Morgan (MFMM)

Eminence Shifters 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 60,760
18 Ratings (4.4)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Morgan Trent has searched for the identity of her birth parents for years. Finally discovering who she is brings her both unexpected joy and great danger.
Ben and Cameron Harvey are cougar shifters, sent to Michigan to neutralize the threat to their new pride mate, Bethany Reed. What they find is their mate, battered and bruised from a kidnapping attempt.
Evan Harvey is a hardened retired navy seal, he comes to Eminence to train new soldiers for the pride, what he discovers is a mate that he never dreamed he’d be worthy of.
As Ben, Cameron, and Evan attempt to explain their nature as shifters to their human mate, the enemy follows them to Eminence. The enemy proves so evil that the men ask for help from their former pride in Pine Falls.
As the threast to both Morgan and Bethany’s lives are fully realized, the entire pride is needed to battle a new enemy with greater strength and numbers.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Morgan (MFMM)
18 Ratings (4.4)

Morgan (MFMM)

Eminence Shifters 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 60,760
18 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A book full of romance, and love with great action, suspense, evil bad-guys and a bloody battle. This was a really fantastic book. I loved the Pine Falls series, and Morgan takes us back to Eminence and brings the sexy vampire, Aiden, along as well. I loved that the story also puts to rest the mystery of Bethany's parentage and her latent shifter powers.
Morgan was a strong and determined dynamo of a female lead, and the three men who are her mates are all strong enough to be her equals in all things.
I thought Morgan's introduction to the supernatural world was done realistically, and her reactions were believable and adorable. She is NOT a- too stupid to live heroine - which is refreshing in a genre that has such strong and dominant male leads.
Morgan gets to know Cameron, Ben and Evan as individuals, and their relationship evolves naturally and beautifully, even amongst the danger that comes to Eminence.
The battle to save Bethany and Morgan from their evil father involves the entire town and introduces a new vampire. I hope we get to read his story soon.
A great read again by Ashley Malkin.
A very well written story with great characters




Morgan leaned back in the cheap plastic chair and looked around the deserted cyber cafe. She felt a tingle of unease slide down her spine. It had been busy earlier, and she’d felt more comfortable when it had been filled with the sounds of fingers tapping on keyboards. Looking over the top of the monitor and through the cafe’s dirty front windows, she saw it was growing dark outside.

A glance at the time on the monitor told her it was only three in the afternoon. A storm was coming. “Poetic.”

She pulled a hankie out of her jeans pocket and wiped at her eyes. Once Sister Vincenza had decided Morgan was indeed the baby she’d held in her arms over twenty years ago, she’d told her everything that had occurred that night. It was a tragic story and the information provided had enabled Morgan to find her mother.

She rose and stretched her back. She’d arrived at the cyber cafe at seven that morning, bringing with her a large coffee, and she hadn’t moved all day. The young guy who’d signed her in was nowhere to be seen. She began to feel uneasy again.

Stuffing the hankie back into her pocket, she followed her instincts and headed for the door.

“Morganya Petrov?” said a heavily accented voice from behind her. She didn’t stop walking, just put her head down and focused on the door.

“I know it’s you. You can’t hide your scent from me.”

The door in front of Morgan opened and the doorway was filled by the tallest and widest person Morgan had ever seen. At five-foot-two, Morgan was used to most people being taller than her, but this man could be a circus freak.

“Excuse me,” she said, stepping to the side to let the man enter the shop. He stayed in the doorway and tilted his head back, breathing deeply.

“Definitely feline. Do you think it’s her?” The man looked over her head, his comment clearly meant for the man who had come into the store from the rear. Morgan had only one escape route now.

“Do you see anyone else here? Bring her. Artur is waiting for us to contact him.”

Morgan ran for the windows at the front of the store. She closed her eyes and put her arms over her face. I hope I don’t cut my damn throat on the glass.

She made it only a few steps before iron bands clamped around her wrists. Her wrists felt like the bones were crumbling to dust as the giant in front of her dragged her against his stomach. He spun around and she was suddenly thrown backward out the doorway.

“Politsiya,” was all Morgan heard before her head hit the sidewalk and her world went dark.


* * * *


Ben and Cameron took a cab from the airstrip and were approaching the cyber cafe some twenty minutes after landing. As the cab pulled to a stop in heavy traffic, the driver turned and pointed ahead.

“There’s been some sort of an accident. Police cars are blocking the road. It’s going to be quicker if you walk.”

Ben paid the driver and joined Cameron on the sidewalk. Cameron nodded to an alley leading away from the road block and Ben followed him between the buildings. It was just starting to rain and the drops fell heavily in the thick, humid air.

“Can you see the cyber cafe?” Cameron asked as they exited the alley on the street they’d been heading for. Looking at the storefronts, Ben found the numbers and gestured back toward the way they’d come. More police cars blocked the street. One police car moved to let an ambulance pass, its sirens blaring as it took off in the opposite direction.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Ben said. He reached for his badge as he approached a young uniformed police officer.

“Wait,” Cameron said, his voice sounded garbled and strained. Ben turned and roughly pushed Cameron back into the alley. His brother’s eyes were glowing amber and his canines had descended to pierce his bottom lip. Blood ran down Cameron’s chin and also from his fingertips where his claws now protruded.

