Reunion Makes Three (MMF)

Snowedin Fantasies 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,523
6 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]

Beth Lewis has always had a fantasy to be with two men who also want each other. For her birthday, her sister gifts her with a subscription to Fantasies Fulfilled, an exclusive online service to help connect people with the same desires. After losing her job and her fiancé, she deserves a little fun and to live out a dream that's been tempting her since high school.

Since his reunion invitation arrived, Dell Harrison hasn't been able to stop thinking about his high school sweetheart, Beth. When he and his live-in boyfriend Marcos Vitagliano receive a mysterious invitation to participate in the exclusive Fantasies Fulfilled services, they decide to add a woman to their dynamic duo. What Dell couldn’t have guessed is that the woman they connect with is the same woman who's haunted him since graduation.

Will Marcos be able to accept Beth in their bed and their lives? Or will adding an old flame to their couple turn their duo into a crowd?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Reunion Makes Three (MMF)
6 Ratings (4.3)

Reunion Makes Three (MMF)

Snowedin Fantasies 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,523
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



She looked up at him, her eyes shimmering. “And what about you? Do you really want to invite your boyfriend’s old flame into your bed?”

“Maybe not every one of them, but you”—he looked her up and down, taking in all the beauty before him—“definitely.”

She stared at him quizzically. Marcos took a deep breath, pushing an inch closer, unable to stay away from her. If he wanted to convince her, which given how hard he was standing in a hallway with her, didn’t feel like an option anymore, he needed to make her see just how great it could be between them. How much they’d pleasure and dote on her, just as all her fantasies had detailed.

“You’re a beautiful woman. You must know that, bella.” He slid his hand down her arm, and her muscles quivered beneath his touch.

She stared at him, a bit surprised, as if she’d never heard such compliments before. There was no way that could be true. Men must line up around the block for a beauty like her. “Standing there, in that little dress, you look like the most adorable Italian flag I’ve ever seen.”

Her sweet bell laugh filled the hallway. Her soft lips turned up at the corners, and the tightness in his body expanded. Making her laugh did the same to his insides as making Dell smile or pant.

Marcos swallowed hard, overwhelmed with the desire to make this woman pant, to make her scream and cry and come around them. He wanted to feel them both pushed deep within her at the same time, her sweaty body sandwiched between them, exhausted from exertion.

He looked down at her, seeing the same lust reflected back in her eyes. “You wanted this night, didn’t you?”

She nodded, a bit hesitant. He stepped closer until his cock pressed against her. She gasped, and he moaned at the touch of his hard bulge brushing her soft stomach. He placed his hands on either side of her body along the hotel wall, needing the support.

“So do we. More than I can express.” Her eyes darkened, and she drew in a deep breath. She was aroused. She wanted them. There was no doubt. She only needed a little shove, just enough of a push to have her walking back to their room. Once he got her there, he and Dell would make sure she didn’t want to leave, by whatever means necessary.

“We’ve been dreaming about this night for weeks. Each of us fantasizing about licking that creamy fica of yours, until you scream and cry out.” He watched her closely as her breath sped up a bit at his description. He smiled. Perfect. The exact reaction he was looking for.

“Then we planned to slide deep into you while you’re all wet and warm. And we’d thrust in and out, in and out, while our hands explore your body and our lips discover each and every freckle dotting your milky skin.”

He leaned in close enough that her hair tickled his cheek. “Would you like that?”

Her soft pink tongue escaped her mouth again, smoothing over her lips, before she nodded.

He took a deep breath, forcing his brain back on track. A task that proved more difficult than he ever could have imagined. Just the sight of that wicked tongue of hers could make any man dumb, deaf, and blind. But if he didn’t focus, he might lose any chance he had to feel its sweet brush against him. The realization was enough to bring his cloudy mind back to clarity.

“Please don’t make us all miss out. We all need this.”

She looked up. Her mouth opened as if she wanted to say something but didn’t know how to form the words. Luckily, he knew what he wanted and just how to tempt her with it.

“This is all of our fantasies. For one night, let’s forget all else.” He brushed his thumb across her lips. Her mouth trembled beneath his touch. “We’ll forget what we should do or should say. Tonight will be just about us and all the pleasure we can give you.”

Her large, bright eyes looked up at him. Her chest shuttered with each breath, her pulse pounding at the base of her throat. Her sweet cherry smell drifted to him through the air, hardening his cock and weakening his knees.

He held his breath, waiting for her to respond. The sudden overwhelming urge to drop to his knees and beg, to kiss her toes until she promised to spend the night with them, seized him. As bizarre as it sounded, especially since he’d only known her for a few moments, he couldn’t let her go. Not yet.

