[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Zack Bluestone thought he was being mugged when he was ambushed by several huge men. He didn’t expect to wake up in chains in a creepy basement, or to be naked, or for there to be a naked man with him, who is also in chains, and looks pretty vicious.
Brian Lauren is so angry with himself that it’s hard to keep his inner alpha from taking over and tearing everything apart. He can’t believe he was kidnapped and put in a pit, but it happened, and he has to find a way out of here before he goes wild and attacks the only other person locked up with him.
The problem is that person happens to be his mate, and if Brian wants to get them out of this alive, he has to convince the man that they need to mate with each other so he can have the strength to escape before their captors return and kill Zack.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Locked in a Room with a Werewolf (MM)
14 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I definitely liked Zack and Brian in this installment. I liked the way they met, and how it all worked out. Again, I'm fascinated by what's going on with Leon and Eli, although Bastion is breaking my heart. I can't wait to see how the author plans on resolving this giant conundrum.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"The tenth book of this very entertaining series is all about a human, Zack, suddenly realizing that not only werewolves exist, but that there are also several factions that are at war with each other. He gets caught right in the middle of it, and worse, he's locked up with one of them who is about to go feral from the torture he's been subjected to. As for Brian, the one about to go crazy? He'll have to fight to remain rational enough not to kill his mate, but he also wants revenge against Lawrence, the alpha of Roarke's pack's biggest and most dangerous enemy. Zack works at the diner in town, and has no idea that his brother has been changed into a werewolf, nor that there are several packs of them living nearby. He has no idea that supernatural creatures even exist. And when he gets captured as "food" for one of them, his reaction is purely instinctual, but not what you'd think. Yes, he panics at first, but he also has some sort of "feeling" that the creature with him isn't going to harm him, and, in fact, needs help. I thought it was pretty cute how he supports Brian in his luna form, and is actually disappointed when Brian has turned human by the next morning. Zack takes the whole situation pretty much in stride and decides to hang on until Brian gets tired of him. Brian, on the other hand, is stunned to have found his mate, of all people, thrown in the cell with him. He knows he needs Zack's help to create the energy he needs to escape – via making love. I think Brian is very lucky to find Zack willing and interested in exploring some "physical activities" with him, but the energy gain is mutual, so that gives Zack reason to believe more is going on than he previously thought possible. Of course, Brian is completely smitten by now…and any thought of ever letting Zack go is totally unacceptable. This story is pretty much an adventure for both partners. Zack gets to know a whole new world and, being curious rather than timid, takes it all rather well. Brian may be afraid he'll scare Zack, and is relieved they end up exploring each other rather than one of the fighting the mating – as happens so often. Their situation and how they dealt with it provided a nice change of pace for me, while still adding more information to the series story arch. With Leon and Eli, the strange shifters with all sorts of weird information, still around, I'm sure this series will remain interesting for a while. If you like shifter stories where the human mate is curious rather than scared, if you enjoy reading about mates who do well together from the beginning and decide to fight their enemies together, and if you're looking for a book with lots of hot action between the sheets, and everywhere else, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Zack had a killer headache, and the smell in this creepy basement was really starting to get to him. Was that a fucking blood stain on the wall? Oh God, he really wished he hadn’t had that Saw marathon with his brother. All sorts of weird shit was going through his head, and he was having an embarrassing amount of trouble trying to keep from pissing himself.

He just decided to lie as still as possible. He didn’t even move from his place on the floor in case those men were watching him and decided to come back in and mess with him once they noticed he was awake.

Zack thought he was being mugged, or at the worst, gay bashed, when several huge guys appeared from seemingly nowhere, surrounded him, and closed in. He hadn’t panicked right away. He was in a small town and he thought he’d get some flak sooner or later, but it was broad daylight and he’d been fairly sure he could talk his way out of anything unpleasant that these men might have in mind for him without any harm coming to his restaurant, or his brother and employees who were inside, only a scream away.

Then pain exploded behind his head, and white flashed in front of his eyes as he went down. He didn’t even have the chance to cry out for help.

