Right to Bare Fangs (MMM)

Spirit of Sage 16

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,689
6 Ratings (4.8)

[Menage Amour ManLove: Adventure Alternative Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, MMM, shape-shifter, HEA]

Mags is on the run, and returns to Sage fleeing a hitman and a stalker, after stealing crucial information from Flashpoint.  In the middle of a volatile political situation involving the president himself, Mags finds his mates, prison guard Chad, and President Sheldon's personal bodyguard, Austin.  With a bullseye on his back, Mags, a drag queen and singing sensation, is terrified that he's put his friends and mates in danger.  He's not wrong.  Flashpoint are determined to eradicate shifter rights, and will stop at nothing to achieve their endgame...the destruction of Sage, the epicenter of the entire shifter movement.  Flashpoint look set to win the battle, and have their people in place, at the highest levels of power.  Sage is ready for them, and has already evacuated ahead of the storm. Now it's time to exercise their rights...to bare fangs.  

Right to Bare Fangs (MMM)
6 Ratings (4.8)

Right to Bare Fangs (MMM)

Spirit of Sage 16

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,689
6 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“No more rain, keep the storm at bay, let the sun shine through. Hope is fleeting, love so far away, my heart is bleeding, my pain so pure; let the sun shine through, let the sun shine through.”

“Pipe down, Mags. I love your singing, honey, but it’s three in the fucking morning!”

Mags grinned at his friend’s complaint. Alfie was a saint for putting up with him. A free room in Alfie’s bed-and-breakfast, for as long as he wanted. Not bad, considering the trouble he was probably bringing with him.

Alfie hadn’t even batted an eye when Mags had showed up weeks ago, bedraggled, terrified, and begging for help. He and his compadres from the salon, and his two mates, had taken Mags back under their wing, and he hadn’t left.

“Sorry, sweetie. I forget you’re not a night owl.”

“Mags, that goes without saying,” Alfie retorted dryly. “We wake up early in this house. And I’m on breakfast duty.”

Oops! “Sorry. I’ll sing silently.”

Alfie’s laugh carried over the shower. “See you in the morning, toots. You’re helping with the morning rush.”

Fuck it. “Sure thing, Alfie.” Mags tried to keep his chagrin to himself. Alfie’s louder laughter told him he hadn’t quite managed it.

“Six thirty sharp, twinkle toes.”


“No thanks, I’m taken. Don’t be late,” Alfie sing-songed, earning himself a chuckle.

Mags loved Alfie. Since Mags had returned to Sage, everyone at Salon Central had taken him under their wing. Salon Central was the new name for the salon at the mall…it really was the hub of beauty and gossip. If you wanted to know anything, just ask the queens, for the price of a soothing massage or quick trim.

Mags dried himself then rubbed moisturizer into his skin and finished off his nightly ritual by plaiting his long blond tresses. He tried to fight off the nightmare that had woken him so early, and shuddered as his mind turned over the frightening sequences, still playing in an unending loop. Why couldn’t he forget?

Antoine. André. Reuben. Three men who’d helped turn him from a confident, sassy singing sensation into a shell of a man, frightened of his own shadow. He was now terrified to sing in public after his concert a few months ago had attracted the wrong kind of attention. André had showed up, at the same time as Mags’s picture had gone viral on social media, courtesy of his other stalker, Reuben.

Antoine, the owner of the club Mags had slaved in, and a total loser, was only a small part of Mags’s descent into fear, and thankfully was incarcerated. The person who was ultimately to blame was Mags himself. Ambition and naivety were not great bedfellows. He’d believed Antoine, against his better instinct, when the club owner had promised him the world. Mags was smarter than that. He’d known, deep down, there was a catch. And the only prize had been a gilded cage with a death sentence attached should he try to escape.

“Mags, are you okay, honey?” Alfie’s voice was soft, and Mags realized he was actually crying. He opened the bathroom door to see Alfie’s concerned face, and fell into his friend’s embrace, letting loose months of terror and despair.

“I’m sorry. I can’t stop the dreams. Even when I’m awake.” Mags sobbed as Alfie guided him into the bedroom, sitting with him on the small couch.

“Sweetie, have you spoken to anyone?”

“I can’t. Murphy left, remember?”

“You know, all of us have been through terrible times, Mags. None of us will judge you if you want to talk about stuff. You seem…embarrassed or something, which may be stopping you talking. Once it’s out in the open, perhaps it won’t seem so bad.”

Mags sniffed loudly, grabbing a tissue from a small box on the side stand. “I haven’t told you all everything.” He cried again, his body shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. “I’m a terrible person. All I think about is myself. After all you’ve done for me.”

Alfie stroked his back, sighing.


“For a start.”

“What about him? What has he done that you feel so terrible about?”

“I heard things. Awful things. He was Antoine’s enforcer. But you know that, I think.” Mags paused, lifting his head finally and gazing into Alfie’s beautiful hazel eyes. “He was one of the men who colluded with that government guy. The one who set up the attack on Sage a few months ago.”

“Stuart O’Malley?”


“We know André was working with Antoine. And we know he has connections to Flashpoint.”

