A Spirit for Syn (MM)

Spirit Walkers 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,610
5 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, voyeurism, HEA]
Assyn "Syn" Tibet thought he had let his life go. Little does he know Fate has other ideas. He wakes to find himself on an island, but he has no idea where or in which dimension. The answer comes in the form of a very large orca swimming in the bay.
Tobias Indigo watched his unbonded spirit walker plunge into the depths of the ocean, amidst a crumbling cliff and a large crushed container. Yet no body could he find as his orca swam the seas. Tobias’s world went into a tailspin. So he heads to the one place where he can grieve, the place he calls home. When he arrives he finds he isn’t alone.
How can two people who live in two different worlds, Tobias within the ocean and Syn upon the land, make a life together? They don’t care. This is their second chance, and they will make it work.
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Spirit for Syn (MM)
5 Ratings (4.0)

A Spirit for Syn (MM)

Spirit Walkers 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,610
5 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Syn looked at the two doors within his cabin. He hadn’t opened either yet and knew he had to venture out at some point, as he should be hungry. He’d spent enough time trying to work out if he was alive or dead. Syn had finally come to the conclusion that the afterlife wasn’t meant to be spent in a windowless room with old-fashioned clothes. How he had come to that point he was not going to say. It was more a belief that there had to be more.

Syn walked over to the door by the bed and tried to open it. It was locked. Shit! In the time he’d been conscious in this box he’d never once considered he’d be locked in. He swung round really quickly and almost deposited himself back on the bed in his hurry to try the other door.

Syn paused at the door. His heart was racing, but his tiger was still dormant inside. Something was definitely not quite right. His hand was trembling when he placed it on the door handle, but the door clicked open without any resistance. What was on the other side was the last thing he ever expected.

He stood in the doorway and looked out over a beach. There was a small porch on which hung a huge hammock. Sand covered the wood that had been worn smooth and pale by the weather. Cautiously he stepped out. It looked like he was in someone’s beach cabin.

Did they pick me up from the depths and bring me here to heal? Are they still around for me to speak to? Did they leave any message for me?

The more Syn thought about his situation the more questions he had. He spun back into the cabin. Maybe there was a note. As he entered the door, the one that was locked opened and a tall, blonde woman appeared.

“Ah, you have woken, Assyn. I’m glad. We were worried there for a minute.” Her voice was strong and Syn knew he had heard it before but could not place the voice or woman before him.

“Er, yes, I’m awake,” Syn answered, as he felt the woman required an answer.

“Assyn, I’m Decima. You do know of me, if we may not have met,” she replied as though she could read his mind. “I can, Assyn. As the Fate of the Living I can see and hear everything.” Decima laughed, shaking her head as she approached the chair and sat down.

“To answer your questions, yes my sisters and I did bring you here from the depths. Yes I am here for you to talk to, but no, we left no message.” Decima finished on a smile.

“That doesn’t really help,” Syn blurted out before shame and embarrassment hit him. He should not talk to a Fate like that.

“People often ask questions before thinking about what they really want to know, often getting angry when the answer fails to satisfy. And yes, Syn, you shouldn’t snap at your Fate.” Decima finished again with the easy smile.

Syn looked at the Fate. Decima was beautiful in a very regal way and he didn’t think she would tolerate Syn doing a very public and loud meltdown.

“Yes, that would be best avoided.”

“I am lost. I don’t know where I am or what is happening to me.” Syn started taking slow deep breaths to try and calm his heart. Decima watched him but said nothing. It took Syn a few moments to realise he had failed to ask any questions. He lowered himself to the bed and really started to think. What had William said about the Fates? Don’t ask for help as they will play all kinds of games with you. Ask their advice or what the choices are. Choices—yes, I know what to do!

“What are my choices, Decima?” Syn asked, hoping this was the kind of question he may get a helpful reply to.

“Your choice is simple. Through that door”—Decima pointed to the one he had come from—“is life with all its heartache and uncertainties. Through that other door is death, the quiet peaceful sleep where nothing will disturb you.”

“Oh,” was all Syn could say.

“The choice is yours.

“I as a Fate will grant you a favour. This is for Finn and Paddy. It was not their time and Roman was playing with fate. We do not take kindly to that and appreciate all you did for those young men.” With that Decima stood and walked through what Syn now called “death’s door.”

