The Demon's Prince (MM)

Milson Valley 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 42,474
9 Ratings (4.9)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
When Vinncent Aston’s mate was murdered, darkness crept into his heart. Over the years he and his older brother, Avenger Vicus Aston, found those responsible and brought them to justice. But there was still a loose end, one Vinn was hot on the trail of. The trail led him straight to his other mate.
Vinn vowed to Marc he would find their other mate, but he never in his wildest dreams expected the creature to be Emile Sanchez, a man who is aloof and charming and likes everything in its place. But Vinn soon discovers there is far more to the prestigious prince.
Beneath the surface, Emile is bored and feels he is incapable of finding a connection with anyone. He isn’t affectionate. He’s too logical, a workaholic, and no one meets his need of discord and straight talking, until Vinn, a rare, powerful demon with pain in his heart, who declares they are mates and sets out to prove it.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Demon's Prince (MM)
9 Ratings (4.9)

The Demon's Prince (MM)

Milson Valley 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 42,474
9 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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“Why are the alarms blaring, cousin? And why do you appear to be out of breath?” Emile studied Trent curiously over the top of his laptop that was propped on a lap table in front of him.

As he was unable to leave the bed at present, this set up would have to suffice. At least he was able to do some work.

“Forewarning, Emile. I can only provide a few moments, unfortunately, but that will have to do.” Trent collected a bottle of water from the small fridge in the wardrobe and sat in the chair beside the bed. “I’m unsure if you have met all the Aston’s. You know Vicus, Lacy, River, and possibly Layke?”

“I do. I also know Vicus’s new mates, Ran and Deakin, as well as Eber who is a cousin to the Surkov’s. Is there a situation, Trent?”

“Possibly. It depends entirely on you. Have you ever heard of a Vinncent Aston?”

Unsure where this was leading but understanding there was always a reason and a system with Trent, the man never did anything without a particular purpose and reason, Emile patiently went along with what his cousin required.

“I have. He is a rare demon. Demons are very nearly extinct, similar to the dragon shifters. Vinncent Aston was adopted by the Aston’s when he was ten and has been trained as an assassin and works for the Alliance. He is also a mechanic.”

“Good. That helps. Eber and Vinncent arrived a short time ago, I assume to lend support to the Surkov’s. After a brief discussion, Vinncent caught a scent on me and had a mate reaction. He believes you are his mate, Emile.”

It took a few moments for Emile to fully process what Trent said and when he did, he was assaulted by various thoughts and feelings. While most paranormals searched and longed for a mate, Emile had not. He was not against finding a mate, nor avoided finding the one fate choose from him, unlike his littermate Dominic who had been quite a player before meeting the vampire Chane Taunton and mating. No, Emile was only busy. A mate was demanding and would mess with Emile’s orderly ways. The mere thought of such a thing happening made him shift uncomfortably and have to calm himself with thoughts of securely locking up everything with a dozen locks and laser security.

He was not provided with more time to analyze and consider the various impacts of this situation as the door to his suite burst open and Dimitri tossed a feline soldier outside. Creatures trooped into the room, Dimitri closing the door after them.

Along with the gargoyles, marching toward him was a tall, solid creature with inky black hair, dark skin, a built, hard body and as Emile noted when the creature drew closer cool, distant, very light silver eyes. Not handsome by classic standards, more impressive with strong features. The creature was big and hard-looking. Lethal. Emile had seen photographs of the demon in the file he sighted on all the Aston’s, one that was shredded immediately for confidentiality reasons. Even then he found it difficult to destroy the picture or put it aside. At the time he found the creature intriguing, even handsome, in a hard way. Maybe it was because Emile always had a thing for The Rock. Big, muscular, very male.

“How are you feeling, Emile?” Dareios asked cordially.

“Recovering slowly. Trent has told me there is an issue of scent.” Emile tapped save on his computer, eyes trailing over the big demon. “Perhaps you have mixed my scent with another creature’s. You are young. It happens occasionally I am told–”

“I scent mate. You.” Vinncent Aston looked pale beneath his beautiful dark complexion.

Up close Emile could see it was more a dark caramel color rather than ebony. His eyes narrowed on Anton.

“Please do not move the monitor, Anton.”

Anton held his hands up, grinning. “Sorry, just wanted to see what you’re looking at.”

Watching the gargoyle a moment longer to ensure the creature did not mess with the monitor’s position, Emile returned his focus to the demon and managed a tired, though understanding smile for the creature.

“That is not possible, Mr. Aston. As you can clearly see I do not have a mate reaction to yourself. I wish you well–”

“You were injured when the bomb released the chemical, right?”

While he may have a fair amount of patience, right now Emile was tired. He sympathized with the demon, he could imagine it to be hard thinking you found your mate only to be disappointed, but the creature must face facts and Emile was not in the right state to give any type of support or concern.

So he sighed tiredly and waved a hand dismissively before looking to his cousin. “I do not wish to deal with this, Tre.”

“Of course, cousin.” Trent stood and faced the creatures who invaded Emile’s private domain. “Let’s go back to the salon–”

“Now wait a Gods damn minute!” Vinncent exclaimed.

Emile coughed, his head swimming. “Leave.”

Trent caught Emile as he weakly flopped to the side and gently propped him against the mountain of pillows. Whatever the chemical was the Renegades placed inside the bomb certainly had a horrible effect on Emile’s body. He wasn’t sure if he would recover properly.

The bed dipped, but Emile could not get his body to do more than wiggle his fingers and open his eyes slightly. Silver eyes studied him, a big hand cradling the back of his head as fingers traced his cheek and mouth.

