[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Older Hero Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Samson Reed is a cougar shifter in no hurry to ever mate. When he rescues a young woman while on a mission, he's stunned that she turns out to be his mate.
Bethany Granger has spent six years in an institution fighting for her sanity. She is forced to flee to save her own life, but running to Tijuana only brings her in contact with greater danger.
Taking Bethany home to his brothers, Michael and Jason, confirms they are also her mates. Instead of the safety that Samson imagined they'd all provide for their mate, Jason's rejection of his mate hurts her so deeply that it could cost all of them their lives. 
Bethany's journey to Eminence changes her life, bringing her both joy and sadness as her eyes are opened to a world she never knew existed. 
The only way they can all find happiness is by fighting for their love.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bethany (MFMM)
25 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Bethany is a great addition to this series. Samson and Michael accept and love Bethany, but Jason has trouble forgetting the pain of his past and rejects the idea that he is necessary to Bethany. The action and suspense are integrated well with the romance. I loved the ongoing development of past characters from books 1 & 2. I hope book 4 comes out soon. Loving this series.
I love this series, but I think this is my favorite so far. Bethany is adorable and full of life. She is such a well written character. Her fear and confusion along with her real need to bolt when the truth about who Samson, Jason, and Michael are, is true to life. I love the conflict and the fact that there is no immediate acceptance of, "your my mate so it's instant love," for Bethany. Or for Jason. The inner turmoil each character goes through was very real and I felt it right along with them. I connected to these characters more than the previous two and cheered them on the whole way. I was upset and pissed with Jason for most of the book for his stupidity, but that's the point. Conflict makes for good reading and the conflict in this one had me turning the page, needing to find out more. Ashley created a character that made you want to slap him, but to cheer him on at the same time. And when he finally did get his act together, she gave you his redemption. I loved Michael and Samson from the start. They are both great characters. These big, strong, tough, kick-ass soldiers who melt just from a smile from their mate, made me go "AWE". I love a book that grabs me and makes me go through different emotions and makes me go through everything right along with the characters, and this one definitely did that for me. I found myself holding me breath at the end when these men needed to rescue their mate. I also love when a book doesn't forget about previous characters from other books. It was great seeing characters I loved from the first two and seeing where they are now. This one had love, conflict, danger, adventure, and some really Hot sex. I highly recommend reading this one.
Maggie Walsh




Bethany cleared one of her tables of empty glasses. The man who’d been sitting at this table had had a really creepy smile. She was glad when he’d left. The looks he’d been giving her had raised the small hairs on the back of her neck.

He hadn’t said anything out of the ordinary, in fact, he’d been obsequiously polite whenever he’d been alone with her. Which had upped his creep-factor considerably. His demeanor was completely different with the men he’d met with. He’d been business-like and almost rude.

As she carried the tray of empty glasses towards the bar, she saw someone gesturing to her from a table at the very rear of the club. It was one of Paula’s tables, but she didn’t mind helping her.

Once beside the table, she smiled politely at the two men seated there. The man who’d gestured her over crooked his finger for her to come closer. The music was quite loud so she leaned down.

He swept his arm around her head and had his hand clasped over her mouth in a movement so fast she didn’t even see it. She tensed her muscles to pull away and felt a sharp sting in her neck. Without her consent, all her muscles relaxed and she sagged against the man as he pulled her onto his lap. The last thought she had was that he smelt revolting. His breath was fetid and his body odor nauseating as she succumbed to the fog of darkness sweeping into her mind.


* * * *


Samson found Cristian’s goons in seconds. They were at a table in the rear of the club, in a very dark corner. Samson’s instincts tingled. They were up to something. He saw them call the little blond waitress over, and for the first time in his career he broke his cover, a low growl erupting from his throat. He was moving before he’d had a chance to think his decision through.

Going off assignment like this was unheard of for him, but he wouldn’t sit idle while this young woman was assaulted. He knew of Renta’s reputation. It was rumored he had ties to prostitution and people trafficking, as well as his drug operations.

He was down from the roof, and standing, unseen, inside the back door of the club in under sixty seconds. With the advantage of his shifter genes, he could move quickly and silently when necessary. But it was still too late. He watched as the woman collapsed unconscious, into scumbag number one’s lap.

Just as he began to advance towards the table, he staggered on his feet. He felt as though he’d been hit with a concussion grenade. Her scent, it was rich and delicious in the air. It was sweet like honey and it was most definitely feline. It was also his.

His eyes burned, and he knew they’d be glowing. His canines erupted unbidden from his gums and his claws broke through the skin of his fingertips. The growl that erupted from deep in his chest was low and feral.

Someone has their hands on my mate.

Without questioning his sudden loss of control, he slid behind scumbag number two’s chair, and slammed his head onto the tabletop. He then plucked his mate from scumbag one’s lap with one hand, before similarly slamming the man’s head onto the table with the other. It was over in seconds. Turning, he then ran, with preternatural speed, out the back door of the club to his truck.

