[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Peata O'Donnell works hard to protect the young people she works with, but is tortured by her brutal past. After inadvertently witnessing an horrific murder, she is recognised, and forced to flee with nothing but the clothes on her back.
Sheltering in an abandoned barn one night, she accidentally sets it on fire. She is rescued by firemen, and forced to face the horrors from both her past and her present.
Firemen and cougar shifters Max, Calder, and Axel Wilder were on the verge of leaving their home and jobs to begin a search for the mate they all yearned for, when they discover her in a blaze.
However, the unexpected complication of their mate being a human is not the only obstacle to their mating. They must free her from the threat of her pursuers, as well as from the pain of her past, before they can all find happiness.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Peata (MFMM)
22 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I really enjoyed this second book in the Eminence Shifters series. The characters were all well defined and developed in their individual relationships with Peata. Peata had suffered a horrible sexual assault as a young adult and it had shaped her life since then. The men all help her to overcome this and move into a loving relationship with them. I loved the deep love that they all develop for Peata, especially poor Calder, who had been an angry angry man in the absence of his mate. The inclusion of Melanie and her mates from book 1 of this series was really good, I enjoyed seeing how they had grown in their relationship too.
I look forward to the next book in this series and would read other books by this author.
A very good book




Axel got a third of the way down the length of the barn when he caught the faint sound of labored breathing, despite the roar of the fire. Sweeping the ground with his torch, he headed toward the source of the sound.

Inside a stall at the side of the barn, he found the body of a small woman lying prostrate on the dirt floor. Her breathing was becoming increasingly labored in the thickening smoke.

Max stepped up behind him. “No one else is here, but the roof is about to go,” he yelled above the roar of the flames.

Axel scooped the woman up and ran with her out of the barn. Max was waiting for him outside, he had already taken off his mask, and he moved to place it on the victim.

“Fuck no,” Max said vehemently. Pushing the mask onto the woman’s face he snatched her from Axel’s arms and sprinted around the barn with her.

Axel shook his head. What the hell is wrong with my brother?

Removing his breathing gear, to inform Max that he was finally succumbing to senility, the world tilted. He staggered on his feet, the smell surrounding him lighting up every cell in his body. It was coming from his coat, and it was the most amazing thing he had ever scented. It was sweet and creamy like caramel and musky like sex, all rolled into one. It was his. He suppressed a roar that threatened to tear from his throat. The two other members of their crew were human. He had just carried his mate in his arms, his injured mate.

He ran at full speed toward the truck. The roof of the barn collapsed behind him, sending smoke and flames skyward. They had nearly lost her. Five more minutes and they would have been too late. They would not have discovered her body until they were raking over the coals. The thought had his cat scratching at his skin to be released. It wanted to protect its mate. The need to shift rose until it nearly consumed him and the fact that he couldn’t was just pissing him off.

From Max’s reaction, it was obvious that this woman was mate to him also, which meant that Calder was in for one hell of a shock when he finally took off his breathing gear.


* * * *


Max looked down at the human woman he had just snatched from Axel. His mate, he had found her. He’d known who she was as soon as Axel had emerged from the barn with her. Without the mask blocking his sense of smell her distinctive fragrance had washed over him like a wave, drowning him with her scent. Even the thick smoke in the air could not mask the scent of his mate. Her scent had rippled through his entire body, sparking an awareness deep in his soul that it had just found its other half.

The roof of the barn collapsed behind him and his grip on his humanity slipped, his cat nearly taking over in its anguish at the danger to its mate. His claws broke through the skin at his fingertips and his eyes burned as they filled with his cat’s amber-bright glow. He snarled, his canines dropping from his gums. He fought hard to wrest control back from his cat. This is not helping her.

Forcing a calm he didn’t feel, he focused on her heartbeat, on her chest rising and falling as she breathed. “She is alive and safe,” he said with a growl, squeezing her tightly to his chest. The warmth of her body and the feel of her heart beating against his chest calmed both man and beast. Max felt his canines recede back into his gums as he regained his control.

He gazed down at her beautiful face. She seemed so small, though at six and a half feet tall most human women seemed small to him.

She also smelt unbelievably good. His cock began to fill, and he had to clamp his jaws tight to stop himself from licking along her neck as he ran with her. His cat wanted to taste its mate.

He gently laid her on the ground by the first aid section of the truck and worked quickly to connect the oxygen equipment, in replace of his breathing gear.

”It’s her, Max. Why is she here in this fire?” Axel asked softly, as he squatted down on the other side of their mate. Axel gently opened her shirt and attached the heart monitor. Her full breasts were bursting out of a red lacy bra, and he groaned at the sight, his cock thickening further.

