Lara's Last Journey (MF)

One More Time 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,365
4 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Historical Fantasy Romance, time travel, HFN]
There are some loves that are too strong to derail or escape from. Being a passionate, independent woman is something to be proud of…unless you are alone at night and your dreams are haunted.
Lara Dunups always felt like she was born in the wrong era. Her dreams were constantly haunted by the same man from the past. During a short drive, she feels dizzy and slips into darkness, only to wake up in a bedroom in the year 1521.
Pasha Suleyman is the third son of Sultan Hasan I in the Ottoman Empire. A man devoted to serve and protect his father, his heart secretly yearns for the woman who monopolizes his dreams. Until one evening, when he closes his eyes and makes a wish.
Can a woman from the future make it in this newfound era? And can Suleyman protect his beloved from his foe? Be careful what you wish for…
Note: This book contains dubious consent.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lara's Last Journey (MF)
4 Ratings (5.0)

Lara's Last Journey (MF)

One More Time 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,365
4 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I enjoy her books. She tells a great story, well thought out plots. Would recommend this book to others.

Loved this book, great story, loved the main characters, was great to see Lara get her HEA, can't wait for book 3!!!!



He took a deep breath. “Who are you?” he asked without turning.

“My name is Lara Dunups,” she replied.

“How did you enter my domain and my bed? Who are you working for?” He didn’t hear any reply.

Suddenly he whirled, stalked back to the bed, seized her by the shoulders, pulled her out of his bed naked, and faced her. They were standing nose to nose, and he started to shake her.

“Tell me who helped you? Oh, by God, I’ll have you punished and tortured.” He growled. “I want the truth!”

“Let me go!” she yelled back. “Even if I tell you, you wouldn’t believe it,” she shouted.

The woman was playing with fire. He wasn’t going to tolerate such lies. He was the third son of the Sultan and a highly decorated general. Nobody dared to lie to him for fear of dying.

She began to fight him off. He gave her shoulders a squeeze and let go. He realised his mistake because she kicked him in the tibia. He was paralyzed, not because of the sharp pain, but because nobody dared speak to him without authorization, let alone kick him.

While he was standing still, she took the opportunity to punch him in his stomach. He didn’t realise a woman could be as strong as a man. He was actually struggling to breathe and stay upright.

“Kadin!” He roared in pain.

Taking one step forward, he grabbed her and threw her on the floor. He didn’t like using violence on a weaker person, but that woman wasn’t. She was a mountain lion like the one he hunted, with sharp claws, he thought with admiration and respect. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Stop it, because if I call to my servant, you will be condemned to a punishment. You should know that nobody touches the sons of the sultan,” he declared, and started to stalk her.

He saw her trying to gasp some air into her lungs. She looked absolutely amazing. Her red curls hung heavily over shoulder and on her heaving bosom. Her nipples were pointing toward him like they were calling for him. Her face was flushed with the fight.

Without taking her eyes from him, she was trying to conceal herself with one arm across her breast and her opposite hand over her pussy. Her beautiful green eyes were blazing with anger like the fire roaring behind her. There wasn’t any fear or shame reflecting on her face. She just kept her chin high and her shoulders back and straight. She had the posture of a future queen, fearless and ready for battle.

Looming over her, he said, “You’re a barbarian, woman.”

“Why? Because you’re a bully and you thought that a woman of my size couldn’t defend herself? Well, here’s a newsflash, buddy, I’m not the kind of woman who’s going to take any shit from anyone, and I have honor. You can expect a fight every time you treat me like a rag doll.”

Suleyman looked down at the fierce woman who just called him out. If she was a man, she would have been dead by now. But for some reason, her words felt like she was speaking from experience. She was a fighter and right now, he thought, if she lifted her chin any higher, she would have a crookneck. He tried to keep his facial expression neutral but deep down she amazed him.

“You’re mad because I kicked your backside,” she added with a smug expression.

She was worth keeping her by his side until he found out if she was a traitor or not. His fearless Kadin was worth her weight in gold. He could feel his manhood stirring to life once more.