He was pleasantly surprised—even though he was still scared as all hell—when he woke up at all. It meant that he was still alive, and those men hadn’t decided to dump him in the river and let him drown or just kill him right then and there.

Of course, they might’ve been just waiting for him to wake up so they could horribly kill him. It looked like he was in a damp basement, if the concrete walls and flickering light above his head was anything to go by.

That, and he really didn’t want to draw the attention of whoever else was in here with him.

There were scratching and growling noises coming from just behind him, where he couldn’t see. At first he thought it might be an animal, but then whoever it was began to speak in a voice that barely sounded human.

“Not…wolf. Not a wolf. Don’t…please, you can’t…”

Jesus Christ, had they put that poor bastard in with wolves or something? Maybe that was why he sounded…less than great. Maybe he was injured.

Maybe whoever it was that took Zack was planning on doing the same thing to him that they’d done to that poor bastard.

Zack started to tremble. He was completely naked and cold and scared, and his stupid body had started to shake from the sudden adrenaline that was rushing through him. He wanted to get up and start yelling and screaming, he had so much energy and nowhere to put it, but he knew that if he moved, or if whoever was behind him noticed that he was shaking so much, then he was busted.

Then his worst nightmare happened, and whoever it was stopped with the weird scratching sounds against the walls, the growling, and the hoarse voice he was speaking with, and he just started banging loudly against…whatever it was that was metal behind them.

A door?

“Let me out of here! Let us out!”

Zack couldn’t take it anymore. He had to see what was going on behind him. It was clearly just him and this man, so maybe they could work together and figure out how to get out of here.

He slowly turned his head to glance over his shoulder, and then he really wished he hadn’t.

It was a…monster. A real-life, from out of the movies wolf man.

Fur covered its entire body, and a brushy wolf’s tail was swishing around angrily behind it. It had to at least be seven feet tall, and even though Zack was only looking at its back in the barely lit space, he was pretty sure that if the creature turned around, he would see a wolf’s head as well, if the ears he was looking at and all that fur were anything to go by.

The claws were the worst. They were huge, and Zack couldn’t look away from the long strips that had been made in the concrete wall, made by those sharp, strong claws. The dust that was gathering beneath the marks was just proof that they’d been made by the creature who was trying to break out.

Funny, he looked strong enough to rip through a tank if he wanted to, but maybe it wasn’t as easy as all that. There was something on him, something metal that was clinking softly as he moved.

Oh, it was chains. Chains that were really big as far as the links went, but the shackles that were around his wrists and throat were way too small.

That might be another reason why the creature was having a hard time speaking. Maybe it had nothing to do with being nonhuman and everything to do with the fact that he was being choked.

Zack moved, feeling slightly braver now that he knew the creature was chained up, but then the sound of metal links clinked together again, and when he looked down, he realized that he was also in chains. It wasn’t like he was chained to a wall or the cold floor either. It was just chains that were shackled to his wrists and neck.

Which meant that that creature probably wasn’t chained to anything that would keep him away from Zack either.

Zack looked up, and his heart actually stopped for a few beats when he realized that the creature had half turned and was looking down at him.

It was breathing softly, but its teeth were exposed and very sharp looking. Its eyes were a bright golden color and they were focused on nothing else than Zack.

Jesus fucking Christ, he really was about to die.




“I can’t fuck you with that yet,” Brian said, and he was kissing and licking at Zack’s neck and ear, biting down gently on the soft, fleshy lobe. “But I will. When we get out of here, I'm going to do you right. You’re never going to want for anything else,” he said.

Zack hardly ever got laid as it was, and certainly never by guys who looked as good as Brian did. They were both chained up and bruised and even a little dirty, but Brian looked like a god.

It made Zack glad that there wasn’t a mirror around so he could see himself, but he wasn't going to think about that right now. He just wanted to enjoy this.

“Is it weird that I’m kind of glad we’re not going to be fucking straightaway?” Zack asked.

Brian tilted his head a little, so he explained. “You’re so fucking big. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that big outside of porn videos.”