I don’t know, Axel, I can’t even think right now,” Max said, fixing his eyes on the monitors. If he continued to look at her lusciously pale breasts accented so beautifully by her red bra, he would come in his pants. “We have to get the paramedics here.”

Max was thrilled that she was obviously a mate to them all. They had always been close, even for brothers, and sharing a mate would only make that bond stronger.

Max pulled out his phone and called for the paramedics. He gently brushed the hair off his mate’s face as he watched her color and breathing. Touching her skin was sending charge of unadulterated pleasure shooting up his arm. It was then shooting to regions further south.

“Her vital signs all look good, Max. This could easily have been a whole lot worse.”

“I know, Axel.” They turned as one to glance at the ruined building. They were lucky that their mate still lived.

“We need to tell Calder, he needs to be here too,” Axel said. He stood and adjusted his crotch before walking over to get Calder.

“Glad I’m not suffering alone here,” Max murmured after him.




Calder was lying next to Peata, his fingers caressing one of her nipples.

“How are you feeling, honey?” Axel asked, spreading Peata’s thighs and kneeling between them. He ran his hands up the inside of her thighs. Parting her short, dark curls, he spread her open and rubbed a finger around her clit.

The scent of arousal was making his cat wild. His cock a throbbing weight between his thighs, his balls so tight he thought they might burst.

“Axel, that feels so good,” she said breathlessly.

Her juices were coating her pussy and he just had to taste her. His fangs dropped, his need for her making him shake. Her response to his touch was igniting a desire in him like he had never felt before.

“I need you, Peata. I have to be inside you. But if you’re not ready I will wait.”

“I want you, Axel, I want you and Calder so badly. My body hurts. I’m on fire and I know having you inside me is the only thing that will keep me from combusting.” She writhed on the bed, pushing against his circling finger.

That was all he needed. He bent his head to her pussy and licked her from ass to clit. Her flavor exploded in his mouth. Her juices had just become his favorite food, and he wanted to gorge himself. Finding restraint he didn’t think he had, and ignoring the agony of his over-engorged cock, he gently laved her clit and inserted two fingers into her slick pussy. She moaned loudly, her pussy gripping his fingers tightly. He nearly came at the thought of what her tight pussy would feel like wrapped around him.

But he needed her to come before he entered her, so he started to pump his fingers and suck softly on her clit. Her pussy started to flutter, her moans growing louder. He dragged one of his fangs down the length of her engorged clitoris, and her orgasm exploded through her.

His restraint snapping, he moved between her thighs and drove into his mates quivering pussy.

He thrust into her, unable to go slowly. The feel of finally being inside her was just too good. She moaned as he licked her neck, in preparation for his bite.

“Axel, do it now. I need you,” Peata panted softly.

His orgasm roared through him in response to her words. He came so hard his vision faded. Roaring loudly he sank his fangs into her neck and swallowed her warm, sweet blood. She came again, screaming his name.

As his breathing slowed and his vision returned, he realized he had collapsed on top of her. “Sorry, honey, I’m squashing you.” He lifted a little, but left his cock buried in her warmth.

“No, when you’re lying on me like that, I feel you’re touching me everywhere. It feels really good.”

He looked down at her beautiful face. She was smiling up at him and his heart clenched. He loved her so much. He hadn’t expected to love her so deeply this soon, but he did. He knew the mating bond drew mates to each other, but he’d been unprepared for the powerful emotions it also invoked.

Or maybe it is just because she is so magnificent.

Even in the short time he had known her, he had been stunned by the depth of her kindness, strength, acceptance and honesty. He was certain that he and his brothers had been blessed with the most perfect mate ever created.

Kissing her, he kept his thoughts to himself for now. But he would tell her soon that he loved her.

“How are you, my beautiful mate?” he asked, rolling to her side.

“I feel wonderful. That was amazing, Axel. I liked all the things you did.” She blushed, her innocence obvious.

“I’m happy to hear that, sugar, because I intend to spend a lot of time eating your sweet pussy,” Calder said.

Axel found her inexperience was a turn-on, his cock filling as he envisioned all the different firsts he and his brothers would give her.

“How is your throat feeling now?” Max asked, gently wiping her pussy clean. Axel was relieved to see there was no blood this time.

“My throat feels warm and itchy now, not sore, and my chest is no longer tight.”

Axel nuzzled her neck, licking his mating mark. “Once the mating is complete, you will be fully healed.”

She shivered and reached for him, pulling him down for a kiss. She was the one to plunge her tongue into his mouth, and he groaned when she licked down his still elongated canines. He hadn’t realized they were an erogenous zone, but the feel of it had his cock instantly hard again.

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