A Random Spirit (MM)

Spirit Walkers 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 42,102
6 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Cedric Portrey had a choice which he had no intention of making. Saul Douben didn’t have a choice and that was there the trouble began.

Cedric lived behind a flirtatious mask and a wild if unfounded reputation. Still it kept him safe from believing anyone would love the man behind the smile instead of the power and prestige of a sorcerer.

Saul Douben had lost everything or so he thought. He was a quiet man with a lonely life. But everything changed when he entered Kashmerle Castle and walked right into Cedric’s arms.

Saul could not take it all in. His spirit walker kept disappearing amidst screams and explosions. And his only help came from a sarcastic tortoise called Fred.

Luckily Saul was a patient man and he was fully prepared to wait for his happily ever after. He just wasn’t sure it was about to happen any time soon.

A Siren Erotic Romance

A Random Spirit (MM)
6 Ratings (4.0)

A Random Spirit (MM)

Spirit Walkers 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 42,102
6 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Here, my dear, pop these on before all these unattached men start getting excited.” Matt giggled at his statement and Kash, his walker growled low in the back of his throat before wrapping his arms around Matt’s upper torso and chest. Saul didn’t want the unattached males. He wanted Cedric, who was running away out of his reach. He threw on the jogging pants and headed toward the doors Cedric had passed through. Two young boys dashed up the stairs that surrounded the double doors and led to a small balcony overlooking a beautiful old-fashioned ballroom. Saul barely noticed, as his eyes were once again riveted on the beautiful man shaking his head and talking with the two wizards he remembered as William and Percy. It sounded more like a heated argument and it definitely concerned him.

“Why did you push me away? Run from me?” Saul asked through their mind bond. Cedric suddenly stopped, turning to stare straight at Saul. Saul couldn’t help it, as his breath hitched and he automatically leaned toward him.

“What is going on?” a good-looking man asked as he approached Saul.  He was looking at the two wizards and Saul assumed his question was aimed at them.

“I’ll kill her!” Cedric yelled. “That interfering old cow. Oooh, she boils my piss!”  Saul raised his eyebrows. His walker had quite a colourful turn of phrase. He was also sure he could hear a woman’s voice chuckling but had seen no females present.

“Hello. You must be Saul, Luka and Joel’s father.” The man had now turned away from Cedric and was looking directly at Saul with his hand outstretched in welcome. Saul grasped the man’s hand in a firm shake. “I’m Enda McCaffry, alpha of the Kashmerle Pack. Please excuse our Great Uncle Cedric. He can be a little eccentric.” Enda finished with a smile.

“Saul Douben, and Great Uncle Cedric is my spirit walker.” Saul heard a few gasps and sniggers that his statement elicited, but it was the truth and no matter what they thought the Fates could not be denied, could they?

“This is not happening. I am not going to let them do this to me,” Cedric continued.

A shiver rolled through Saul’s body. Why was his walker so angry? When he’d had Cedric in his arms the man had responded to him. Saul had felt Cedric’s aroused shaft press into his own heated flesh. Was it because he was a shifter? Saul didn’t know of any other such pairings, but then he knew so few who were spirit bonded anyway, his first love Knox being one of them, but he was bonded to another shifter. Saul shook his head. He needed to talk to his walker in private.

“Is there somewhere we could go, Alpha McCaffry?” Saul asked, using the correct terms for what he hoped would be his knew alpha.

“Of course, Saul. There’s a suite of rooms just down the corridor from where your sons are staying. Please, boys, set your father up there. Though I know Cedric has a house on the outskirts of the village, it may be best to stay here for now.”

“Thank you,” Saul replied, thinking he had nothing to put in his room.

Enda smiled. “Your son. Knox. sent some of your things over for you just in case you turned up. They included your degree certificates. They are all placed in those rooms.”

Saul couldn’t say anything. He had emotions whirling around inside him. His son had not let him leave with just the clothes on his back and had sent him his means of earning money in his new home just as Saul had planned to ask him to after he arrived at Kashmerle. It showed how perceptive his eldest son was that he had known where his father was heading. To add to this, he’d been reunited with his younger sons and now had found his walker. His life was complete…

“I’m sorry, Saul. I will sort this out for you,” was all Cedric said before he suddenly disappeared.

Well almost complete, but the one thing Saul had was patience and he believed in the spirit bond. His walker would come back, the bond would remain, and that frantic, exotic man would be his.

At this point all the bravado that had filled him from the moment he had first seen his walker began to crumble. The adrenaline that had kept his body going fled and he collapsed to the floor.

“Dad, Dad,” Saul heard in the background as his body gave up to a little unease and exhaustion.




