Oh Baby (MFMM)

Dukes of Desire 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,843
3 Ratings (3.7)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Historical Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, with M/F/M/F/M, F/F elements, light consensual BDSM, public exhibition, voyeurism, sex toys]

Camille, Titus, Knoll, and Mortimer Tremont have made a lasting ménage. Camille is expecting her first child, and excitement reigns in the household as she waits for the brothers to return from a trip. The only problem is that Knoll has found a temptress elsewhere he is not sure he wants to resist, Mia Caldwell.

He tells Camille of this, and she gives herself to him body and soul in a hot night in an attempt to get his mind off of Mia. However, when Mia and her mother come to visit, it is clear Mia's intentions are toward marriage. Camille and the Tremont brothers don't trust Mia, and they fight Knoll's noble inclination to save her from poverty, but he gives in and marries her.

Mia agrees to join their arrangement, and a night of passion with Knoll, now her husband, ensues. She soon invites the others into her bed, and they find her petite prettiness charming and sensual. Camille's baby is born. Joy fills the house again as harmony is reached and their lust is fulfilled.

All is well, but then Mortimer receives a strange visitor who threatens the peace and passion in the household.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Oh Baby (MFMM)
3 Ratings (3.7)

Oh Baby (MFMM)

Dukes of Desire 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,843
3 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

 Story Excerpt


Lady Camille Tremont walked in the back garden behind Tremont Hall, complete happiness and anticipation making her heart beat faster. She stopped, putting a hand to her back as the extra weight she carried got to her for a moment.

The thought of Titus seeing her after several weeks made her breath come faster, and the further idea of his brothers coming back to the Hall sent a frisson of desire and longing through her body. The baby kicked, and she smiled, running her fingers along her stomach.

“Your daddies will be home soon, little one.”

A dart of worry ran through Camille at the thought of having been away from her men so long, almost a month. It could not have been helped. They had business to settle and wanted to get it all done in Bath and Cornwall before coming home to settle down with her until the baby’s birth.

“Everything will be fine,” she whispered to herself, rounding the side of the Hall, her eyes glued to the cobblestone driveway leading to the front door.

The closed carriage rounded the bend, and Camille gasped with delight, hurrying to the front of the house to meet them. Her body sang with desire and joy.

What a homecoming this will be.


* * * *


“I didn’t say I’d tell her immediately.” Knoll’s voice was sharp over the clopping of horses’ hooves up the driveway.

“I know, and that’s the least you can do, man.” Titus sneered at him, his disgust evident.

“Things happen, brother, things we don’t intend.”

“I understand that, but you already have Camille, and she loves you and all of us.” Mortimer frowned.

“I know, and I love her, too. I just think things can be different but still wonderful.”

Mortimer snorted. “We’ll see what she thinks about that.”

A knot of fear grew in Knoll’s chest. What if she rejects me and things don’t work out?

“Good luck, Knoll, but please, mind her feelings. I won’t see her hurt.” Titus’s voice came out loudly. “She is my wife in the eyes of the law, after all.”

“There she is now. God, she’s gorgeous,” Knoll whispered, his voice tight and his body coming to life at the sight of her.

“Just break it to her gently later this afternoon. We’ll give you some space.”

“I will. You have my word,” Knoll said, biting his knuckles.

Was what I felt in Bath even real? When he looked at Camille, he wasn’t sure, and he didn’t know what to do about it.


Adult Excerpt


She stood near the bed, her eyes closed. She realized she was exhausted, achy, and emotional.

Titus began with her hair, kissing it and running the sponge over her damp forehead. She moaned with pleasure.

“Feel good?”

“Yes. It’s amazing. Thank you.” He kissed her mouth, squeezing water down her neck, cool between her breasts. She sighed and closed her eyes.

Mortimer started at her feet, running a handkerchief over them as she sighed. “Do you want to sit down? You might be more comfortable.”

Camille nodded, wanting to take the burden off her aching feet. She sat cross-legged and awkward, exhaling with relief.

Mortimer rubbed her legs with the cool water and handkerchief as she moaned. She heard his breathing grow faster. “You’re so beautiful, Camille. Your neck is like a graceful swan’s.” Titus murmured the words into her ear as he ran the dripping sponge down her back, eliciting a groan of pleasure from her.

“Thank you, Titus.” She closed her eyes, letting herself go to sensation as he kissed her neck, his tongue teasing her, hot and wet. His hands ran through her hair as he untangled it with his fingers, letting it flow down her back.