Brian grinned at him, showing off his perfectly white teeth. “You’ll get used to it, don’t you worry.”

Meaning that he intended to take this farther after they got out of here. He wanted to be with Zack again.

Christ, how did he get as lucky as that? He didn’t care. He just wanted to finish this.

“Touch me, do it,” Zack demanded.

“Pushy,” Brian said, but there was a trace of appreciation in his voice when Zack grabbed his free hand and put it on his cock.

His breathing immediately hitched, and he was gasping softly as the man in front of him stroked his cock and stared down at him like he was actually good looking or something.

They were both jerking each other, and Zack was enjoying the feeling of making such a handsome man feel these things for him, watching as Brian made those faces and scrunched his eyes shut whenever he tightened his hand around the man’s dick.

“You’re so swollen,” Zack said through a gasp, and then he swallowed hard as he tried to get his bearings and keep control. “You have a nice looking cock,” he said.

And it was true, Brian did have a gorgeous cock. It was cut, and Zack could feel the veins that were starting to bulge from the flesh as he tightened his grip.

“You’re not so bad to look at yourself,” Brian said.

That only made Zack’s face feel hotter at the blatant lie, but he let it slide. People often told him nice things like that when they were fucking him. After all, a man didn’t tell his partner the truth when he was in the middle of getting laid, that would immediately lead to getting a pair of blue balls after Zack tossed them out on their asses for insulting him.

Just because it was the truth didn’t mean he wanted to hear it.

He smiled and just accepted the compliment, and he went back to enjoying the show that Brian was putting on for him as he squeezed his eyes shut and threw his head back. “Oh yeah, work my cock, do it,” he said.

Zack pressed his thumb against the slit of Brian’s dick. There was a heavy drop of pre-cum that was forming there, and he spread it around the head. It wasn’t enough to use as a lube, but Zack liked this when he did it to himself, so he figured that Brian would be the same.

He figured right. The sound of the man’s breathy sighs as Zack stroked him was such a heady rush. The strange part was that, the more he did it, played around with the head of Brian’s cock, let his fingers move around and tighten over the length of his dick, the more of that energy he felt.

There was no way for him to describe it other than…well, it sort of felt like a cold soda. If that made any sense. It was the same tingling feeling he got on his tongue whenever he went for a Pepsi or something, only it was spreading all over his body, and he was definitely getting some kind of sugar high from it, on top of everything else.

“Holy shit,” Zack said, and he let his forehead fall down on Brian’s shoulder as he humped his cock into the man’s hand. “Yeah, grip it tighter.”

“We need to be as quiet as possible,” Brian said. “We can’t let them hear us doing this. If they hear, they’ll separate us,” he said.

Zack nodded, but that was only because he’d lost the ability to speak properly.

He wrapped his arm around Brian’s back, pulling the man closer, wanting more of that skin to skin connection that was rushing through them. Brian pulled away just enough so that he could press his lips to Zack’s mouth, and when he thrust his tongue inside and licked him deep, Zack came.

It was a good thing that Brian’s mouth had been covering his, otherwise he wasn’t at all sure if he would’ve been able to hold back the moan that came from his mouth. Thankfully, Brian managed to swallow that down as he gently put Zack on his back.

The cement floor was cold and hard and totally not comfortable, but Zack entirely forgot about that when Brian spread his legs and settled himself between them. Their cocks were touching and rubbing against each other as Brian started grinding his dick down onto Zack’s groin.

It shouldn’t have still felt good, but it did, and Zack reached around and grabbed Brian’s ass, pulling him against Zack’s dick even harder for more friction. He was already half hard, and his dick was quickly swelling again to be even more than that.

“W–what’s happening?” Zack asked. He barely recognized his own voice.

Brian did a better job of keeping his lust under control at least, and he managed only light, puffy sounds as he continued to thrust his pelvis back and forth, making little circular motions against Zack’s dick.

“You want me,” he said. “It’s the mating. We’re in heat for each other. It won’t stop until I’ve fucked you at least a dozen times.”

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