Cedric melted into Saul as the kiss took his breath away. His arms stretched up and bound themselves around Saul’s broad shoulders. He had lifted Cedric completely off the ground and it was automatic to just wrap his legs around the man’s waist. Cedric tried to hold on to what Saul had been saying, but as the kiss became less aggressive and far more sensual, suddenly hanging on to his thoughts seemed highly overrated. He felt Saul’s grip tighten on his ass as he was pushed up against Saul’s erection. The hot steel rod burned alongside his groin, causing his own engorged cock to leak profuse amounts of pre-cum on his skin.

“Skin,” Cedric cried. Why the hell had he brought his lover clothes? He wanted to feel that warm golden skin pressed upon his own naked flesh. He’d no more said the word than he felt Saul’s strong hands rip the shirt from his back. Cedric was so aroused he nearly came from that one simple act. His body was suddenly flung down on the soft sofa as Saul gripped the waistband of his pants. Cedric watched as Saul pulled the two sides of the garment and they split right down the centre. He was then manhandled as Saul gripped both sides of the shredded pants and his cotton boxers and dragged them down his body. Cedric had never been so turned-on in his entire long life. What had started off in anger had quickly turned to full-on passion and Cedric did not want the feeling to end. He lay on the sofa in the darkened room, naked and open for Saul to see. Shifters’ eyes worked well in the dark and he knew Saul was taking in every inch of his small, slender body. Physically they seemed total opposites, yet Cedric knew they fit together perfectly.

As Saul was looking down at him he grabbed the hem of the T-shirt and slowly drew it over his head. Cedric knew this was part of his ploy—to show him what he was supposedly walking away from. Cedric hadn’t the voice to tell him if Saul was walking away he’d be right there with him, just like that donkey in those silly ogre movies. Now real ogres were something you didn’t ever want to meet.

Saul let the T-shirt fall to the floor and Cedric decided to do some teasing of his own as he slid his hands down from Saul’s neck across his hairless chest. He tweaked his nipples on the way down, moaning as the slight twinge of pain sent blood rushing to his cock. Saul leered at him as Cedric’s hands travelled south. Drops of pre-cum pearled at the head of his erect cock and Cedric swiped a finger into the clear liquid before sucking the digit into his mouth. Saul stood up straighter and hooked his fingers into the waistband of his pants then slowly pulled them down. Saul’s cock was hard and slapped his abs as he released it from the confines if the fabric.

“Oh God,” Cedric moaned, gripping his cock tight as he stemmed his body’s need for release. He had to taste Saul. He could see the bead of pre-cum developing in the slit and he licked his lips in anticipation. He moved to sit up against the back of the sofa and begged silently that Saul would let him taste.

Saul’s eyes gleamed. “Oh, sunshine, you are going to taste me,” Saul’s mind spoke to him.

“Shit, you heard me.”Cedric moaned back and Saul’s chest shook as he laughed. Cedric’s cheeks flamed, but his embarrassment was soon forgotten as Saul straddled his legs. He kneeled on the sofa, placing one hand on the back to steady his immense size, and used the other to pull his cock toward Cedric’s mouth. Cedric groaned and licked his lips again. He moved forward and let his tongue glaze over Saul’s deep red head as he tasted his lover’s pre-cum. The salty tang burst on his taste buds. Cedric smiled to himself. He usually wasn’t fond of the taste of cum. A gay man who disliked the taste of cum, now there was a joke. But Saul’s was okay. It had a citrusy tang that took away the heavy taste of salt that he didn’t like. Trust the man to be perfect. Saul edged closer and rubbed the head of his cock along Cedric’s lips, leaving a smear of cum for him to taste. Cedric groaned. He couldn’t resist and opened his mouth to swallow the glistening head.

“Yes,” hissed Saul as Cedric circled the head with his tongue. The sleek, smooth texture caused shards of pleasure to rocket through his body. He didn’t think eternity would be long enough to get him over the taste and texture of his man. His man, Saul, was his and his alone. He was absolutely certain and he had no idea why. But it was true.

Cedric sucked in his cheeks, drawing Saul’s cock deeper into his throat. His lips were stretched wide to take the man’s girth. He knew he wouldn’t be able to take the whole length—eight inches was just too much for him—but he’d get as close as he could. He slipped his left hand around the base of Saul’s cock and built up a slow, steady rhythm with his hand and mouth. He spread his legs wide, making sure Saul had an unobstructed view of his cock, and began stroking himself to the rhythm he was sucking Saul. The heat building up in his body was intense and he could feel Saul’s cock thickening even more in his mouth.

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