[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves]

Hunter owns a hardware store in Pride Pack Valley. He is thrilled when he learns that Alpha Zeus is rebuilding and wants to use his store for most of the supplies. Little does he know that one of the workers is his mate.

Quinn works at the construction site, watching as the foreman finds love and wishing he could be so lucky to find a love of his own.

Tristan is running for his life. His ex, Xavier, is out to get him back, but Tristan would die before falling back into Xavier’s hands.

When Tristan finds himself in the hands of two very handsome and dominant males, old habits die hard. His submissive ways and knack for dressing to his own taste leaves a bad taste in a few townsfolk’s mouth. When Xavier finds him, Tristan must choose the men he loves or his master.


Note: Each book in Lynn Hagen's Zeus's Pack collection features a different romantic trio. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Hunter (MMM)
101 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Another good instalment of the Zeus Pack series. Lynn Hagen has again delivered complex,funny and engaging characters with lots of hot, hot, hot action. I love the 'teasers' she throws in about future books - I just wish their release was not so far away. This book has me hanging desperately for Eagle's story! I was devastated to see on the author's website that it isn't due for release for months?! Frustrating.......!
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS: "Tristan was on the run from his abusive and controlling ex-boyfriend, Xavier, when he found himself in Pride Pack Valley mistaken for a member of the pack in his wolf form. Tristan is taken in by Quinn, who immediately realizes that Tristan had suffered some terrible abuse. Quinn does everything he can think of to get Tristan to trust him. Tristan is afraid that anything he does will get him kicked out or beaten, so he tries to do whatever he can to please Quinn. Quinn finally gets Tristan to admit he likes to draw so he uses that as an incentive to help him settle in. Quinn takes Tristan shopping with the agreement that he will give him a bag skittles for every piece of clothing he picks out. Tristan's clothing choices are as unique and eye catching as the man himself and when Hunter sees Tristan, he knows that he and Quinn are his mates. Tristan, as a werewolf, knows it too, but can he overcome his fears to reach for the mates he desires? Will Tristan, Hunter, and Quinn's love survive when Xavier arrives threatening all they have built? Once again, Ms. Hagen's story held me spellbound from the start. I quickly fell in love with Tristan's quirky and unique personality. I was inspired by his desire for freedom and never giving in to Xavier's demands, even though that would have been easier at the time. I loved how Quinn kept trying to get through to Tristan, but I never thought of skittles as a way to bribe someone. The visual descriptions of Tristan's clothing choices were hysterical, but it was funny how Quinn and Hunter fought not to laugh because it would have hurt Tristan's feelings. Many of the Zeus's Pack mates are, shall we say, one of a kind, and Tristan fits in perfectly. It was funny to read Tristan's reaction when Sidney, a mate, acted crazy during Bingo and Tristan sat there dumbfounded watching the spectacle unfold. I for one can't wait to see what's in store next, in the Zeus's Pack series." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Though not part of Zeus’s pack, wolf shifter Hunter is still a good friend of the pack. In fact, ever since Alpha Zeus commissioned the new home for the pack to be built Hunter’s Hardware store is booming. A case of mistaken identity drops a young wolf named Tristan into the hands of Quinn Chevay, a human who works on the construction site. Tristan is on the run from an abusive Dom and he’s got no intention of being found. Quinn doesn’t understand why he’s so drawn to Tristan but the shifter quickly realizes they are mates. Damaged both in mind and body Tristan flees the safety of Quinn’s home when someone’s thoughtlessness scares him. He also doesn’t want Quinn to be hurt if the Dom finds his hiding place. When Hunter comes into their lives he is able to bring the three men together. Complications arise however when the Dom is spotted in Pride Pack Valley. More than anything Hunter, Quinn, and Tristan belong with each other. One thing they know for sure, in the end the fight for love is worth it. They may be shifters but realistic problems make Hunter a hit. No one could deny that Tristan deserves all the love and happiness that his mates can give him. The paranormal aspect of the plot adds dimension, but it is the dynamics between these characters that makes Hunter such a treat. Hunter is a charming blend of redemption and romance." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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The tires screeched to a halt in the driveway as Quinn slammed it into park. He jumped out and ran to the house, trying his best to rid his body of clothes on his way in.