She nodded, and all the blood in his body rushed south. He gripped the wall, fighting to stay upright. He moaned, his brain too foggy to scream out the glee burning his throat.

Tonight she was all theirs. Their fantasy come true.




“I want to taste you so bad.” His hand slipped down her back to cover her ass. His touch pushed her toward his body, encouraging her to straddle his stomach, spreading her thighs wide. Her pussy and clit rode along his abs, the ridges and bumps vibrating along every nerve.

“I want to eat that pussy, just like Marcos is eating me.” He extended his tongue, lashing a beaded nipple dancing before him as she perched above him and then sucking it in deep. She moaned, leaning into his touch, thrusting her breast toward his mouth. Instead of continuing the sweet suction, he pushed her further up his body, until her pussy dangled before his mouth.

He gave her one long experimental lick along the crotch of her underwear and moaned as if she were the most delicious dessert he’d ever tasted. He laughed as a protesting grunt answered from behind her.

“Turn around, sweetheart. Marcos wants to see you, too.” He gripped her tight around the hips, flipping her around so she straddled him backward, staring down at the man kneeling on the floor. His dark eyes gazed up at her with more interest than a bug in a jar. Heating her body, his stare made her uncomfortable and needy at the same time. He held Dell’s cock tight in his hand. She watched his fingers moving along the shaft with fascination.

“A woman in pleasure is one of the most beautiful sights on earth,” Dell continued, massaging her thighs and ass cheeks. Her muscles jumped and her pussy clenched beneath his intoxicating touch.

“We’d hate for Marcos to miss the full show.” He pushed aside her thong. Using his fingers, Dell spread her pussy lips wide and blew a warm breath across her slippery flesh.

“Yes.” She threw her head back, leaning into Dell. Her eyes never shifted from the erotic sight of Dell’s dick thrusting in and out of Marcos’s mouth, hard and wet.

“You’re completely soaking, sweetheart.” Dell’s words belted against her skin. A moan sounded from the area of his ankles.

Dell’s tongue extended, tracing her slit with a slow, deliberate brush, teasing her opening and clit until her inner thigh muscles quivered. She groaned, his torturing touch too much. She reached down, twisting his right nipple to speed him on.

“We’ve got quite an impatient donna on our hands.” Marcos laughed, holding Dell’s cock upright while he massaged the sac beneath.

“Always has been. She used to jump me the second we got alone.”

Beth twisted his nipples harder, a smile forming on her lips. Normally she’d hate to have such an intimate secret revealed, but telling Marcos didn’t feel like such an invasion. Maybe because of how much she’d already revealed to him, admitting to him her true fantasy, or maybe it was because she was looking down at him completely naked. “You didn’t give me much choice when you talked about tackling Clive Parker.”

Marcos laughed, dropping Dell’s dick from his lips. “Who is this Clive Parker? Should I be jealous?”

“Never, my love.”

Dell sucked her clit into his mouth, scoring the peak with his teeth, in his own form of retaliation. She squealed and gripped Dell’s chest harder, her fingers clutching around his tight muscles. If that was the response to her teasing, she planned to do a whole lot more.

“Maybe I wouldn’t be jealous if I got a taste of the beauty.”

Beth looked up to meet Marcos’s gaze. The dark intensity in his eyes made her shiver.

“You’ll get your chance…later,” Dell whispered, making her pussy clench. A small muffled moan escaped her throat. The idea of having two men between her legs, licking her to oblivion, in one night, set her heart racing.

As if sensing her need, they smiled at each other. Her torture was far from over. “Is she sweet?” Marcos’s eyes watched her like an alcoholic at a wine bar.

“Like cherry candy.” Dell laughed and licked the length of her slit, pushing his tongue deeper.

Her hips arched up to meet Dell’s mouth until she rode his face, more desperate than she’d ever been in her life for an orgasm. Every muscle in her body convulsed, poised on the edge of release.

“You know I love cherry candy.” Marcos’s seductive whisper caressed her ankles, tingling across her skin, followed by the slurp of him sucking Dell deep to the back of his throat.

Her breasts tightened, and her clit throbbed painfully. There was something about two men discussing her, praising her as she spread her legs for them, that had her burning up. Looking down at Marcos’s eyes while he sucked Dell and Dell fucked her with his tongue had her hotter than she’d ever been before.

“I want a taste,” Marcos demanded, his eyes boring into hers. Dark, intense, overpowering.

“Next time.” Dell chuckled as he licked her again, sucking her clit deep into his mouth.

Her pussy convulsed. Next time? He had a plan for next time. The thought made her dizzy in a fantastic way.



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