Mortimer moved closer to her after dipping the handkerchief into the basin and wetting it again.

“Now I’m going to give some attention to these gorgeous breasts of yours.” He moved the damp handkerchief over her nipples, and they sprang to attention.

“I love your tits, Camille. You’re luscious pregnant.” His gaze scorched her skin, and she moaned with arousal as his mouth found her nipples and he sucked and teased each breast in turn.

Behind her, Titus rubbed her back with the sponge, easing away the stress of the picnic and her worry about where Knoll was and what he was doing with Mia Caldwell.

She felt his fingers at the crack in her bottom, and she whimpered as he wet her there and slid his finger lower.

“I have an idea, brother.” His voice shook with lust.

“Yes? I like ideas.” Mortimer fondled her breast, looking up at Titus and sliding a finger into her slippery cunt.

Camille groaned loudly, unable to stop herself. “I was thinking we could lie down together on the bed, make sure Camille is comfortable, and penetrate her from behind and front.”

“Oh.” Camille sighed at the thought, her pussy clenching.

“What say you, Camille?” Mortimer pushed two fingers inside her, his thumb nudging her clit.

She trembled and held on to his shoulders.

“Yes, please don't stop.” She spoke through clenched teeth.

The men helped her up, and Mortimer kissed her long and slow, his cock hard against her through his breeches. They lay her down on the bed, and both of them stripped. She watched Mortimer through heavy-lidded eyes. Camille felt so tired, yet so aroused.

She heard Titus open a drawer.

“I bought some scented oil for us to use. It was in a shop in Bath, and I got hard just thinking about what I could do with it. It was misery, Camille.” He laughed, slipping into bed behind her.

“I’m sure it was.” She smiled, feeling loved and safe. Thoughts of Knoll threatened, but she pushed them aside, determined to enjoy the moment with her two lovers.

Mortimer worked at her clit with his finger as he kissed her slowly and deeply. “I love how you want it in both holes at once. You’re such a dirty mama, Camille.”

“Umm.” She moaned at his words, her clit tingling at the circles he made over it.

“I’m going to make you come once before I even get inside you.”

Camille pressed against his fingers, her orgasm hovering just beyond reach.

She flinched as Titus rubbed sweet-scented oil into her crack. She tilted her bottom toward him, enjoying the warm sensation and his gentle finger inside her canal.

“How does that feel?”


Mortimer kissed her, his hands still working as she bucked against him with a cry of release.

“I love to hear you come, my minx.” He positioned his cock near her opening, and she reached down, grasping him in her hand, wanting to touch his heat.

“Camille, bloody hell. How can you be so tempting?” He slid into her, not taking his time as her hands went around his buttocks.

“How can you keep going?” She laughed, kissing him.

“I could come more times than twice in a day with you, Camille. You drive me wild.” She squeezed the base of his cock as he slid out of her, and he groaned.

“Brother, could you hold up a minute and let me join in?” Titus slid another finger inside her tight hole, and she tensed.

“Just relax. You’re so good at this, Camille, and I know you want it.”

“You're right. I do.” She smiled, closing her eyes.


* * * *


“You’re so tight, my bride.” He groaned, his hands on her hips as he slid out slowly. “How does that feel?”

“Better every second.” She laughed, and her sweet scent nearly overwhelmed him.

Mortimer pushed into her from the front, and they stayed like that for a minute as Camille’s breathing grew harsh.

“Are you in pain, love?” Titus asked.

“No, I’m in paradise.”

Mortimer thrust into her cunt, sending a wave his way, and Titus followed it, sliding inside her as his brother pulled out.

Her tightness and warmth drove all else from his mind. He held back his orgasm that threatened to come, moaning with the tightness of his balls.

“Brother, I’m going to come.” Mortimer’s voice floated across to him.

“Good.” He slid out, holding on to Camille’s hips, his cock poised at her back entrance as she tensed and Mortimer came inside her with a yell.

He panted, and Titus oiled his cock again, his balls aching for release.

“Do you want to come again?”

“Yes.” Titus moved his fingers to her clit, rubbing the sweet button and enjoying the slippery feel of her under his fingers.

What a lucky man I am.

He entered her hole again, reveling in the close fit of her over his cock and her deep groan. His rhythm took over, and she whimpered against his fingers as he thrust one inside her cunt. Plunging inside her tunnel, he felt her tense and clench around his finger over and over again.

“Are you feeling no pain now, sweet?”

“Yes, oh, yes,” she whispered, grinding into his cock. “I’m going to come. You feel too good for me to hold back anymore.”

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