At the speed with which he was able to move, and with no lights in the alley behind the club, he was confident he would have been all but invisible. Not that he cared. All he cared about, now, was getting his mate away from this town. He had to get her somewhere safe.

Placing her gently on the back seat of the truck, he quickly got behind the wheel. He pulled out slowly and left the area at a sedate pace. He wasn’t quite so crazed that he’d further endanger his mate by getting pulled over for a traffic violation. How would I explain having an unconscious female in my truck to the local federale’s?

As he drove calmly away, belying his actual state of mind, he grew increasingly enraged. He imagined what may have happened to his mate, had he not intervened tonight. It was enough that they’d drugged her. That they’d touched her. But the thought of what that deviate, Cristian Renta, may have been planning for her, had his vision turning red with rage. His cat was clawing at him to be set free. It wanted to kill the threat to its mate.

In the confined space of the truck his mate’s scent was like ambrosia. He could taste the sweet honey and subtle vanilla scent on his tongue as it filled the cabin. He decided, there and then, that he could live on her scent alone. If the mere smell of her was this good, then her taste would be exquisite. His mouth began to water as he imagined tasting her.

He wanted to hold her.




ZJason carried her small, towel-wrapped body to the bed. “Now I can unwrap you like the gift you are, Bethany.”

“I was a little scared when you weren’t there this morning.” She reached for him, but he pulled back, removing his clothes.

“I told you, love, no more running.” Pulling her ass to the edge of the bed, he knelt between her thighs. “It will take time, but you will trust me.”

“I found your note. It was lovely.”

Caressing up the inside of her thighs, he parted them slowly. “I meant it, Bethany. I love you.”

Lowering his head he gently nipped her inner thighs, causing her to wriggle and laugh.

“Our mate is ticklish,” Michael said, laying on the bed beside Bethany. He used a hand to still her hips and kissed a path from her navel upwards.

Jason’s cock twitched and throbbed as the room filled with the scent of Bethany’s leaking juices. He licked those juices gently off the lips of her pussy.

“Ambrosia,” he said, humming at the taste of her.

Circling her clitoris with his tongue, he hummed again, eliciting a fresh gush of cream as she moaned and bucked her hips.

Samson joined them, and lay on her other side, adding his hand to her bucking pelvis. He lowered his head to lick and suck Bethany’s nipple

“I’d never shared a lover with my brothers before you,” Jason said. “I’m finding it’s very arousing watching them tease your sweet pink nipples with their mouths. Listening to your cries of pleasure.”

He sucked gently on her clitoris, before thrusting his tongue deep into her. She tightened and swelled around his tongue as he fucked her with it, lapping up her juices.

Needing to watch her orgasm, he replaced his tongue with his fingers and stroked them into her as he watched her peak.

While she was still in the throes of her orgasm, Michael rolled her on top of him and pumped into her, prolonging her orgasm with slow thrusts of his cock.

Samson reached for the lube in the bedside draw and threw it to him. He may be new to menage sex, but he didn’t need to be told what to do next.

As Samson knelt next to Bethany’s mouth, she reached for his straining cock and placed in between her lips with a purr. That purr had his cat howling with need to join them.

He squirted some lube onto his hand and stroked his painfully engorged cock.

“I’m getting my cock ready for your tight ass, Bethany. I’ll stretch you first, my love, but I’m going to take this sexy ass.” Michael shifted his grip from her hips to her buttocks, spreading her wide for him.

“Yes.” Her husky plea was muffled by Samson’s cock.

“A little cold, sweetheart,” he said, rubbing his slicked fingers over the tight opening of her virgin ass.

Moaning, she pushed up to meet him, his fingers slipping through the tight muscles.

“Hurry, Jason, I need you with us,” she said, stroking Samson’s cock with her hand.

“I won’t hurt you, Bethany,” Jason said, his cock pulsing with the need for release. “Jesus, I could come just imagining being inside you.”

Michael stilled his thrusts as Jason massaged her tight ass, feeling the muscles soften and relax around his fingers. “Hurry, Jase. Our sexy minx has got me right on the edge.”

Jason removed his fingers and kissed his way up Bethany’s spine, his cock positioned at her anus.

“You’re mine,” he said, and flexed his hips. A loud growl tore from his throat as his lubed shaft slid deep into her ass on one smooth stroke.

Bethany moaned around Samson’s cock, and pushed up to impale him deeper still. The tight walls of her ass were a sweet torture. Michael began to move and Jason could feel the walls of her pussy vibrate with her building orgasm.

“Push in when I pull out,” Michael said with a strained groan. His instruction shook Jason out of his haze, and he joined with Michael and Bethany in their carnal dance.

“This is how it was meant to be,” Samson said, his hands supporting Bethany’s head as stroked into her mouth. “You’re ours, kitten. Forever.”

This joining felt natural. He felt complete. Never had anything in his life made him feel so centered and whole.

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