Quinn stopped so fast in the entranceway that he slid on the rug and slammed into the wall. Hunter had Tristan against the wall, Tristan’s legs wrapped around Hunter’s waist, and they were making out. What a gloriously erotic sight it was, too.

“I’m just in time.” He unlaced his boots once he managed to peel his face from the drywall. “Give me a sec to get a shower.”

“Take your time,” Hunter said once his lips disengaged from Tristan’s.

“Not on your fucking life.” Quinn shot to the bathroom and took the quickest shower in his entire life. He stepped out of the shower soaking wet, ignoring the big fluffy towel on the sink, and walked straight out of the bathroom.

“Hmm, wet Quinn, let’s suck him dry.” Hunter lowered Tristan, an evil grin splitting his face. “Literally.”

“I have an idea, sirs.” Tristan took off toward the kitchen.

Hunter’s left brow rose high. “What do you think he’s up to?”

“I have no clue.” Quinn loped over to Hunter, right into the man’s arms. Hunter wasted no time. His fingers ran up Quinn’s bare chest, gathering the water droplets along the way. His hand dropped and went around to Quinn’s backside, a finger probing his hole.

“Do it.”

Hunter pulled a tight-lipped half smile up and thrust a finger in. Quinn tried to climb the man’s body. He managed to get one leg up around Hunter’s waist before he heard a clatter. Tristan stood there openmouthed and breathing heavily. A can of whipped cream rolled to a stop a few feet away. “I think he wants to eat us,” Quinn teased.

“Come here, Tristan.” Hunter held a hand out. Tristan hesitated at first, looking between the two of them, and then took a step forward, and then another. Quinn didn’t wait. He reached out and pulled Tristan into the embrace.

“I want to suck you off.” Quinn growled low in Tristan’s ear. His jellybean nodded, gulped, and then licked his lips.

“That would be pleasant.” Tristan must have realized what he’d said. He began to laugh and cover his beautiful face with his hands.

Quinn tsked, making Tristan blush deeper. “I would hope my mouth would be more than pleasant,” he teased.

“Let’s find out.” Hunter set Quinn aside, pulling both their hands as he led them to Tristan’s room. Quinn wondered if Hunter knew that was the room with the biggest bed.

Quinn pulled his hand free of Hunter’s grasp and dropped to his knees in front of Tristan, mouthing his pink shorts. The bulge was large. Quinn remembered the size from when Tristan walked around naked when first arriving here.

His hole clenched at the thought of having that sausage-size dick in his ass. Quinn peeled away his shorter man’s shorts, Tristan kicking out of his cupcake sandals. When his jellybean reached down to remove his socks, Quinn shook his head. “Leave them on. I think they’re sexy.”

Tristan gasped in surprise as Quinn took his jellybean’s cock into his mouth. For a slim and wiry man, Tristan was hung like a fucking horse. Quinn stretched his lips around the red and leaking head, moaning at the taste that was all Tristan.

“Damn.” Hunter rubbed his cock up and down Quinn’s cheek as Quinn bobbed his head. The male physique had turned Quinn on since hitting puberty. The strong and lean lines, hard-packed muscles, and large cock on a man’s body were worship worthy.

Quinn pulled back from Tristan’s prick and licked the pre-cum from Hunter’s. If Tristan wasn’t so large, he would try to take both into his mouth. Quinn growled when Hunter dropped beside him, licking the trail of pre-cum from his face and then dipping lower to lap at Tristan’s balls.

“Good, googally-goo,” Tristan sang.

His hands were fisted at his side, and his neck muscles pulled tight as Hunter and Quinn dined on him. “The train’s coming in, the train’s coming in…” Tristan sang as he rose to his toes, his hands landing on Quinn and Hunter’s heads as his eeked out his release.

