after she'd been killed? His cat was wild in its distress. Gabriel was fighting the shift with every ounce of his strength. He could not shift here.

As he fought his cat for control Mark ran to the side of the closest victim. “You take the other one, Gabe.”

The rain was making it hard to tell which side of the street his mate's scent was coming from. The sweet feminine scent seemed to be everywhere. Taking a deep breath, he grabbed his kit and ran to the farther of the two bodies. A policemen was standing near the body and he nodded to Gabriel as he approached.

“I couldn't find a pulse. I'm pretty sure he's dead,” the officer said. Gabriel sagged in relief. He wanted to kiss the officer. He. This was not his mate. Which meant Mark was with his mate.

He continued to fight his cat. It wanted to turn around and go to her, and honestly, so did he. But he had to see to this victim first. Gabriel had to see if there was a chance he could be saved before he went to his mate. Once he was by her side he knew he’d never find the strength to leave her.

As he got closer, he could see the body was clearly that of a large male. Kneeling by his side in a bloody puddle, he saw that the man's head had nearly been severed. His throat and spine had been torn out completely, only a small section of skin was keeping his head connected to his body.

“I'm afraid you're right officer. You can call the coroner.” Gabriel took a minute to cover the body with a plastic sheet before he sprinted, at human speed, to his mate.

He was scared of what condition he may find her in after witnessing what was done to the large male victim. This was not a dog attack. Gabriel had clearly scented wolf. Both the dead man and the attacker had been a wolf shifter.




Sitting down next to her, he drew her into an embrace. She ran her hands over his naked chest and abdomen.

“Aren't you cold?"

“The fire is warm, and shifters don't really feel the cold that much.”

“I ate my meal.” She looked at him, her beautiful honey colored eyes shining in the firelight. He'd been mindful of what Doc had said about bright lights making her completely blind, so hadn't turned the living room lights on.

“Yes you did. Are you still hungry?” He could scent her growing arousal, the musky scent tangling with her natural lavender essence. She nodded, her blush spreading from her cheeks down her neck.

“Would you like dessert?” She nodded again, her hands stroking the top of his jeans. “We have ice-cream in the freezer.” She licked her lips and shook her head. “Tell me what you want, Jordanna.”

The air thickened with the scent of their combined arousal. His cock twitched as she stroked her hand over his erection.

Tell me what you want, Jordanna.” He placed his hand over hers to still her movements.

She lowered her gaze and spoke so softly that only his shifter genetics let him hear the words of his shy mate spoke. “I want to taste you, Gabriel.”

He growled and undid the button and zipper of his jeans. His cock sprang free, the end shiny with pre-cum. She didn't hesitate, she lowered her head and took him in her mouth.

“God, Jordanna that feels so fucking incredible.”

She sucked him lightly, caressing the length that didn't fit in her mouth with her hand. His balls drew up tight and he clamped down his teeth and muscles to stop himself from coming.

“You have me right there, Jordanna. I could come right now like a fucking untried adolescent.”

She bobbed her head a little faster, pulling her knees underneath her to wrap both hands around his shaft. She felt unimaginably good. He never thought his cock had ever been treated with such devotion. I've never been treated with such devotion.

“I'll do the dishes every night if the sight of your naked ass is my reward, Jordanna” Rowan said, coming to join them on the sofa.

Jordanna gasped around his cock as Rowan's hand moved between Jordanna's thighs. “Can we make love to you together, Jordanna?”

She nodded her head, and squeezed his shaft a little tighter in her hands.

“I want to fuck this beautiful virgin ass,” Rowan said, his voice rough. “I'm going to wait until Drake has made you come by fucking your tight pussy. Then I'm going to slowly push my cock in your ass until I'm balls deep.”

Jordanna whimpered and the vibrations nearly made Gabriel shoot into her mouth. “My cock is going to be in your mouth when they take you, angel.” He gently lifted her off his cock and unbuttoned his shirt that she wore so beautifully, exposing her full breasts.

“I love your breasts, Jordanna.” He tweaked her already hard nipples and she threw her head back and moaned loudly. The evidence of her arousal shined on her skin as she rubbed her thighs together.

“I want you, Gabriel.” She reached for him, but he slid away and rose to strip his jeans off the rest of the way.

“I've got you, my darling,” Drake said. He took Gabriel's place on the sofa and lifted Jordanna until she straddled his naked lap.

She lowered herself onto Drake, her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. Drake started a fast rhythm, pounding into her as she met him thrust for thrust, grinding against him with each downward stroke.

She reached her peak just as Caine returned from collecting the lube from their bedroom. He tossed it to Rowan and went to sit next to Jordanna. He stroked her back and nibbled on his mating mark as she continued to shudder from her orgasm.


* * * *


Rowan had waited for her first orgasm to relax her arousal, his cock becoming a tortured throbbing length in his fatigues. But now her ass was his.

“It's time for you to take us both, sweetheart.” Drake slid a little lower on the sofa, pushing Jordanna's ass further towards him.

He caressed the soft perfect globes and continued up the fresh pink scars on her back. He growled at the pain she'd suffered, but pushed those thoughts aside as she moaned and rose to meet his touch.

“We have to prepare you first.” He put some lube on his fingers as Drake started thrusting into Jordanna in steady deep thrusts.

She flinched as his lubed fingers connected with her tight asshole. He smoothed his other hand over her ass in firm caresses. “I'm going to stretch you, sweetheart, it will burn a little, but you need to relax.”

Gabriel kneeled on the other side of her and turned her face to his waiting cock. “I need your mouth on me, angel. I'm so hard it hurts. Will you make me come?”

She nodded and relaxed into Rowan's massaging fingers. He had two fingers inside her when she started to thrust against his invading digits.

“You're so tight, Jordanna. You're going to feel so good when my cock’s inside you.”

She moaned around Gabriel's cock and tried to speed up the rhythm. Drake gave her a small tap on the buttock and held her ass cheeks open. “We don't want to hurt you, Jordanna. We'll go at our pace.”

“Do you want my cock now, Jordanna?” Rowan said, adding a third finger to stroke into Jordanna's ass.

She nodded, but Rowan needed to hear her. “Say it, Jordanna. Tell me what you need.”

Gabriel's cock fell from her lips with a pop as she panted the words he'd been longing to hear. “I want you in my ass, Rowan. I want you all so badly.”

“I want you just as badly, sweetheart.” Rowan removed his fingers and added lube to his cock before placing the head at her stretched hole.

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