Her Knight in Rusty Armor (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,902
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Kent was used to getting his way no matter what the tactics. Wanting his neighbor’s property was no different, except Laura wasn’t willing to sell. Never one to back down, he continued his quest to add her acreage to his.
Done with domineering men, Laura’s instant dislike toward Kent is palpable. She’s worked too hard and too long to deal with him on any level. Her dismissive attitude regarding him annoys him, to her delight.
One fateful public meeting will leave them second guessing their motives when ex-spouses re-enter their lives, apparently hell bent on bringing down both their careers out of spite. A weary truce is short lived when the exes continue to insinuate themselves in their new lives. Complicating the issue is what could quickly turn into a mutual attraction neither wants to acknowledge or consider.
Will antagonistic neighbors find common ground when their personal lives become intertwined through forces beyond their control?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Her Knight in Rusty Armor (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Her Knight in Rusty Armor (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,902
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Information I already know. What do you want, Mr. Archer?”

“Your land.” It was the first thing that came to his mind and he knew it was wrong, totally wrong. It was reinforced as she laughed openly at him.

“Other people have wanted my land, too. They didn’t get it either.”

“I’m not making myself clear.”

“Apparently not. You’re still here and I’d prefer you not to be.”

“Look, I came here with a business offer. I want to buy this lot from you. I’ll give you a ten percent increase from your purchase price.” He crossed his arms over his belly as her hulking employee had and she laughed at him a second time.

“Ten percent! Aren’t you the generous one? What about the improvements I’ve made? Building permits, clearing the lot, and don’t forget the bulk headers that started this morning.” For the first time he glanced to the gulf and saw the barge anchored at the corner of her lot. He immediately walked to the water line, saw the logo on the side, and wanted to spit. It was the same company he had lined up to do his work. He was there and bought some time, bending down to see the quality of work that was done.

He stood at the water line for a few seconds trying to compose himself. It had been a long time since a female, any woman, made him fluster. Hell, he hadn’t blushed in years, but today meeting Laura Ellison, he’d blushed and stammered like a prepubescent kid. Kent didn’t like not being in control, and this woman was not a boyhood crush. Drawing a deep breath, he decided he couldn’t let any woman fluster him, especially now. He had business to conduct and he’d ultimately get his way, even if it took a bit more persuading then he’d originally thought. He walked back to where she was sitting on a tree stump with what he could only describe as a sour look on her face. “They got a lot done?”

“Nothing I didn’t expect. We have a schedule to keep.”

“Look, I know I didn’t start this conversation properly.” He stood directly in front of her. “As I’ve said, I’m Kent Archer of Archetype Boats.” He didn’t offer to shake her hand a second time.

“I know. That still doesn’t give you the right to walk into any business and order the employees to find the boss because it was important to you.”

“I admit I was a bit…short with your help.”

“I have employees, Mr. Archer. People who do their jobs, one of which is to keep me from being interrupted by endless customers who want to show me how much knowledge they have about art.” She paused and drew a deep breath. Then she leaned further down and lifted the saw again. He was about to lose his cool when he realized she was walking away, walking toward an old panel van parked at the street line. He was going to follow her but stalled when he realized she was coming back. “I’m not interested in selling my lot. As you can see, I’m in the process of building my home here.” She glanced to him as she reached down for her eye protection. When she stood up a second time, she went back to her truck. He followed, mainly because he knew it would probably annoy her.

With the rear van doors open, she tossed them in and peeled off her gloves. She unbuttoned the large flannel shirt and stripped it off, shaking off the wood chips before tossing it in on top of the pile. Then she turned to look at him. It was a mistake, he realized, noting how the soft yellow of her T-shirt clung to her body. She had full breasts that rode high. From a quick look, it didn’t seem like she wore any jewelry.

“At least you don’t clank when you move,” he said under his breath. Only she laughed at him and he realized she’d heard him.

“Jan does jingle when she moves. You get used to it quickly when you realize what talent she has. Besides, jewelry is a bit of a nuisance when I’m working outside. Not too safe in most cases either.”

“Look, I understand we got off on the wrong foot,”

“No, we didn’t. You came here making assumptions that money would buy you my land. It was your mistake. I’m not selling.”

“Won’t you reconsider? I’ll up my offer to include any expense you’ve lain out to this point.”