“Fuck, Cam. What the—”

Then Ben smelled it. Sweet, rich, and alluring. The smell as decadent as chocolate and just as addicting. Blood. Not just any blood. His mate’s life blood had been spilled somewhere close. She was hurt and he had failed to stop it from happening.

Ben held onto his cat with all of his will power. It snarled and roared. Hissing in anger to be allowed free, but Ben held tight to his control.

“Soon. We’ll have her soon, but not if we lose control.” Ben spoke the words out loud, trying to soothe both his cat and Cameron’s.

“I can scent more than one person’s blood,” Cameron said. His eyes blinked back to their human green. “This many police cars means someone has died. Our mate may have died before we fucking met her.”




“We claim you when we bite you, Morgan. The wound will forever be a mark of our bond.” Cameron let his teeth sink into her porcelain skin, and she screamed her release. He swallowed her rich, sweet, blood as it splashed into his mouth. Her taste evaporated his control and his own orgasm pulsed as he rapidly pumped his hips, prolonging both their orgasms until their bodies relaxed.

“You’re mine now,” Cameron said. He licked over the punctures, stopping the trickle of blood and sealing it into a lasting mark. With a tiny growl Morgan bit into the side of his neck, her two rows of blunt teeth still managing to puncture his skin. His cock pulsed anew as cum shot from him, bathing her pussy as it tightened around him. Morgan moaned as another orgasm shook her tiny frame.

When Morgan released his neck she was panting. She looked so beautiful as she smiled up at him. “I was going to ask what claiming was. Now I know.”

“I’m honored to wear your mark, Morgan. You have to lick the wound closed or it will heal and leave no scar.” Cameron groaned as Morgan licked over her fresh mark.

“I’m sorry. Does it hurt?” Her eyes were wide and her concern humbled him.

He answered her by licking his mark on her neck. She cried out and her pussy clamped tight around him as she shuddered through another small release.


* * * *


Evan returned from the bathroom with a warm cloth and gazed in wonder at their magnificent mate. His cock leaked as he took in her beauty. He wanted her so badly. Cameron slowly pulled from Morgan’s body and moved to the side, kissing his way up her body. Evan noticed the rosy flush returning to Morgan’s usually pale skin as he gently cleaned her.

“Are you ready for me, Morgan?” Evan sat beside her and pulled her onto his lap, her legs straddling his hips, his hard cock, pulsing against the folds of her pussy. “We don’t want to rush you, but the pain will return if we wait too long.” He wrapped his arms around her and cupped her ass as he kissed her soft pink mouth. He groaned at the way she tasted. “You are so delicious.”

“You haven’t tasted her blood,” Cameron said, “or her pussy.”

“Cameron,” Morgan said in censure. Evan saw her blue eyes turn lavender as she watched Ben move to stand beside them, caressing Morgan’s long hair as it fell down her back. “Ben, I haven’t tasted you yet.”

Ben made a pained sound, his voice rough with the growl of his cat. “My cock is going to drop off if you keep teasing me like that,” he said.

Evan’s cat snarled in warning as Morgan’s body grew hotter by the second. “Now, love. I need you.”

He moaned and released one hand from her ass to guide his cock to her entrance. She sunk down his length, taking half of him inside her before he caught her hips and slowed her progress. As much as he wanted her, he could never abide hurting her.

She brought her feet under her and took up the rhythm of his rocking. Their bodies came together slowly, the slide of her hot pussy so wonderful that thought he would go mad with pleasure.

A fine sheen of sweat coated her body as her mating heat cooled, their joining satisfying the bond. She lifted her arm from his shoulder and reached for Ben’s straining cock, stroking it gently with her fingers as he moaned in pleasure.

Evan started to thrust harder. Morgan’s pussy quivered around his cock as he tried to hold his orgasm off. His mate felt so good, he didn’t want it to end too soon. Ben softly roared, grasping Morgan’s head in his hands as she licked around the head of his cock.

“It’s so sweet and musky,” Morgan said, gasping as Evan ran his thumb over the tight rosette of her ass. “Evan.”

The rest of her words froze in her throat as he tilted her pelvis, rubbing his pubic bone against her clitoris. Massaging her anus until it relaxed, he then stroked his thumb inside her dark hole in time with his pumping cock. His canines descended as her pussy spasmed.

She screamed as she came, and he loosed his control over his cat and his cock. He came hard, roaring before striking his extended teeth into the soft curve of her shoulder. Her blood sprayed into his mouth as his cum sprayed deep into her hot pussy, bathing each of them in their claiming fluids.

He released her skin and roared again as she bit into his shoulder, unerringly finding the identical spot on his body that bore his mark on hers. His cum sprayed again as he peaked a second time, his mate drinking his blood as she absorbed his seed.

His cat reveled in the animalistic abandon that sealed them together as mates. It purred, the vibrations making her nipples peak and harden against his chest.

“My cat is very happy to be mated to you, my adorable Morgan.” He licked over his mark, mopping up the small stream of blood that ran to her breast. “Delicious. I can’t wait to feast some more on your body, but we have to finish before you feel any pain, my love.”

She licked over his shoulder, and his purr rumbled loud. His cat was incredibly happy to be marked as hers.

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