Hunter surfaced, lapping at Tristan’s cock, sharing the seed between the two. Quinn waved Tristan’s cock between his mouth and Hunter’s, catching every drop that he could that was pulsing from his jellybean’s orgasm.

Tristan fell backward onto the bed, his body jerking and a sated smile on his face. Quinn slowly raised his eyes, giving Tristan his sexiest smile as he moved slowly onto the mattress, covering his redhead’s body with his.

He planted his hands under Tristan’s arms, pulling his weightless body up and into his arms. He kissed Tristan’s slim throat, their cocks tapping and touching against one another’s.

Tristan wrapped his legs around Quinn’s waist, locking his arms around Quinn’s neck.

“I can’t keep my hands off of you. You’re so damn beautiful.” Quinn ran the fingertips of his hands over Tristan’s back, making his baby shiver. He could feel the scars on Tristan’s back, and it only made him feel closer to his jellybean. It made Tristan even more special in Quinn’s eyes.

“You’re like breathing heaven into my lungs.” Quinn leaned forward, taking Tristan down with him. “I want you. Tell me you want me.”

“I want you,” Tristan whispered against Quinn’s lips. Quinn felt the bed dip, Hunter pulling Quinn away from Tristan.

“Lie on your back,” he instructed Quinn.

Quinn rolled, taking Tristan along for the ride until his man stared down at him. Quinn ran the pad of his thumb over Tristan’s lips. Tristan’s eyes sparkled as he smiled down at Quinn.

Hunter grabbed the lube and prepared both Quinn and Tristan. Excitement mounted in Quinn as Tristan’s cock leaked onto his lower abdomen. The fire-red hair surrounding his jellybean’s cock was mesmerizing.

Tristan leaned forward and then slowly lowered until Quinn was fully inside of him. Hunter had held Quinn’s cock as Tristan took the journey. Quinn’s legs trembled from holding back. His hands held Tristan’s hips lazily.

“Lift up.” Hunter tapped his hip. Quinn arched his back, taking Tristan into the air. Hunter shoved two pillows under his ass, and then Quinn came back down. Tristan grabbed under Quinn’s knees with his arms and pulled Quinn’s legs forward, allowing Hunter to enter Quinn’s ass.

Quinn had never been with two men, and the feeling was intoxicating. Tristan began a slow ride, his ass cinched tightly around Quinn’s cock while Hunter’s large manhood glided in and out of his own hole. Talk about dying and going to heaven.

Quinn grabbed Tristan’s hips and thrust harder when he saw Tristan reach behind him, grab Hunter’s neck, and pull their lips together. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Hunter’s hands were all over Tristan’s body, worshipping his flesh.

Hunter reached down and grabbed Tristan’s cock, playing with it as he fucked Quinn’s ass. What a way to spend the afternoon. “Harder, Hunter.” Quinn panted. Watching Hunter’s hand on Tristan’s cock was driving him mad.

Tristan broke the kiss and smiled seductively down at Quinn. He crooked a finger at the little redhead, Tristan immediately planting his hands on Quinn’s chest.

Oh no, he wanted more.

Quinn grabbed Tristan’s hands, pulling him all the way down until he could taste Hunter on his jellybean’s lips.

“Fuck, I wish you two had the view I’m staring at right now.” Hunter growled low.

Quinn’s hands explored the hard lines of Tristan’s back, his waist, and his hips, the skin creamy smooth under his callused, worn hands. Hunter’s hands roamed intimately between Quinn’s thighs. Quinn could feel an added pressure and knew Hunter had slipped a finger alongside his cock that was thrusting in and out.

“Fuck me, jellybean,” Quinn whispered into Tristan’s ear. He could feel the static electricity building and knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. The cracking and snapping inside his body was proof that his climax was approaching. Quinn planted his feet firmly into the mattress and raised his ass a little higher, feeling Hunter claiming him a little deeper with that beautiful cock of his.

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