“No. This is where I belong, where I’ll live out my days. Here, on this land with the home I’m building. You’ll note I left a large border of trees between our property lines. If you do the same, we’ll never have to glimpse the other’s house.”

“But I want…” He paused, adding, “Why would you want to live here with memories of a bad marriage all around you? If you let me buy the land, you can move on with a clear future.”

“So now you’re going to be my knight in shining armor? I think you’d better think twice, Mr. Archer, your armor is a bit rusty, just as much as your approach.”

“I’m nobody’s knight and I think I’d find armor very limiting.”

“Especially when it’s rusted shut? I’m not interested, please go away.”

“But I want this land!”

“I’m sure you do. I’m also sure you’re used to getting your way, even if it’s by paying for it. This one you won’t get, Mr. Archer. I’m not selling. Any further conversation on the topic will just waste both of our time, so I won’t discuss it again. Do you understand?” She closed the rear doors, walked to the driver’s door and started the vehicle.




Laura knew any movement would change their dynamic but she wanted more. With a step she was snugged against his body. His cock was hard, full, and throbbing through his shorts. “I’d much rather feel you without all these clothes.”

“Great minds think alike,” he told her before wrapping his fingers in her hair and using them to direct her into his kiss. The move excited her more, she’d never been with a man who took what he wanted, who didn’t consider her fragile or incapable of enjoying a bit of roughness. Kent wasn’t hurting her, he was asserting himself, and she found it erotic in a new way.

Laura gave herself over to it, to him. She didn’t care what happened after tonight, didn’t want to think about it. For right now, she just wanted…pleasure. Kent slid his tongue along her throat and down to her nipple, sucking it between his teeth. He’d give it a light tug and go back to sucking it. Laura moaned without embarrassment and dropped her hand to her own crotch, rubbing her clit while he feasted on her breasts. She changed the position of her hand and began stroking his cock in rhythm with his lips to her breast. She was disappointed when Kent pulled away from her until she saw he was pulling his wallet from his back pocket. He pulled out a condom package and tossed both items on the table. Then he dropped his shorts, his cock bobbing with the new freedom. When she was about reach to him, he grabbed her dress and tugged it down over her hips and let it fall to the floor.

His hands covered hers and raised them above her head, pushing her back against the cold concrete exterior wall. His kiss was a new beginning but he didn’t let her hands free. Instead, he grasped them both with one of his and used the other to taunt her pussy lips. He’d stroke her clit and slide his fingers between her lips. She tried to thrust forward to take him deeper but he teased her by not letting them penetrate.

“You’re driving me crazy, Kent. Come fuck me,”

“Say please,” he whispered as he ran his lips along her throat.

“Please,” she managed and tried to pull her hands free.

“No, not yet,” he told her, squeezing his fingers tighter over hers. Suddenly he released them and dropped before her, his lips sucking her clit while he used his tongue to tease her pussy lips. Then he’d use it as a cock and push it in her, taking long strokes of her puffy lips.

Her hands went to his shoulders, holding him to her, afraid he’d stop the amazing tongue bath he was giving her. “Oh yes, that’s it, that will make me come, Kent.” She smiled when he doubled his efforts and brought her to her first full orgasm. When her body shook, he grasped her hips and turned her to the wall.

Kent ran his hands along her body from shoulder to buttocks, up and back. The slight callouses on his fingers would catch on her skin, adding another layer of exquisite touch. His hands grasped her ass and pulled her hips from the wall, widening her stance.

His tongue was instantly on her, licking her from behind. She was disappointed when he stopped and she felt him stand behind her. He reached around her and handed her the condom package. She tore it open and turned to sheath him. Without instructions, she turned back and used her hands to brace her weight against the wall.

Kent wrapped his arms around her waist and reached up to fondle her breasts. His cock slid in her slick pussy. He fucked her long and hard, then with slow and fast thrusts. He kept her off kilter with no pattern.

“You pussy is pulling me in. It’s like I’m wrapped in a hot velvet glove.”

“What will make you come?” She started to turn around to look at him but he sucked a patch of skin between her shoulder blades.

“This will make me come,” he told her, dropping one hand and pinching her buttocks.

“More,” she told him in a firm tone.

“How much more?” His voice was tight to her ear.

“As much as you can give me,” Laura said, shifting her weight on the wall.

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