Mags looked up, locking onto Alfie’s face. “Do you know that I happen to have a full list of his cohorts? And their intention to assassinate President Sheldon?”

Alfie paled, then managed a sly smirk. “No wonder you’re so popular.” His expression tautened. “So, I guess we’ll be letting Ryder know. Right now. That list means you could have a target on your back.”




Mags watched through heavy-lidded eyes as Chad and Austin kissed hungrily, stripping down quickly. Oh my. Austin’s eyes closed as he lost himself to Chad’s skillful touch, and they stumbled to the bed, falling in a tangle of limbs. Mags got naked fast, his cock already leaking, his ass clenching in anticipation. He wanted, oh god he wanted. Crawling up beside them, Mags slid next to Austin. The big jaguar shifter lay on his back, legs splayed, giving Mags a perfect view of hair-roughened skin and a thick, rampant cock ready for action. He stroked his hand along Austin’s upper thigh, urging him to open his legs further.

Complying instantly, Austin groaned as Mags cupped his sac, rolling his testicles around on his palm like stress balls, squeezing lightly. Mags sneaked between Austin’s thick thighs, dipped his head, and tasted the musky, salty fluid oozing from Austin’s dick. Hmmm. So good. He delved lower, lifting Austin’s leg over his shoulder, smirking when Austin’s groans grew even louder.

“Easy, tiger,” Chad drawled, panting and licking at Austin’s mouth, then nipped his lower lip. Mags couldn’t take his eyes off the sexy sight, aching to be claimed by both men. “Don’t come too soon. We have a long night ahead.”

Austin chuckled breathlessly, meeting Mags’s avid gaze. “Tell that to Mags. He’s determined to drive me out of my mind.”

Mags winked, slurping Austin’s balls and sucking at them eagerly. “You bet. Suck it up, buttercup.”

Austin’s head fell back, utter bliss on his gorgeous face. Chad chuckled and took Austin’s lips again, then reached to grasp Austin’s cock, pumping his fist steadily until Austin cried out, coming hard, his body bucking under the dual onslaught.

“Oops. We made a mess.” Chad grinned, scooping up cum from Austin’s taut abs, then fed it to Austin, who lapped at it greedily. Mags nearly came himself as he observed the dirty kiss that followed, sharing Austin’s seed. He moved up Austin’s body, licking every drop of semen from his mate’s abdomen, then peppered kisses upward, pausing at Austin’s nubby nipples. He loved nipples. Chewing lightly, he felt Austin’s cock thicken against his thigh and rubbed sinuously along his lover’s body, their dicks grinding together.

Austin cupped his head, dragging him up for a three-way smooch that had Mags writhing atop the bigger man. Chad tasted of coffee and cum, Austin had a minty flavor mixed in with his own seed. So fucking sexy. Groaning, Mags dry-humped Austin, feeling thick fingers probing at his ass.

“There you go, love,” Chad murmured. “Take what you need. I wanna see you both cum together. Wait! Let me get the lube.”

He rushed off the bed, returning triumphantly with a large tube, smearing it on his fingers. Mags moaned as Chad moved up behind him, tracing a cool trail down his crease, and lifted his ass higher, needing more.

Austin parted Mags’s ass cheeks, aiding their lover’s explorations, controlling the restless movement of Mags’s lower torso. Mags needed relief—soon. He arched his back, feeling the slick probe of Chad’s finger against his chute. His eyes closed as the digit sank deeper, then slid in and out slowly. He shunted his hips back and forth, drowning in pleasure. Someone grabbed his dick, mashing it against Austin’s, masturbating them in unison until he forgot to breathe.

“There you go, mates. Get ready for lift-off.”

Mags tried to laugh, feeling Austin’s amusement vibrate through him, then they both came, painting one another in shades of cream. Mags cry was muffled, his tongue fending off Austin’s, and felt Chad’s finger slide deeper still.

“You’re taking me like a champ,” Chad said approvingly. “Beautifully tight, baby, and so responsive I’m about ready to blow myself. All over your sweet ass.”

“Blow,” Mags gritted as a second finger joined the first. It had been a very long time since he’d had sex, and despite being willing, his ass was feeling the burn. “Why wait?”

Chad chuckled lazily, stroking Mags’s back. “Nah. I wanna cream your insides, sweetie. Feel the burn.”

Chad stretched Mags carefully, then tapped Mags’s clenching hole with his lube-slick cock. Mags looked over his shoulder, enjoying the look of intense pleasure on Chad’s face as he pushed forward, punching past Mags’s loosened sphincter.

“Fuck, yes,” Chad panted through gritted teeth, shallow-fucking Mags until, inch by inch, he was fully inserted.

Austin turned Mags’s face back to his, smirking. “Me next. Smear your sexy dick, baby.”

Mags’s eyes widened when Austin lifted his knees up to his chin, presenting his beautiful hole. “You want me to…top?” Mags squeaked.

Austin grinned. “I’m a bottom boy. Who knew?”

Chad chuckled. “Perfect pairing. Because I don’t bottom for anyone.” He frowned, suddenly. “But I may be persuaded. The look on Mags’s face makes me want to try.”

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