A Dom of His Own (MM)

Club Esoteria 15

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,250
25 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Clasic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, paddling, sex toys, HEA]
After being a member of Club Esoteria, super submissive Toby Baer is about to give up. He’s played with every dominant member of the club, been used as a living sex toy, but has yet to find a Dom to call his own. Then he meets Gavin Wells, Club Esoteria’s newest dominant, at a most embarrassing moment.
Gavin knows what he’s looking for in a submissive partner. While he sees Toby has an amazing amount of potential, the know-it-all submissive needs someone to take him under command and remind him how a submissive is supposed to behave. Thankfully, he is just the man for the job.
But jobs, injuries, miscommunications, and one bossy, interfering sister cause serious problems along the path to what could be a perfect Dom/sub relationship.
Can Toby and Gavin find a common meeting ground? Or will outside influences derail their partnership before it can begin?
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Dom of His Own (MM)
25 Ratings (4.5)

A Dom of His Own (MM)

Club Esoteria 15

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,250
25 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Club Esoteria never disappoints!!! Loved this
Gavin and Toby were sweet, loving, kinky, and Hot Hot Hot.
this was fantastic
donna b buccella
I love this book but of course I love this entire series. Toby and Gavin meet and have that wonderful instant attraction which I love but then the trouble begins. The love is deep and the sex is really hot and there's just enough conflict to keep the reader engaged. Some characters from past books make quick appearances and I always like that so I can't wait for the next one book in this series. So, come on, Ms. McKenzie, don't keep me waiting too long!
Mardi Maxwell




“The reason I’ve called you all here today…” Antony Ryan said, in a horrible accent that brought to Toby Baer’s mind memories of Italian mobster movies, as he leaned on the end of the picnic table. Toby swept a gaze around at the other of his fellow Club Esoteria submissives. Thankfully, the little-used park was not far from the school where Toby worked so he was able to attend this meeting.

“Why do you sound like a mafia boss calling the familia together?” Gentry Michaels, Toby’s best friend, fellow slave/mate, and brother from another mother, asked.

“Because that’s what I’ve done. Aren’t we a family of sorts?” Antony asked, waving a hand around the circular table where those in attendance ate their lunches or nibbled on the homemade cookies Whitney had brought.

“Yes, but not one of us would admit that to anyone outside the family,” Whitney said. “Now what’s this all about? Some of us have jobs and lives outside the club walls that we need to get back to.”

Toby watched the bickering and wondered if he should put the trio in time-out so they could find their collective focus. Five minutes in the corner usually worked with the five- and six-year-olds in his kindergarten class. As one of the charter members of Club Esoteria, he might be able to get away with it, but if only he had enough backbone to stand up and speak. Since he was as submissive as a human could get while still having a backbone in his body, he did not think that was likely.

Which was why he was here, though he had been forced to take an hour of personal time to attend. And since it was only the second Tuesday of his third year of teaching the principal had approved it, but had not been happy that Toby refused to tell her where he was going.

“That dinner we had with Calliope a couple of months ago got me to thinking,” Antony finally said, raising his voice enough to silence the others around the table who had begun murmuring amongst themselves.

Since Toby had been at that dinner, he thought back, but had no idea where Antony was going. Did he want to start a BDSM matchmaking service? Or maybe a support group for the single club submissives?

While a submissive support group would be nice, a matchmaker would do him more good. Toby’s dream was to meet, and be collared by, a dominant who wanted what Toby had to offer—unwavering obedience, unconditional love, and lots of really, really hot sex. He did not even care if said dominant was male or female. He was an equal opportunity, bisexual submissive who was into anything as long as it did not involve blood, urine, or pain that lasted more than a few hours after the scene.

He just needed to find that oh-so-elusive dominant who was looking for the same thing.


* * * *


Seven hours later, Toby questioned his sanity as he followed Antony through the back door of the club. Yes, there needed to be changes now that so many of Club Esoteria’s members were no longer single, but how had he earned the dubious honor of bringing this tidbit of information to the dominant members of the club?

He be a charter member of the club, and had scened with every unattached dominant member in the almost five years since, but he was true submissive. Since he sometimes had a hard time maintaining discipline in his classroom, how was he supposed to convince a group of alpha-type, dominant men and women that the single submissives wanted more than they were now getting?