“Mate.” The big demon leaned forward and sniffed Emile, surprisingly soft lips brushing his cheek. “I kept my vow. I found you.




Vinn stripped the luxurious sleep pants and top off Emile and removed his own boxer shorts, discarding them to the floor and ignoring Emile’s frown. Distracting his mate from the random tossing of clothes, he took Emile’s lush, soft lips, their fullness an amazing contrast to Vinn’s harder mouth. He could kiss the man all day and would love to see if he could come from the way Emile let Vinn take control while enticing him to delve deeper, take more, stirring him so he couldn’t think, only feel.

He loved on his mate, mapping Emile’s supple body, every groove and swell. He reddened the pale pink nipples with kisses and sucking, tweaking, and found every spot that made the lion hiss and cry out in pleasure. Emile pulled at Vinn’s body, demanding more and, all the while, Emile stirred Vinn hotter and higher with touches, kisses, and lust filled looks.

Trailing his fingertips over defined pecs and down to a perfect six pack, Vinn followed with his tongue and lips, scraping his teeth over sensitive dips, heated by every groan his mate gave. Vinn wanted to ravish and devour, his mind becoming a haze of lust and needs, his dick throbbing, his hands touching every inch, running along his mate’s crack, over his thighs and gripping Emile’s straining cock that dripped with pre-cum.

“Do you have a gift for inciting?” Vinn licked his mate’s inner thigh, his fingers covered in slick and rubbing lightly against Emile’s hole.

Vinn needed to get in his mate, feel that tight channel wrapped around his cock and join them completely and for all time.

“No, though that does sound enjoyable…ah.”

Vinn grinned and nipped golden skin as he pressed the tip of his finger a little inside his mate. “Relax, cymar, let me have you.” Tight, very tight. He couldn’t wait to get inside his mate. First, he needed to distract Emile. “Yeah, I’m kinda glad you don’t have that gift. You’re already enough to handle. What’s your gift, gorgeous?”


“I have no idea what that means, but you are very precise,” Vinn recalled how Emile folded his clothes, straightened books and coasters, and folded letters.

“Is that a complaint?” Emile tensed.

Hell. Rising up, Vinn moved upwards over the golden skin he had kissed every inch of. What he’d learned was Emile liked to be taken, to be taken over and enjoyed. He did not like pain with his pleasure, which was good, Vinn preferred only pleasure in bed, and nothing but pain for Renegades. Smiling at his mate’s frown, he pressed his aching, leaking dick to Emile’s ass and rubbed his hole. They both groaned.

“Nope. Lots of things to admire about precision. How is there a precision gift?” He groaned at Emile’s wiggle.

“It is extremely difficult to think with your penis about to penetrate me, Vinncent,” Emile said in a strained voice.

“Gotta stretch you first. Relax, I want you back to horny and ready, not tense.”

Giving his mate a kiss, Vinn worked his way back down Emile’s body, taking his time, building them both back up and enjoying every gasp and the divine taste of his mate.

“Precision m-means exactly that.” Emile groaned as Vinn licked his cock. “Oh, that is pleasurable.”

Chuckling, he did it again. “Tell me about your gift.”

“Mmm? Oh, ah, yes.” Emile wiggled, Vinn grabbing the man’s hips and holding him still. He took a firm hold of the thick long cock in front of him and began slowly to taste the root. “I am precise in what I wish to be…ah…yes…I do not wish to be precise in lovemaking. This should be natural.”

“Agreed. I want you passionate and open.”

With that, Vinn sucked the long, thick cock into his mouth, loving the taste, addicted to it. Nudging Emile’s legs further apart, he stiffened his tongue and caressed the glands along the cockhead. Slowly, Vinn began loosening Emile’s perfect little star, and with a lot of slick and time, he slid a finger inside, smiling at the gasp of pleasure this caused from his mate.

“Yes!” Emile jerked, and body went taut.

Vinn sucked hard, flavor exploding on his tongue as Emile came. He was definitely addicted to Emile’s taste and knew he would be spending a lot of time tasting his mate everywhere. Vinn continued to drink his mate down while sliding another finger in beside the first and gently stretched and brushed against the little bump inside. Another spurt of ambrosia landed on Vinn’s tongue and Emile hissed in pleasure, body jerking.

Releasing Emile’s cock when the man was spent, Vinn sucked and licked his way over spread thighs, adding another finger and thrusting deep inside, stretching faster and rubbing that pleasurable spot that was driving his mate to writher and groan beneath him. While he wanted to get inside that tight channel, Vinn wouldn’t harm his mate, and as he continued to stretch and play with Emile, his mate seemed to open more to him, losing any and all inhibitions. By the time he removed his fingers and lined up his cock, the fires inside Vinn were volcano hot and ready to explode.

With his control almost snapped, he panted as he pushed through the guardian muscle and stopped, unprepared for Emile growling and shifting his body downward, taking more of Vinn.

“Shh, careful, don’t want you hurt,” Vinn managed to get out through clenched teeth.

He sunk into Emile’s body, panting and growling, fighting the orgasm that threatened from the tight fit. Lips covered his, enticing, drawing Vinn out of the fight, distracting him. Groaning, he began moving deeply. It was unlike anything he’d ever felt before, their lovemaking so open and sensual, beautiful and seamless. All consuming.

They were locked together moving in sync, lips brushing, murmured words of admiration and pleasure falling until neither could speak anymore. They were caught up in a firestorm of passion, and when they came, Vinn could barely breathe, dots dancing before his eyes as his cock exploded and seed filled his mate’s silky channel.

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