The Half-Breed Who Found His Other Half (MM)

Mate or Meal 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,901
35 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, fae, shape-shifters, HEA]

Wolf or ram? Incubus or Sidhe? Isaac and Chantay have always faced the prejudice behind these questions. Their lives are continuous battles. But one fateful meeting changes the course of their destinies forever.

Isaac Wade has many people who love him. Even so, he knows none of them grasp the pain of being torn between two conflicting natures. He starts to believe that no one ever will, but he is proven wrong when his path crosses that of Chantay Arceneau.

For Chantay, meeting Isaac is a surprise, one he doesn't know how to deal with. All his life, he has struggled to suppress his incubus instincts, and the sexual chemistry between him and Isaac threatens to shatter those walls.

Just as unexpected circumstances cause Isaac and Chantay to mate, new enemies emerge, threatening their budding relationship. Can love defeat the prejudice and hatred trying to pry the couple apart?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Half-Breed Who Found His Other Half (MM)
35 Ratings (4.3)

The Half-Breed Who Found His Other Half (MM)

Mate or Meal 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,901
35 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Another excellent book to this Great series I really loved this one
Another outstanding chapter in this wonderfully unique series. Cried for Issac but knew only Chantay could understand what he has gone through. Hurray for true love. Can't wait for the next book. =)

Story excerpt


Isaac sipped his champagne, feeling irritated with himself and his parents. “Tell me again why I’m here in the first place.”

“You’re supposed to be learning from the diplomatic process,” his mother replied. “Study your father, the other leaders. One day, you might have to take your father’s place.”

Isaac suppressed a snort. That was highly unlikely. Even if these days, he was able to control his previously erratic shifting abilities, the werewolf world wouldn’t accept a half ram as its elder anytime soon. His mother might be the Alpha female, but she was deceiving herself if she thought he’d ever reach a high-up position. Not to mention that he had two older brothers, one of whom was an experienced Alpha. If anyone would replace their father as elder, it would be Soren.

But Isaac didn’t want to think about that since he couldn’t imagine a future without his father occupying the elder position. So to save himself from having to find an answer to his mother’s comment, he took another drink of champagne and scanned the crowd.

His father had received an invite for an important reunion of nation leaders organized by the Sidhe king, Sterling, and his nephew, Prince Winter. Isaac knew and liked Winter, and he was happy the Sidhe had found a mate in Isaac’s friend Corbin. But he felt out of depth in this place full of important people. He was just Isaac. He’d always done his best to stay out of the limelight, so that no one would discover his secrets. Why would he suddenly want to be involved with heads of state?

There were so many people there, some of whom Isaac had known since he was a child, others who were complete strangers. Isaac wished they’d all reach a decision already so that he could go home. Perhaps he could meet up with Reed. Out of their old group, only a couple of them had remained without mates. It felt quite strange, especially since by rights, all of them were still so young. Isaac wondered if he would ever find his own soul mate. He hoped so. All his previous liaisons had been unsatisfying, shadowed by the secrets Isaac was forced to keep. Where was that person who could understand Isaac, who could complete him?

“Isaac? Are you listening to me?”

Isaac looked at his mother again and realized he’d completely zoned out on her. “Sorry. What did you say?”

“Your father tells me King Sterling is on his way toward us,” she told him with a berating expression. “Pay attention.”

Isaac felt like a scolded child, and he didn’t like it. He’d already met Sterling at Winter’s wedding and had no interest in seeing the arrogant Sidhe again.

All of a sudden, the feeling of inadequacy was replaced by a strange new awareness. He was struck by the knowledge of rightness, and he stood there, frozen, breathless. He spotted the king approach, but unlike the first time they’d met, the king was not alone. Or rather, his entourage held someone else other than his usual posse. A young man with hair like spun gold and jet-black eyes stood behind him, seeming as uncomfortable here as Isaac felt.

The youth looked up, and their gazes locked and held. Isaac forgot about where he was, and anything else that didn’t rotate around the man in front of him. His wolf awoke, howling at him. Mate. Mate.

Isaac had no idea what to do in these circumstances. Twenty years back, his brother, Brody, had essentially kidnapped his own mate, but Isaac doubted that would work here.

Thankfully, the Sidhe seemed to sense his confusion, need, and apprehension. He offered Isaac a small, shy smile. It drew Isaac like a moth to the flame, and he took a step forward before he could stop himself.

It was his mother’s voice that snapped him out of his trance. “Greetings, King Sterling,” she politely said to the elder Sidhe.

“And to you, Annabelle. I can call you Annabelle, right?”

“Of course, Your Majesty,” Isaac’s mother said. “It would be an honor. You remember my son, Isaac?”

The king turned toward Isaac, and Isaac did everything he’d been taught, regaling Sterling with a polite greeting as was suited to his station. The only thing he actually wanted was to be introduced to Sterling’s companion. Who was the blond beauty? Could he be Sterling’s lover? God, Isaac hoped not. He didn’t think he could compare with the Sidhe king as a mate, but he just might not be able to help it. The mere thought of anyone else except him touching the gorgeous stranger drove him crazy, and that wasn’t a good thing.

He needed to get a grip. They didn’t even know each other, for God’s sake. Isaac might have animallike instincts, but he was also a person, and he had to be reasonable.

Thankfully, the Sidhe king saved him from his predicament. He turned toward the blond beauty and said, “This is Chantay Arceneau. He’s helped me with an important issue and is currently learning a little more about our culture.”

Chantay. Of course. Isaac had heard talk about Rhys Whitaker’s half brother. It was mostly secondhand information, but his friends had commented about meeting Chantay, as well as what the young man had done to help Winter and Corbin.