Antony stopped just shy of where the hallway from the back door opened out into the main room of the club. Toby looked out into the room and held his breath as he took stock. At least two dozen men and women were sitting in a loose circle made by chairs, couches, and barstools. At the moment they were talking quietly amongst themselves, but at the same time seemed to be watching Jenna and Taurus, the club’s co-owners, who stood together behind a podium on the far side of the circle.

Power radiated from the group like heat from a closed and lit BBQ grill. Toby recognized all but a few of those present and realized he had played with all those he recognized, in one manner or another.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine,” Antony said softly as he took a step back.

“What? Aren’t you going in with me?” Toby whispered frantically just as his friend put a hand in the middle of his back and shoved him forward.




Though tempted to make a run for it, Toby’s submissive side responded to the Dom’s request. He released the door handle and dropped his hand to his side. He counted to ten before turning to face the man behind him. He only hoped the darkness at this end of the hall would help hide his still-hard cock that tented the front of his tan cargo pants.

Hoping to further camouflage his erection, he slipped his hands into his pockets. He then began to pray that his need for release would hold off long enough for him to get to his car in the parking lot where he could be alone and jerk off. The tension in his cock and balls tingled all the way up his spine and told him it would take only a few pulls to trigger the orgasm.

When a finger accidentally brushed against the side of his cock, he sucked a breath and every muscle in his body tensed. He tried to think cold, unsexy thoughts as he fought to maintain control. A deep breath to steady his shaky control instead pulled the dominant man’s scent of spice and sweat into his body. All the cooldown thoughts he was having were instantly negated.

Lifting his gaze, he stared at the man’s perfect nose and waited. At an inch over six feet, there were only a few club members he had to look up to, but this man was several inches taller than he was. He was also broader and tons more muscular.

A drop of pre-cum oozed out of his slit as everything from his belly button to his asshole tightened with growing need. “Yes, Sir?”

The big man stared deep into his eyes as if reading his soul, even in the dim half-light. After an endlessly long silent half minute, the dominant man lifted one hand and slid it so it cupped the back of Toby’s neck.

Power radiated off the man like steam rising from a pot of boiling water. It pulled at Toby so strongly that he willingly stepped forward when the Dom applied the slight pressure to pull him closer. He closed the distance, not stopping until his forehead was pushed against the man’s shoulder. Not sure what the big man wanted from him, Toby tensed and waited.

With the other Doms who had embraced him, Toby had always felt too tall, too gangly, and uncoordinated. The women he had played with were all smaller, so he usually ended up cuddling them instead of the other way round.

But standing here next to Gavin, with only the man’s hand holding him in place, Toby felt almost dainty. For a few seconds, he felt he had someone to lean on. It was an unusual feeling but one he thought he could get used to.

Closing his eyes, Toby breath came faster as he fought to maintain the last threads of the control. Not wanting to embarrass himself in front of the new man was all that kept him from humping against the Dom’s hip. The other man’s erection pressing into his lower body did nothing to ease his need.

“You will be here tomorrow night, pet.” The words were a statement and not a request.

“Yes, Sir,” Toby answered softly.

“Good boy. Now, go home and sleep well because tomorrow night you and I are going to see how well our wants, needs, and kinks mesh.”

Toby could not help the shiver that ran from the crown of his head all the way down to his toenails as his need continued to grow. When the big man did not say anything further, he realized he was waiting for something, so he responded with the always appropriate, “Yes, Sir.”

“Very good,” the man said before brushing his cheek along the side of Toby’s.

Toby sucked in a breath when a warm hand slid between their bodies to palm the bulge of his erection. “Sir,” he whimpered then bit his lip to keep from saying anything further.

The hand moved higher on his abdomen before sliding beneath the waistband of his pants. A couple seconds later, the body heat from the hand burned through the thin cotton of his boxers as it once again covered his cock. Then fingers fished through the opening in the boxers to pull his cock out.

“Kiss me while you fuck my hand,” he ordered gently as he wrapped long, strong fingers around his length. “Let go and come for me, pet.”

Following orders without hesitation, Toby lifted his head and plastered his lips to the other man’s. He moaned as he brushed his lips back and forth over the bigger man’s, surprised that the Dom had not immediately taken control of things. Then he tilted his head farther to the right and, parting his lips, took the kiss deeper.

And that was when the other man took over.

His lips parted and his tongue entered Toby’s mouth on a mission, a search-and-destroy any hesitation  the submissive might have as his hand squeezed his cock, reminding him of the rest of his command. Toby began to cant his hips back and forth in short, jerky movements.

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