“Believe me, you should fear me. Don’t you talk about humor with me! The demonstration you gave me earlier on told me that you weren’t a virgin. You do not have any honor within you, Kadin, but I’m willing to forget this detail. I’m going to keep you because you satisfied me in bed.” It was his turn to be smug about it, but not for long.

“How dare you insult me? Yes, I lost my virginity years ago, but that doesn’t make me a whore. With God as my witness, if you touch me again, I’ll cut your fucking balls off,” she said menacingly.

She stood up, and with her head high, made her way back to the bed and wrapped a blanket around herself. Suleyman stood still and stared into the emptiness for a second. He immediately regretted his accusation, but he was shocked by the intensity of her threats. She also gave him an ultimatum. One he couldn’t refuse.




“Yes, Suleyman! I’m willing to try anything. I trust you,” she said as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

Slowly, he started to caress her body. She sucked in a deep breath as he molded every curve and valley of her body. Then he plunged his fingers in her already wet pussy. He slowly began to rub her clit. After a few strokes, warmth started to spread from her core and flew all over her limbs.

She felt his fingers move from her clit to her asshole. Yes! She thought she’d died and gone to heaven. He wanted to fuck her tight ass. It had been a long time since she’d had anal sex. Just the thought of his thick cock sliding up her ass was enough to make her come. She had to tell him that she wasn’t a novice in anal play—or, better yet, she would show him.

She involuntarily jumped when he grazed her pucker. She felt him pressing his lips against the back of her neck.

He misinterpreted her reaction. “It’s going to be fine, love, don’t be afraid,” he murmured gently.

Instead of answering back, she looked up at him over her shoulder with a cheeky expression. She took a step forward, dislodging herself from his embrace. She could see from his expression that he was confused. He took a step and held her hand when she placed her forefinger against her lips to hush and reassure him.

With her back to him, she leaned over and separated her ass cheeks with both hands, presenting him her rosette, telling him without words that she welcomed the anal play.

“I’m not scared, Suleyman, please,” she begged breathlessly.

He slowly came behind her and held her by the hip. “How did you know I want to fuck you in your ass?” She felt his middle finger pass the sphincter muscles inside of her ass until she felt his knuckles on her cheeks.

She tightened her muscles on his finger and straightened up slowly. “Well, as you know I wasn’t a virgin,” she murmured, half-turned. She didn’t want to go into detail and break the ambience.

Suleyman laughed. “So my fair lady is a wicked lady, hmm…But from now on, I will be the only man who can see your bare flesh. Is that understood?” He pulled her back harder and sank a second finger in her ass.

She knew that Suleyman would be very possessive, and his passionate reaction heightened her desire for him. If she was in her time, she would have told the man to get lost.

Answering with a nod of her head, she groaned when his cock rubbed against her hole. Shivers went through her and she bit her lips. She almost stopped breathing when she felt his thick cock push, and his full length was sliding in and out of her ass.

“Hmm…Oh…” She moaned and shuddered.

He cupped his hand over her breast, gave her one hard, deep thrust, and held her by her hips with his other hand.

“Oh, by God! You have such a tight ass. It’s like it’s your first time.” She whimpered and ground herself against his groin.

“You like it? Does it feel good, beloved?” he demanded.

“Oh yes, you’re so hard, thick and hot,” she hissed. She bit her lip and shuddered. “Take me. Ride me deep, please.”

“As you wish, my lady.” His need slurred his voice.

He changed his thrust from slow and shallow to fast and deep. She cried out. The rougher rhythm was sending electric sparks down into her pussy.

“Suleyman…Don’t ever stop, please…Not yet…I’m coming,” she screamed.

Biting her on the neck, he sank his cock deeper with one powerful thrust as she came apart. Holding her tightly, he pushed into her quivering ass with a steady force until he reached his own climax. With a groan, he slid his cock out of her ass and pulled her up against his chest.

“Are you all right, Lara? Did I hurt you? Please! Talk to me.” She could hear the worry in his voice.

Wrapping one arm around his neck and resting her head against his shoulder, she groaned, “Hmm…Can we do it again, please?”

“God, you’re worth more than anything to me, Lara. My feelings for you cannot be described with words, beloved. You complete me.” He growled passionately in her hear.

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