“Isaac Wade. It’s a pleasure.” Isaac extended his hand just as Chantay did the same. The moment their palms touched, Isaac felt as if an electrical current were running through him. He saw Chantay’s eyes widened, and he realized his mate must have sensed the same thing.

“The feeling is completely mutual,” Chantay replied in a soft, lightly accented voice. It was like velvet, almost a physical caress on Isaac’s skin. And for the first time in his life, Isaac realized he’d truly found a person who could understand him. A half-breed like him.




He needed skin, and he needed it now.

Chantay seemed to agree with him. The half fae’s hands greedily worked at Isaac’s clothing, trying to remove his sweater, reaching down to unzip his trousers. Sadly, the proximity of their bodies and their frantic need for each other made it a little hard to maneuver, so Isaac knew he needed to take control of the situation.

Catching Chantay’s arms, Isaac pushed the younger man back against the wall. He pinned his mate in place using his larger form and held Chantay’s hands immobilized above his head. Nibbling on Chantay’s ear, he used his free hand to slowly unbutton Chantay’s shirt.

Everything inside him screamed to just rip the constraining material off, but a distant part of him acknowledged that they weren’t in the most private place possible, and they’d need the clothing to leave the office later.

Thankfully, it was not the first time they’d surrendered to their passions while in Isaac’s office. As always, Chantay surrendered to Isaac’s ministrations, whimpering as he desperately rubbed against Isaac’s body. The feel of Chantay’s hard cock against Isaac’s thigh made Isaac yearn to kneel at his mate’s feet and lavish that hard prick with his tongue. In fact, Isaac wanted to explore every inch of Chantay’s creamy skin, starting with his pert little nipples.

With that in mind, Isaac briefly freed Chantay’s arms and discarded the half fae’s shirt on the floor. With his hands no longer immobilized, Chantay finally managed to return the favor, and Isaac’s sweater was the next to go. But being bare chested was hardly enough, and Isaac didn’t delay in unbuttoning Chantay’s slacks. As the elegant pants pooled to the floor, Isaac realized his mate had gone commando.

“What can I say?” Chantay panted out. “I had high hopes.”

Isaac helped his mate toe off his shoes, then flipped the younger man against the wall, already anticipating what he would see there. Chantay pushed his ass out, wiggling it invitingly and presenting Isaac with his already slicked up and stretched hole.

Sneaky little minx. “I wonder how you kept this from me,” Isaac said as he rubbed a digit over Chantay’s anus. No wonder he’d been somewhat distracted today. How could he not be when his mate had obviously been readying himself for their coupling?

“I have my…oh please…my ways,” Chantay answered, his coherence more than affected when Isaac wiggled a finger inside him. “Please, Isaac. Just fuck me.”

Isaac had every intention of doing just that. His cock throbbed, demanding to be let in on the action, aching for the sanctuary of Chantay’s body. But Isaac held back, ignoring the nearly painful dig of his zipper into his swollen prick. He pressed his lips to Chantay’s nape, inhaling the scent of the half fae’s hair, sweat, and desire. He wished he could bottle it and bathe in it for all time. It was the most potent aphrodisiac in existence, and it guided Isaac’s actions and his own wants.

He finger-fucked his mate with almost ruthless intensity, adding another digit, then a third one, when Chantay demanded more. Chantay’s body opened up to him like a flower taking in the sun’s rays, his channel tight and hot, squeezing Isaac’s fingers in an ironlike vise. And when Isaac found his mate’s special spot, Chantay released a desperate, garbled cry. “Isaac, please! Inside me.”

There was so much need in Chantay that it nearly overwhelmed Isaac. But Isaac had just as much love and desire to give, and because of that, they were soul mates. And for the same reason, Isaac knew he couldn’t torture both of them for much longer. He removed his fingers from Chantay’s ass and rushed to unzip his pants.

His cock sprang out eagerly, already leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. His animal side roared out of him, both wolf and ram demanding Chantay’s claiming. In one smooth thrust, Isaac pushed inside his mate, embedding his prick into Chantay’s ass.

They both groaned at the same time, the feel of coming together at last as unbelievable as it had always been. Isaac clutched his mate’s hips and briefly pulled out of Chantay before pushing back in. The heat and the almost-excruciating tightness were amazing. Chantay moved with him, pushing back against Isaac’s prick, his cries escalating as the pleasure grew in intensity.

“Yes,” Chantay shouted. “Oh, Isaac, yes!”

Isaac allowed his instincts to run free, unafraid to be himself when his mate was with him. Their hearts beat at the same rhythm and their bodies seemed to become one as they joined in the sensual dance of their lovemaking. Over and over, Isaac took his lover, chasing their shared pleasure and the climax he knew would bring them total fulfillment.

A sudden impulse urged him to grab his mate and turn him around, bringing them face-to-face once again. Chantay’s eyes were one of the many things Isaac loved about the half Sidhe. He wanted to gaze into them and see into Chantay’s very soul as they coupled. He wanted to kiss those full, plump lips and fuck Chantay’s mouth with his tongue just as his cock took the half Sidhe’s ass.

Once again, Isaac pressed their mouths together, lifting Chantay in his arms as he did so. The half fae wrapped his legs around Isaac’s waist, meeting Isaac’s every thrust, panting, gasping, and writhing, his heat burning Isaac from the inside out. There was just too much pleasure, and Isaac thought that any moment now, his mind would short-circuit or his heart would stop. Surely, no living being could withstand the onslaught of such ecstasy.

And still, his beasts demanded more, and Isaac broke the kiss as his canines descended. Without one moment of hesitation, he sank his fangs into his mate’s neck.

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