Maximus (MF)

Kinky Saints MC 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,687
10 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic: Contemporary, Consensual BDSM, MF, bondage, age play, light spanking, HEA]

A kinder, kinkier motorcycle club.

After losing her home and business to fire, Annie Griffin finds herself living in her sister’s half-finished basement. Hugging homeless stuffies at the thrift shop, she hopes to cheer herself up after a frustrating day dealing with the insurance company. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with a lady panda bear named Spike. Or be invited out to dinner.

Enthralled by the woman who loves on stuffed animals, Max Santi sees the woman he’s been searching for. When she finds herself locked out of her sister’s house, he steps in and takes control, moving her in with him.  

Will Annie and Max’s kinks mesh as perfect as they both hope? Will the insurance company ever pay off on Annie’s claims? Can Max convince Annie to be his even after she puts her life back together again?

Maximus (MF)
10 Ratings (4.4)

Maximus (MF)

Kinky Saints MC 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,687
10 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Why was the woman hugging the stuffed animals?

Max Santi froze midstride to watch the curious sight. He had been headed to the back corner of the salesroom, which was where the thrift store kept their rags. He stopped when the blonde woman picked up a large white owl stuffie and hugged it like a child would a favorite toy. She whispered something in its ear before she put it back on the shelf and picked up the teddy bear sitting next to it.

Curiosity got the best of him, so Max ambled closer. Something about this woman pulled at him, even though he had yet to see her face. What he could see of her curvy body had his cock stiffening up as he sent a prayer up that she was single. That would be the first hurdle they would have to cross before anything else could happen between them.

And he felt certain something would be happening between them.

“Here’s a little love for you,” she murmured as she squeezed the bear before placing it back on the shelf. “Someone will take you home soon. Just keep looking cute.”

“Do you do this often?” Max asked softly, once he had moved within a few feet without the woman noticing.

The woman squeaked and jumped, throwing the stuffed panda she had just picked up in his direction. Max caught the fluffy toy in midair and moved another step closer.

“Oh, my, you startled me,” she said. Her soft melodic voice reached into Max’s jeans and squeezed his balls at the same second as his cock surged to attention, making him shift to try and give it more room in his jeans.

“I’m sorry,” Max found himself apologizing as he eased even closer. “I didn’t mean to scare you. But I am curious. Do you hug a lot of strange animals?”

If so, how can I be one? he thought, though he did not ask out loud. He was within an arm’s length before the woman finally shifted back a half-step. Holding out the black and white bear, he waited for her to take it.

Her gaze dropped to his chest as she reached out for the bear. Instead of releasing it once she had hold of it, Max held on until she looked up into his eyes. She was older than he’d first thought, but still so cute that his cock’s interest grew. Her dark gold hair just brushed her shoulders and was tucked behind her ears, showing off a pair of gold teddy bear earrings in the lobes of small, well-formed ears. Her eyes were a light green, reminding him of the celery Nonna grew in her garden each summer. Freckles dusted her fair skin, and, as he continued to stare down into her eyes, her cheeks began to pink up. She was short, round, and curvy, just the kind of woman he preferred.

As he continued to stare at her, her gaze dropped again. So, she was submissive, as well. She took a deep breath, blinked and forced her gaze to his once more.

“Answer the question, Little one,” he encouraged gently.

Her blink was slow just before her head dropped forward until she stared at the center of his chest as she tugged at the stuffed animal they held between them.

“They looked sad, so I thought a hug would cheer them up,” she answered softly.

Max could not help but chuckle at her innocent explanation. “And are they happier now that you’ve hugged them?”

“I’d like to think so, though I’m sure they would prefer to find a human of their own to go home with, love and protect,” she answered, sounding so sure of herself that she was making a believer out of him.

“And is this a good paying job? To go into thrift stores and hug the animals?” Max asked, his curiosity continuing to grow.

The woman tugged at the panda, so he finally released the arm he held. She looked surprised when he finally released it, but pulled the panda to her chest and hugged it anyway. Then she whispered in its ear and turned to the wall. When she went to place it on the shelf, she hesitated before picking up a piece of paper from the shelf where the bear had been sitting.

Max watched her read the note, and was surprised when tears filled her eyes. Once she finished reading, he pulled the note from her fingers and read it himself.


This is Spike. Spike is a good bear. She loves to wear her fairy princess dress and her leather jacket, but not at the same time. Spike is a fairy princess biker panda and will protect you from bad dreams while you sleep. Keep her safe and love her and she will love you back. If you ask nicely, she’ll even help you find love.

I’m going to Heaven soon, and Spike can’t come with me. Please find her a good home. When you are through loving her, please find her someone else to love.

Thank you. Love, Susan


Max watched the woman hug the black and white bear a second time. Half-turning, she stared across the store for nearly a minute. She then slowly turned back to the shelf and searched behind the animals until she found a teddy bear size black backpack with the name Spike embroidered in pink on the flap. Looping the straps over the bear’s arms, she looked his way. Holding out her hand, she waited patiently until he refolded the note and laid it on her palm.

“Thank you,” she said softly.

Hugging the bear to her chest, she brushed a kiss over the animal’s head. After tucking the note into the backpack, she replaced Spike on the shelf and turned away. She blinked back tears as she bent and picked up the shopping basket that had been on the floor at her feet. Without another word, she started to walk away.

“Hey, wait a minute,” Max ordered, not sure what had just happened, but knowing he missed something.