Do I dare follow?




The need inside Syn was getting to be too much and he pushed Tobias gently on to the bed. “Scooch into the middle, love,” he said as he knelt on the edge of the bed. Tobias moved without question. The fear and uncertainty had left his eyes and what remained was desire, lust, excitement, and need. Syn knew it would be mirrored in his own eyes with a coating of love that he did not want to hide but was nervous of Tobias seeing.

“What are we doing?” Tobias asked as he watched Syn crawl up his body.

“Today, my sweet, I am going to ride you and we are going to complete the bond.” Syn stopped. He had no idea how orcas claimed their walkers and he had no idea if Tobias did. “How do orcas bond, my love?”

“Bond? I have no idea,” Tobias answered, looking confused.

“Oh love, as a tiger, when I bond I’ll bite you. My canines will drop when we are combined as one and I’ll draw your blood. It sounds a little barbaric, but I’ve been told there is nothing quite like it, claiming your spirit walker,” Syn explained.

“My teeth are sharp. They will harm you if I bite with them,” Tobias answered, a frown creasing his brow. Syn gently rubbed the lines away.

“You won’t hurt me, we’ll both do it together and I can guarantee it will be bliss.” Syn knew he should not make such a blatant promise, but they had to do it, and as neither of them knew the right way with orcas they were going to have to bluff it.

Syn leaned over and pulled the small bottle of oil he found in the drawer. It had a strange scent he could not place, but he knew it would be perfect, as he had been playing with it whilst Tobias was away.

“You relax and enjoy, my sweetheart. Nothing is off limits with me. You can touch and explore any part of my body you wish. In fact I’d be unhappy if you didn’t,” Syn said playfully, trying to make Tobias realise that nothing would be considered silly or strange.

“May I watch you stretch your hole?” Tobias asked, his eyes going wide. “Please, I’ve only watched from a distance.”

A “please” and a “may I”—manners in bed? Oh, Syn was in his element. He was going to get down and dirty with his walker and show him all the passion two men could share. He turned round and placed his ass toward Tobias. As he leant over he heard Tobias gasp. He opened the oil bottle and quickly spread some on his fingers. He jumped when he felt Tobias’s large hands grasp his ass cheeks, gently pulling them apart.

“Oh fuck,” Tobias blurted out. “I have to taste.” And before Syn could say another word he felt Tobias’s tongue graze over his hole.

“Ahh,” Syn moaned. He had not been expecting that, but he had said Tobias had access to where ever he wanted to go, and now Syn was getting the rim job of a lifetime. Whatever Tobias lacked in experience he more than made up for with enthusiasm as he licked, nibbled, and sucked at Syn’s entrance. Syn could feel his muscles relaxing and reckoned if Tobias kept going he’d make the need for lube redundant.

“Tobias, please,” Syn begged, though he had no idea what for.

“Sorry, sorry, am I doing it wrong?”

“Oh hell no! You were doing it perfectly right.” Syn wasn’t even sure that sentence made sense, but as long as Tobias realised he was doing just fine Syn didn’t care.

“We need to get me lubed up, ready for you,” Syn said as he guided his slick fingers into his own relaxed hole, and it only took a moment before all three fingers sank inside him. But Tobias was a big lad and Syn decided he needed a little more help.

“Here, oil two of your fingers and gently slide them in with mine,” Syn said, hoping he hadn’t just pushed himself over the edge. He heard the click and then felt the cold oil against his skin. Tobias literally took him at his word and slowly slid a finger in. Syn gasped at the burn, but it was not with pain. The burn was part of the pleasure and he realised this was going to be the quickest bonding on record if they didn’t get down and do it really soon. “I need you now!”

“But I still have a finger to play with,” Tobias answered with what sounded like a pout.

Syn swung round and faced his walker. “We have the rest of our lives to play, my love, but right now I need to feel you inside of me, as part of me, and the bond completing.”

Tobias blinked. “Okay.”

Using a little more of the oil, Syn slicked up Tobias’s turgid rod. Fuck it was beautiful, long and thick with that leathery texture that would drive Syn wild.

“Hold yourself and guide it home, sweetheart, we’re in for the ride of your life.”

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