The woman turned back and stared at him with one eyebrow raised in curiosity. “Yes?”

Not quite sure what drove him, he closed the distance, not stopping until he could wrap his arms around her upper arms to keep her from escaping again. “Are you married, engaged, or otherwise spoken for?”

The woman swallowed hard as sadness entered her eyes. In the next moment, she dropped them to study his chin. “Not at this moment. Why?”

“Because,” Max said just before he brushed a kiss on the woman’s lips.

He had no idea what had come over him, except a growing hunger for this woman. And not just because she gave hugs and pep talks to stuffed animals who had been abandoned in a thrift store. There was something fragile and innocent about her that drew him in, making him want to protect her, make her smile, make love to her, and more. Oh, so much more.




Grabbing a towel, Max briskly dried her off, then lifted her from the tub and set her on her feet. He ended up kneeling before her as he dried off her legs and feet. Then he looked at her pussy and smiled. That smile had Annie shivering in response.

“Spread your legs,” he said, his voice low and dark and full of sexual promise. It was the Daddy voice she had heard in her dreams for so many years. The voice that would lead her down the path to the complete sexual pleasure she had sought and given up on when she hadn’t been able to find it with another man, or on her own.

Too horny to do anything more than comply, Annie spread her legs shoulder-width apart.

“Hands on my shoulders,” Max ordered gently.

Annie set her hands in position, without argument. She knew what was coming, and would happily follow her new Daddy’s directions, especially if it earned her the orgasm she needed.

When he pushed on the inside of her right thigh, she opened her stance even further, until she felt her pussy lips part. Taking a slow, deep breath, she waited. Her next breath was fast and sharp when Max leaned in and hot breath caressed everything between her legs.

In the next instant, his tongue, hot and rough against her skin, licked from her back hole forward, dipping into her vagina before moving farther up and stroking over her clit. Annie had to lock her knees and tighten her hold on his shoulders to remain on her feet. She moaned in approval as he swirled the tip of his tongue around the tight knot of flesh that was her clit.

“Mmmm, ladybug, you taste so good,” he murmured, before going back for more.

Annie dropped her head forward and watched through half-open eyes as his hands slid up and wrapped around the back of her thighs, just below her ass cheeks. His glossy black hair appeared so dark against her pale skin she could only smile at the contrast. Her breathing grew faster as he lapped up her juices, and she could not contain the moan that burst from her when he slid two fingers deep into her cunt. Her orgasm spiraled, growing bigger and bigger to the point she was not sure she would be able to survive the explosion when it finally hit.

With two big fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, Annie found herself moving her hips back and forth, fucking herself on Max’s hand.

“Beautiful,” he murmured, looking up into her face.

“Daddy, please. I need…” she whispered, embarrassed and unable to finish the thought of exactly what she needed.

“You need what, ladybug?” he asked with a smile that sent a shiver through her. He knew exactly what he was doing to her, and he liked it.

“I need…to come,” she panted. Her grip on his shoulders tightened further. “Please. Help me come.”

His smile grew even bigger. “I don’t think so. You can hold off a little longer. Let me tease you a little longer.”

Max slid his fingers into her pussy, finger fucking her slowly to keep her right on the edge of an explosion. He watched her face, as she fought the need to fly. He lapped at her clit at odd moments, savoring her taste as he drove her closer and closer, but never sending her over.

“Please, Daddy,” she cried out, bucking her hips, trying to get him to move faster, harder, something to get her over the last edge.

“Who’s in charge here?” he asked before licking up between her labia and over her clit once more.

“Da…Daddy’s in charge.”

“That’s right, Little one. Daddy’s in charge and will always take care of his Little girl, though sometimes I might like to torture you just a little.”

With that, Max leaned in and licked up more of her juices that now coated his fingers and ran down his hand. Then he licked up and took her clit between his lips and began to suck on it, hard.

Immediately, the arousal that had been gathering into a ball low in Annie’s body squeezed everything between her legs for a few seconds before exploding. She cried out as the orgasmic bomb sent fiery tingles and convulsions out from her clit, through every nerve in her body all the way to her fingers and toes.

Max did not stop there. He kept finger fucking and licking, keeping her riding the wave of her release until she had to pull away or melt into a puddle of goo. His fingers remained in her cunt as she knelt, only leaving her when she grabbed his wrist and pulled them away.

Though she was spent, and relaxed, she still had enough firing brain cells to see his cock pushing hard at the front of his jeans. A cock she wanted more than anything to see, to taste, to touch right now.

Reaching for his waistband, she popped the button, then slowly, carefully pulled down the zipper. She was not surprised when his cock popped out at her, the length and thickness causing her eyes to go wide even as she licked her lips in anticipation.

Before he could react, she leaned down and licked up the underside of his cock before swirling her tongue around the head. She moaned softly at the tangy tart taste of the pre-cum that coated the skin. When Max’s hands came down on her shoulders, trying to ease her away, she ignored him.

Instead, she parted her lips and took the head into her mouth before sliding further down his length. She took in as much as she could, stopping when it hit the back of her throat and she choked. Wrapping her hand around the part that wouldn’t fit in her mouth, she began to slide hand and mouth up and down his length in a coordinated effort.

It did not take long before he grabbed her head and held it steady. His hips began to pulse up and he fucked her mouth.

“Oh shit, ladybug, I’m coming,” he said, his voice deep and rough, just a moment before the first pulse of semen crossed her tongue.

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